When most Americans think of the ACLU, it is usually the generalization of ultra-liberal legal assistance to church/state separation cases, anti-death penalty advocacy and protection of an assortment of generally undesirable groups.  The truth is much more insidious and dangerous.  This carefully documented report will attempt to show that there can be no doubt as to the treacherous and dangerous ongoing agenda of an organization so evil and so deceitful that it could not exist if the whole truth were known by the public at large.  This then is a confirmed chronicle, which will make most fictional thrillers about sinister and diabolic organizations pale by comparison.  Learn why the Jew ACLU is the mortal enemy of ALL DECENT CHRISTIAN Americans – and always will be.  Like the treacherous Jew whose ‘god’ is the ideology of Zionist /Marxism – it must be destroyed if we wish to live as a free people.
I wish the reader to bear in mind that I first published this expose’ over a decade ago and the war waged by the Jews against Christianity and Constitutional freedoms in America SINCE then, has escalated TEN FOLD!  Needless to say – the crimes of the ACLU have continued unabated as well.
The roots of the ACLU go back as far as 1914, but its real beginnings were in Oct. of 1917 when Roger Baldwin who was then director of the Civil Liberties Bureau (CLB) was prompted by friends to reorganize the CLB as the National Civil Liberties Bureau. The main thrust of the NCLB, as had been the CLB’s was to assist and encourage draft dodgers.  True to his cause, Baldwin was imprisoned for draft dodging.  Upon his release from prison in July 1919, a party was given in his honor during which the attendees advocated forming a new organization, ostensibly to champion “civil rights”.  Honored guests at the party included Norman Thomas, patriarch of the Socialist Party, Elizabeth G. Flynn, soon to be the Chairperson of the American Communist Party, and Agnes Smedley who later became a Soviet espionage agent in China.

Shortly thereafter, the NCLB was reorganized as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1920.  Harry Ward was the first chairman, Baldwin, its director, and Louis Budenz the publicity director.  Since the concept that people are “known by the company they keep”, is accepted by sociologists and society in general, let’s look in detail at some of the “company” that the ACLU and Roger Baldwin kept. Budenz later became an important official of the Communist party, and was called upon on several occasions to give testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).  Ward had a particularly odious contribution to the success of the communists in that he enthusiastically used the Church to infiltrate Moscow’s anti-god agenda into American society.  An ordained Methodist minister, Ward founded the Methodist Federation for Social Service.
The following is official sworn testimony and matter of record from the 1953 files of the HUAC. Manning Johnson, one time Communist Party leader of the Negro Section testified: “Dr. Harry F. Ward, for many years has been the chief architect for communist infiltration and subversion in the religious field… He was a member of the Communist Party while I was a member…. I would say that he is the Red Dean of the Communist Party in the religious field.”  Benjamin Gitlow, a founder and former general secretary to the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) testified: “The Russian Communists were the first to exploit ministers of the United States, and through them the church organizations for the purpose of spreading propaganda in favor of Communist Russia, and of the building of a pro-Soviet sentiment among church people in America and among Americans generally.” Gitlow further testifies: “The Methodist Federation for Social Action … was first organized by a group of Socialist, Marxist clergymen of the Methodist Church headed by Dr. Harry F. Ward…. Its objective was to transform the Methodist Church and Christianity into an instrument for the achievement of socialism.” 
Harry Ward, the first chairman of the ACLU and an identified communist party member, was an active member of almost 50 identified communist front groups and subversive organizations!  He was instrumental in the founding of the leftist Federal Council of Churches that became today’s National Council of Churches (NCC).  The NCC has consistently and still currently supports leftist objectives in the Caribbean Basin, and lends its support and name to many Marxist support groups.  For example: the Inter-Religious Task Force, which is a coalition of several hard core Marxist and terrorist support groups such as SANE, IPS, PACCA, CISPES, NISGUA, WOLA and Nicaragua Network – receives DIRECT Financial support from the NCC. So much for the subversive nature of the original governing body.
For the next decade, the ACLU’s membership was predominantly a “laundry list” of the country’s most active pacifists, Socialists, and communists – and of course dominated by the Jew.  Virtually every communist front group in the USA at the time had representation in the ACLU.  An apparent paradox, among its members in late years were four consecutive US Presidents, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.  We shall examine the reason for membership by respectable figures later, but there is much more in the background of Roger Baldwin and the ACLU before the 40s that deserves closer scrutiny. Simply stated – the ACLU is the legal arm of the Communist Party – Communism/Marxism being a Jew ‘invention’.  The ACLU- Communism – and Jews – all inseparable.  If you only learn ONE thing from this report – remember that ugly truth.
Just keep in mind – the ACLU is a ‘Jew thing’ and being so – Americans must realize that regardless of the cunning deceptions – it serves ONLY Jew interests – which of course are the ultimate destruction of our Constitution and ESPECIALLY our Christian heritage.
In its report of 17 Jan., 1931, the Special House Committee to Investigate Communist Activities in the United States (precursor to the HUAC) stated: “The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States, and fully 90% of its efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law.  It claims to stand for free speech, free press, and free assembly; but it is quite apparent that the main function of the ACLU is to attempt to protect the communists in their advocacy of force and violence to overthrow the Government, replacing the American flag by a red flag and erecting a Soviet government in place of the republican form of government guaranteed to each state by the Federal Constitution.  Roger N. Baldwin, its guiding spirit, makes no attempt to hide his friendship for the communists and their principles.”

