A couple of years ago I left the Republican party, which I had served loyally for over 24 years – until they sold their collective souls to IsraHELL and the Jew. Before that – I had been a member of the once respectable Democrat Party – until it CLEARLY became indistinguishable from the Communist Party. That BY DEFINITION Makes Democrats the largest mass of treasonous filth in America. My words – too harsh – some may say? WRONG! NOT HARSH ENOUGH for this filth, and I will PROVE it to ANY logical American not having to share a brain to perform anything other than bodily functions!


The Democrat Party is a magnet for all of the filth in America – a good bit of them are that portion of the Negro population which are nothing more that filthy violent animals – ACTUALLY proud of their ignorance and violent irresponsible behavior. In the remaining social detritus of white – people you will find the majority of the Jews – and by FAR the worst of the worst of them.


As I stated before – there is NO MORE Republican Party – virtually ALL the leadership having sold us out to IsraHELL – not ALL – but certainly the vast majority. I have decided – after witnessing on C-SPAN last night – what was to me – the most revolting OPEN display of treason against our Constitution I witnessed in my entire life! I have NO respect left for my once beloved Republican party – but I did witness a battle that evening for good against evil in which the Republican Representatives – albeit somewhat cowardly – with their disgusting use of terms like “ I now yield 30 minutes (or whatever was appropriate) time to the honorable gentleman (or gentlewoman) from = such and such a state” – confronted the treasonous Marxist ‘BLACK CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS’


I witnessed NO “honorable (black) gentlemen” or honorable black women in that ugly display of out and outright treason to this nation. I served in uniform for the protection of our Christian way of life and the Christian based LAW of The Land and EVERY concept of American freedoms granted to us by our Founding Fathers and God almighty! NIGGERS AND JEWS committed ALL that putrid display of treasonous filth! YES – NIGGERS! To address this filthy scum with terms of respect and prestige was an INSULT to ALL decent men black or white whether they HONORABLY wore the uniform or not. The debate was regarding the validity of the Second Amendment of our Constitution – a LAW prescribed by the highest officials of our government over two centuries ago – and NOT – let me repeat – NOT – OPEN FOR DEBATE AND ARGUEMENT. IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN.


Let me set the record STRAIGHT! I use those terms only to differentiate the C-O-N-D-U-C-T of decent people of the same ethnicity or culture from pure unadulterated trash – scum – garbage – filth!. Maxine Waters is a NIGGER! Charles Rangel is a NIGGER! Martin King was a NIGGER! Their conduct is/was disgraceful by ALL standards of character and decency.


Conversely – Rosie Greer is a sports icon. George Washington Carver was moral giant! The difference is DRAMATIC! On one hand there are blacks that have been contributors – patriots – TRUE Christians – truthful – decent good people by ALL of the qualifications known to civilized man. On the other hand – there are the degenerate, mostly illiterate, lying Marxist scum whose CONDUCT in REAL life has been a disgrace by ALL moral standards of ALL decent people of ALL races, for all time – PERIOD!


It does NOT Take a genius to spot a Nigger – OR a moral worthy decent Negro – just common sense observation.


I LOVE good country people – BUT – I DESPISE REDNECKS



I was partially raised by a Negro woman who was considered a ‘saint’ by my grandparents. Had ANYBODY demeaned her as ‘nigger’ only because she was black – my Grandfather would have re-arranged his face. Had I been older, I would have defended her dignity to the death.


On more than one occasion I have risked arrest AND SERIOUS personal bodily harm to MYSELF in the defense of a black men- and under the circumstances – I would probably do it again. I SAID BLACK MAN – NOT A ‘NIGGER’ SCUMBAG. I personally do not know another white man who has put himself that far out on the limb for the welfare of a black man.


The difference between them is that BOTH Niggers AND rednecks are stupid useless social trash and a detriment to ANY decent civilized society. The main trait they share is their actual PRIDE in their monumental irresponsibleness and stupidity! I consider niggers the number two detriment to American well being today – just behind the Jews. Most of both types find commonality in the degenerate Demoncrap Party today. As far as I am concerned – they are both a HUGE liability to the heart and soul of America.


