Occasionally even the Self-chosen’ Ashkenazi European Jews (pronounced ; Ask – a NAZI) step on their own foreskins (If they had them) I found this little gem of the ultimate hypocrisy on a Jew website – one of those — hate-Christian – “we will murder Christ over again if we could ” – “we are the superior people of the universe,” – “Oh vey’, ve are so persecuted”, mentality sites.


This one is just too good to be true (see ‘HISTORY ‘ inset below). Lets see now – here are the facts: A REAL ‘HOLOCAUST’ is still going on today in Palestine. The Jew has OPENLY stated MANY Times that his aim is the eradication of These Christian/Arab people. People who have tilled THEIR RIGHTFUL land for MILLENNIA until it was quite literally stolen by violence and force by the ‘Ask – A NAZI’ Jews that hold them prisoners in a giant concentration camp.


If you remember only ONE fact about the situation – REMEMBER THIS: The Jews STOLE the land from the Arabs. The JEWS have murdered raped destroyed and humiliated, tortured , starved and decimated a country that has been inhabited by a people (Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs) for OVER a THOUSAND YEARS longer that the ENTIRE HISTORY of the existence of the United States. The Jew is a MASTER of victimizing his victims. Blaming the Palestinians for defending their wives children land and traditions is the same moron mentality of blaming colonial Americans for resisting the British rule and occupation of their land and calling the colonials THE TERRORISTS for defending THEIR OWN HOMES and families against a super-power invading force. Dignitaries all over the world – even some in IsraHELL – have made the obvious analogy to the Jews having been held in camps by the German NAZIs.


So to answer the question – I would say yes. The point is – would this punishment of the Jewish people for ruining the already suffering German nation with their traditional immoral money grubing parasite mentality not have happened? It was my understanding from Germans I have known who suffered at the hands of the Jew during their great depression – would have defended their families and their country form the moral and economic rot perpetrated by the Jews regardless. At least they made an effort to SAVE THEIR OWN COUNTRY from economic and moral chaos – which is more than I can say for my own fellow countrymen and our spineless treasonous administration. Treasonous – YOU BET! Our lunatic President and most of our Congress are no more than master criminals – virtually ALL having mocked their sacred oaths to uphold and defend our Constitution.


Aside form a handful of DECENT GODLY men like Ron Paul – an ANY reader HONESTLY give me a substantial list of lawmakers that HAVE NOT TRASHED OUR CONSTTUTION – an act that is ‘per se’ treason!? That this international genocide would have NEVER happened IF – the stolen criminal Marxist/Zionist State of IsraHELL was “AROUND”.is the presumption that the German people were as apathetically spineless as today’s Americans – willing to watch silently as their OWN country hemorrhaged to death – morally and economically before their very eyes – at the hands of the Jews. That is – of course the question posed by the Jews themselves – keeping in mind of course that the Jews have become the perpetrators of the commission of a ‘ HOLOCAUST’ – by THEIR VERY OWN ‘ Jewish encyclopedia’ DEFINITION.


As much as I hate to admit it – the truth be known – the Jews have gotten away with anything they want – sometime literally MURDER – as in the case of their slaughter of the crew of our own sons fathers and brothers aboard the USS LIBERTY. There is NO doubt in my mind WHATSOEVER that if the Jews murdered American citizens in cold blood – they would not be challenged by American justice.


The USS Liberty proved once and for all that no matter how BRUTAL and HOW BLOODY and how MANY Americans are murdered by the Jews – and I quote then President Johnson: “We must NOT embarrass our allies”. This coward’s treasonous statement was also an order for our aircraft carriers to stand down and NOT come to the assistance of wounded and dying American sailors that were DYING EVEN AS THAT TREASONOUS decision was made to sell out America to the Jews.


HERE IS THE REALITY OF WHAT WE HAVE BECOME AS A NATION. IF the Jew wants us to murder and destroy an entire nation based on a trivial lies – well jump to the Jew command and murder hundreds of thousand of totally innocent man women and civilian children – and of course have tens of thousands of our own sons killed and maimed for the Jew in the process – we will gladly unhesitatingly oblige the Jews as our masters.


