The total destruction of AmeriKa is close at hand and it echoes the now virtually all but forgotten prediction of Soviet Dictator Nikita Khrushchev. The US Dollar is Doomed because of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank (government granted monopoly of the “Money Trust”) debauching our currency. Worth remembering especially after we have lost everything – is that Ron Paul was the only US Constitution upholding presidential candidate addressing this issue and willing to face the facts.


There are some lessons in economics that will or ALREADY have affected millions of working class Americans. We need to understand what is happening to us – why it is happening – who is MAKING it happen AND the serious consequences of our ignorance and our indifference regarding major economic and foreign policy issues. We are probably the only nation on earth that has NO excuse for the situation that is unfolding before our eyes – because as the most advantaged nation on earth we have had EVERY opportunity to avert the coming disaster. Some would have us believe that the situation is too complex to understand and or too imbedded to correct. Neither is correct. The situation COULD have BEEN corrected MANY MANY times over MANY MANY years – but we were too busy with matters MUCH more important than saving our nation from destruction. I have spent years observing friends and neighbors wasting opportunity after opportunity because their PRIORITIES (these are adults mind you) were always tailgate parties – NFL games – NBL games – golf games – dinner parties – and lots of other ‘entertainment’. All this whilst our country was hemorrhaging to death – critical condition – near ‘flat lining’ – but the parties and games MUST go on. GO BUCS!


We American have apparently just never been able to ‘grow up after the 60s. I have studied this phenomenon extensively and concluded that the Character of the average American is so ABYSMALLY SHALLOW that we are MUCH more interested in a discussion of, say – who Indianapolis Colts Mgr Tony Dungey might replace rookie lineman Jeff Saturday with should he not work out as planned – than – for example – the unforgivably grotesque and shameful fact that WE HAVE MURDERED WELL OVER A MILION INNOCENT HUMAN CIVILIANS in the Mid-East for No rational reason at all. Or talk about WORLD CLASS EVIL – how about the creation of ethanol from corn for a bio-fuel – because it has driven the prices of corn to many times it normal price overnight! More importantly – this is the cause of SKYROCKETING food prices here at home AND will cause the death of MILIIONS of third world poor who subsist mainly on grain based diets. Or does anybody care that gas is expected to be AT LEAST $5 /gal by the end of the year – or that the stock market is in freefall and millions have already lost a big chunk of their life savings. I PERSONALLY witness this kind of criminal irresponsibility and childish stupidity on a daily basis! I’m talking GROWN ADULTS HERE – not pubescent high school kids!


Something is SERIOUSLY wrong here folks. This is not normal – not responsible – not rational and not even sane adult behavior. Is it denial? Is it something in our drinking water? Dorothy – the Wizard isn’t real – and Oz is just make believe. Am I just in a bad dream?


For God’s sake – we are on the verge of WWIII – probably nuclear should the Jews drag us into it – we are on the verge of another SUPER depression, possibly the worst in history – soon to be $5 gas – TRIPLE – not double digit inflation – S&Ls folding left and right – major established restaurant chains going chapter 11 – record unemployment – major grocery chains folding their doors – record housing defaults – the most corrupt Congress in a hundred years – a BONA-FIDE WAR CRIMINAL FOR A PRESIDENT – two lunatics that are vying for the highest office in the land – one whose brain thinks like a Marxist and the other who was brainwashed BY Marxists — both OPENLY wanting to trash our OWN Constitution and BOTH having shown GROVELING PUBLIC fealty to a foreign power which has already committed at least one act of war against our country and most probably been involved in other mass crimes against The United States – AND the most important matter on the American mind for discussion is = who will be voted the next ‘American Idol’ ?. Where does the madness stop? I can’t differentiate the lunatic asylum inmates from the keepers any more!

Ron Paul is the Only US Constitution Supporting Presidential Candidate addressing this issue, speaking of the need to abolish the Federal Reserve System that from it’s inception has held the seeds of its own destruction, our destruction in it, with the vicious, confiscatory hidden tax it creates known as inflation.

From the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson we read:

“The pending economic crisis that now faces American is painfully obvious. If even a fraction of potential foreign claims against our gold supply were presented to the Treasury, we would have to renege on our promise. We would be forced to repudiate our own currency on the world market. Foreign investors, who would be left holding the bag with American dollars, would dump them at tremendous discounts in return for more stable currencies, or for gold itself. The American dollar both abroad and at home would suffer the loss of public confidence. If the government can renege on its international monetary promises, what is to prevent it from doing the same on its domestic promises? How really secure would be government guarantees behind Federal Housing Administration loans, Savings and Loan Insurance, government bonds, or even social security?