Lest there be any doubt as to the accuracy of the committee’s findings in the afore-mentioned statement, consider this quote of Baldwin’s philosophy: “…I am for Socialism, disarmament and, ultimately for abolishing the State itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion.  I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. COMMUNISM IS THE GOAL.”  And if there be any doubt as to the violent nature of Baldwin’s Communist Party if it should ever succeed in the relentless goal of our defeat, read carefully the statement of Baldwin’s ideological comrade, former CPUSA General Secretary Gus Hall. Comrade Hall states, (Feb. 1961) and I quote: ” I dream of the hour when the last Congressman is strangled to death on the guts of the last preacher — and since the Christians love to sing about the blood, [the blood of Christ] why not give them a little of it.”  A chilling prelude to Soviet dictator Khrushchev’s statement of Soviet Communist intentions to Americans: “WE WILL BURY YOU!”
In 1943, the Legislative Committee investigating un-American activities in California reported: “The ACLU may be definitely classed as a Communist front or “transmission belt” organization.”  In 1948, the California Senate Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities reaffirmed prior committee findings concerning “…the communist character of ACLU.  The Internal Labor Defense, called the “legal arm of the Communist Party” by former Atty. Gen. Francis Biddle, has not established a better communist record than this thinly disguised organization that devotes its energies to the defense of enemies of the United States.”
A chairman for the investigating committee asked the following questions of ACLU Director Baldwin. The frightening answers he rendered on behalf of ACLU policy are a matter of congressional record – facts I’m sure today’s ACLU officials would not want Americans to know.  Chairman – “Does your organization uphold the right of a citizen or alien [implying a Soviet agent]…to advocate murder?”  Baldwin – “Yes.”  Chairman – “Or assassination?”  Baldwin –  “Yes.” Chairman – “Does your organization uphold the right of an American citizen to advocate force and violence for the overthrow of the Government?” Baldwin – “Certainly.”  Chairman – “Does it uphold the right of an alien [implying a Soviet agent] to advocate the overthrow of the Government by force or violence?”  Baldwin – “Precisely on the same basis as any citizen.”  Chairman – “Do YOU [personally] uphold the right of an alien [implying a Soviet agent] to advocate the overthrow of the Government by force and violence?” Baldwin – “Sure; certainly…” One will still find communist ideologue Rojer Baldwin quoted on current ACLU literature, with pride and conviction.

Baldwin was Quoted in the Sept., 1934 issue of `Soviet Russia Today’ as saying: “When the power of the working class is once achieved, as it has been only in the Soviet Union, I am for maintaining it by any means whatsoever….. The class struggle is the central conflict of the world; all others are coincidental.”  How this familiar sounding “Communist Manifesto” strategy was to be accomplished was revealed in the following quote to communist leader Louis Lochner: “We want to, also, look like patriots in everything we do.  We want to get a good lot of flags, talk a good deal about the Constitution and what our forefathers wanted to make out of this country and to show that we are the fellows that really stand up for the spirit of our institutions.”
But an event happened in Sept. of 1939 that caused dissent and confusion in the communist dominated ACLU.  This was the Hitler-Stalin Pact.  The ACLU’s “role model”, Soviet communists were now big buddies with Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the most flagrant civil rights violators of the world – at the time.  This new revelation caused too much dissension in the ranks, and a drastic measure had to be enacted to save the integrity of the ACLU lest attrition and hypocrisy undo Baldwin’s work.  Something drastic was done.
In 1940 the almost entirely communist ACLU announced its flip flop new policy – no more communists allowed in the club, or for that matter, Nazis, Fascists, or KKK.  Interesting to note here: there never were any Nazi, Fascist, or KKK officials in the ACLU anyway!  At any rate, communist luminaries such as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Harry Ward were either dismissed or forced to resign.  This move confused a lot of people including the communists.  Curiously, an “open letter” by 17 pro-communist leaders to the ACLU was published in the official communist party newspaper, Daily Worker on Mar 19,1940.
 It reads: “…We are told that communists are to be barred from office or employment in the Civil Liberties Union because, while fighting for civil liberties in America, they accept their suppression in Soviet Russia.  Why then, did the Civil Liberties Union wait until 1940 before seeking to bar them? … Civil liberties within the Soviet Union were no different before the [Hitler/Stalin] Pact than after.”  It would seem that even some persons on the left found the thinly disguised hypocrisy of the ACLU worthy of exposing.

This farce lasted from 1940 to 1968, a period during which the ACLU was no longer investigated by any Congressional committee, presumably because of its self proclaimed exclusion of communists from its fold. It was during this period that many respectable non-communist personalities from presidents to entertainers, from diplomats to clergymen, joined the now “patriotic” ACLU.  They even cooperated with the FBI in exposing communist front activities.
There is substantial evidence indicating conclusively, that during the “clean” period, many of the “non communist” officials of the ACLU remained active in communist fronts, and were perhaps even more effective than if they were “dues paying” and “card carrying” members of the party due to their new low profiles. In 1968 the ACLU hierarchy decided the ruse had gone on long enough, so they opened membership once more to all the real “card carrying commies” that had been previously barred. In a cursory check of the ACLU Board and National Committee members since its inception, the Reports of investigating Committees of the Congress have revealed that almost 80% of them had affiliated themselves with communist activities over the years.
It should be noted also that while not all ACLU members are communists,
BUT – it can be safely stated that there are NO communist front groups that don’t have ACLU members.
Think about that fact for a moment   =================
While patriotic mainstream Americans with traditional family values have worked for true liberty, law and order and social responsibility, the ACLU has pushed for licentiousness, chaos, and a regimented totalitarian society.  Patriotic moral Americans are rightfully concerned for the victim of a crime, while the ACLU is solely concerned with the welfare of the criminal no matter how heinous the crime.  Real Americans are anti-communist by nature while the ACLU is extremely pro-communist or anti-anti-communist. Informed Americans have recognized that the basis of our government was religious by the express will of the founding fathers of this country, while the ACLU has consistently insisted on the separation of all moral values from our laws and their administration.
The ACLU supports the sale and distribution of child pornography, the legalization of crack cocaine and heroin, tax exempt status for Satanists, legalization of prostitution, abortion on demand even if the child could be delivered alive, mandatory public sex education, forced busing, public demonstration for Nazis and communists, homosexual “marriages” and adoption of children by homosexuals.
On the other hand, the ACLU opposes voluntary school prayer, sobriety checkpoints, tax exemptions for legitimate churches, religious displays in public even if all denominations are present, parental consent laws, Government ethics committees, prison for criminal offenses, public demonstration for pro-life groups, aids tests to protect the public health, metal detectors in airports to protect the public from terrorists, all capital punishment, all secret Govt. anti-terrorist operations, all covert operations by national security organizations (like CIA), military draft, “Under God” in our Pledge of allegiance and “in God we trust” on our currency, movie rating systems to protect children from viewing graphic sex, violence or obscene material and school searches for weapons and drugs.