The 2nd Amendment is that law upon which ALL OTHER RIGHTS in the Constitution of the United States OF America WERE PREDICATED UPON. It IS s special right that has kept the American people a FREE people since DAY ONE! I watched NIGGER after NIGGER – ALL reading from written propaganda scripts that sounded like they came right out of the Communist Manifesto or Mao’s ‘ Little Red Book’. Not ONE of these NIGGERS spoke ONEW word of wisdom with their marginally illiterate “dem” – “dat” – “deese” an”,“dose” Ebonics crap! It was enough to make ANY American – black or white – sick to their stomach! I have NEVER EVER heard such a tirade of ENDLESS PURPOSEFUL lies upon lies in diatribes that sounded more appropriate from the former Soviet Politburo than on the floor of the AMERICAN CONGRESS.


Just watching this reprobate scum in their loud tirades of treason, lies and sedition made me more than just angry. It made me sick to my stomach to realize that in this country for which I served with honor there could be animals like these who could rise to prominence and power and by virtue of these privileges – do great good – but instead WILLFULLY CHOSE to destroy all that great men of vision and character had devoted their lives fortunes and freedoms to secure for generations afterward. They are just plain ignorant disgusting filthy animals – drunk with power.


Here are just a couple of the OUTRIGHT LIES they spewed forth with straight faces as gospel truths. It was embarrassing to me as an American to know that people from other – so-called civilized nations might be watching these black animals performing their disgusting ranting and raving Marxist tribal antics. Most parroted the lie that the new bill allowed machine guns and or assault rifles (a compact sub-machinegun) to be LEGAL for all citizens. This of course is an absurd mendacity for which these black scum showed no remorse!


These disgusting niggers also parroted the lie that the new law allowed for insane asylum inmates to legally procure these weapons. Every other phrase they screamed was yet another lie – the kind of serious mendacities that should your or I state in a court of law – would merit us a big fine or a trip to prison. There is a legal term for the crime these niggers KNOWINGLY and PURPOSEFULLY committed – it is called PERJURY! It was one of the most disgusting and serious displays of purposeful treason against the citizens of the United States I have witnessed in my life. I felt ashamed that this lying treasonous filth was allowed to happen.


The voting records of these niggers – including several females – would gag a maggot! That of ‘Comrade’ Maxine Waters is a benchmark of criminal treason. They were ALL Card carrying communists – ALL FORMAL member of members of the filthy treasonous ‘BALCK CONGRESIONAL CAUSUS’ – the most treasonous disgraceful putrid rancid organization of NIGGER filth in DC. The moderator for the Niggers – another nigger – PROUDLY mentioned TIME AFTER TIME that ALL of the ignorant nigger filth there that were trying their best to subvert the Constitution – that these scum were in fact PROUD members of the ‘BLACJ CONGESSIONAL CAUCUS’ – (READ: COMMUNIST PARTY). Can you imagine the HOWS of anger and self-righteousness from these nigger traitors – AND THEIR JEW ‘STRING PULLERS’ – IF there had been a contingency of WHITE Congressmen who were introduced by their leadership – as members of the WHITE CONGRESIONAL CAUSCUS? WHAT IN-YOUR –FACE HYPOCRISY! But then after all –that kind of rancid conduct is a Jew/nigger thing.


THINK I EXAGGERATE? Then go – yourself – to the website of ‘Socialists International’ (the formal leadership of the communist Party USA) and do a little searching. You will find them all there – PROUD of their treason. Last time I looked there were well over FIFTY members – ALL DEMOCRATS – ALL MEMBERS of the Congress and virtually all NIGGERS! These are the SAME NIGGERS that supported every Marxist cause they encountered. These are the same NIGGERS that have voted for ALL anti-American PRO-MARXIST legislation. I have followed this disgusting conduct since the 60s and it is always – “the usual suspects’ who betray their sacred oath with hand on the Bible. Why the DECENT black people in this country are not more outraged is beyond me.