NOW on the other hand – if the JEWS murder OUR OWN people we will just turn our heads away and of course blame our own finest sons for having the audacity to irritate the Jew. We will then force these victims and their families and friends to live is disgrace and anonymity and under the threat of prison should the victims ever be so bold as to speak out the truth of the murder of their shipmates. IF ANY think that I have exaggerated the essence of the truth of this disgraceful disaster – I encourage you to contact the survivors of that slaughter and ask then just how THEY feel about being cast as the bad guys in permanent disgrace and eternal dishonor.





BTW – in reference to the opening paragraph — To a Jew, the Germans = NAZIs? . Ashkenazi Jews = Ask – a- NAZIs Just syntax coincidence of course.


MY hearty thanks to Rabbi Greenberg for flaunting his Jew superiority Hollohoax industry whining to us inferior goyem( cattle – what the Jew calls us Christians). This time you pooped in your own matzo balls Mr. Jew. The only people on the ENTIRE planet that can murder, rape, starve, torture, mock, humiliate, enslave, and destroy, an entire helpless country – AND portray THEMSELVES as the victims – are you JEWS. In other words – the Jews are NOW the NAZIs.


By the way – this rancid site Of Greenberg’s – is called ‘Ask MOSES’ – and is filled with preposterous mendacities, hatred, racism and a level of egocentrism unparalleled in ANY culture on earth. BY THEIR OWN WORDS, these Talmudic ( the Jew handbook of hatred and mockery for anything Christian) Zionist Jews – would murder any and all who profess a love and imitation of the life of Christ. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT!


The sadistic Zionist Jew has murdered and or tortured countless innocent helpless children in Gaza – both Christian and Muslim. I have witnessed this cowardly barbaric cruelty and it is beyond comprehension for decent people. The Jew thinks ONLY of himself . Look on his egomaniacal hate sites and see for your self. EVERYTHING is ONLY for the benefit of the selfish stingy arrogant Jew. The Jew speaks of love charity caring for JEW widows and JEW orphans etc – but ONLY THE JEWS. Spend a FULL day – a WEEK – a MONTH and surf these Jew websites. You will NEVER EVER find the slightest aid or even compassion for the tens of thousands of innocent women children and elderly and sick starving people that they have slaughtered – NEVER!


I have been there and can tell you that TRUTH with authority! A Jew baby killer gets captured and a hundred children are murdered the next day. We Americans struggle to feed our families put $4 Jew inflated gas in our car and keep our homes together under the yoke of Jew inspired triple digit inflation and all you hear is their constant endless whining for more and more and more money till they bleed every American family dry and every son comes back in a body bag for the greater glory of IsraHELL! Most American middle class families could probably pay off their homes with the taxes they have paid DIRECT to Every man woman and child in IsraHELL. READ THAT FACT AGAIN


They get richer and whine more at your expense – yet they hate your guts as Christians – like I said – been there done that. Did you know that the filthy slimy Jew scum that have committed the greatest treason to our nation – are ALL national heroes – urban legends – and icons to the IsraHELL Jew. I would love to take you there – where I have been and have you see for yourself. You will never see these horrid truths in the super sanitized city of Tel Aviv. The cunning Jew makes VERY sure that NO pasty faced fat evangelical ‘Falwellianista’ or ‘Robertsonista’ lemming will ever see the TRUE UGLY face of the Jew he is taught to worship.


Every Jew has TWO COMPLETELY different faces – one that is all smiles and poor mouthing – whining and acting the martyr. The other face is that of his true demonic nature as revealed by Christ before they had Him murdered. Cruel – sadistic with no compassion or mercy even for the most helpless and defenseless of God’s children. He survives by the cunning of the viper and the deception of his demonic father – Satan. They are NOT like us. They never have been and they never will be.


