Knesset members: “Bush more Zionist than Olmert”

Once any American has read this disgusting article – there can NEVER EVER be ANY doubt as to his treason and just who this lunatic sadistic child killer is loyal to – AND IT DAMN SURE IS NOT MY COUNTRY – AMERICA!

After the US President, George W. Bush, gave a speech at the Israeli Knesset on Thursday, several right wing members of Knesset said that “Bush seems to be more Zionist the Olmert”, and that “it is better to have Bush as a PM instead of Olmert”.

Some of the Knesset members even said that “Bush appears to be the one person who will achieve the Zionist aspirations”, the Arabs 48 news website reported.

During the Knesset session Olmert said that upon achieving a peace deal with the Palestinians, the agreement will be presented to the Knesset for approval, and that such an agreement will achieve the approval of the Knesset and will be supported by the Israeli public.

Some of the Knesset members even said that “Bush appears to be the one person who will achieve the Zionist aspirations”, the Arabs 48 news website reported.

Yet, several right wing members of Knesset such as Zify Handel and Uri Ariel from the Mifdal party, objected to the statements of Olmert and said that “it seems that Bush will be a better Zionist leader that Olmert”.

Knesset member Ruby Revlin said that “comparing between Bush and Olmert, Bush appears the one who achieves the Zionist aspirations”.

During his Knesset speech, Bush said that “Israel will be celebrating its 120th anniversary as the World’s greatest democracies, a secure flourishing homeland of the Jewish people”, Israeli online daily, Haaretz reported.

He also said that Israel can always count on the United States to support it and “stand at its side”.

The speech of Bush totally ignored the Palestinian existence, the occupation and the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation.

In his speech, Olmert added that “Bush is a true and faithful friend to Israel”, and that the friendship between Israel and the United States is based on “moral, human and social values based on justice and peace”.

“Moral human and social values?” IsraHell is a stolen country whose people are WORLD ‘leaders’ in white slavery – pornography – prostitution – crime – torture – civil rights violations – racism – murder – infanticide and terrorism! Check it out for your self!

“ Justice an peace”? The ‘justice’ of IsraHELL” Here are the WITNEDSSED comments of a journalist who was inside the ‘concentration camps’ run by these sadists. “ Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered, but never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children into a trap and murdered them for sport” = Christopher Hedges, American Journalist on assignment in Gaza.

I have ALSO witnessed their cowardly sadistic conduct as war criminals. The Jew is the cruelest barbaric soulless creature on earth. The “Justice” of the war criminal Jew Olmert is the cold-blooded murder of a helpless four old littler girl ‘terrorist’ with her brains pouring out on the ground – an unspeakable crime that you will never see on the Jew owned AmeriKan news media.

“PEACE” – JEW STYLE? She is certainly at ‘peace’ now – a totally innocent child – very possibly Christian – who will never know happiness – her parent’s love – a family – the wonders of growing up or all those wonders we wish for our own children. Remember – she was TRAGETED for sport – murdered – shot right through the head for ‘fun’ as the Jew likes it. Take a long hard look people – because YOU were responsible! This is REAL. I was there, but our Jew owned newspaper would never allow the truth. LIES are their ‘god’.

LET ME REPEAT! This was not an ‘ accident’ – the little girl was murdered in cold blood by the most filthy sadistic cold-blooded demonic Godless filth on earth – and YOU PAID FOR THE BULLET – LITERALLY! Been there – seen that! This monstrous unspeakable war crime is SPECIFICALLY the kind of horror PROUDLY supported by President Bush – McCain – Palin – Obama – Biden and the vast majority of American Jews.

He also said that Israel could always count on the United States to support it and “stand at its side”. (I quote -direct from the article)

HERE then – is what our monkey faced war criminal coward excuse for a President proudly boasts he “ can have IsraHell count on being supported by America” – and that we Christian Americans will “STAND BY HER SIDE” as she slaughters more and more helpless defenseless innocent children. You lying filth – HOW DARE you speak for us – that we – the American people support these monstrous murders! There are no civil words in the English language sufficient to adequately describe the human misery you are responsible for.

I pray for the day when justice is wrought upon your filthy carcass and I witness you hung from a light pole for your unspeakable crimes. YOU – filthy animal – you have dragged the high office of President – the Republican Party – and the reputation of America into the depths of hell in the eyes of ALL decent men, and most certainly in the eyes of the Lord whom you cruelly mock by invoking His Name as your inspiration to commit these heinous crimes!

THIS is what our Lord was talking about when He called the filthy sadistic animals who commit these crimes against humanity on a daily basis – “THE SONS OF THE DEVIL” These atrocities happen DAILY in Gaza – as you sit smugly at home, unconcerned, screaming an yelling as you drink your beer watch your ‘mega important’ NFL games.