To their credit – there were a few of Democrat Reps who were supportive of the 2nd Amendment and spoke against the nigger treason. These were John Dinger, Travis Childers, and John Tanner. What did these Congressmen have in common? They were ALL articulate and educated – did NOT have to read canned ‘propaganda hate scripts’ – AND they were WHITE MEN – just a coincidence of course!


The Reps trying to trash our Constitutional rights were Danny Davis, Maxine Waters, Donna Edwards, John Lewis, Lynn Woolsey, and Yvette Clarke. These ALL had to read ‘hate’ scripts spoke poor English and could barely express themselves – one of the women was actually yelling and screaming her Marxist out of control diatribe – and ALL WERE NIGGERS – just a coincidence of course. OH I almost forgot. There was ONE white Democrat who energetically trashed the Constitution – and actually was a sponsor of the treasonous Bill to trash our precious hard won freedoms – he was the California ZIO/JEW – Henry Waxman – BIG SURPRISE – a Jew LEADING the NIGGERS in trashing our freedoms.


BTW – I researched dozens of articles and blog responses under HENRY WAXMAN. The most polite one I could find was that he was a “Stalinist weasel”. More than one analyst commented that Jew Marxist traitor Waxman really looks like a weasel. I would love to meet that country selling Marxist Jew scumbag in dark alley.


Get the picture yet? DEMOCRAT PARTY = THE SCUM /TRASH OF AMERICA. I cannot think of one good reason for ANY American who is a truly decent Godly person in this day and age – to of his own free will associate himself with the Democrat Party — OR the Republican Party for that matter. Both are cabals of treasonous liars and country sellers the likes of which should be shunned by our children like the demonic filth that they IN FACT ARE!


The Republican Party – the organization which I devoted some TWENTY THREE years of my life to support – sustain – follow and place my trust in – is nothing more than a collective puppet of the Jew today. Look at John McCain’stein’ the Jew puppet – a liar who has stated to the gullible naive American people that – and I QUOTE: “ MY LOYALTIES ARE TO AMERICA FIRST” If God did indeed strike down major liars who deceive the people for personal gain = McCain’stein’ would have disappeared in a cloud of smoke long ago!


If ANY American is still interested in a thing called TRUTH – got to one of many sites that show Jew puppet McCain’Stein’ kissing the ass of the Jews that finance his campaign (even his father-in –law is a notorious Jew mobster). No DECENT GODLY CHRISTIAN AMERICAN would EVER grovel at the feet of the Christ hating murdering filthy Zionist Jews. Photos of McCain’stein’ with his little Jew cap – with Joe the Jew LIEberman hovering over him like a Jew Golem monster are easily accessible on the net. I ALSO Served my country about the same time period as McCain’stein’. The only real difference was that I KEPT MY LOYALTY OATH and would not sell my soul and loyalties to the filthy Jews for ANY amount of money or power.


If the reader wishes to REALLY understand just how evil the Democrat (communist) Party is – the read my well researched paper that follows. This knowledge was NOT Gained from ultra ‘right wing sources’ – but from my ACTUAL REAL TIME EXPEIENCES when I was an active member of that filthy cabal of traitors, perverts and societal scum. Here are a few UNDENIABLE FACTS that should make ANYBODY that even ASSOCIATES with ANY member of this foul rancid group of social degenerates – ashamed!


If ANY intelligent thinking person REALLY analyses this – you will conclude as many patriots and I have. THERE IS NO VALID REASON FOR THIS COUNTRY WITH IT’S TRUE CHRISTIAN HERITAGE AND WITH OUR CHRISTIAN BASED CONSTITUTION AS THE LAW OF THE LAND TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE ‘PARTY”. What for? There should NEVER EVER be any major disagreement with the law of the land – so what is the problem? This current 2 party system has UNQUESTIONABLE failed. Just think about it. Our national rallying cry is what? UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL! Right?