They live by lies, deception, treachery and duplicity. They are by nature – and have been since David committed murder an adultery and Moses discovered their true nature upon returning from the mountain with the Tablets of the laws – lascivious, adulterous, homosexual, child molesters, porn kings, idolaters, and white slavers – MUCH more so than ANY other ethnicity. The Jew is common archenemy of mankind – I know him well. If you ever wan to see the TRUE sadistic nature of Jews – rent a copy of the film – ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and see it with the entire family so that your children will learn how to avoid the essence of evil.


Consider this excerpt from a speech by a treasonous typical hypocrite Talmudic Christ hating Jew Rabbi: The topic incidentally, was how his nice little Communist loving Jew commisars could destroy the rights given Americans by our CHRISTIAN – NOT JEW – inspired Constitution ( are you listening. comrade Rabbi!!)


The Contemporary Role Jews Play in Social Justice Issues

Speaking With One Voice: The Jewish Community Responds to Gun ViolenceJune 15, 2000 Temple Sinai, Summit, NJ

Rabbi Eric M. Lankin, D.Min.Executive Director, NJ RegionUnited Synagogue of Conservative Judaism


Some of the commentaries by the Rabbi are so outrageously lies that it make one want to upchuck. The hypocrisy of these Talmudic Zionist Jews can only be termed dazzling! Just read this one and tell me you don’t want to scream at these liars!


“To prove this point, I could name the names of significant Jews who play a prominent role in social justice issues in our society. We all know them and recognize that even though our Jewish community is about 2% of America, Jewish names abound in the most public of roles, including significant causes, and elected offices in government. In our neshomas we get nachas, that certain joy when one of our own makes an important contribution to make our America better. In Rabbinic terms we call that a Kiddush Hashem, which is that we bring sanctity to God’s name when we do good”


Have you ever witnessed such audacity in your life? Are you Rabbis on crack?

Hey RABBI! I got your lying delusional Jew ‘nachos’ right here. How about some of your more CLASSIC efforts to “ make my America better” — like record rampant out of wedlock pregnancies you promote by your cheapening of sex – or The drug culture brought to us by your precious “ more popular that God “Beetles – or the tens of millions of innocent unborn children murdered by your Jew mentality – or your destruction of our traditional celebration of the Birth of Christ – or your glorification of homosexual perversion and pedophilia – or your destruction of America’s freedoms by your LOYAL support – funding and legislation of EVERYTHING Communist – or the endless gratuitous sex and violence and profane language you have invaded our living rooms and our children’s hearts with on the TV programs you now totally control – or the world’s biggest pornography industry that YOU dominate – or the serial wars against helpless people that you slander and lie about to incite we cattle to do your murders for you – and especially the now almost total destruction of our Christian churches – now prostituted into your Synagogues OF Satan – or the censorship of prayer in our schools – or your support of violent leftist labor unions that have economically forced substantial ‘outsourcing’ of jobs – or your removal of the Laws of God from our places of justice – for your manipulation of our monies so as to destroy our working class and create financial burdens at will and of course for your destruction of ALL and ANY notions that there is a higher authority – an unchanging set of moral values and a responsibility for our actions in our once intact Christian sacrosanct values that your endless mockery of and purposeful destruction of , have turned this once essentially nation of decent human beings into a morally rotted corpse! For these an MORE Rabbi – we are eternally grateful for all you ‘chosen’ have contributed to our current Jew improved United States Of IsraHELL!


In the body of his lengthy diatribe of lies – he alludes to a sermon given by another Rabbi Greenburg. Read it an learn the truth about the timeless evil that permeates the average Jew mentality as Rabbi Lankin quotes Rabbi Greenberg: ===

. Rabbi Yitz Greenberg in his book, Living in the Image of God, (p. 79) notes that –“Jews are not genetically programmed to be good.. It takes great effort-and religious training-to go on acting Jewishly. Without reinforcement, training, and memory, Jews will not automatically go on being an avant-garde.”