“Even though American citizens would still be forced by law to honor the same pieces of paper as though they were real money, instinctively they would rush and convert their paper currency into tangible material goods, which could be used as barter. As in Germany and other nations that have previously traveled this road, the rush to get rid of dollars and acquire tangibles would rapidly accelerate the visible effects of inflation to where it might cost one hundred dollars or more for a single loaf of bread. Hoarded silver coins would begin to reappear as a separate monetary system which, since they have intrinsic value would remain firm, while printed paper money finally would become worth exactly it’s proper value–the paper it is printed on! Everyone’s savings would be wiped out totally. No one could escape.


“One can only imagine what such conditions would do to the stock market and to industry. Uncertainty over the future would cause the consumer to halt all spending except for the barest necessities. Market for such items as television sets, automobiles, furniture, new homes, and entertainment would dry up almost overnight. With no one buying, firms would have to close down and lay off their employees. Unemployment would further aggravate the buying freeze, and the nation would plunge into a depression that would make the 1930s look like prosperity. At least the dollar was sound in those days. In fact, since it was a firm currency, its value actually went up as related to the amount of goods, which declined through reduced production. Next time around, however, the problems of unemployment and low production will be compounded by a monetary system that will be utterly worthless. All the government controls and so-called guarantees in the world will not be able to prevent it, because every one of them is based on the assumption that the people will continue to honor printing press money. But once the government itself openly refuses to honor it–as it must if foreign demands for gold continue–it is likely that the American people will soon follow suit. This in a nutshell is the so-called ‘gold problem.’ (An Enemy Hath Done This, p. 218.)” (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson p 639-640.)


Ezra Taft Benson, speaking of the upcoming economic crisis quotes Hamilton, but then also gives us hope to move forward and rebuild a monetary system and healthy economy which shall be a model once again for all the world. Benson states:“ It is even possible that some of the government manipulators who have brought us into this economic crisis are hoping that, in panic, we, the American people, literally will plead with them to take our liberties in exchange for the false promise of ‘security.’ As Alexander Hamilton warned about two hundred years ago: ‘Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions by letting into the government principles and precedents which afterward prove fatal to themselves’ (Alexander Hamilton and the Founding of the Nation, p. 21.) Let us heed this warning. Let us prepare ourselves for the trying time ahead and resolve that, with the grace of God and through our own self-reliance, we shall rebuild a monetary system and a healthy economy, which, once again, will become the model for the entire world. (An Enemy Hath Done This, pp. 220-21.)” (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson p 640.)

Unfortunately, many of the American sheeple will plead with Washington for extreme measures, including the new monitory system that is prepared for us, without which no man will be able to “buy or sell.” Hence, you had better be prepared to have perhaps a year supply of food, clothing, and fuel where possible to get you through a years duration, and to stand independent of these atheistic murderers who have brought us to this situation.

Remember, the Wall Street Backed Communists (Bolsheviks were financed by Wall Street, David Rockefeller being a great ally to these wicked Murderers) have been planning our destruction. When Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson met with USSR Nikita Khrushchev who stated: “I have talked face to face with the godless communist leaders. It may surprise you to learn that I was host to Mr. Khrushchev for a half day when he visited the United States, not that I’m proud of it. I opposed his coming then, and I still feel it was a mistake to welcome this atheistic murderer as a state visitor. But, according to President Eisenhower, Khrushchev had expressed a desire to learn something of American Agriculture — and after seeing Russian agriculture I can understand why. As we talked face to face, he indicated that my grandchildren would live under communism. After assuring him that I expected to do all in my power to assure that his and all other grandchildren will live under freedom he arrogantly declared in substance:

“ ‘You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.’

“And they’re ahead of schedule in their devilish scheme.” (Ezra Taft Benson “Our Immediate Responsibility.” Devotional Address at Brigham Young University. circa 1968.”) [access the audio file on this page.]

Be it remembered – this ominous and profound statement attributed to Vladimir Lenin:

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency” Well folks – now it’s here. Remember Jack Nicholson as the lunatic in ‘The Shining’ with his diabolical grin ‘ HERE’S JOHNNY!” Today it’s George Bush as the grinning lunatic that has led us to total destruction with endless serial wars for IsraHELL that has triggered TRIPLE DIGIT inflation and a spiraling fall of the market into an abyss of another depression that will ruin us all.

Bush is not the only criminal in this mega crime against an entire nation – he is but one of the greedy pawns who sold his soul long ago to the powers of evil that have roamed the earth since Satan declared it was to be his ‘playground’ and the Jews were to be his children. So lets get back to the issues that can be understood by us mortal beings. Remember Lenin’s statement? = “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency” Well – that has been accomplished and the SPECIFIC cause is a monster call the FEDERAL RESERVE.

I personally believe that our imminent economic downfall has deeper roots – those of MORAL decline which have weakened our resolve and judgment – blindsided our wisdom and finally paralyzed our love of TRUTH and hence our love of the fountain of truth – GOD. Point here being – that whichever way you analyze it – or even if you believe as I do – that our demise was a combination of immorality and poor judgment in our fiscal incompetence – the results are the same. We have authored our own destruction and although the warnings have been frequent – passionate and well founded – our ‘fast track’ to the trash heap of history is practically guaranteed through our ignorance – moral cowardice – personal greed – indifference and apparently – our INABILITY to deal with OR EVEN IDENTIFY priorities.