SO – “united” by what? “Divided” by what? The cohesive ‘glue’ that binds our nation together and was intended to do so since day one – IS the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. So – IF – we are ALL — TRULY loyal to the defense of the precepts contained within that sacred document – what is the need for political organizations (Parties) whose agendas are currently not just different – but DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED. The ‘servant’ cannot serve TWO masters – for he will learn to love one and hate the other – CORRECT?


IF we are to be ACTUALLY UNITED as a people – we must ALL be supportive of the spirit of our Constitution – clearly written enough so that an average 7th grade civics student can understand. AND – IF there be ANY honest disparity in these perceptions – one need but read the voluminous letters, briefs, maxims and other dissertations of The Founding Fathers that were so CLEARLY and COMPREHESIVELY written so ALL future generations might gain and share their wisdom. We are now a heartbeat away from total national meltdown and idiots are still able to ONLY discuss tailgate parties and NFL stats.


We have evolved into a nation of mental morons concerned ONLY with what gladiators are fighting in the ‘Circus Maximums’ this weekend. ANY Mayor – governor – Congressman or other elected official who had openly refused to obey the law of the land in these recent disgraceful hearings regarding our INALLIENABLE right to bear arms as CLEARLY MANDATED on the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights should have arrest ed by Federal marshals and tried for high treason against the people of the United States.


The current Demoncrap Party (communist Party) has outlived its usefulness and purpose AND LOYALTY – and has become nothing more than a nest of violent criminals perverts traitors and social degenerates and is a DEADLY liability to the safety and well being of ALL decent law abiding Americans. It must either be IMMEDIATELY be cleansed of these criminal elements or completely disbanded for the immediate safety of the nation. It is nothing more than a nesting place for violent crime and violent criminals. I left it decades ago because I could no longer stand the stench of the membership. One need but look at the level of TREASONOUS MARXIST scum that it’s leadership has spawned.


One of the most timeless classic valid observations of the character of human beings is this: “ The values, character and morality of ANY elected FREELY ELECTED official in society today – is a DIRECT mirror reflection of those of the electorate.” Trash ALWAYS chooses trash for their leadership. That certitude of life was PAINFULLY obvious from the disgustingly putrid conduct of the treasonous black filth participating on the C-SPAN 2nd Amendment hearings this week.


No REAL decent moral American would EVER want to destroy our Constitution – UNLESS we have allowed a major faction of societal scum to permeate the land and wish to destroy the CLEAR LY STATED intent of our Constitution, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. They CLEARLY did NOT approve of homosexual filth – lies – distortions of truth – the murder of children – general welfare for lazy people nor ESPECIALLY the nullification OR OBVIOUS PERVERSION of the Bill of Rights. The people who fought suffered and died for our independence made IT QUITE clear that the ‘moral rudder’ – FOR THE GUIDANCE OF OUR GOVERNMENT – MUST BE BASED ON SOUND TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLE to endure and succeed in its lofty goal.


There are only TWO main categories of people that dispute that TRUTH today. That would be the JEWS and the niggers and of course the uneducated Godless scum of society – the hippies – the biker trash druggies – criminals and similar social detritus. AND of course their haven – the ‘DEMONCRAP’ Party. These creatures are DETRACTORS and have historically contributed NOTHING – ZERO- NADA – ZILCH to the betterment of our Republican society. It was predicted long ago that our downfall would be from WITHIN – and not from ‘barbarians at the gates’. Sadly this has come to pass. The Democrap Party is the QUINTWESSENTIAL example of that rot that has us RACING to the trash heap of history.



(by a former Democrat)


I spent a LONG time as a Democrat and there is not a living man who knows their TRUE EVIL NATURE better than I.

I challenge any person to substantially invalidate ANY of the following facts – and – since I wrote this expose’ – that foul organization has become SUBSTANTIALLY more evil.


FACT: Virtually EVERY homosexual child molesting pervert organization in the US supports the Democrats. (there are literally hundreds of these organizations)


FACT: Virtually every leftist [Marxist, socialist, communist, Maoist] group in the USA supports Democrat ‘values’ – as well as THE Communist Party itself!.