The records of the ACLU in the defense of communists is unparalleled in history, and would quite literally fill volumes. The ACLU has worked hard to destroy any agency that protects America from communist subversion.  The ACLU has gone so far as to defend spies who were passing atom secrets to the Soviets, not for the matter of guilt but because they preached that these traitors had a right to help our enemies destroy us!  The ACLU has actually defended the entire communist party, fully aware that the party is part of a conspiracy whose sole purpose was and STILL IS to destroy the American Govt. by any means possible.
The ACLU has upheld the “right” of communists (READ- JEWS) to hold jobs in motion picture, radio and TV, in our schools, defense plants, armed services, and even govt. positions of high national security!   Sound familiar?   The ACLU defends the “right” of communists  (READ- JEWS) to speak on our campuses, but opposes the use of public schools for anti-communist speakers.  Sound familiar?   This author can testify to this alarming fact from my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.
The ACLU opposes loyalty oaths, and today there are none!  If you want to conduct a convincing test that should scare the wits out of you – try this.  Call the local FBI and tell them you have information on a subversive individual or group, and make it as dramatic as you wish. You have overheard bomb threats, espionage, sabotage, or threats on your life by a communist, open support for a terrorist organization etc.  Do you know what the FBI will do?  Nothing – absolutely nothing – thanks to action many years ago by the ACLU. 
There are actually from three to ten times as many Soviet espionage operatives (depending on the area) in the USA as there are counter-intelligence trained FBI agents to keep track of them – and that is a FACT!  The FBI is no longer allowed to keep files on subversives – thanks to the ACLU. Your local defense plant more than likely has several communist supporters working there, perhaps in high and/or sensitive areas and there are NO loyalty oaths, there are NO background checks, there are NO means WHATSOEVER to screen out individuals who might commit acts of sabotage or espionage.  Why? – because it is now literally against the law to protect our national security, because it is a violation of “privacy” and “civil rights” according the ACLU.  Read the Bill of Rights.
By the same token – there are ALSO now more Mossad agents active in America than ever before, and they are equally as dangerous – IF NOT MORE SO – than the ‘Communists’ were/are. The REAL difference is that when we caught a Soviet agent with his hand in the ‘cookie jar’ – he was arrested and perhaps tried for espionage. Today – when Israeli espionage agents are uncovered, our Jew run and Jew infested Federal Government just looks the other way – on orders from our masters in Tel Aviv. AND of course the treasonous ACLU will be there on the spot to defend the ‘ Constitutional rights’ of their beloved fellow Jew agents. Same games – different names
Dr. J. B. Matthews, chief investigator for the now defunct House Special Committee on Un-American Activities, made this observation in Jan of 1955: “In thirty seven years of history of the Communist movement in the United States, the Communist Party has never been able to do as much for itself as the American Civil liberties Union has done for it.”  The ACLU/Communist Party connection was so obvious that it prompted further comment, this time from the records of the 1966 Report of the Counter-Subversive Committee of the National Conference of Police Associations: “In our opinion, the ACLU and its brother organizations have mastered the technique of Joseph Goebbels and practiced by Moscow Communists to the nth degree. `Tell a lie, make it big, and tell it often enough so that soon everyone will believe it.'”  That lie of course is the deception that the ACLU is just trying to protect our Constitution, all the while of course intent upon its destruction.

Let us examine some of the areas in which the ACLU currently exercises the “big lie”.  You will see the motion picture industry stoop to “tricking” parents into taking children to see outright “X” rated trash under the auspices of new rating systems.  The ACLU hates the Legion of Decency and The Motion Picture Code; private groups that wish only to protect our children from exposure to obscene and pornographic “entertainment.”  Now that the ACLU has succeeded in destroying these agencies, watch the wave of violence, hate, and explicit sex that adults well know can and will desensitize young impressionable minds at the movies and on TV.
I defy you to look at the movie section in your daily newspaper and find more than one or two current movies you would feel comfortable taking the family to.  In a random sampling (Tampa Tribune, 10/14/90) of movie listings, I found the following. Of 208 movies listed, there were 138(“R”), 61(“PG”) and only 7(“G”) [6 of which were a 50 year old Disney animation!].  The trash peddlers will produce more and more trash as long as the ACLU supports them.  It’s already out of control, and it didn’t just happen – the ACLU MADE it happen, all the while espousing their defense of our first amendment.  A Negro “rap” entertainment group called “2 Live Crew” has made headlines with their tasteless and obscene record album called “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” sporting song titles like “Me so Horney”.  Since I first drafted this ‘white paper’ on the ACLU – the filth contained in Negro ‘rap’ recordings has made the word ‘ ‘obscene’ –obsolete!
The band members actually proudly argue that the sexually explicit filth and profanity contained therein was an integral part of black cultural tradition!  If Luther Campbell, the bandleader, wants to appear eager to encourage and endorse the notion that black people are the embodiment of irresponsible and unrestrained sexuality, he is doing a convincing job.  The group’s councel, Bruce Rogow, argued that the labeling of women as “bitches”, which was used 163 times in one album, is a “cultural norm” for Negroes!  You guessed it, defending the offensive obscenities of “2 Live Crew” has become a pet project of the ACLU.