Her innocent blood is on the hands of EVERY American here who has supported these grisly murders – ESPECIALLY the Baptist Zionists who proudly support these killings. If you fools believe that you will escape the Justice of the Lord – you are deluded. Every single perverted American – so-called church that is preaching this hatred – every one of the members of these ‘Synagogues Of Satan’ – is as guilty of murder as the cowardly terrorist Jew that grinned as he held her little life in his gunfights.

Must this poor child be YOUR daughter – before you get your lazy butt off the couch and DO THE RIGHT THING for a change? The Jew hates OUR Christian daughters even more than those of the Arab people – but now he must be satisfied with only the seduction and poisoning of their minds. IF you ever allow the Jews to get the upper hand here – then that may very well be YOUR DAUGHTER – shot for sport! You have been warned.

Don’t laugh- I warned of a 9-11 tragedy because of our murderous treatment of people. I warned of the skyrocketing gas prices long before it happened – and I also warned of the current economic collapse because of our irresponsibility and stupidity. Back then before it happened – people ‘laughed’. I see no laughter today. Wake up and become responsible – or stay dazed and ignorant in front of your NFL games and your all important tailgate parties – and watch your country end up on the ash heap of history because you turned your head away – because doing the responsible intelligent wise thing just wasn’t “fun”.

How many reasons do we, as American still need to wake up to the FACT that ISraHELL is our MORTAL ENEMY and a MAJOR threat to world peace?

Here are some disgraceful ugly TRUTHS regarding the disgraceful God mocking blaspheming treasonous war criminal in the oval office.



George Bush has historically commanded the murder of more innocent civilians that any of the directives given by the Axis powers in the entire of World War II Unconscionable!

George Bush is the 2nd American President (Zionist) in history to ‘experiment’ on innocent civilians by the use of deadly radioactive weapons. Unconscionable! ( DUIs in Afghanistan)

George Bush is the first American President to authorize the use of Geneva Convention prohibited weapons SPECIFICALLY against civilian refugees Unconscionable!

George Bush is the first American President to mock the God of our founding Fathers by invoking His name as having PERSONALLY directed him to massacre innocent civilians.

George Bush is a war criminal by the purest definition of the War Crimes Tribunals.

George Bush has committed high treason against the American people by swearing his allegiance FIRST AND FOREMOST to foreign power whose agenda is the destruction of our Constitution. Unconscionable!

George Bush has ignored the fact the this rogue nation of criminals is the ONLY Nation on earth to have committed an act of war BY LEGAL DEFINITION against the American people in well over half a century! George Bush has put the well being of this rogue nation of IsraHELL ahead of those of our own veterans. Unconscionable!

George Bush’s treasonous liaison with the enemies of America is the direct cause of our current economic suffering. Unconscionable!

George Bush is a LIAR of incomparable dimensions!

George Bush is the first American President to SPY on the American people Soviet style.

George Bush has trashed our Constitution to an extent heretofore never witnessed in Washington. Unconscionable!

George Bush is emotionally and morally unfit to be the leader of the United States of America

George Bush has made America one of – if not THE most hated aggressors on earth!

George Bush is considered by Europeans with whom I have spoken in recent years of travel – to be a madman and lunatic = frightening at best.

George Bush has embraced a criminally murderous people who by their eternally evil conduct have earned universally worldwide revulsion and contempt for over two thousand years.

Finally – The speech of Bush totally ignored the Palestinian existence, the occupation and the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation. (Also quoted from the article)

I will continue to help the helpless and to defend the defenseless with my last breath if need be. The killers are Zionist Jews – the country is IsraHELL – and – The supreme traitor to America is Zionist George Bush – Get it? It is just that simple.


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.


I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Great Commentary, Joe!!!

    You are a “True” Green Beret, American, Family Man, and Values-Based Christian!!!

    Keep Up The Great Works!


    Meredith Rollo

  2. Right on the button Joe.I am a Canadian witnessing the demise of your country and constitution, what a tragedy.

    Great article.

    dave cassidy

  3. That’s a horrific shot of that little girl, and what they did to us on 911 was also horrific. Millions are now waking up to the fact that 911 was pulled off by the Israeli Mossad and US Government, to blame it on Arabs.

    There was no flight 77 that hit the Pentagon, that was three Cruise Missiles because you can see the three “exit holes” where the 3 missiles came out three buildings INSIDE the Pentagon. When Ted Olsen said his wife called him from flight 77 he was lying, because flight 77 wasn’t scheduled to fly that day, and it is NOT at the Pentagon. You could NOT make a “collect call” from a seat back phone without a credit card like Ted Olsen said she did.

