* A “useful idiot” is one who is ignorant of the facts to the extent that they end up unwittingly advancing an adverse cause that they might not otherwise support.

Just when I thought it just couldn’t gat any worse and I might just be able to show my face in public with pride as an American when I travel abroad – I discover yet another American leader with the IQ of an oyster – whose endless diet of self inflicted ‘foot in mouth’ disease can only be termed dazzling.


This latest example of why America is racing to the top spot of most hated and LEAST RESPECTED nations on earth is CO. Rep. Tom Tancedro. What a piece of work this guy is. I watched him on C-Span the other night and almost heaved my cookies on the TV screen!


I do hours of Intel analysis daily, to gain factual evidence to expose America’s worst high profile people – morons – idiots – security risks – Zionists – country sellers – racists and other sociopath detritus. In the evening I like to lighten up with a good classic non-controversial movie. While scanning for one I stumbled across a scene showing NFL tailgate parties. You know- GO BUCS!


Keep in mind that because of irresponsible putty brained imbeciles like shown there – we as a nation are a heartbeat from WORLD WAR III and – or – a looming total economic collapse with a treasonous Congress eager to betray every American man woman and child into endless economic servitude – AND the head of the finance committee is a dedicated Socialist AND homosexual pervert! I get nauseas just thinking about it. Hold that reality check.


Picture this NFL worshipping idiot – a middle-aged grown man on the ‘eve of Armageddon’ – flipping burgers on an elaborate trailer- towed grill, making this profound comment, and I KID YOU NOT! “ Tailgating ain’t just football fun – IT”S A WAY OF LIFE OUT HERE!” God help us! Our country is literally dying and this simpleton’s ONLY priority is NFL games.


Anyway – I forced the bile back down my throat and kept searching. That is when I caught the diatribe of racism and hate that was spewing out like cobra venom from the mouth of Tancredro. I have heard these Zionist created racist hate diatribes a hundred times lately but this one went into ‘extra innings’. All I could hear was this call to kill, kill and kill more innocent civilian Arab people – men – women – children – it didn’t matter – just murder them all! The racism and hate was so thick you could put it in boxes.


He ended up reading a speech of his self- professed Zionist idol – Franklin D. Roosevelt – the evil purpose of –was of course, to incite Americans to murder more and more and more civilians. You remember old FDR don’t you? They guy that allowed lots of American sons to be slaughtered at Pearl Harbor. Remember his treason? HE KNEW OF THE ATTACK AND KEPT A SECRET. Educated people in this country knew those TRUTH decades before it finally became common knowledge.


FDR was guilty of treason in a lot of ways. He was a devout Socialist – like his treasonous wife. Remember his exact words when cabinet advisors cautioned him about the abundance of Marxists – both Soviet and domestic right in our STATE DEPT? In case you have forgotten his treason let me refresh your memory. His boastful arrogant retort was – and I quote: “ WHY – some of my BEST FRIENDS ARE COMMUNISTS!” He wasn’t kidding either. He affectionately called master butcher Josef Stalin – “Uncle Joe” – FULL WELL knowing Stalin had murdered some fifty five million of HIS OWN PEOPLE – mostly Christians!


So – for openers – Tancredo’s top icon was a Communist who admired one of the world’s most horrible war criminals. Isn’t that special? Now – lets take a look into this man’s personal record.


If he was so really fired up to use the personal quotations of a famous American President – why use a filthy communist ideologue like FDR – a deceiver, betrayer, atheist and self-admitted friend and admirer of the Devil.


How about this – from President General George Washington – the Father of our country – Christian – warrior – patriot and inspiration to our fledgling Republic: From Appleton’s Maxims of George Washington. But of course Tom is too much of a coward to use this – as it might offend the Devil. And Oh – BTW Tom – he isn’t talking about the Arabs here. Get it?


“ They (speaking of the Jews of that time) work more effectively against us than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred more time more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in….. It is much to be lamented that each State, long ago has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have, to the happiness of America.”


