As if we decent Americans thought it just couldn’t get any worse – it did! Have you witnessed the disgraceful carnival that took place at yet another ‘Synagogue Of Satan’ recently? When will we finally tell these phony God mocking hypocrites to clean up their act or go packing! The list of wolves in sheep’s clothing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The most recent of these shysters is an overstuffed ‘get rich on religion’ carnival barker named Rick Warren. His carnival act is called the Saddle Back ‘Purpose Driven Church’. The ‘purpose’ that “drives’ this multi-millionaire ‘Mega-Chruch’ CEO is of course money and LOTS of it. With an annual resources of over 80 MILLION dollars – and Warren’s “reduced” personal salary of over EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS – this is BIG BIG BUSINESS – but then after all – ‘Jesus’.HAS become a HUGE BUSINESS in our new improved greedy Zionist infused Mega- Synagogues Of Satan!


At this most critical time in our history when what we need most TRUTHFUL – HONEST – GODLY leaders – men who WILL walk the walk – speak the truth – and as our founding Fathers so courageously did – JUST DO THE RIGHT THING – and put the welfare of our sick morally bankrupt dying nation ahead of THEIR OWN GREEDY TWISTED AMBITIONS -REGARDLES OF THE CONSEQUENCES.


Has ANYONE bothered to take an INTELLIGENT INFORMED OBJECTIVE HARD LOOK at the TRUTH of just who the two candidates for thee highest office in the land of the most wealthy influential nation on planet earth? Have we all gone mad? There is not ONE OUNCE OF INTEGRITY between both of these scumbags!


BOTH have committed high treason against their sacred vows to the Constitution of our nation.

BOTH have sworn IN PUBLIC – their allegiance to the most pernicious evil nation on earth.

BOTH have made it known that their leftist ideologies are in concert with that of our eternal sworn enemies and the enemies of ALL freedom loving people.

BOTH are COSUMATE LIARS – Obama being the more skilled of the two.

BOTH have mocked Christ and All that HE has taught us by falsely swearing to be righteous followers of the Christian faith.


McCain looks more and more every day like a marionette whose Jew masters pull the strings. I RARELY agree with ANYTHING a Democrat has to .say – but their observation that everything he says is a lie and so utterly transparent that if it were not such a serious matter it would make great satire material for a comedy. NOTHING the man says has even a thread of sincerity in it.. He invokes God OVER AND OVER AND OVER gain and again and pontificates on his unwavering pro-life support and belief – and yet – he is BY HIS OWN MOUTH – a bloodthirsty war monger – eager to murder as many innocent helpless children as his Jew in-law- masters and handlers in Tel Aviv order him to kill ( the toll is now around half a million children slaughtered for the greater ‘glory of IsraHELL and rising daily!).


McCain – the puppet – claims to be Christian man of good character – who supports the sacrament of marriage – yet when his wife needed him the most – after a terrible car accident – like a spoiled brat with a broken toy – he dumped her for a trophy bride half his age! IS THIS THE EXAMPLE of what the character of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED SATATES should be? Want another serial war – folks? How about WORLD WAR THREE! Want an even WORSE economy that will of necessity break the back of every middle class family in America? Are you aware that several MORE banks went belly up just this week – AND the pundits predict that as many as ONE HUNDRED MORE will fail by the year end?


Want to make even MORE mortal enemies of people who have never hated us before IsaHELL created them? Want to lose more and more freedoms here in AmeriKa until we are no better the former USSR?


Want to see MARTIAL LAW IN AMERIKA? You Republicans out there want to see ALL the moral issues that were traditionally protected by your party betrayed to the ultra-leftist – ultra – immoral Kilintonista Demoncraps ? You were of course aware ( if you bothered to tear your selves away from your NFL games and tailgate parties long enough to educate yourselves to the FACTS) that McCain – our own real-life brainwashed Manchurian Candidate has ALREADY demonstrated his eagerness to appease virtually EVERY LEFTIST legislation proposed by the Demoncraps? He even BOASTED of it at the recent ‘Saddleback Church’ carnival sideshow with ringmaster Rick Warren. Be sure and vote for McCain and pull the plug on America’s life support!. By the time your children and grandchildren are old enough – and hopefully EDUCATED enough to understand what you did to their country – they will be pissing on your graves!