Using the BILL of RIGHTS as an excuse, the ACLU under the leadership of Jew Ira Glasser, the current Director, continues to show contempt for a family-oriented society by an unhealthy preoccupation with helping homosexuals, prostitutes, sex offenders, drug dealers, rioters, bums, hoodlums, anarchists, draft dodgers, flag burners, abortionists and murderers.  The ACLU relentlessly pursues ways to find loopholes through which the criminal can escape prosecution and justice.  Police too have been a major target of the ACLU.  Law enforcement people are considered so much trash by the ACLU, and the ACLU actually encourages the lawless to insult and intimidate them so the resulting “police brutality” can be exploited by the anti-law and order ACLU.  Any legislation aimed at reducing crime is vigorously opposed by the pro-criminal ACLU.
Some examples of these laws that would protect innocent citizens are (1) an automatic increase in penalties for crimes committed with deadly weapons, (2) removal of bail for second offenders, (3) removal of probation and parole, plus longer sentences for certain offenses (remember Willie Horton’s bloody killing spree while on Dukakis’  ‘furlough?) and (4) use of voluntary oral confessions.  The ACLU has made it easier for hard-core cold-blooded condemned murderers to escape because of security measures that have been rescinded by the ACLU.
These pro-criminal laws have cost millions of tax dollars as well as innocent lives when the escaped murderers have gone on a killing spree.  Case in point: on April 21, 1986 Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm agreed to pay the ACLU almost 700 thousand dollars of taxpayer’s money to settle a 1977 lawsuit over alleged “unconstitutional” conditions at a maximum security prison in Canon City.  Not surprisingly, Philip Hirschkop, one of the most active lawyers on the ACLU’s National Prisoner Project is listed as a member of the National Lawyers Guild, a Congressionally cited Communist front.
Thanks in great part to the ACLU, there are over 1500 convicted murderers on “death row” who tie up our nation’s courts with endless appeals, virtually all of which have absolutely nothing to do with whether innocence is in question, but whether some loophole of jurisprudence has been overlooked so that justice can be mocked, and the killer turned loose on society again.
Read Crime and Non-Punishment in Readers Digest Nov. 81 or many other more current documented examples of how the ACLU helps the court system turn ruthless killers free on technicalities. The ACLU never misses the opportunity to create racial strife and maintains community discord by crying “racial discrimination” at every remote possibility, even if they well know none existed.  All of us, both black and white, have seen this destructive and divisive tactic abused time and time again by the ACLU.  It is as if racial unrest at any price in the community is the goal – but seldom civil rights or social justice.
Racial agitation isn’t the only goal of the ACLU.  Student riots seem to be another priority.  A “Student’s Rights Conference” was hosted by the ACLU for the “Liberation” of students, in Oct.70, at Rutgers University under the tutelage of ACLU agitator Alan Levine.  Levine told the young people: ” Oppressive institutions give you no right at all to say why you go there, how long you go there, and what you do while you’re there.” Levine urged them to riot and take over their schools as he declared: “Indeed, you cannot exercise the rights the courts have told you have without disrupting the system.”  The message was clear: to tear the schools apart to get what you want, and we will see that you are not punished by the law.  And that is exactly what they did.  

The ACLU has an almost fanatical obsession with being the legal patrons of homosexuals and other deviates.  Keep this fact in mind: homosexuals have exactly the same rights as anyone else, and always have.  For example, a homosexual is as free to marry as you or I.  Look in Rodale’s Thesaurus and read the meaning of matrimony: “marriage ceremony or sacrament, wedding, nuptial, holy wedlock etc.”  Marriage always has, does now and always will mean the union of a man and a woman.  It is a sacred status, instituted by God, and is not a convenience for a pair of immoral male deviates to perform debasing degenerate acts of sodomy upon each other and mock its sanctity.
Yet, knowing this, the ACLU seeks to get a “constitutional rights” status for homosexual “marriage”, rights to operate their infamous bathhouses [for sodomy orgies], rights allowing them to become “foster parents” (one can only imagine the twisted ruined lives, and continuing legacy of depravity and pedophilia that situation will foment), rights to engage in street solicitation [homosexual prostitution] and rights to become a “Big Brother”.   Big Brothers is an admirable service organization whose volunteer members act as role-model images for fatherless boys ages 6-12, probably the most impressionable age for growing boys.  The ACLU has brought suit against the Big Brothers of Greater L.A. on charges of discriminating against practicing homosexuals in acceptance of Big Brothers applicants, a procedure the mothers of these innocent youngsters understandably insist on for confidence and peace of mind.
Can you imagine the horror of a child’s mother finding out that her son is under the influence of some deviate whose leaders decree the following sentiments?  Quoted Statements from “the Gay Revolutionary”, by “gay” activist Michael Swift: “The family unit – spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence – will be abolished.” “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgarities. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gyms, in your locker rooms…. legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men.”  “If you dare to cry faggot, ferry, queer at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts, and defile your dead puny bodies.” “All churches that condemn us will be closed.  Our only gods are handsome young men.”  You can thank the Jews and their beloved ACLU for this kind of Godless filth.
A little insight into the mentality and violent agenda of one of the groups that the ACLU has gone overboard to assist in attaining their bizarre and frightening goals.  By the way, AIDS statistics from every reliable source indicate that it in fact is a homosexual disease.  That is to say, its spread was started by homosexuals, it has been growing at alarming rates due almost exclusively to deviate homosexual activity and the rates and percentages of infection of the “gay community” in cities like San Francisco are estimated in one instance by Time Magazine to be as high as 70%!
Even though the real dangers have been critically reassessed (Centers for Disease Control now say that just kissing an infected person is “unsafe”), we will see more “discrimination suits” sponsored by the ACLU involving homosexuals handling our food in restaurants, blood diners etc..  Ironically, the truth is that AIDS is one of the most preventable diseases in the world.  Just `don’t’.  It doesn’t matter how many innocent normal people die from this incurable legacy of the “gays”, the ACLU will be there to insure none of them get their feelings hurt.