_”I agree with Rabbi Greenberg” states the Jew Lankin


NOT GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED TO BE GOOD? Are you trying to make a joke Rabbi? You are DAMNED right Jews are “ NOT” programmed to be good. They ARE IN FACT programmed by SATAN to BE EVIL – and Christ SAID SO in John Chapter8



So – Rabbi Greenberg wants to play the What If Game? OK Mr. Jew Talmudic teacher – lets just see what would REALLY have happened in our currently Jew occupied America = IF there were NO ‘modern’ stolen land of criminals called Israhell


Some FACTS to ponder that the Jews like Greenberg will NEVER admit


REMEMBER – ALL of these problems were either minor or non-existent in the Christian dominated America I was raised in. I – PERSONALLY witnessed these disgraceful changes in MY LIFETIME Alone – and ALL were SPECIFIC goals of the parasitic Godless Jew in his new found home. THE JEW AND THE JEW ALONE!


We – my American neighbors – are as ‘occupied’ as Palestine today. We are just not smart enough to realize it – YET! As we should ALL know as fact by now – the Neo-cons (Zionist Jews) OWN the White House and our current puppet President – AND the NEXT President – who regardless of which individual has already demonstrated PUBLIC LOYALTY TO ISRAHELL. BOTH parties are now TOTALLY Owned by the Jew. The candidates have states so in public referendums on NUMEROUS occasions in past months.


SO let us learn what would NOT Have happened in America IF IsraHELL were ‘NOT AROUND’


(1) ALL American families would have THOUSANDS more in their savings

(2) Countless thousands of jobs now outsourced would now be AMERICAN jobs

(3) The Republican party would still be the moral high ground for American politics

(4) The Democrat Party would not be the unofficial home for all the sleaze of America

(5) We would have WON the KOREAN war AND THE VIETNAM WAR!

(6) Christmas would still be a reverent religious celebration and not a ‘secular holiday’

(7) We would still have REA: Christian churches and NOT SYNAGOGUES OF SATAN!

(8) Our Constitution would still be respected as the UNDISPUTED law of the land

(9) There would be no huge porn industry in America today

(10) There would be no serious racial friction in America

(11) There would be no drug culture and satanic heavy metal filth to destroy our children

(12) There would have been no airport Gestapo humiliating countless decent citizens

(13) We would still be on the Gold/silver standard and our dollar still strong

(14) There would be no political correctness BS to enrage and intimidate decent Americans

(15) There would be a school system with prayer – no suicides and no violence

(16) Gasoline would probably be 50 -75 cents a gal – like it should be without the Jew

(17) There would without ANY doubt be a cure for cancer – because of available funds

(18) Our legal system would still stress JUSTICE – NOT justice for the criminal

(19) The Communist Party would have been history

(20) Some 20 millions innocent children that have been murdered would be alive today

(21) America would have a LOT more allies and fewer enemies

(22) Cinema entertainment would STILL for the WHOLE FAMILY!

(23) Homosexual perverts and pedophiles would still be under rocks – where they belonged

(24) We would be graduating EDUCATED children and not be a nation of morons

(25) There would be NONE Of these monumental illegal alien problems

(26) There would be law and order – no mega gangs roving the streets of large cities

(27) Castro would be reviled for the monster he is – and not a poster boy of the self-chosen

(28) The 200 + sons slaughtered aboard the USS liberty would still be alive and whole

(29) Freedom of speech would STILL be defended EVERYWHERE in America

(30) The Jews of the Federal Reserve would ALL be in prison and it disbanded and dissolved

(31) There would NEVER EVER be the filthy Jew produced adds on public TV

(32) Decent Godly moral men in Congress would not be Destroyed by Jew money

(33) Our Founding Fathers would have never been demonized

(34) Credit would be extended based on character and responsible behavior –not numbers

(35) Countless thousands of jobs now outsourced would now be AMERICAN jobs

(36) Mothers would now be able to stay home and raise children – no latchkey kids

(37) Jew Judges that release killers to kill again would be held responsible

(38) There would be NO MORE porn on the internet

(39) There would be no porn and adds to promote perverts in our nation’s newspapers

(40) A President committing treason would be arrested tried and sentenced

(41) A President who violates our Constitution would be ‘dismissed’ and imprisoned

(42) A Pedophile found in ANY taxpayer paid job would be arrested tried and sentenced