I have found by experience that the politicians most eager to send your son home in a body bag and commit mass murder of other people – have never seen the horrors of destroyed cities and shattered bodies of children burned to death or blown to bits – AND have NOT served in uniform in the service of their country one day in their life.


Guess what? – Tancredo was a spineless yellow draft dodger – ‘man’ enough to send YOUR sons to die – and demand the death of millions of innocent people but too much of a coward to risk his own precious hide. When he was called up with his 1-A draft status – he was quick to mention that he had anxiety attacks and been under psychiatric care and was given a 1-Y deferment like so many of the chicken hawks in our government. What a piece of crap!


Now – I’m no war hero – but when Tom was having his little tension tantrums, I was training young warriors – ALL of whom somehow manage to overcome their fears and served their country in spite of their ‘butterflies’. You know Tom – we ALL deal with some kind of fears. I would never trust any man who professed to have no fear on anything. My first jump in jump school at Ft. Benning over 40years ago – I felt absolutely no fear –Yeah – right!


Courage is not for supermen alone. The difference between cowardice and courage – is that the man with a backbone is able to overcome his fear. His cowardice of serving your country is not what I despise him for. I could forgive him for that, or perhaps even come to understand how he felt.


What I DESPISE beyond civil words is his putrid shameless continued conduct as a moral coward? The TRULY cowardly acts of his life are his inane shameless actions of mindless ignorant hatred of people who have done us any harm, and his willingness to not only have them murdered – but to put our sons in harms way in order to MURDER these innocent people for the lust of his Zionist masters in IsraHELL. For THAT – Sir- I am confident that you and your black soul will burn in hell- along with your masters and the other Zionist ‘useful idiots’ in DC..


It should be noted that this little matter would have also SHOULD HAVE legally prevented him from serving as a United States Congressman – kind of makes you wonder just how deep the corruption runs in our government. The sleaze just keeps getting worse for this draft –dodging Zionist ‘chicken-hawk’ coward and hypocrite.


This war-mongering fool had actually proposed Congress to drop an atomic bomb on Islam’s most holy places Mecca and Medina (in Saudi)- which would of course murder hundreds of thousands of innocent religious faithful along with countless other civilians – just ‘collateral damage’ – as the dwarf Jew troll Madeline Albright so callously referred to the death of hundreds of thousands of defenseless innocent Iraqi and Afghan children murdered by our brave ‘coalition troops’. A good man should just go up to him and slap him silly – WHAT a puke this goy is!


Here are a few of the hundreds of comments if found in response to his unconscionably criminal conduct – for which he should have been arrested or at least Baker-Acted as a lunatic. How can ANY decent American not be ashamed when there exists even one such putrid piece of human trash in such a position of power? This one of the worst abuses of that public office I have witnessed in years and apparently a lot of other educated decent moral Americans felt the same way! This sorry spineless worm did more harm to American reputation and world peace than anyone in this century so far. STUPID! Here’s your sign – Tom.


Depressed not a chance….

Submitted by kjlovell on Tue, 12/11/2007 – 4:38pm.

This piece of work, he was not depressed – he was scared shi**less. Not so scary when you are sending others to fight your battles is it big boy.

Those who never serve should never be able to send anyone into harms way. I.E.: dumbya, cheney, flush limbauw, kkkarl rove etc.

Mental illness….wtf?

Submitted by kjlovell on Tue, 12/11/2007 – 4:40pm.

I think he may have been faking in the 60’s – but I FULLY BELIEVE HE IS MENTALLY ILL NOW.

I was lucky

Submitted by mikev on Tue, 12/11/2007 – 12:16pm.

Got drafted at 19, best thing that ever happened to me. Depressed? Sure, when I was a teen I was depressed too, treated mine with drugs and alchohol like a lot of folks did.

I liked being part of the big green machine. Especially liked Da Nang (and NKP, where I spent a lot of time).

