To all of you who have supported the spilling of the blood of innocent children from your ‘Synagogues of Satan’. I am finally convinced that a huge percentage of the American people are the worst hypocrites imaginable – considering the fact that some 80% of us claim to be “Christians”. The AVAILABLE facts that our barbarian young sons have murdered many


HUNDREDS of thousands of COMPLETELY innocent women and children in Iraq and in Afghanistan tell me a great deal about our present day character.


The number of innocents dying or dead from disease, starvation, suicide, and deformed mutated newborn (thanks to our “safe” DU radioactive weapons) are now over SEVEN figures. Ironically – a few of the victims that we now see are the very same military killers who used these horrible devices on helpless civilians – especially in Afghanistan. Quintessential poetic justice at least.


But these enormous numbers of murdered civilians is OK – because these are Arab people are only “animals” – as our criminal Zionist leadership teaches us – and as I was advised while in the Occupied Territories’ at GAZA in the summer of 89. Zionist Jews call them ‘goyim’ (cattle), and our own ‘intellectually challenged’ people slander all of them with terms like “sand niggers” – “camel jockeys” – and “rag-heads”. The tens of millions of American evangelical ‘Judeo-Christians’ who have been weaned on the blasphemous Oxford University Press’s ‘New and Improved’ Schofield Bible don’t consider Arab/Muslim people worth being respected as fellow humans – and these ‘sub-humans’ are ALL considered to be “cursed” by God. But of course you are just doing “God’s will”. You Baptists have learned well from your “sons of Satan” Jew masters.


In my entire life – I have never heard a greater mockery of our Lord or a greater blasphemy that that of George Bush – war criminal – liar – deceiver –Zionist and master butcher of defenseless civilians. This evil bastard actually told the world – that “ God told me to kill all those people”. If there has been one leader in this country during my lifetime that deserved to be tried and executed for mass murder – or at the very LEAST committed to a mental institute for the criminally insane for life – that despicable

loathsome monster is George W. Bush.


I suggest that all this will – in the very near future – lead us into more and more pre-emptive serial wars. I believe that this madness will ignite consequences of unimaginable proportions and will ultimately lead us into a ‘dark age’ in America’s history the likes of which will eventually destroy ALL semblance of any goodness left in this country.


This WAS a country that had endeared itself to me – in uniform and civilian life for over 70 years. Today I can feel only shame and disgust. As the venerable French philosopher, writer and statesman, Alexis De Tocqueville so ominously stated over 170 years ago:


“ America is great because America is good, and when America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”. Remember that


– as it NOW has an ominous meaning as never before.


So, – for those Americans who feel so arrogant and proud of the unspeakable horrors we have committed against these innocents – including Palestinian women and children – murdered by the thousands with equipment WE have supplied – and in the name of “just cause”-“honor” – “liberation”-“God” etc. – I have decided to do something different. Remember also – that a good part of the civilian men women and children who you have condemned to horrible deaths were CHRISTIANS!


Instead of endlessly trying to make the “deaf” hear or the “blind” see – I will give you something to remember, a ‘tool’ which should ease you collective consciences – should you ever come to the future realization – that the Godless horrors you now so proudly boast about – just might in fact be a hypocritical abhorrence in the ‘eyes’ of God – and many of you have been complicit partners to these universally horrific murders – most especially those who have mocked my Christian faith with the filthy blasphemous oxymoronic term of Christian /Zionist. Why not just call yourself a ‘Christ-like satanic demon if you are so hell-bent on mocking our Lord.


If the time for soul searching comes – and it WILL – and the nightmares of unspeakable horrors that YOU and your mindless cruelty made possible- creep into your peaceful sleep – the screaming mothers as they discover their decapitated child– the crying terrified child as she finds only body parts of what was once their parents – just repeat this mantra, over and over and over again until you believe the lie.


REMEMBER – these dead, mutilate and dying people were NOT your enemies and they never were. They were CREATED ‘enemies’. Created by LIES! Created by our Zionist press – our Zionist leaders – AND most especially by your unconscionably criminal ignorance.