    Go look at the photos of the Pentagon, and you will SEE the hole in the outside of the building, is only big enough for a missile to enter, and the windows aren’t damaged where the plane’s wings would have broken the glass if it had been hit by a plane. CNN reported that day, that an “explosion” went off, and that there was “no sign of a plane there.” The roof didn’t fall down until nearly an hour later, and they kept photographers away until they did that. The FBI collected the videotapes from all the camras that had been aimed at the Pentagon, so nobody would get to see what really hit the building, becaue it sure wan’t flight 77.

    You can SEE that United 93 didn’t “crash” in Pa, because there is NO airplane in that “empty field.”

    You can SEE the Mushroom cloud going up above WTC 2 as it blows up on 911 if you will go look at the still photos on the Internet. It was blown up by 4th generation low yeald atomic bombs.

    You must also know, that Larry Silverstein admitted in a PBS interview, that HE gave the order to blow up building 7 that afternoon. It takes weeks to wire a building like that for a controlled demolition, so he had to have known that the building had been “pre-wired” with explosives, because you can SEE that the building came down that way, and they showed it over and over again, yet NO airplane hit that building that day. If he knew that building 7 had been “Pre-wired” then he knew that buildings One and Two were also been Pre-wired, and undoubtedly Larry Silverstein gave the orders to blow up buildings One and Two also, just like he gave the order to blow up building 7.

    Read Osama bin Laden’s interview with the Umalt newspaper in Pakistan right after it happened, and you will SEE that he said he had nothing to do with 911, the FAKED video tape they showed us of him, was not him. He did NOT admit to the attacks like they told us.

    A former Jewish man who left Israel and settled in NJ was in a Jewish grave yard and getting plants way before 911 and over heard two guys speaking Hebrew, which he understood. Then another man drove up in a Lincoln Town Car and joined the other two men. He heard the third man say to the first two:

    “The Americans will find out what it’s like to live with terrorism, after the planes hit the twins in September.”

    The former Israeli was so shocked to realize they were talking about the World Trade Center, that he asked the FBI for protection in exchange for what he wanted to tell them about, what he had over heard. But the FBI refused to give him protection.

    911 was an Inside Job because George W. Bush admits seeing the “first plane hit the first building” that day, and his remarks about that are on the White House web site to this day. The ONLY way he could have seen that happen, is if he had a camera set up IN ADVANCE in NY and it was sent to him live!

    He admits that before going into the school house in Florida, he saw that happen, and that means he was one of “the plotters.” A Jewish man posted a file right after it happened to the Internet, saying that 911 was done by Israel and the US working together to steal the Oil in the middle east.

    13 of the “19 Arab terrorists” have been found alive and well in their home countries, so they didn’t commit suicide like the Jewish media told us they did! NONE of the “terrorists” names were on the four lists of passengers that day, and there were no photos of them getting on the alleged planes at the gates.

    At first the Jewish Media blamed the Anthrax murders on an innocent Egyptian scientist, but he passed his Lie Detector test. Then they blamed it on the Innocent Dr. Stephen Hatfill, but that didn’t work either. Now they are blaming it on the innocent Dr. Bruce Ivins, but he didn’t do it either. However, the Jew Lt. Col. Phil Zack did to the Anthrax murders, and Attorney General Michael Mukasey, and head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, let Zack flee to Israel so he can’t be indicted here. Israel did 911 with the help of George W. Bush, and the rest of the world knows that now, but the Americans don’t, but many people are waking up and learning the truth. They are the Satanists who were predicted in the bible.

    Arabs did NOT attack us on 911, Jews did it to blame it on Arabs.

  4. America is a dictatorship of International Jewry, exactly like Communist Russia was. Jewry will destroy America and leave resembling a dried husk, exactly as they have done to all their other host’s.

    These people are extreme left-wing Marxist scum, Europe is being turned into a communist superstate, run by faceless, nameless liberals in Brussels.

    September eleventh was executed by the Mossad, so as to get America to fight Israel’s enemies for them, while they sit back and watch the fireworks. A war of attrition with only one victor…Israel.

    “If international Jewry should ever get a foothold in America, either politically or finacially, a nation with such vast resources but such ittle intellect. She will end up resembling a stricken child with elephantitis. A mushroom nation, destroyed before she had even reached full maturity.”

    Adolf Hitler.


  5. Quote:

    REVOLUTION is the Solution!!

    Worms like you don’t revolt, you need a backbone for that! Jewry knows what a malleable herd of complacent goy scum you are…That’s why they can destroy everything you stand for in broad daylight, without ther slightest repercussions.

  6. Sixty years of leftist sychophancy toward the lying Khazar Jews, and their laughable holohoax industry, is going to be the seeds for a third world war.

    What a monster you self rightous lefties have created in mass-murdering, parasite state Israel. I hope you will be proud of your creation, when the real bloodshed starts.

    I wonder how long it will be before the Yids who run America use her as a Cat’s paw to attack Iran? They have to attack Iran you see, as they are a hot-bed of ‘denial’ and wield the biggest threat to Jewry….The destruction of the Holohoax Industry myth.