FACT: The Communist Party has officially endorsed Democrat political candidates for decades.


FACT: Virtually every pervert, criminal, drug dealer, porn king, atheist, Marxist, baby murderer and traitor supports the Democrat Party.


FACT: The Democrats booed and humiliated our American Boy Scouts as they carried our nation’s flag at the recent Democrat National Convention.


FACT: Virtually every Communist and homosexual organization in America had a delegate at the recent DNC


FACT: Virtually ALL the homoerotic filth, graphic violence, foul language and mockery of God and Christian principles from Hollywood, is a product of supporters of the Democrat Party


FACT: Destruction of the family unit and tireless mockery of family values and patriotic symbols such as our flag and our National Anthem is a major project of the Democrat Party.


FACT: Al Gore – who would be ‘king’ – was a close friend [as was his pro-Communist Senator father] of America’s most notorious communist traitor and country seller – Armand Hammer


FACT: William Jefferson Clinton is a traitor (by definition), a liar of dazzling proportions, an adulterer, a blasphemer, a coward and a murderer of such large numbers of innocent human beings as to exceed Hitler’s victims by hundreds and hundreds of percent.


FACT: Janet Reno – our Democrat Atty. General, is a notorious sex pervert, child hater and God mocker. This proven deviate signed the death warrants for 69 innocent people shot and burned alive in their own church. Twenty-six of those murder victims were innocent children and infants! Her venomous hatred for Christian principles was legendary -ESPECIALLY HER HATRED FOR CHILDREN – as this sex deviate pervert is childless. Her vicious deportation of a helpless innocent Cuban child BACK to a Marxist hellhole – against his DYING father’s wishes is completely typical of immoral Godless Democrat mentality.


FACT: The Democrat administration committed high treason [trading nuclear secrets for campaign donations] and has endangered the lives of virtually every man woman and child in America. In case you have forgotten – the PLA of the Peoples Republic of China has reminded us that they not only have the ability to destroy us – but the desire to do so as well. These friends of Clinton are the remorseless animals who murdered over 60,000,000 of their own civilian population – and murdered 1,000 students in Tiananmen Square, for their ‘treasonous’ expression to want democracy in their communist hellhole.


FACT: The Democrat VP candidate – the Jew, Joseph Lieberman – was officially ex-communicated from his Synagogue by a formal rabbinical court of elders. Why? Because Lieberman has consistently mocked God and sacred Jewish law – for one reason – approval and support of the murder of millions of innocent children.


FACT: The reason most people don’t know most of these outrages by the Democrat/Marxists is because the news media in America is now controlled almost 100% by Democrat /Marxists/Jews. This fact has been PROVEN a hundred times over – again and again. These vital damning absolutely true facts will never be seen in any major newspaper. Democrats hate the truth.


FACT: The Marxist/Democrats have worked tirelessly to divide this country by creating class envy and encouraging welfare for the lazy and violent minorities that support the handout welfare mentality of their Marxist/Democrat Party. This technique is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what the Russian street trash under Lenin was encouraged to believe and therefore revolt against anyone who had worked for and earned more than they did. It in fact did succeed in 1917 and continued to grow like a cancer, killing all in the way, subverting entire countries to slavery with the aid of traitors like Gore’s friend Armand Hammer. Check ANY reputable history book.


FACT: Some 53 members of our Congress – ALL DEMOCRATS! – are card carrying Marxists/Socialists. This is classic as you can get for an act of treason! Any one who has a computer and can access the Web can see this.


FACT: There were 45 Communist goals that appeared in our congressional records (Jan10-1963). Today, all but 2 or possibly 3 of those subversive goals have been accomplished. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TREASONOUS aims was by and large, legislated, supported, endorsed and made possible by the Democrat Party. I will personally award $100 to anyone who can accurately disprove my statement!


FACT: One of those 45 treasonous goals to destroy America (#15) was: “To capture one or both of the political parties in the US”. Just in case any reader really still thinks that all this is coincidence!