Here then is the ‘blueprint’ with which to ‘create an enemy’– kill him- torture him- mutilate him-starve him- impoverish him- humiliate him – and not have the slightest remorse for your murderous conduct nor any compassion for your fellow man as a father mother or child.


Start with an ‘empty canvass’ – then sketch, in broad outline, the forms of the men, women and children.


Dip into the unconscious inkwell of your own disowned darkness, and with a WIDE brush – stain these strangers with the sinister hue of the shadow.


Trace onto the faces of ‘the enemy’, the greed, hatred, and cruelty – you dare NOT claim as your own.


Obscure the sweet individuality of each and every face – ESPECIALLY the children! Then erase all hints of the myriad of the loves, hopes, and fears that play through the kaleidoscope of every finite heart.


Twist the smile on every face – ESPECIALLY the children – until it forms the downward arc of cruelty. Strip the flesh from bones until only the abstract skeleton of death remains.


Exaggerate each feature until a man is metamorphicized into a beast – or vermin – or insect. Fill in the background with malignant figures from ancient nightmares – devils, demons, and other specters of evil.


When your icon of the enemy is complete, you will be able to KILL without GUILT – and SLAUGHTER without shame or conscience. The thing you destroy will have become merely ‘an enemy of God’ – an impediment to the sacred dialectic of history!


Envision this morbid panorama over and over until you are comfortable with it and rendered whatever conscience remains as childish and impotent. Then – in your mind-you will have made lies into truths – evil into righteousness – horror into duty – Godless Zionism into Christian belief, and feel at ease with having sold your soul to the devil. It worked in Afghanistan – it worked in Iraq and will work in every relatively defenseless country we allow the Zionist Jews to decide must be destroyed. It works every time – but ONLY with an arrogant dull witted ignorant criminally irresponsible hypocrite people.


Death will become a merciful escape for most of the poor peoples of any country we decide to destroy next. If we can find no more enemies to torment – be assured that Israel will identify them for us until their last enemy is murdered. THEN there will be only one last enemy – the Christians. The Jews murdered some 20,000,000 Christians in Russia. WACO was just a ‘test’. The forced removal of the Laws of God from Chief Justice Moore’s courthouse was just another ‘small’ test of the Zionists to see if there was ANY sign of goodness – courage – morality – wisdom or responsibility left in the American people.


THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE – most of whom profess to be ‘Christians’ – and essentially – NOBODY offered to protect the people burned alive or the sacred tablets. We will witness more and bolder actions against our own people and our most sacred traditions in the very near future.


Since we have now had our economy totally destroyed by these Fed Reserve Jews (no ‘Dorothy’ Fishman – Roach – Blankfein – and Feldman are not ‘Arabs’ and Oz is not controlled by ‘Arabs’) the next logical step is to entirely ‘disarm’ American citizens. For those few that have the grit to resist, there will always be room at the ‘Halliburton Arms’ – with a facility near you, for you and your family.


Not to worry – even if we run out of people around the world to destroy for our amusement – we will be provided with lots of “religious cults” to incinerate as “threats to society” and helpless children to kill “for their own protection” right here at home because they didn’t dress like us or look like us. After all – isn’t that what we have become so expert at overseas – killing people


who don’t share our amoral way of life?


And for those who begin to question these grizzly murders, there will always be and lots of diversions and shallow entertainment for the sheep like NFL ‘gladiators’ and NASCAR ‘chariot races’ or AmeriKan Idol games and punk rock concerts, tailgate parties and other mindless fun distractions in our ‘Coliseums’ around the country, to keep our minds off of those ‘unpleasant’ issues.


You know -things like defending our Christian faith or defending our Constitution, or teaching our children goodness and responsibility by EXAMPLE or being bothered with the deaths of our military sons and those of their innocent civilian they have murdered in places you can’t even find on a map. ALL of these horrors are of course profitable and a delight to puppet criminals like Bush – Cheney – Rumsfeld – Rice- and Powell.


May God forgive you for your arrogance and ignorance?

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