OH and of course let us not forget Barky Obama . You think the race riots and burning and looting of LA was bad? Wait till Barky gets in the saddle. More endless aerial wars – more economic chaos – more taxes to break your back ( but of course for good causes – Aids awareness programs – more ‘entitlements’ for poor oppressed black slaves we have all abused for so long – and of course – Comrade Obama’s ultimate goal – SOCIALISM! You know – like the kind of government that the USSR had. Oh come on now – don’t tell me that you couldn’t turn of that TV sit com long enough to do a little responsible investigation of your own into this creep’s background.


He is a 100% MARXIST/Socialist/ Communist ideologue. The ONLY problem in learning of his seedy background is that there is SO- MUCH accurate information available that you will not have time to read it all. His heroes are NOT ‘cowboys’ – they are LEFTISTS. Here is one of MANY reliable sites for this information. If this DOES NOT scare the crap out of you, as a patriotic American to learn what kind of scum may be our next President – nothing will! Click on the BLUE highlight and see what kind of man he REALLY IS – A TRAITOR to the USA.

== Senator Obama’s Communist Connections – America’s Debate


Comrade Barky is especially dangerous because he comes across as being articulate knowledgeable and even sincere. He gives an entirely new meaning to TREASON in the White House. Those of you that are old enough and not brain –dead will remember the disgraceful state of affairs in our post war State Dept under Truman which of course started with the most treasonous President we ever had – FDR. IF you do not know the facts of that disgrace by now – then don’t waster your time reading this and go back to your NFL games.


Comrade Obama’s treason is so extensive that I cannot list all of his seditious background here. I will list a few sources for your own investigation. You were all warned and warned by more knowledgeable people than I – time and time again – but you would not listen to truth – and cast away the only men of good character qualified to steer this doomed country away from the trash heap of history – so here are the consequences. It really doesn’t matter WHO you ‘vote’ for – scumbag #1 or scumbag# 2 – at this point in time it is a mute point. Either way – we will be at ‘war’ endlessly only to satisfy the Zionist agenda of the Jews. Either way, our TRUE Christian heritage will be even further bastardized into ‘new-age’ – prosperity ‘gospels’– man-is god – morality is relative – touchy- feely – your Ok – I’m Ok – Jesus wants Christians to ALL be filthy rich – just believe you are ‘saved’ – and send plenty of ‘love gifts’ to make ALL of the ‘mega-Church’ false prophet pastors fatter and richer.


Of course infanticide (the MURDER of the helpless unborn child – AND BORN) will be permanently ‘legal’ – eugenics will ultimately be accepted (read Margaret Sanger) and homosexual perverts/pedophiles will be in vogue – the sacrament of marriage will be more of an archaic appendage – ‘hate crimes’- ESPECIALLY ANY criticism of homosexual perverts, will get you long prison sentences (whether the commission of such abominations are against your religious beliefs or not) . Everything will become socialized (like in communist countries) . PC will now be enforced by FEDERAL forces – and the penalties for endangering some rare maggot in the woods will make ‘outdoors’ camping activities too economically risky for the average family.


Violent Marxist Negro organizations like the Uhuru will be federally protected and reverse discrimination will become a daily frightening reality. You will see special legislations for lazy worthless Negroes, which will of course be funded by white working people. Education will take a nose dive to even deeper depths of being dumbed down to the extent that no decent teacher will participate – the result being a substandard quality of Ebonics speaking ‘teachers’ who themselves are not educated to the level of even the poorest banana republics – like Costa Rica – whose GNP is probably less than the annual operating budget of a mid-sized American city ALREADY has a literacy rate that far exceeds our own. Point is that this man is no more qualified to lead a Christian based country that Lenin or Stalin.


Now – lets take a closer look at America’s newest false prophet – Rick Warren. It seems like there’ s a discernable pattern that is a commonality for all of them. I use the term ‘MOST’ because I am not positively sure that ALL of them qualify – But they probably all share at lest most of these traits or characteristics.


Most of them are obese – as a result of their opulent lifestyles and high living – Yup that would be Warren

ALL are in charge of a ‘Mega-Church’ that holds huge numbers of sheeple – that would be Saddle Back

ALL have ambitions for expanding to being even larger – and sometimes international – those are the self-proclaimed ambitions of Warren.

ALL preach ‘Christianity lite’ – watered down version of the Gospel with emphasis on feely – touchy – your Ok – I’m OK – Jesus wants us to be rich etc. – Again – that would be Warren’s SOP for Saddle Back

Most have written books that have been best sellers that have no real substance (people will buy books that make them feel good regardless of content) Again – this what readers have stated

ALL are multimillionaires from proceedings of their feely –goody –touchy shallow messages to the sheeple – Warren is s VERY VERY rich man

ALL of them are warmongers but have never served their country in uniform – Warren never served in the armed forces but wants us to continue with these mindless wars.

