What a disgraceful embarrassing situation! Russian President Vladimir Putin is DEFENDING CHRISTIANITY in HIS OWN COUNTRY – AND that defense is SUPPORTED BY THE post communist RUSSIANS who were HISTORICALLY CHRISTIAN until filthy American Jew bankers like Jacob Schiff financed their ‘god’ of COMMINISM and MURDERED MILLIONS OF Russian Christians in cold blood and took over the country! Among the victims of these murdering Godless Jews were members of my own family by marriage. When have you EVER witnessed an American President OPENLY PROCALIM to our people that his allegiances are NOT to IsraHELL – (a MORTAL ENEMY that has slaughtered hundreds of American sons in cold blood in an UNPROVOKED act of WAR) – BUT TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

BUT HERE in this screwed-up up sick morally rotted corpse of a nation of Jew incited homos porn peddlers and dollar worshipers – traitors – country sellers – mass murderers /war criminals like ‘Bush-Stein’ and other hypocrites – one can scarcely find ANY evidence of the ORIGINAL WISHES and HOPES OF OUR OWN FOUNDING FATHERS. Check this out. This came from the Website of a Jew whose conscience could no longer tolerate the putrid filth and hatred of Christ that he was taught by his rabbis – and so converted to Christianity. May he be blessed and protected by the God of our fathers. He is Brother Nathanael Kapner, and is a learned and courageous scholar, historian and exposer of lies and fountain of knowledge of TRUTH! You would do well to learn from a visit to his ‘site’ Real Jew News


A MOSCOW TRIAL WAS HELD AGAINST two Russian Jews, Yuri Samodurov and Anna Mikhalchuk on March 4 2007. Both were found guilty of “insulting the religion of Russia.”

Samodurov, Manager of the Sakharov Art Center in Moscow, and Mikhalchuk, the artist of the Center’s exhibition, “Beware Religion,” attempted to defend the exhibit’s depiction of Jesus Christ promoting Coca Cola and an Orthodox Christian priest presented in a ridiculing manner.

(MY COMMENT) One must remember – the Jews are MASTERS of ridicule of ANYTHING Christian – MOST ESPECIALLY family values. I could submit HUNDREDS of valid examples. One of COUNTLESS examples in OUR SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN NATION – is the Godless Jew dominated AT&T and their adds that OPENLY AND CRUELLY mock a father’s understandable concern for his young daughters innocence (Jew mocking of traditional American Christian family values) – and we have ALL witnessed that disgrace a hundred times each – BUT who among you have even bothered to challenge this outrage against our core values?!

Orthodox Christian zealots protested the Christ-mocking exhibit and justifiably defaced the mocking depictions of Jesus Christ and the Orthodox priest. Samodurov and Mikhalchuk called the police and charged the zealots with “vandalism.”

But it all turned against these vile Jewish mockers of Jesus Christ. For the Moscow Court found them *guilty* of “insulting the faith of Russia.” They were both then fined $3,500 each. The judge told the profaners that they were fortunate not to have been given a two-year sentence as well.

BRAVO for the Russians today – at least they are willing to ‘defend the faith’. There is NO Commandment that says ‘Thou shalt support blasphemy of the Lord’

Can you just imagine that filthy maggot (Andres Serrano) that created his blasphemous and obscene ‘piss Christ’ – where an image of our Lord in dunked into a jar of the blasphemers urine? ONLY in THIS country would Jew incited NEA lawyers and judges rush to defend the putrid scum who would commit such an unspeakable act AND the NEA would WIN the case for the mockery of God. I would take a REAL man like Putin over the disgraceful spineless Jew worshipping scum we have chosen IN A HEARTBEAT! AT least he is NOT A TRAITOR to HIS OWN COUNTRY – AND a shameless MOCKER of Christ like our Jew ass-kissing Zionist ‘shabbus Goy’ puppet President!

VLADIMIR PUTIN WAS RECENTLY ASKED to comment here on a chapel being built in the Moscow City Court and the Office Of The Prosecutor General. Putin replied in a clever manner, “Of course we have separation of State and Church in Russia. But in the people’s soul – they are together.”