(43) There would be NO ‘free rides’ for hard criminals because they were Negro

(44) There would be NO declaration of wars at the whim of the President

(45) There would be no more lies about people that the Jew wants us to hate and kill

(46) No American will ever pay tax money for immoral causes again

(47) Homosexual perverts will NEVER again teach and influence our children

(48) Communists will never again hold ANY public positions of authority

(49) There will be no more censorship of speech by the Jew or his Jew incited cronies

(50) Firearm ownership by law abiding citizens will NEVER EVER again be abridged

(51) Laws made by the Jew to protect the criminal will be forever expunged from record

(52) Jew incited and financed filth that destroy our children (e.g. KISS) will be criminalized

(53) Our TRUE historic Christian heritage WILL be taught in public schools from grade 1

(54) American Christians will no longer pay a Jew tax for ‘kosherization’ of their food

(55) TRUE religious Churches will not be penalized for warning their flock of evil politicians

(56) Gratuitous sex – inane violence – homosexual activities, mockery of Christians and glorification of such will NOT be shown on public TV channels

(57) Teaching secular anti-Christian dogma such as evolution –as FACT on educational channels will be illegal

(58) Racist lies and incitement to war violence such as taught by the ACLJ, Marxist David Horrowitz and other Zionist entities will NOT be tolerated

(59) Our schools will no longer be in fear of educating our children of ugly truths like the USS LIBERTY MASSACRE

(60) Psychotropic drugs will no longer be forcefully administered to our children by the Jew incited big Pharma and Jew psychiatrists so as to ruin their lives – or commit suicide



This is just a sampling of the hundreds and hundreds of evils that we goy have been forced to suffer under IsraHELL occupation. Living in America could once again be a wonderful healthy wholesome moral experience if the modern land called IsraHELL had never been allowed to have been stolen from it’s rightful occupants of a thousand years. I know FIRSTHAND of what I speak – as I grew up in the land before the Jew was able to effectively destroy that part of the American dream and values that we had. Americans born after 1970 will never know the joys and freedoms and goodness that were once America – before the Jew gained so much power.


It would do well for young people as well as adults to READ end educate themselves to the history of the Jew and what the Jew has done to every nation he has become a parasite to. The Jew destroys EVERYTHING good and everything decent and everything wholesome. It is his demonic nature. The Jew has destroyed nations and civilizations by virtue of his cunning – his lack of morals and compassion and his lust for money and sexual perversions above ALL matters throughout the ages.


It is because of this sadistic demonic BEHAVOUR that he has become so universally hated distrusted and despised. I predict that sometime in the future – his endless evil ways will finally awake the slumbering giant of decent humanity and the Jew will face a REAL ‘holocaust’ which will finally expel him from this earth thus ridding humanity of it’s greatest plague in recorded history. I am convinced that the world as a whole will never experience, at least any lasting peace- until the last Zionist Jew is totally exterminated.


The alternative would be a Zionist controlled world – the ultimate nightmare of complete degradation – the end of human dignity – mass genocides – the final total destruction of Christianity – a mass concentration camp of soulless ‘things’ – an endless Armageddon which will make Orwell’s predictions look like paradise! If you are brave enough to get a glimpse into the Jew hell of the future – get into GAZA for a few days and you will understand.


You will be afraid – very afraid! There are no more cruel sadistic brutal creatures on earth than the Jew. All the MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS murdered, starved, tortured in China the USSR – Cuba and other Jew created Marxist hellholes are just a prologue of things to come. Remember – ALL of that MONUMENTAL human misery was created by a relatively small number of dedicated sons of the Devil – demons in the appearance of men – with no souls and endless money to ‘buy’ souls.


Read John 8 – vs. 40-44. READ it AGAIN – very slowly. I believe that it is more than a condemnation of the demonic supernatural nature of the Jew – but a warning of things to come. I can’t read the future – but I can tell you this. When the final hours of our once Christian nation are in its death throes – you WILL find there the fingerprints of the Jew – EVERYWHERE! AND – IF there will be ONE people that will be RIGHTFULLY blamed for the ultimate destruction – I PROMISE you – it will be the JEW!



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