FACT: The ACLU is in fact the ‘legal arm of the Communist Party. Their goal has been and still is – victory of Communism in America [as stated by it’s founder- Roger Baldwin] – is always supportive of the leftist Democrat Party.


FACT: Destruction of our Constitution has been a long time goal of Democratic administrations. The Marxist country seller, Clinton (literally) – has stated he wants to “re-invent” our Constitution. Confiscation of private firearms has been the historical prelude to virtually EVERY SINGLE instance of a free people being enslaved. Russia, Germany, Cuba and China are but a few victims. Yet – the Democrats work tirelessly to put decent law abiding Americans (that is over 98% of us) in that same mortal danger.


FACT: Only the Democrats have had a House Speaker that OPENLY supported Marxist terrorist organizations. Actually – not just one – but TWO! (Tip O’Neil and Jim Wright)


FACT: According to the liberal Newsweek – and US News & World Report – Democrats were found to be far less moral than their Republican counterparts on issues of traditional family values and ethics. (Can you imagine any better reason not to associate with a Democrat?)


FACT: Four other major late 60’s Communist goals of the CPUSA were achieved in the late sixties by Democrat legislators


FACT: In 1987, four more of the Communist Party’s major goals were accomplished by aid from Democrat legislators! [stop SDI – stop all nuclear testing – stop aid to anti-Communist freedom fighters in Nicaragua – and ratify ‘SALT II’ treaty with the USSR]


FACT: In the 80’s, the Chairman of the Communist Party here announced for the first time in decades that the Communists would not run their own candidate for President. Reason? Simply because of the similar agenda of the Democrat Party. (more details listed later) Since that time, the Communist Party has not only run no candidate of their own – but has vigorously thrown their weight behind the Democrat Presidential candidate! Talk about TREASON!


FACT: The Democrat Party is home to several PRACTICING homosexual perverts – Members of Congress!


FACT: Their hatred of God and Christian values is so strong that the Democrats have initiated EVERY legislation to force Christian Americans to pay for the murder of innocent children. [Check the voting records of the past dozen ‘Congresses’]


FACT: A Democrat President is the only one in our once proud history to have demonstrated AND organized a Marxist demonstration for the DEFEAT of Americans in battle. Clinton HIMSELF called for the defeat of the servicemen of the United States – but after all – remember his comment: ” I loathe the military”. REMEMBER – DEMOCRATS ELECTED this reprobate!


FACT: The IPS (Institute for Policy Studies – America’s most powerful think tank) sends advisors ONLY to Democrat legislators.


FACT: Democrat legislators are the only open supporters of homosexual pervert ‘rights’ [read; the ‘right’ to seduce our innocent children and promote their filthy lifestyle to our youth]


FACT: Democrats ALWAYS side with the Marxists in ‘revolutions’


FACT: DEMOCRATS are ALWAYS the ones to mock and criminalize traditional family values.


FACT: The appointed Democrat Cabinet is predictably almost always comprised of Marxists, homosexuals, lesbians and atheists.


FACT: Democrats OPENLY support – and are OPENLY supported by Hollywood trash.


FACT: ALL leftist, foul-mouthed, lesbian, homo radio/TV personalities are Democrats.


FACT: MOST ALL Democrat sponsored ‘think tanks’ and ‘foundations’ are leftist.


FACT: Democrat legislators have taxed the American middle class almost out of existence.


FACT: Democrats strongly support the anti-God filth of the Marxist dominated NEA. They have controlled our public education system with their anti-God – anti-Christian – anti-family values – anti Constitution amoral decadence for almost four decades. An ENTIRE generation of America’s youth – or possibly two – have for the most part, been ‘dumbed down’ – violent – disrespectful – druggies – leftist revisionist indoctrinated and taught to hate everything that our forefathers held sacred. These ‘academically challenged’ morons will never be productive decent citizens.


FACT: Democrats are responsible for making God and His law illegal in our schools and other public places.