ALL of them have been repudiated for misleading their flock by many modest traditional respected pastors – Warren has had MANY of these sincere men question his methods.

ALL have received some sort of significant accolades from the media and enjoy their vanity in the limelight—that would Warren to a T

ALL of them have shown tremendous hypocrisy concerning horrendous crimes committed against innocent civilians in Iraq — Warren has not only shown no anger or compassion but has ACTUALLY encouraged more killing!


Most of this knowledge was drawn from statements by Warren HIMSELF! The balance is available from various news sources. For anybody that calls himself or herself CHRISTIAN- and freely compelled to be involved with this man in his conduct and agendas is unconscionable.


The carnival atmosphere charade mentality that Warren permitted and conducted this 3-ring circus media event of having two of the most loathsome personalities masquerading as Christians speaks poorly about his values and judgment. To conduct a media even like this in the most holy part of a church sanctuary is a mockery of the House Of God. Perhaps Mr. Warren was not aware of the part of Scripture where Christ displayed His wrath with such a show of disrespect for a house of worship when He overturned the tables of the moneylenders inside a Synagogue.


The even invite a man like Comrade Obama who is responsible through his legislation and power as a United States Senator – for countless murders of innocent children – is in my opinion a sacrilege! Furthermore – to invite an unrepentant man like McCain – with his MONUMNTAL hypocrisies – such as the mockery of the sanctity of Marriage and lack of concern for innocent human life in Iraq is also unconscionable. I wonder if Warren would have ever invited a TRULY godly man like Dr. Paul – who has devoted his life to the SAVING and maintaining of human life instead of murder and all manner of other un-Godliness so emblematic of BOTH Obama and McCain!


I find the conduct of hypocrite Rick Warren reprehensible and worthy of condemnation. To quote his OWN DAMNATION of his OWN conduct – read what he says about what a good Christian should do when encountering/confronting evil.

“ On the other hand – it’s going to sound like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth, but I’m not, I believe this – the Bible says evil has to be opposed. Evil has to be stopped,” Warren continued. “The Bible does not say negotiate with evil. It says stop it. Stop evil. Hitler could not be negotiated with. And there are some people you cannot negotiate with.”

Well Mr. Warren- where is your zeal to “oppose “ and to “stop” EVIL within YOUR OWN CHURCH. I watched your church ‘sideshow’ and do not remember any harsh “opposition” to the EVIL child murder proponent Obama – or to the Marriage mocker and child murder advocate McCain.


AND as for your own MEGA-HYPOCRISY – how about this statement about the murder of innocent human life –ESPECIALLY the children of which YOU ARE AWARE are murdered on a daily basis in Iraq by American forces AND the innocent children ( which I have witnessed) murdered on s DAILY Basis by the Jews who use the taxpayer’s dollars of YOUR PARRISHENORS to accomplish these grizzly crimes – ALL WITH YOUR ESPRESSED BLESSINGS!


Rick Warren of Saddleback Church Still Thinks Iraq War was Justified

By ohiomeister – August 15, 2008, 3:01PM

Rick Warren is the popular and charismatic pastor at the Saddleback

Church. Barack Obama and John McCain are having a campaign forum at

his Saddleback Church on Saturday. He seems genuinely very nice and at

least somewhat open-minded on some issues. You might think a more

humble foreign policy would be one place where we could seek agreement

with Evangelical leaders and voters. Yet according to this

interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, he still thinks the

Iraq War was justified on humanitarian reasons:

“Whether or not they found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is beside

the point. ( Is that the “ POINT” MR Warren – that God says it’s Ok to MURDER OVER A MILLION CIVILIANS WHO NEVER DONE US ANY HARM WHATSOEVER – ALL BASED ON JEW LIES!) Saddam and his sons were raping the country, (And now Mr. Hypocrite from hell – we – the ‘ugly Americans’ are now LITERALLY RAPING AND KILLING AND DESTROYING AN ENTIRE INNOCENT COUNTRY) literally. And we morally had to do something. ( MORALLY? – “ HAD TO DO SOMETHING”? So why haven’t we MORALLY done “SOMETHING to CASTRO’s CUBA – where tens of thousands of Christians were raped tortured and murdered! Or RED CHINA a country which has MURDERED TENS OF MILLIONS OF CIVIILIANS) If you have a Judeo-Christian heritage, you have to believe it when God says that evil cannot be compromised with. It has to be resisted, it has to be overcome. ( Well once again you spineless hypocrite – where is your outrage for the thousands of women and children, – many of whom are Christians that have been murdered in cold blood – literally used as target practice by the American financed Jews -with YOU blessings and YOUR money in Palestine. Where is your ‘Christian’ outrage to “OVERCOME THE EVIL JEWS” – HYPOCRITE?)


