“NO SERVANT CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS”–So why do our leaders worship the Jews while pretending loyalty to America?

When I have warned and warned Americans about the stranglehold the Jews have on our country I keep hearing naive uneducated people saying the same thing over and over again. “ Why – it can’t be possible for such a small minority to control an entire nation – after all, they are only about 2 % of our entire population”. While that statement is accurate in part – that there are only a relatively small number of Jews in America – we still don’t get it. There are only TWO matters that allow the Jew to dominate us like cattle – or “ Goy” – as they condescendingly refer to ALL non Jews and us.


They refer to the Arab people (who are incidentally the only TRULY PROVEN SEMITIC people whose ancestral genealogy may be accurately traced to Biblical times) as “cockroaches”. Perhaps we should be grateful that we are at least considered as dumb animals by the Jew and not insects/vermin – YET!


And of course these Jews still harbor an ingrained hatred – ESPECIALLY of Christians and Christ. In their most holy book – the Talmud – or Lord is referred to as a “bastard” (an illegitimate son) and His blessed mother as a “whore”(who was sleeping around and bore her illegitimate son Jesus). I have witnessed this blasphemous hatred first hand in IsraHell. Their Loathing for Christ is so outspoken that they make no effort to disguise it as long as they have no reason to believe any ‘outsiders’ are observing. Click on the typical hateful Jew example below where it says: “Discuss this story in the forum”. These unconscionable rages of Jew hatred for ANYTHING Christian were commonplace and VERY typical in IsraHELL


Jew Settlers Curse Christ

Video From The Zionist Occupation


The first weapon they wield is their endless whining about the so-called ‘Holocaust’- which of course has been discredited as more of a ‘HOLLOWHOAX’. These Jews have been playing the ‘persecuted person’ card since the end of WWII and have turned it into quite a profitable business – which is all it is. In reality – a VERY PROFITABLE business – and of course the Jew is an expert at bu$ine$$ as most of us have painfully learned in life.


I have personally investigated the largest WWII German prison and discovered an incredible cover-up of lies and deception – gigantic mendacities that prevail even today! Without the incessant whining about the ‘hollowhoax’, the Jew would be where he should be – powerless and hiding his eternally shameful conduct from the wrath of hard working decent Americans.


It is WELL DOCUMENTED that the Jew has murdered some TWENTY MILLION innocent civilians in the former USSR – mostly Christians whom they hate and actually enjoyed murdering. This then was the REAL HOLOCAUST – to which there are no ‘museums’ – no ‘shrines’ – no ‘memorials’ – no ‘libraries’ erected in memory those INNOCENT souls who were slaughtered by JEWS – NOT for any reprehensible criminal conduct – sexual perversions and immoral lifestyles – as were the Jews in Germany and other European nations – but save for their loyal following of the teachings of Jesus.


I would like to share some interesting AND DISTURBING well established facts surrounding the Jew problem.


Jews comprise 50 % of US billionaires. In other words – the ‘American’ Jew OWNS more than HALF the entire monetary wealth of this country


Of Vanity Fair’s top 100 most influential powerful Americans – at least 51 are Jews. These Jews control virtually ALL of our entertainment including EVERY THING that your children are influenced by via the ‘Jew tube’. They learn for instance that we humans are nothing more than ‘smart animals’ – having evolved from primordial ooze as one celled creatures billions of years ago. We are also taught by the Godless Jew that our nearest ‘relatives’ were apes and that at best – Holy Scripture is mostly if not all “fairy tales”.


We are taught that these Jews that murdering babies – promote homosexual perversions including pedophilia and that morality is whatever makes us “feel good about ourselves” at the time, is normal and mainstream. In other words we humans have evolved into ‘gods’ – and of course the biggest lie and blasphemy is that we ‘goy/cattle’ must worship the Jew and his perverted secular ‘religion’ because the inherently arrogant Jew has elevated himself to the level of gods – and we are nothing more than filthy animals placed on earth to serve the ‘self-chosen’.


Another interesting fact is that the Jew has effectively twice the ‘voting power’ of other ethnic groups simply because the Jew votes more than two times more that other ethnic descents. In other words their voting power is effectively a little more effective than that of –say the ethnic American Poles – which are more numerous. (There are about 6 million Jews and about 10 million Poles)


This is one case that we must give the ‘Devil his due’ – since quite literally- Jesus called them the sons of the devil in the book of John in the NT. This fact does NOT speak well for American non-Jews (gentiles), and indicates that in this respect we are irresponsible, indifferent and lazy. This is NOT To say that it is a litmus test for the patriotism of the Jew, as Jews by nature must be the most unpatriotic ethnicity in the entire land! The Jew conscientiously votes as a body for the sole purpose of making legislation that is to the detriment of ALL Godly morality in this land. Virtually ALL major movements to destroy or pervert and or ignore our Christian based Constitution are Jew sponsored – organized – legislated and financed! That ugly fact is ALL too clear in our current Jew dominated America.