Guess the difference between me and Tancredo is best summed up by a line from a song…

“Rich man goes to college, poor man goes to war…”

Another Repub double standard?

Submitted by revolution9 on Tue, 12/11/2007 – 12:04pm.

If treatment for mental illness was enough to disqualify Tom Eagleton as v-p, shouldn’t the same standard apply to Tom Tancredo?


Submitted by codypup on Tue, 12/11/2007 – 9:48am.




What Should We Do With Chickenhawks

Submitted by davdtg on Wed, 12/12/2007 – 4:17am.

David T. Gray, SSGT, USAF 67-71

Just to name a few Bill O’Reilled Up, Tush Limpballs, Dennie Hazzard, Trent The Cheerleader Lott, Sean InsHannity, Neil BoreZ, Hot Tub Tom Delay, Dick Cheezy, Paul Wolfowitz, Goodtime Billy Crystal, Doug Feith, KKKarl Rove, Elliot Abrams, Donnie-Boy Rumpsmells, our Duhhhmander-And-Thief…

Strip them naked, no CC’s, no PC’s, no cell, no patchcards, no sunglasses. Put a dollar bill up their butts, dump them out over Baghdad with this sole exhortation:


Do you think every American could recognize them? We have the Four Stooge Network

Do you think every Iraqi would recognize them? They have Al-Jazeera

Now that’s a movie about the War In which they would have an audience.


Tom Tancredo, the congressman who invites guests over to his Colorado mansion to watch John Wayne movies, was given a 1-Y deferment from serving in Vietnam. Why? Because he claims that he was treated for mental illness while in high school.

It is a bit too consistent that one of the current bottom tier GOP presidential contenders is just another Chickenhawk. Like Cheney who got multiple deferments that kept him from serving in Vietnam, like Bush who used Daddy’s help to get him in the cushy Texas Air National Guard to avoid combat, Tancredo got himself out of the army during a war he supported by declaring that he was mentally ill.

If the story seems all too emblematic of GOP hypocrisy, that is because it is true.


Do ALL of us a favor Tom – take your medication and announce your early retirement – write a book – play golf – study Yoga – or better yet – go visit Gaza – or a hot zone in Iraq. Change your identity and go somewhere where you can’t hurt anybody – Oh –and apologize to your children and grand children for the hatred and damage you have caused innocent people and maybe by the time they become educated enough to fully understand the gravity of your putrid conduct – they may forgive you and hope they won’t be disenfranchised by well educated moral people they meet later on in life when they discover you are their father.



My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.


I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.


  1. That was straight from my heart! Whoever you are that wrote this, thank you.You said what I feel and am unable to express in coherent words. God bless you!

  2. Well here in the UK people would rather protest about a football manager resigning, by walking through the streets with placards and giving opinions and every other word is duh duh duh…….and yet our civil liberties in the UK are under attack…..the UK is also full of fat assed MSG eating….Aspartame drinking…..anti-biotic taking god damn idiots.



  3. One error in your article (although a fairly common one).

    George Washington was NOT a Christian. He like many of the founders was a Deist. This is confirmed in a letter written by the pastor of the church of which Martha Washington WAS a member. George always accompanied her but never took part in any of the sacraments. It is true that he was regularly referred to as a christian gentleman, but this appellation addressed a mans comportment rather than his religious beliefs.

  4. Spoken like a true statesman! I am an Australian and I have always held the US in great reverence. However since the rise of Adolf Bush incorporated and his clowns, the USA has soured my impressions so much that I treat American tourists with contempt. They are no longer welcome in this country! The USA has dragged this planet to the brink of annihilation which our own mindless government will willingly participate in. It is refreshing to hear that you all aren’t of the same thinking!

  5. thanks for sharing to what i refer to as the Cancer of America.It is time to bring in/reform the three branches of government bloated with corruption. the cancer is so widespread that the “caregivers/people are burdened with grieve, guilt and helplessness. We the people have to move past the denial, bargaining and accept the conclusion that the cancer has spread and it is only a matter of time before the body dies.