FACT: Democrats appointed ACLU MARXIST Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court where she is empowered to mock Christianity, enforce the seduction of our children and destroy our Constitutional rights


FACT: Democrats have appointed the enemies of all that is decent and good in America as powerful cabinet heads. Carol Browner – brutal Marxist EPA ‘landgrabber’ head. Madeline Albright – leftist UN ambassador. Donna Shalala – Head of HHS with her Nazi style openly anti-Christian policies. Council of Economics advisor, Stalinist Laura Tyson. Just to name a few


FACT: Democrats control the anti-God, anti-Constitution, pro-homosexual/lesbian perverts NEA. If you want to read something to really make you sick – take a look at a few issues of the NEA’s leftist ‘Goals 200’


FACT: Democrats refuse to prosecute the criminal – Hillary Clinton for crimes too numerous to mention. Among them is support for Congressionally identified terrorist groups. Direct violation of HB 1710 (S.390) Jan 1995. Title 3- section 301 – subsection ‘D’ paragraph ‘2’


FACT: Democrats are so sadistic and cruel that they have legislated recent laws to prevent parents from leaving what they have worked for their whole lives to their children after their death.


FACT: Democrats are SO SIMILAR in their treasonous goals to the objectives of the Communist Party ( the over-throw of our Constitution by any means) – that Party HEAD Avro Kusta Halberg, (AKA-Gus Hall), when asked by the national press as to why the Communists declined to run candidates for President/VP for the first time in decades – answered with this chilling and sobering statement: ” Since the goals of the Democratic party are now so progressive, we feel that for us to field a candidate would be redundant”. [“progressive” is a Marxist ‘buzzword’ indicating being in accord and conformity with Communist objectives and ideology]

Democrats are so close in their goals and beliefs to the Communists that the last dying wish of the Chairman of the Communist Party (CPUSA) was that the Democrats defeat the Republicans in this past critical Presidential struggle. It should be noted that this treasonous reprobate admirer of ‘Comrade Klinton’, – ‘Secretary General’ Hall was in fact a convicted felon – a treasonous criminal – having spent 8 years in federal prison for high treason and sabotage. Many Democrat Congressmen OPENLY mourned his passing.


FACT: Finally – the Democrats are ‘world class’ murderers! The accurate definition of murder is to take an innocent human life with malice and forethought. ABORTION IS LEGALIZED MURDER BY DEFINITION – PERIOD! To put the evil of these monsters in understandable perspective – consider these facts: In the war of independence, there were 2,500 Americans killed. In our civil war, there were 498,000 Americans killed. In WWI, 116,000 Americans lost their lives. In WWII, 407,000 of our countrymen were killed. In Korea, we lost 54,000 sons. In Vietnam, There was a loss of life that was over 58,000 souls. All together, a total of a little more than 1.1 million Americans were killed. That is a total death count for ALL major wars in the USA since our birth over 225 years ago!

In the Democrat/ACLU sponsored ‘War Against Children’ since 1973 – there have been over THIRTY EIGHT MILLION AMERICAN BABIES MURDERED! At LEAST 15,000,000 (FIFTEEN MILLION) of these cold-blooded pre-meditated murders was authorized and approved by our very own ‘coward-in chief’ William Jefferson Clinton – truly a world-class murderer. Historically this American butcher outranks Hitler’s deeds by over ONE THOUSAND PERCENT – and is close to the horrific record by Mao and Stalin. The enormity of the horror and mass murders committed by the Marxist Democrats in this country has seldom been paralleled in history.


This list could go on and on almost endlessly, but essentially – [Hypocrites don’t count] Democrats DO NOT TRULY believe

in God – they do not believe in Family values – they do not believe in a wholesome atmosphere for our children – they do

not believe in the sanctity of human life – they do not believe in self-determination and responsibility for one’s own

actions – they do not believe in a strong military to defend the country – they do not believe in the validity of our

Constitution – They do not hold any value for integrity, truth or honesty – They do not believe there are any moral

absolutes – they do not believe in American culture and tradition – they do not believe in patriotism and most every other

principle which decent Americans have honored since our country was founded — OR they wouldn’t be so loyally supporting

the kind of filth that was so typified by the Klintonista administration.