The following 3 comments are not mine – but from readers who also share my observation of his putrid hypocrisy


”He advances this pernicious idea that the only foreign policy option

for dealing with bad international actors is to invade their countries

and occupy them. That hardly seems like the

humanitarian or Christian ideal.”


”It’s also amazing that he continues to hold this opinion after all of the

death, destruction and displacement that continues to take place in

Iraq. Isn’t there some idea of proportionality or a humility that

suggests you should not intervene and make things worse? “


”Another problem with his statement is the lack of intervention in all the other

places where people live with fear for their lives. Shall we invade

North Korea and Zimbabwe tomorrow? Saddam’s regime was hardly the only

terrible one in the world. Why did we choose to invade it first?”


Are you beginning to get the idea of just what kind of ignorant greedy walking hamburger this Warren character REALLY is?


But WAIT – ( like famous salesman Ron Popiel saysJ There’s more!


I want American readers to LEARN who this man REALLY IS without his media hype and million dollar ‘religion business’ I’m just getting warmed up. Stay with me here – it is really going to get dicey when you discover what a lot of respected American people (and I do NOT mean the ‘sheeple’) think about this guy


“I’m convinced without any shred of doubt that Rick Warren is a false shepherd. Regardless of his popularity right now, the word of God has sealed his fate, and God will eventually visit him in judgment for propagating the deceptions of Satan.” A protestant minister familiar with Warren’s get rich philosophies


Another obervation by someone who is not sharing his brain or is delusional

“Pastor Rick” Warren is merely one of a cabal of modern-day false prophets whose message can be boiled down to, “I’m okay, you’re okay” when the clear message of scripture is, “I’m not okay, and neither are you. But guess what? God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!”


While he is but one man, the global reach of his ecumenical church of deceit and of his Devil Driven machination gives “Pastor Rick” an unprecedented opportunity to rend the flock.

“Pastor Rick” is joined in his man-centered false gospel boy’s club by the likes of Joel Osteen who preaches a sticky sweet “Gawd luuuvs you” bubble-gum theology that’s utterly devoid of the offense of the cross and Brian McLaren whose version of the “McGospel” is being endlessly “reimagined” by the post-modern neo-liberal emergent/emerging church movement.

MORE obvervation of Warrens shallow quest for fame and fortune

“At the end of the day Rick Warren is another fence riding charlatan who wants to have his cake and eat it too. He enjoys rubbing elbows with the world’s elite and relishes in the perquisites of his worldly fame. In the private sector Rick Warren would be a great asset to any company, smart, savvy, and possessing natural leadership skills and enthusiasm. In the Church he’s an abomination who has sold his spiritual birthright for a bowl of worldly porridge.

Sadly for “Pastor Rick” he and his ilk surround themselves by gutless yes-men, sycophants and hangers-on who will never tell him the truth he so desperately needs to hear; that he has strayed from the path of righteousness and become self seeking, self serving and man-centered and is in need of a contrite and repentant heart that the Lord might be merciful and restore him. But why would they? Why would these blind followers of the blind point out to Pastor Rick the error of his ways? He’s their meal ticket, their golden goose if you will, and it’s been proven time and again that men will go to great – even drastic – lengths to preserve their positions and material wealth.”

WARREN IS in the religion ‘business’ for big bucks as you can plainly see

Rick and Kay also are directors of the following non-profit corporate fund streams/assets:

Saddleback Church, with an annual budget of US$30 million[12]

Acts of Mercy, which had US$8 million ending 2004[13]

Purpose Driven Ministries, with US$47 million in gross receipts in 2004[14]

The Global Fund

RKW Legacy Partners

Equipping the Church

Warren no longer takes a salary from Saddleback Church and repaid all of his salary from the last 25 years back to the church, due to the success of his book sales. He now says he “reverse tithes”, meaning giving away 90% of his income and living off of 10%.[15]


WOW – What a tremendous sacrifice Mr. Warren! You poor man – having to hang on by your fingernails with a mere EIGHT AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS a year! Why you have maybe outdone Osteen as far as opulent mega wealth lifestyles. You know Rick – it has been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Help me out here Pastor Rick. If – indeed – you goal is to imitate the life and teachings of our Lord – why is it that you need to live like a super-star and wish for the murders of even more innocent children!?