  6. Just as the cream floats to the top, so does the flotsam. The good thing is that it is easier than ever to tell the difference. The bad thing is that we the people have lost the ability to reject the flotsam, when the media exalts it. I no longer vote for incumbents, or vote any party slate. The Muslims don’t hate us because of our ‘freedom’, they see us as pestilence that needs to be disinfected.

  7. Peace,
    .. sad but, true. tsk..tsk..
    americans(including myself,until about 7 yrs ago) live soley by man’s law and ignores GOD’s. and even the ones that has been written by man in the bible, seems to be too hard for man to live by, too hard for them to even try to live by. as the foolishness that we’ve created in this world as enjoyments are proving to only please our flesh, we still have that “thing” inside of us that makes us… not satisfied with just living, not satisfied with just having. failing us, we’re running in circles trying to find “solutions” to the problems that we’ve created. no discipline. we all (humans) have one thing in common from our CREATOR, it’s called ‘Free-will’. look at how we choose to use it…it’s a good things that the animals don’t have it..

  8. Sadly and with heavy heart I have come to realize that our American system of govt. is based upon fraud and illusion even from the start.
    Example: We The People, are recognized as being Soveriegns in our individual capacities and when a “Sovereign” is elected to a govt. office he/she becomes a “public servant.” Now this public servant is given powers that a Sovereign doesn’t have – the power to enact laws that impact and diminish the Sovereign’s individual freedoms and God given rights.
    Question: Under our present system who is the REAL sovereign and the real servant???
    Sadly our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were creating and knew they were circumventing the Common Law which they were very familiar with!
    True individual freedom is based upon 3 principles: (1) Do no man harm in his person. (2) Do no man harm in his property. (3) your word is your bond.
    In America today just about everything is against the law. I wonder if breathing will be next?
    God Bless.

  9. Joe,
    Let’s put some things in perspective here. Tancredo is definitely wrong on his stance about bombing and you are correct in bringing that to light. Likewise, you should know by now that the Vietnam war was started fraudulently, as was the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq. So I wouldn’t be overly proud of involvement in that war. It’s time you realized you were a brainwashed kid back then. As to your comments about FDR and the communists/Zionists, I couldn’t agree more. By the way, check out the video “Missing Links” by Mike Delaney on Youtube. It’s the most definitive 9/11 video yet.

  10. youre a fucking asshole.
    just because you got picked last on the playground, you lash out at sports fans?
    i am an example of a rabid sports fan who is also well informed (and outraged) about current events.
    why alienate a whole group of people that would otherwise be on your side???
    who else dont you like?
    fuck you

  11. Joe Cortina:
    I agree with everything you wrote.
    But Tom Tancredo is right about
    ONE thing-illegal/and illegal Mexican/hispanic immigration HAS to be stopped!!
    Both main political parties are ZIONIST NEOCON controlled! The country is doomed!!

  12. Thank you for this. I’m a a 31 year old native of Colorado and I pulled (at least I think) my head out of my keester about 10 years ago. People, let’s stop talking about the bs at dinner/house parties and actually do something. Remember, the people are the employer of the govt.(no excpetion by the way) and the employee isn’t making the cut. Thank you for your time.

  13. American leader with the IQ of an oyster

    America ….. most hated

    putty brained imbeciles

    Why do those that think themselves to be enlighten, always prove the lack of credentials by name calling those they disagree with?

    Head to any site infested with liberals and see the low level of discourse they converse at.

  14. Tom(from Australia)claims Yanks are“no longer welcome in Australia”.Wrong,Tom.I am also an Aussie,and
    don’t agree with you.Just because the maggots in Washington D.C.and Canberra are the evil sons and
    daughters of satan,doesn’t mean the rest of us…Americans and Australians…approve of their rotten ways.
    Let’s face it Tom;the majority of both countries are dumbed down morons.So we have more in common
    with Merkans than we want to admit.

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