Democrats DO believe in promoting homosexual perversions – and they do

believe that the Holy Bible is a fairy tale. They Do believe that the Ten

Commandments are at best ‘The Ten Suggestions’ – They do believe that

character or integrity is archaic idealism – They do believe that “CHARACTER

DOESN’T COUNT” – as nationally televised at their last national convention.

They do believe that our Constitution is vague, ambiguous, outdated and

invalid – they do believe that the ‘end justifies the means’ – they do

believe that ‘it’s OK if you don’t get caught’ – They do believe in a big

government that suckles them from cradle to grave – they do believe that the

people are here to serve the government, and not visa versa.


Additionally, they do believe that frogs, tadpoles and owls etc. are more valuable than

human life – they do believe that our Boy Scouts are bigoted because they

will not accept the ungodly nasty, filthy conduct of homosexual perverts in

their ranks – they do believe that honesty, reverence, respect and humility

are signs of weakness – they do believe that society has a RIGHT to murder

their own children BUT that to take the life of a cold-blooded murderer is



Not surprisingly – they do believe that they have a ‘RIGHT’ to a nice home (at

some working person’s expense) – a ‘RIGHT’ to take money they haven’t

earned – a RIGHT to have preferential treatment if black, Hispanic or

homosexual – they do believe that Communism [AKA Socialism] is an

acceptable alternative for Americans – they do believe that they have a

‘RIGHT’ to steal a man’s income to use for grossly immoral purposes –

regardless of how offensive it is to Christians


I know I haven’t covered it all – but you get the idea. This past election was essentially about the triumph of good or evil. I have lived for 64 years and traveled extensively and I have not encountered a more patently amoral, evil reprobate group of people than the ‘millennium’ Democrats. Now I understand why God finally lost patience with the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Justice Bork suggested – a few years ago – that we were ” Slouching Towards Gomorrah”.


Not quite true. We ARE the ‘new’ Gomorrah , and the Democrats are the principle reason!

JOE CORTINA – American by birth – PATRIOT by CHOICE


NOTE: As I mentioned at the beginning – I wrote this above document seven years ago – before the Jews had completely captured BOTH principle political parties – and I naively believed that Republican leadership at the ‘helm’ – would steer us back on path to morality and Godliness. I was wrong! The Communists predictably captured the Democrap Party decades ago and the more recent fatal ‘coup-de–gras’ was given by the Jew in his better known 2 faced identity as the ‘NEOCON’in the now dead and slavishly IsraHELL loyal Republican Party.


Our entire political apparatus is SO infected with this cancer that it is beyond repair. We must either begin to place more values on saving our nation’s bleak future than on NFL tailgate parties – or be relegated to end up in the trash heap of history – as EVERY Other great power that based it’s existence on violence, evil and greedy secular self indulgence- a nation BASED upon lies upon lies.


I implore you who have read these truths – to take whatever action necessary to save our Republic. If you consider yourself a decent person and are STILL in the Democrat Party – GET THE HELL OUT IMMEDIATELY! Devote your energies to exposing them. If you are STILL a member of the now 100% Jew controlled faux- Republican Party – get the hell out IMMEDIATELY! Likewise use your energies to expose them as well.



  1. Unfortunately I have to agree with what you are saying. I had hoped that this country would start to wise up to the real evil within but it hasn’t and looks to get worse. The youth are being brainwashed with propoganda and therein lies a large part of the problem. They are being indoctrinated into Communism. We needn’t worry about terrorists invading the United States, we already have our own home grown terrorists right here.

  2. It may take another 20 years but the Jews are finished.After saving them from the Germans this is how they repay us. We made a terrible mistake 60 years ago and now we are paying for it dearly. This is certainly all their doing and they will recieve justice from their own law. Eye for eye tooth for tooth SOUL FOR SOUL

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