In August of 2007, a group of Russian Jewish scientists Here and Here (Scroll Down To 2nd Article) protested to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the “Foundations of Orthodox Christian Culture” should not be taught in Russia’s public schools.

Vladimir Putin responded to the scientists shortly afterwards in a public address in the Kremlin to Russian Orthodox priests Here saying, “Orthodoxy has always had a special role in shaping our statehood, our culture, our morals.”

Bravo to Vladimir Putin! Russian Public schools indeed continue to offer Orthodox Christian classes Here to the youth, which include “church chores” in the curriculum. And when the Jewish scientists confronted Putin on the Christian classes he would not give an inch!

But what do we have in America? Videos promoting homosexuality and lesbianism to public school children! And a President lighting Hanukah Menorahs! Never will you ever see Vladimir Putin even near a Hanukah Menorah!

Here are more interesting facts- courtesy of Brother Nathanael’s site – about President Putin and his Christian background that you WILL NOT SEE ON THE ‘JEW TUBE’ – seeing that virtually ALL Zionist ‘Jew AmeriKan filtered news’ is what you will get today.

THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years. Yet the Zionist controlled media had nothing but praise for Boris Yeltsin who misgoverned Russia and appointed Jewish oligarchs and their Harvard Jewish friends as his “economic advisors” who looted Russia under the cover of the so called “privatizing” of Russia’s industries.

Upon Putin’s ascendancy to the presidency of Russia, Time Magazine acknowledged that Putin was secretly baptized by his mother into the Russian Orthodox faith when he was born in 1952. But even Putin’s own admission to being baptized during Russia’s Soviet era was glossed over by Time Magazine.

Instead of applauding Putin for his open Christian confession, the Jewish owned Time Magazine, (the Bronfman family owns the Time-Warner conglomerate), smeared Putin as a “colorless, ordinary man with prying eyes and expressionless face, a KGB spy who built his career on being a nonentity.”

But Putin’s “nonentity” status has gone by the wayside. Today, Vladimir Putin stands tall as a giant – not only on the world’s political and economic scene, but in the spiritual realm as well. In his own words during an Easter Service at Christ The Savior Cathedral on April 27 2008, Putin assured the Russian people saying:

— “The state will continue to provide all possible support to the Church aimed at the enlightenment and moral education of Russian citizens. “This holiday shows just how important national traditions and spiritual values are for”

MY COMMENT: Well – of COURSE the Zionist Jews are going to bash President Putin – the Jews hate Christ – The Jews hate Christians (I witnessed this raw hatred in IsraHell) – so what do you expect a Jew owned rag is going to say? The Jews of course, have their ‘job’ (to discredit – bash – smear – hate – pervert – lie about – legislate against – infiltrate – destroy AND of course ultimately MURDER anyone Christian and anything Christian) — and I have MY ‘job’ – (to EXPOSE their filthy hatred – lies – treason –cunning – treachery- duplicity – double/speak – and Zionist agendas of domination of our country)

Everything they touch that is innocent – pure – defenseless – Godly – wholesome – noble – compassionate – idealistic – and TRUE traditional family values – they turn into a rotted putrid filthy nasty vile obscene corpse – devoid of ANY goodness. THIS is why they have NEVER EVER been welcome in the company of decent men – EVER –in ANY society – for all time. THIS THEN IS WHAY THE LORD CALLED THEN THE SONS OF THE DEVIL.



IF the TRUTHS that you have read and learned here today disturb you – then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Challenge the filth that is strangling our nation with lies corruption and more lies. STOP this culture of death that these horrid people have imposed upon us. DEMAND good Godly decent honest truthful dedicated AND WISE leadership. SHOW your displeasure with the foul lying treasonous ignorant imposters posing as heirs to the legacy of this country. This is NO LONGER YOUR COUNTRY. It has been hijacked by the most sophisticated ‘terrorists’ money can buy. John McCain and Barack Obama.