  7. They that be with us are more than they that be with them. The picture is worth a million words. Shame on America and the American People who allow these people do get away with this.

  8. Joe:The US has NEVER been free of zionist/jew influence.Peter Stuyvesant was forced by the king of Holland to allow jews to remain in New Amsterdam.A few jews supported the Revolution.Jews were involved in financing the US civil war.New York jew Jacob Schiff financed Trotsky, Lenin and the Bolshevik?Communist party.Jew communism came out of New York. New York jews were involved in the murders of the Romanovs.Jews financed WWI/WWII. Jackson stopped the jew central bank in the US but it was instituted in 1913 as the Federal Reserve.

    Henry Ford wrote extensively about the influence of the jew in the US.He was sued by a jew (Rosenfeldt(?) and rather than defend his right to free speech he closed his Dearborn, Michigan newspaper and apologized for his words. He was phobic of being embarrased on the witness stand in open court, even though he would not have had to testify.

    Franklin Roosevelt through Morgenthau continued to strengthen jew influence/power in the US. An under secretary for the US State Department during Fr. Roosevelts reign, Breckford Lang prevented Morgenthau’s order for allowing thousands of jews into the US from being carried out. Morgenthau accused Lang of being “antisemetic”.

    Truman’s 1950 presidential campaign was financed by jews. Eisenhower was not a jew but he was very sympathetic to jew culture.

    After WWII the power of jew owned tv was superimposed over the already existing financial/political power of zionist jews.

    Nixon fought jew influence as well as he could. Reagan had always been friendly with Wall street/ political jews. Clinton entered politics working for Joe Lieberman. The bush family has always been involved with jews.

    US politicians have always been corrupt. They enter politics as a substitute for show business.They are incompetent except when it comes to getting elected.They care very little about the US and even less about US citizens.Most US politicians are more loyal to Israel than to the US. Professors Walt and Miersheimer(?)wrote in their 2004 book that supportin Israel is not in the best interest of the US but US politicians paid absolutely no attention to this advice. The US, even though in the midst of a national financial crises that will cost us dearly, is sending Israel $15 million A DAY. Israel recently demanded of Condeleeza Rice that the US send their payments in EUROs instead of US dollars.The US has to sell dollars in order to get EUROs.EUROs cost more than dollars so the US taxpayer is not only paying the $15 mil a day but they are also absorbing the loss converting dollars to EUROs to GIVE to Israel and US politicians think that’s just fine.

    The US has ALWAYS been under zionist/jew influence largely because US politicians are corrupt,ignorant,greedy and uncaring.A rabbi was hired to management money for the Dept. of Defense; $2 trillion is missing. Which politicians are complaining loudly about that?

    We vote for the politician who “looks” the best and “sounds” the best not for the politicians who is competent/substantive.

  9. You still have one trench line to cross before you are operating behind your enemies lines, intellectually speaking. I too almost fell in to this last trench line which is that it is the zionists who have robbed the US of its independence. Then I started to reexamine that view. I came to the conclusion that the zionist are not innocent. They are collaborators and should be punished accordingly. But the idea that they are the ones developing the strategy and giving the orders does not seem as likely to me as another possiblity. That is that the Soviet Unions claim during the cold war that the US government was (is) controlled by a secret ultra right wing (non Jewish) military junta
    was and is the truth. The idea that zionist are in charge is designed to hide this junta from its ultimate control so that if the American people get wiser and actually demand or start staging a revolution the members of the junta can jump out in front and lead the revolution to victory over the wrong enemy. If a future revolution only dispenses justice to the zionists then it will not have really removed the root of the problem and America will still be enslaved.
    My basis for why I have come to this conclusion is that while jews may be disproprtionally rich not all jews are zionists. Second money is not the most important factor in having power and influence. Information and weapons are even more important. Jews are only 3% of the US population therefore the number of zionists would be even less. Although the christian right adds to their power in the ballot box, these voters are manipulated by non zionist sources.
    (OK one could say that the televangilists are manipulated by zionists but then I would say that the zionist manipulating the televangists are themselves being manipulated by the military junta.)
    Furthermore since this 3% has a disproportionatly high number of people in certian fields they would be disproportionately low in many other fields. 3% can not be everywhere at once.
    It is my contention that the zionists are not represented at the most secret centers of power and are themselves being set up for destruction once they are no longer useful.
    IMO the only thing that can be done by average Americans is to make sure that their own children do not join the US military. Do not join the US military unless they understand that the US government and the military that protects it are the worst enemy of the American people and they join for the sole purpose of joining with others in the military to overthrow the US government and arrest all the criminals and their collaborators who have been raping the American people for the last ?? years.
    The US government is like a popular small town doctor who rapes his patients while they are under anesthesia and they only people who have figured it out are those who are considered crazy by the rest of the town.

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