 A recent report by our own federal Department of Health and Human Services states that “Homosexuality is a natural and healthy form of sexual expression”, and goes so far as to actually charge that Christian churches are largely responsible for teen suicide by creating “irresolvable internal conflicts for gay youth.”  The Baptist and Catholic churches are singled out as “faiths [that] still portray homosexuality as morally wrong or evil.” 
Expect this phenomenally twisted perversion of logic and basic morals to be replicated by the pro-homosexual ACLU in upcoming legal battles against our religious institutions and our freedom to worship.  As a point of interest, the ACLU has allies in their battle against exercise of religion in America.  These are People For The American Way, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, The American Jewish Congress and the American Humanist Association. Not surprisingly – all Jew DOMINATED.

There are more horror stories, like the one about little ten-year-old mentally and physically handicapped Audrey Pearson who was forbidden to read her Bible on the school bus.  The 1990 Miss America, Debbye Turner was pressured to drop songs with reference to Christ when making appearances in public schools. It is even worse today! In North Carolina, an ACLU suit was brought against County Judge H. William Constangy.  His “crime”? – praying for divine guidance at the beginning of court sessions.  Now get this – the ACLU claimed that the Judge’s short non-sectarian prayer represented a governmental endorsement of religion, and so discomforted the atheist attorneys as to cause them “irreparable harm”, I kid you not!  Public libraries in Mississippi have denied use to the Concerned Women For America organization, because they opened their meetings with a prayer – these Jew incited abuses are legion.
 A pro-life Lincoln Nebraska preacher, trying to preach against the sins of abortion at a pro-abortion [pro-death] demonstration rally, was arrested for “disturbing the peace” [espousing Bible documented morality in a public place].  A law student and six of her associates joined hands and offered a silent prayer for our Supreme Court Justices on the steps of that building, but a policeman appeared suddenly and ordered then to stop their crime of illegally “demonstrating” [praying].  Let me take a moment to clarify two points here.  #1: These incidents happened in America, not in Nazi Germany or Marxist Russia, and #2: Since the ACLU likes to mix their anti-Christian bias with myopia with hypocrisy, I would like to quote the portion of our Bill of Rights that deals with religion: “Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion”.
 Read it for yourself.  The outrage continues.  In Hartford, Wis., third grader Jennifer Backhous was disappointed to find out that she had committed a “criminal” act by decorating her valentine artwork with the following “obscenities” : “I love Jesus”, and “Jesus is what love is all about.”   Kenny Green, a high school senior in Oswego, New York was censured from performing a rap song in the school talent show.  His offense? – the song contained a Christian message.  Students in Pennsylvania and Colorado schools have actually been suspended for passing out Christian literature to fellow students.  Another student was reprimanded and humiliated for praying silently before an exam, by being sent to the principal’s office and forced to publicly deny his religious beliefs by writing 500 times: “I will not pray in class.”
Some time ago, a news release revealed that Chinese communist soldiers for just moving their lips in silent prayers shot several Tibetan Buddhist monks dead on the spot.   How far away from violent persecution are Christians right here in the United States?   A fifth grade teacher in Denver, Co. had regularly conducted a brief silent reading period for himself and his students utilizing any books of the student’s choice, including the classroom library of over 200 selections.  One of those books that had been ordered to be removed by authorities was the school’s Bible and the other was “The Story of Jesus”.  He was also forbidden to read the Bible to himself in the classroom, because the students might see him with it, and be influenced by it.
The point of these examples of ACLU supported religious censorship is that citizens should realize that its not just OK; but patriotic, creative and artistic to express feelings of religious desecration and mockery like the tax-payers publicly funded display of Jesus immersed in some deviate’s urine (“Piss Christ”), but it is criminal, fascist and unconstitutional to expose Americans to “discredited” and “obsolete” Christian concepts like prayer and the Bible.  Are you beginning to get the picture?
The leftist ACLU is well funded with about $15 million a year (that figure must be doubled or more today) to wage their war against the American people.  Ironically, you can’t get a tax deduction if you contribute to many anti-communist organizations in our USA, but the contributions to the communist dominated ACLU are tax deductible!  The ACLU celebrated its 50th anniversary by presenting awards to its most revered personalities. They were: David Dellinger, self-admitted communist, Castro apologist, leftist newspaper owner editor and publisher, and who was Jane Fonda’s counterpart in visiting Ho chi Minh to demoralize American fighting men in prison and at home where he carried Viet Cong flags to the Capitol, participated in pro-communist riots, burned American flags, and supported dozens of Marxist front groups.
Paul Robeson, an identified communist, married to a communist, described by communist Manning Johnson at the 1949 HUAC hearings as wanting “to be the black Stalin among Negroes.” a recipient of the notorious Stalin Peace Prize in 1952, had his birthday celebrated by the Communist Party in the Soviet Union and in Red China, and belonged to so many identified subversive organizations it would take apx. four pages just to list them all!  EVEN today – some SIXTY YEARS later – the Jew lies still persist on the Jew controlled TV channels like the ‘History Channel’ – where you can listen to Jew history ‘experts’ extol the ‘virtues’ of this black hearted traitor!
 Julian Bond, a radical legislator who was a hero to the far left, encouraged Negro violence and sedition, advocated communist rule, and predictably supported and joined many communist support organizations.  Lastly, C. Willard Heckel, defense council for radical communist party official and violent felon, Angela Davis.  So much for any notion that the ACLU had changed its “RED” spots.