For the sake of GOD – WAKE UP PEOPLE! OBAMA is not just a ‘liberal’ – HE IS A FULL FLEDGED MARXIST IDEOLOGUE – a Godless sadistic animal who has STATED IN PUBLIC that he would ENFORCE A LAW TO kill a helpless human baby that survived an abortion. EVEN most animals will protect their young with their lives! This is not a man – he is 100% PURE CONCENTRATED EVIL!

Even you Democrats cannot all be such Godless monsters as to support that kind of demonic sadistic monster! McCain is not much better – a liar –adulterer – a loose cannon who cannot control his temper – war monger who would commit ENDLESS murders of civilians and lead us into final destruction as a nation – AND THEY BOTH WORSHIP THE CHRISTIAN HATING CREATURE YOU SAW IN THE ABOVE VIDEO!


Joe Cortina


  1. Joe:

    Believe it or not, most US citizens wish deeply in their hearts to be Jews! That is how corrupt the rotting corpse of a country the US has become. Even my own siblings, who were raised Catholic, have no time or interest for worshipping the Infinite Creator. Atheism is the vogue in the US today.

    All of this crap about americans being against the war is just that too. The republican and democratic parties gave them honest and courageous candidates, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, who were totally against the war and openly spoke of immediate withdrawal, yet they were mostly ignored by the US voters. Americans know and fully support the genocidal murder and theft of foreign countries.

    If someone is capable of murder and theft, then what other crimes are there that they will not commit? That is why the US has become a pit filled with fat, lazy, stupid garbage that would f$*k farm animals if given the chance. Thie modern day version of Rome will soon be experiencing massive rapture caused by large quantities of neutrons and gamma rays.


  2. I agree fully with your sentiments. Time to get the Jews out of gov. It is most definitely a conflict of interest to the constitution and our country. The Israeli/Jew/Zionist agenda and actions run far and deep controlling, distorting, brainwashing, murdering, stealing – you name it. HIstory. They are not the victims. They are the villans. That is not racist. They are the racists. Truth and uncovering corruption, agenda, and the party involved is not prejudice. Anti-semite is a tactic of theirs as is the Holocaust Lie, proven with many facts…including gas chambers not real in Canadian court of Law. Hitler was a hero. He gutted the Jews out German government, because they were controlling it. The Jews boycotted Germany first. The Jews started their own war. Eisenhower tortured, starved and murdered over 1 million German P.O.W.’s. The only truth the Holocaust story is that they steal truth for their fable in the Holocausts they have committed throughout history, including 100 million Christian slaughter. Their Talmund is Anti-Christ. This is the main book Talmudic Jews follow, which is the majority of those who, according to Revelations, “call themselves Jews and are not Jews, but are of the Synogogue of Satan”. Wake up Christians. Take a stand. The Jews have also infiltrated the Christian Churches brainwashing you into thinking it is your duty to support Israel. Jesus eshewed the money-changers and those who made the Word of God of none effect – The Talmud. Wake up Christians. Do you know what the Jews are taught in their Synogogue of Satan? That the goyim, the non-jew is there to serve the jew, to murder, takeover, steal. It says Mary was a harlot and Jesus a bastard and that he is frying in excrement eternally. Yes. That is what they teach. And, a Jew will not answer to this if you ask, because they are also taught and encouraged to lie and circumvent the questions of the Jew. Brother Nathanel referred to above has great information for you to expose yourself on what Israel/Zionist agenda is really about. Now a Christian, he can give you the rare perspective and experience of a Jew that has lived it and will tell you how Jews think, what they are taught, besides exposing the corruption. The Jews are the top of the New World order. So, if you are feeding right into democrat or neocon you are playing right into thier hands. They own both parties and both are forwardigng the agenda for a New World Order. Hitler also took back the banking system from the Jews. ..Ie. The Fed Reserve/Central Banking system of the world. You have been lied to. Hitler was a hero. Many countries were behind him. And, not only were they fighting the Jews in their country but for the world stopping the Communist Jews from spreading their agenda. The Jews were the commies. Unless you want that at home or for the world, you might consider re-evaluating what you think as fact. And, like this gentleman on this site and Real Jew News, be a voice to spread the real story, to stop the corruption and get the Jews out of control. You are a Christian? Stop voting for Jew agenda.

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