“Purpose Driven” (the purpose: the fleecing the stupid lemmings you fool, so you can enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous.) Jesus would be proud – ESPECIALY of your eagerness to have countless children murdered for the Jews in the Mid-East. No ‘Pastor’ Rick – I haven’t forgotten your self admitted desire for more deaths of innocent children because according to your sick twisted brain – ‘our Lord give us a mandate to murder these children’. You are a SICK puppy! You need to re-read the simple teachings of Christ and imitate Him.


Warren’s books have come under criticism from some Christian groups who question the practices promoted in these books, claiming that they distort the gospel or otherwise employ questionable tactics, including New Age teachings.[17] Other common criticisms include objections to the accuracy with which it presents the Christian gospel, the accuracy of their Biblical exegesis, and various allegedly unbiblical teachings.[18] However, there is also a significant majority of evangelical teachers who agree with Mr. Warren.[citation needed]

Warren says he is inclusive beyond his Southern Baptist roots, and welcomes pastors and leaders from all denominations to his training programs.[citation needed] Warren claims to stick to the “essentials” of the faith and focus on “loving people into the Kingdom” of God in an attractive way without compromising the essential tenets of his faith.[19] Many critics, however, contend that Warren does compromise on various doctrinal truths in his teachings, and that he espouses ecumenical teachings.[1][2][3] Rick Warren has also come under fire for his appearance at the 2006 Centenary of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, which also had Word of Faith preachers such as Benny Hinn , T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, and Creflo Dollar as guests. Rick Warren also has been criticized for saying it is not necessary to study Bible Prophecy.

Warren was also heavily criticized by evangelical Christians when he was the only significant evangelical leader to sign the highly controversial Global Warming Pact, primarily co-signed by non-Christians and liberal mainline Christians. Many evangelicals took this as a sign that Warren had abandoned the conservative political views of the majority of evangelicals, most of who are skeptical of global warming theories.

In December 2006, Warren again drew the ire of fellow evangelicals when he invited Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama to speak at a global AIDS conference held at Warren’s Saddleback Church in Orange County, California. Many evangelicals felt that this confirmed Warren’s rumored liberal political views. Warren vehemently defended himself, stating that he had also invited Republican Senator Sam Brownback to speak and that he did not share Obama’s support of abortion. However, this did little to alleviate fellow evangelicals suspicions that Warren had “gone liberal.”

A Few Specific Critics

There are a number of pastors, ministries and authors throughout the world who are critical of Warren and his teachings, including Dr. John MacArthur, who addressed Warren in a chapter in his book, Fool’s Gold. Other critics include Chuck Smith, Jimmy Swaggart, Dave Hunt, Daniel Dennett, David Cloud, Berit Kjos, Texe Marrs, and Dr. Noah Hutchings.

So there you have it. Where are the TRUE men of God – the men like the Founding Fathers who placed the well-being and future of their country above all else. Then there are people like Rick Warren – who are given once in a lifetime opportunities to do REAL good – a chance to serve the Lord – to feed the hungry – to clothe the naked – to help the helpless and defend the defenseless and give hope to the hopeless. Warren has the platform – the venue that has been the dream of all men of good will for all times – and has frittered it away on tree huggers and perverts Marxists and the self-adorned image of his own material success – measured in the size of his bank account and the size of his Synagogue of Satan filled with even shallower sheeple. .

Meanwhile thousands of innocent human beings are tortured starved beaten humiliated raped and imprisoned in their OWN country 24-7 – ALL because rich evil people like Warren whose conduct must be an abomination to the gentle teachings of Christ just simply turns his head away from the cries of the starving beaten terrorized child because it is not ‘fun’. How a person like you can sleep at night and live a lie day after day knowing deep inside that HIS actions have made him an accomplice in a crime against humanity that is without unparallel in the history of my country. I would not want to be in the book of life on that day when he must explain why he KNOWINGLY was the enabler to so much human misery and suffering.

However -because I am a finite human I cannot advise Pastor Rick with absolute authority. I can however make one suggestion that cannot be wrong. I suggest to you sir that you reevaluate your actions in all of the above-mentioned areas , and to the best of your ability in the most sincere of your beliefs – simply ask yourself – “ WHAT WOULD JESUS DO” – take that belief as a mandate from Him and then proceed with a clear conscience. IF – you follow this in all truth I believe that you will act in a manner as close to the ACTUAL will of God as may be done. IF you are faithful to this test – I would hope that your future actions would more closely reflect the will of God – and NOT the will of man. The unrepentant murder of but one child – by your hand – or by your will – will never be forgiven.



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