To show how low an organization can sink and the extent of hypocrisy that can be involved, let us look at National Advisory Council member, atty. William Kunstler.  His reputation for defending murderers, spies, communists and recently, flag burners, is legendary among the Left.  Kunstler once bragged that: “I am a double agent, working from within the system to bring down the system!”  The ACLU has such a perverted sense of values that it actually auctioned off an abortion as a “novel” publicity stunt at a fund-raiser.  The value of a human life to the ACLU? – $30.00.
The ACLU has fought for the “rights” of children to receive contraceptives from clinics without parental notification, and they are adamantly opposed to requiring parents’ approval prior to an abortion.  An ACLU official once stated:” In the ACLU’s world, parents who resist the sexual revolution should lose their children to the state!”  Thanks to the ACLU, America is entering the 1990s with, as Pat Buchanan described it, “a justice system where the guilty have never been freer, bolder or more secure, and the innocent have never been more terrified or repressed.”  An ACLU staffer was once quoted as saying: “Victims don’t have rights!”  The ACLU Policy Guide has over 300 separate entries, of which several mention rights of prisoners, yet not ONE mentions the rights of the victims of crime!
The factual indictment against the ACLU reveals scores of examples of lies, deceit, contradictions and the most outrageous types of hypocrisy imaginable.  Take the situation of AIDS in custodial facilities such as mental hospitals and prisons where even the ACLU admits the patients and inmates have the right to protection from a certain death sentence from virus carriers who engage innocent persons in violent rape or sodomy.  Yet, consider the official ACLU policy in opposing the exact measures, which would save those innocent lives.  The ACLU opposes: (1) Compulsory inmate testing for AIDS, (2) Compulsory segregation of AIDS infected inmates, and (3) Compulsory treatment of inmates with AIDS.  This is only one instance in which people will die as a result of ACLU policies! 
Let’s look at one a little closer to home.  On April 16, 1987, Chester Jackson, a student in a Detroit high school was shot to death on the school grounds by another student who had brought the gun to class.  A surprise? – Hardly.  You see, in the previous months, authorities had seized over 450 deadly weapons INSIDE the schools.  In a grip of terror, teachers, parents and students pleaded with the school board to authorize school security personnel to use metal detectors to search for these lethal weapons.  Of course the ACLU declared the searches “unconstitutional” and a court injunction stopped them.
Shortly thereafter, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson’s son lay dead in a pool of his own blood, a tragedy easily preventable by the PREVIOUSLY established policy of using weapons detectors.  Who then is the real culprit in the murder, the student – or the ACLU?  But it gets “better”.  Under strong pressure from an outraged community and its mayor, metal detectors were used once again.  The Michigan ACLU has indicated their willingness to go back to court, says David Wineman, a member of the ACLU board!  Who cares if there is another bloodbath, count on the ACLU to protect the constitutional rights of the killers not to be searched unfairly.

The ACLU is great with noble sounding clichés and phrases like “victimless crimes”.  Remember the Jan. 87 Amtrak disaster in which almost 200 passengers were killed or injured when a train smashed into three Conrail locomotives at over 100 miles per hour!  It seems that the Conrail engineer was under the influence of drugs, and so ignored several warning signals.  Why this tragedy then? 
Simple – the ACLU in its # 210 “victimless crimes” policy clearly opposes rail worker be drug tested.  I wonder if the ACLU bothered to explain to the families of the dead and mangled passengers that their policies were in the public interest since drug abuse is after all, only a “victimless crime.”  Next time you and your family are passengers on a commercial airliner on a tense foggy night approach to a congested airport, remember the following fact.
Recognized agencies have surveys indicating that on any given day, a significant percentage of ATC personnel at their radar screens with your life quite literally in their hands – are ON DRUGS!  How could this insane situation be allowed to exist; just ask the ACLU, if they aren’t too busy washing the “blood off their hands” from a previous “victimless” disaster.  If they succeed in outlawing weapons detectors in airports, watch for terrorist disasters in the skies the likes of which most Americans can’t even imagine.
Here is an official (Loren Siegel) ACLU statement, and I quote: “Under no circumstances would we approve of urinalysis, NO MATTER WHAT THE OCCUPATION.”   Keep that policy statement in mind next time you hear ACLU “civil liberties” doubletalk.