There is Obama – YO Mama, showing his TRUE Marxist/Zionist One-World allegiances and his mockery of his supposed Christian heritage


And of course our WAR CRIMINAL – mass murderer alcoholic drugged out moral coward-in- Chief, showing his TRUE colors of treason to America and all we once stood for. Talk about SCUM!

In case you didn’t notice – that’s Joe the Jew LIEberman, like a ‘GOLEM’ – pulling the strings on his disgusting ‘goy’ puppet ‘McCainSTEIN’. So where is your allegiance to OUR COUNTRY, Senator? You know – the sacred oath you took on the Holy Bible – to defend OUR Constitution and NOT THE TALMUD – OR IsraHELL’s “sons of the Devil”


To prove that the Jew ‘pulls the strings’ at the highest levels of our government – one need but observe the number of influential American leaders – many current and past Presidents as well as Presidential candidates who have literally abased and prostrated themselves by groveling at the feet of the Jews in IsraHELL – our MORTAL ENEMY and the ONLY country on earth to have committed a bold murderous act of war against the United States in almost SEVENTY YEARS! This is a country that has mocked and cruelly blasphemed the ‘God of our Fathers’ and the religious beliefs of our Founding Fathers. – Jesus of Nazareth and His religion is called CHRISTIANITY!


A good question would be to ask McCain and Obama and every other Presidential candidate in modern times including Clinton why they did not court the Scottish, French, Italian and English and Irish and German vote in their respective countries and pay them the same Kowtowing boot licking homage that was shown the Jews in IsraHELL. It might be well to remember that ‘THEIR GOD’ and THEIR holy books are IDENTICAL to ours in that they are ALL CHRISTIAN NATIONS – and ONLY IsraHELL is NOT! What a monstrous hypocrisy!


Logic would dictate that if there were NO subterfuge – pressures – intimidation – threats – blackmail- boycotts and other such fears – there would be no reason to court the favors of these foreign powers anyway – as they are not under the governance of the USA.


HOWEVER – IF the truth were that the Jew almost thoroughly controlled our Judiciary – or press – our entertainment – our educational system – our Congress – our military – our national financial assets and our President himself – it would seem more logical. I mean – actually since ALL of the aforementioned situations are ACTUAL and not hypothetical or even presumptuous then ONLY the visits to ‘Jew World’ to grovel at their feet – would make sense – since they run our country anyway and decide who will win what when and where. That ugly fact would explain their treasonous AND cowardly conduct.


Can you find ONE seated President during the period that the Jews stole that land from its rightful owners – that stood up to the demands and outrages and crimes committed by the ‘self-chosen’ imposters. The answer is simple – NONE – ALL were moral cowards – sadly to say – even President Reagan! Former President Carter – to my surprise – was the only man to posses the courage and integrity to finally speak the truth, even if late in the game – and it has cost him dearly.


Here are some demographics on ethnic percentages in the USA based on the 2000 census


SO – if the IsraHELL Jews DO NOT have us by the ‘balls’ – why are virtually ALL AMERICAN self-proclaimed Christian leaders stumbling over on another to shamelessly kiss their ass at EVERY opportunity?











EVERYTHING I HAVE STATED IS TRUE! Check it out for yourself – then ask yourself this one question. Do I really LOVE America enough (that is called patriotism and it is ‘walking the walk’ 24/7 and NOT some bumper sticker) to stand up and be counted as one who wants my country back with the freedoms and goodness we remembered as children. IF – your answer is YES – then say it LOUD AND CLEAR – FOR ALL THE WORLD TO HEAR!




The ANSWER to the ‘title’ of the article is more than a rhetorical question. It is clearly a CHOICE and a mandate from God if we are to ever regain favor in His Eyes :


Stand up to these “sons of the Devil” like REAL MEN OF GOD, moral leaders and role models to our children – OR – sell your souls to the Devil and become the useful idiots of the Jew and earn yourself power fame glory and wealth here on earth – and a place in hell for all eternity.


Return America to its greatness and rid us of these evil creatures – NOW!


Joe Cortina

One thought on ““NO SERVANT CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS”–So why do our leaders worship the Jews while pretending loyalty to America?

  1. Please Jesus hear my voice, because i know your the only son of god who’s loving and caring about us Jesus, The world has to wake up and realise what the fuck is going on,listen to the music carefully to what the artist are saying please dont just dance to it, at least be aware, jesus help us, name of the father, son holy spirit amen!! Permannent death to evil! amen thats my wish stop evil NOW!

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