The ACLU insists it represents the best interests of America. Consider this outrageous statement by ACLU President, Norman Dorsen: “Our positions are mainstream positions.”  I presume there is a vestige of truth in that if you consider mainstream America to consist of criminals, flag desecrators, homosexuals, spies, terrorists, drug dealers, obscene entertainers and “artists”, child pornographers, sex offenders, atheists and especially communists.  These groups of people comprise the majority of ACLU client activity, and that is a fact – PERIOD!  The outrage and insult to decent Americans by the ACLU seems endless. . 
Mike Wallace of CBS, 60 Minutes fame and Peter Jennings, anchorman for ABC’s World News Tonight both answered that if in a situation of being a correspondent traveling with an enemy unit that is preparing to ambush American soldiers, they would allow our men to be slaughtered rather than try to warn them, just to get the story on film.  If these real life newsmen would gladly trade the spilled blood of American fighting men for a few feet of news drama, can you imagine how readily they would exercise their ACLU Policy #8 “right” to reveal a story of major national security nature even if it cost hundreds or thousands of American lives!
If anyone thinks that notion is too unrealistically horrible and too despicable for any prominent American journalist to openly admit to, or is presented out of context, I suggest that they read pages 48 and 49 of a meticulously documented book called `Profiles of Deception’ by Reed Irvine, director of Accuracy in Media.
There are over 500 late term abortions a DAY in this country, performed with the official blessings of the ACLU.  I’m not debating the “life begins at conception” issue here.  I’m talking about little people with hair, fingers, toes, ears, eyes and a beating heart: beating that is, until they are ripped apart by the crushing forceps of the abortionist, then thrown into the garbage for the rats and roaches to eat.  And if you believe that is exaggerated melodramatics, then see a documentary video – if you can still find it – narrated by actor Charlton Heston called `Eclipse of Reason’; you will never forget it! 
The ACLU along with the NOW organization and Planned Parenthood are endorsed by and more importantly, ACCEPT the endorsement of, virtually every pro-communist, subversive and lesbian/homosexual organization in the USA!  This may be a little known fact, but nevertheless, there are, documents to substantiate it.
Evidently, unborn children have no civil rights, or even a right to live in the eyes of the leftist ACLU.  One can only wonder how much money is donated to the ACLU coffers by abortionists, whose grisly trade is encouraged and made secure by the “pro-death” ACLU.  But of course, the ACLU is only defending women’s “reproductive rights”, and “freedom of choice” as if they some how mysteriously and inexplicably got pregnant.  The ACLU believes it is solely the parent’s responsibility to prevent exposure of pornography to their children – how convenient.
Case in point: when an ACLU lawyer was asked by a pornography commission chairman, if she thought the government had “any interest whatsoever” in a situation in which an adult attempted to give or sell literature portraying sodomy or bestiality to a 12 year old child, she answered: “No, I don’t.”
Let’s see now: the ACLU sponsors killing viable children in the womb, then those that survive can have their lives ruined as child porn “stars”, and if they make it to school they could be shot or stabbed to death by killers whose rights are insured by the ACLU.  So much for the ACLU’s love and respect for our children.

Destroying Christianity and any notion of the worship of God is a paramount goal of the ACLU that must be accomplished in order to fulfill its founders’ dream of a communist America.  That “there is no god” is an essential premise and basis for Marxism.  As Lenin once stated: “Atheism is a natural and inseparable portion of Marxism, of the theory and practice of Scientific Socialism.”  When the existence of God is denied by the communists, the authority of the Ten Commandments and absolute standards of right and wrong as well as the basics of good and evil are negated, and consequently so is the basis of all morality.  Man is on the playing field of life with no referee or rulebook. The result of this ACLU dream is that the winners of any conflict can decide on what the rules of conduct and morality should be.
I recommend that the reader familiarize himself or herself with the “Communist Manifesto” so as to better understand what the goals of communism are, and how they are to be achieved by the Soviets and their allies, which include the ACLU.  Our liberal/leftist news media would have us believe that Mikhail Gorbachev has somehow denounced communism, and that the Soviet Union now wants to emulate our democratic republic and abandon its repressive communist nature.  Oh really?  I will quote Gorbachev’s exact words as he addressed the Central Committee of the Supreme Soviet on 2 Nov. 1987, the occasion being the jubilee celebration of the 70th anniversary of the communist revolution of 1917. “In October 1917 we parted with the old world, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving towards a new world, THE WORLD OF COMMUNISM. We shall NEVER [emphasis added] turn off that road.”  So much for communism being dead, and the “Cold War” being over.
Author’s current note:  Perhaps the classic ‘Cold War’ is over now – but Communism certainly isn’t dead – far from it.  Don’t forget that a good part of the influx in recent years to IsraHELL are the former Jew Soviet commissars – still and always ‘good little Communists’ – and certainly all some level of war criminals who had their bloody hands in the murder of over TWENTY MILLION CHRISTIAN CIVILIANS.  The Jew mentality has been steeped in the dual horrors of Zionism/Marxism for generations as their well funded cabalas of lies – murder – treason – depravity and secular greed continue to infect every corner of the globe. The ACLU continues this destruction in America in the classic duplicitous, cunning, deceptive manner so emblematic of the Jew.

The examples are all around us. Look at dictator Fidel Castro’s Marxist paradise in Cuba — an Orwellian nightmare where the State is “God”, and one in eight Cubans has risked horrors at sea and sometimes certain death to escape.  Castro currently maintains Cuba’s own version of the Gulag Archipelago, where thousands of Cubans are tortured for their Christian beliefs.  Read “Against All Hope” by Armando Valladares, who suffered twenty-two years in a Cuban Gulag.  His crime (?) –professing to be a Christian.  In Ortega’s Soviet-backed Nicaragua, a once peaceful land of gentle people that this writer has known for over three decades, hundreds of thousands of refugees left their homes and friends to escape that godless and terrifying reality.
In Cambodia, Marxist/Leninist ideologue Pol Pot literally slaughtered millions of innocent human beings to create the “new man” of godless communism.  In Soviet Russia, we now know that master butcher Josef Stalin exterminated tens of millions of his own people in order to eradicate the bourgeoisie and other religious undesirables.  This happened because there is NO BASIS FOR MORALITY in an atheist society; humans are considered nothing more than animals.
Communism was in the beginning and still is the driving force of the ACLU.  One need look no further than the daily newspaper to see this evil force at work, always of course in the guise of defending the rights of the people.  If a child utters a prayer in school, the ACLU is there like the Gestapo to silence it.  If a Christian educator should dare to suggest anything religious and moral to the class, or read the Holy Scripture, he/she will soon be stopped and reprimanded by the ACLU as well as the amoral and spineless judges who serve the evil interests of the communist ACLU.
A painting of Christ on the cross that hung on a school wall for 25 years was ordered to be removed under threat from the ACLU.  Nativity scenes at Christmas time that bring so much joy and feeling of kindness and brotherhood are a serious crime in the eyes of the ACLU.  Even the “Christ of the Abyss”, a dramatic statue of our Lord that resides underwater in a natural reef at Florida’s Pennykamp Park, an inspiring sight for divers visiting from all over the world to share, is an affront to the atheistic ACLU.
The Jew dominated ACLU finds ANY notion of God offensive and intolerable.  It must be eliminated from our schools, our money, our town meetings, our buildings, our universities, our military, and I’m sure if they had their way, from our churches and homes as well. The ACLU has already been successful in making it ILLEGAL just about everywhere else — a pretty impressive accomplishment, considering this country was founded on religious premises — just in case anyone has forgotten. 
I will dwell on one more topic, perhaps because like so many Americans, I wore the uniform, and felt the pride of being able to live in the greatest country in the world. An ACLU member can never feel the “lump in their throat” when honoring what our flag proudly stands for, because they hate and loathe it. The cover of one of their brochures shows an American flag, with the following caption at the bottom – “THIS IS NOTHING”. The insult to our heritage continues.
The damage that the ACLU has done to our society, our peace and our security can probably never be measured in everyday terms.  The politics of the ACLU aren’t just anti-religious or anti-American family value – their influence on our society is a deadly dangerous threat.  We have already seen that the collective “moral conscience” of the ACLU is an oxymoron.  The legacy of anti-Americanism pro-communism and anti-Godism that have been the aggregate agenda of the ACLU has created a yellow stain of shame on the fabric of American values.  It is this fabric that is the binding cloth of what we have been, what we are and what we will evolve to become morally.  The thread in that fabric is the family and its traditional Christian values.
It was that way when this great country began from its humble origins, and it will remain an unchangeable truism until such time as the fabric is cleansed and once again made whole – or is unraveled and rots away, which after all has been the ultimate goal of the communist ACLU for over 90 years.  I will leave the reader with one last foreboding omen.  This most evil of American communist Jew dominated organizations was “born” in October 1917, exactly the same month and year as the birth of the Jew dominated, financed and supported Soviet Communist revolution in Russia, that has thus far claimed over 200 million innocent lives worldwide for the Jew ‘cause’.  Was it by coincidence or by design?  Like virtually all of the moral rot in America today – the treasonous ACLU is ALSO a ‘Jew thing’
My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM  as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.
I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. Very long essay, but very good too. I was child when you wrote it, but have grown to be a well, lost soul, my country does not work, but it is the fault of WE the people we fell asleep and the JEW into our a–es, long ago before your time way back during or just before the revolutionary war as I have found the JEW is the cause of all the worlds problems! When you go and find that slavery was unlawful, and the JEW got the right to do JEW business. You know the selling of vise, trading in human flesh, and of course usury! It makes me sick, they have done this since the times before cannan and mesopitamia roughly 10,000yrs of filth and disgust, we have driven them to extinction and never fallowed through with wiping them out this time we must!

  2. Joe Cortina,I have been here many times reading up on all your blogs. I can see that you are a man of honor and deep conviction.
    I boldly say I wish all men had the same standards you seem to have.
    I admire your courage to take a stand. I hope what you say is taken to heart. I didn’t know many of these things you write here. I do now. I don’t agree with you on everything, but about 99% I do.
    I also saw the video at You tube.
    My prayers (we all need each others prayers) are now with you because what you say isn’t taken kindly by all… I see that in the comments.

  3. Wonderful essay. Joe my hat is off to you. The zionists are all over the place destroying anything they can get their hands on. They must be stopped at all costs. 50 or so people showed up today at our protest in front of the federal building. We need more of course but things are looking much better. We must hold the line at all costs. Thank you for your service and your continued patriotism.

  4. did’nt the new world(america) wipe out the native people who lived there for centuries and was’nt the U.S.A started by Freemasons from England? Who built the Georgia guidestones and when? America was never a Christain country and thats why the errors of Russia took hold there as Fatima said they would.

  5. It would be even nice if there was such a thing as DECENT CHRISTIAN Americans. The only churches in America are nothing but 501C(3) non profit government stooges. The Christians stand for nothing. If the government says it or a politician says that he is a Christian then they just blindly accept it.

  6. Excellent Paper on the “real mission” of the ACLU within the United States.

    This is a political group that serves the interests of the worst repribates within society….criminals!

    It’s interesting how the people who defend this Zionist/Marxist political group will defend its place within Society….

    and if the majority of Americans are of Christian or Aethiest belief…then it is not required…after all, who is the ACLU protecting? The Rights’ of the silent minority?…

    Is this not a Democracy? There is such a thing as a Constitution, a Bill of Rights’ and Amendments to protect all…

    (unfortunately, it costs a fortune, because of scumbags like the ACLU!)

    At its very heart, the ACLU suppresses the wishes of the majority and ‘panders’ to the minority….again, usually criminals…and NOT hard working White, Black, or Hispanic folks…

    For the communist folks over at all branches of the ACLU, I say “Fuck You!!!”

    …and I say “Fuck Off!” to Gay Marriages and Jewish Holidays!!! (How about getting the News Networks to celebrate Ramadhan, like all those Jewish Anti-Christ crap holidays that are always be forced on us?)

    FUCK THE ACLU, AIPAC, JINSA, ADL and any other subversive communist force operating anywhere in the world!!!

    Meredith Rollo,

  7. @C.D.M…… NO, America is not a “democracy” and that’s one reason she is in the shape she’s in today, NONE OF YOU HAVE EVER READ THE CONSTITUTION !!! It plainly tells you right in the Constitution that “no state shall have anything but a REPUBLICAN form of government” ! “I pledge allegiance to the Flag and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all” !!! This does not say, “and to the democracy for which it stands” !

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