The unabated continual combination of those evils is the death knell for the unity and ‘success’ of any family – any business or ultimately the nation! This truth is echoed in the words of 19th century poet and philosopher George Santayanna, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. … The collective American people are the classic example of “THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER” – or more accurately defined – those who just don’t give a DAMN!

So – Who controls the ‘Federal Reserve’ – (which is of course neither “federal” nor a “reserve”) Who in hell do you THINK owns AmeriKa! The Fed is a private Jew bank of vipers whose greedy purpose is to strangle America. Founded in 1913 it is run by an ALL JEW cabal of thieves. Even though the Jew comprises only some 2 percent of the US population, all 5 Federal Reserve governors are Jews, including chairman Ben S. Bernanke and assistant chairman Donald L. Kohn. Others are: Kevin M. Warsh, Randall S. Kroszner and Frederick S. Mishkin. There is not one gentile in the bunch. To confirm, click on any non-Jew controlled Federal Reserve website.


How come the mainstream media has never reported this fact? How come no politician ever does, including Ron Paul? And what are the odds against all 5 Federal Reserve governors belonging to a race that makes up only 2 percent of the population?? Should we become accomplices of the Jews by keeping silent, or should we speak out publicly to inform our fellow citizens of this outrage?

The signs of our destruction are all in place and have been for years – or have you been spending all of your time at tailgate parties and NFL ‘games’ (You know, pretty much what we did as children – pastimes – diversions – recreation – amusements – sports – play – frolic – romping – fun – merriment -) In Ancient Rome the Imperial government then, encouraged it’s citizens to spend a LOT of their time, efforts and energies with inane childish endeavors — JUST LIKE TODAY!

Ask the average AmeriKan ‘sports fan’ (you know – the one with the backwards baseball hat) to name the top running backs for last Coliseum – OOPS – I meant Super Bowl. He can name every one AND all of their accomplishments. BUT ask this brain-sharing troglodyte to name just 3 or 4 of the Founding Fathers – the men who MADE IT ALL HAPPEN – and sacrificed IT ALL for us to HAVE THIS USA – and see the blank expression. Khrushchev already knew this deadly flaw in our makeup decades ago. The Zionists have simply taken up where the Marxists left off.

What we just can’t seem to grasp is that fact that the RUSSIANS were NOT always enemies. They became ‘ENEMIES’ when they ‘became’ COMMUNISTS. When (1914) is really not NEARLY as important as WHO AND WHY. The ‘who’ were the Zionists – the Jews – Marx – Lenin – Trotsky – and Kavonovitch for openers. The ‘why’ is that evil inbred mentality of the Jew that has been with us forever in recorded history. Death – despair – destruction – wars – unrest – and of course Godlessness – where man himself has replaced the ‘God of our Fathers’ – as so exemplified by the Jew creation – the ‘so- called ‘Beatles’ who did more to destroy our youth than anyone or any movement in history. These WILLING Jew ‘shabbus goy’ [Jew lingo for useful idiots] envoys of the Devil even went so far as to predict that they would replace Jesus with their Jew oriented culture of filth and drugs. It was not an idle boast – and they started a sinister destruction that has permeated the innocence and wholesomeness of our youth to this day. Just another part of ‘big plan’.

Of course we all know from history that Marxism failed — or DID IT? The Soviets were hell bent (literally) on eradicating God from our character makeup – and they succeeded BIGTIME – especially with a little help from their Jew Zionist comrades. Part of the program was of course to destroy the rugged spirit that embodied the American youth when I was a child. Here again the Jew has just proceeded to finish what the Bolsheviks started. Destroy the family unit – instill arrogance and doubt in the mind of the youth – inundate him with ALL of the Jew tools of destruction – rock and roll – heavy metal – acid rock and finally the level of demonic Jew procreated financed and promoted ‘entertainment’ that we have today. Take one look at the Jew group KISS and tell me that this type of diabolical influence is a good wholesome natural influence on your teen daughters and sons. Remember – if they are to succeed TOTALLY – the youth MUST be destroyed as well so as to ‘own’ the minds body and souls of future generations.

THEN the economic destruction of the country can go on unimpeded. You tell me – what would your 16 year old son rather get for his birthday – a book that will impart timeless wisdom and goodness – expand his understanding – make him a better father mother or citizen – OR a pair of those pricey tickets to attend a ‘rock concert’ of the ‘Electric Prunes’ or the ‘Angels From Hell’ or ‘The Sons Of Anarchy’? You already know the answer – you have already lost the battle for control of your OWN children’s souls. The Jew has made meaningful wholesome things too boring (they do not sell as well as filth like ‘GIRLS GONE WILD’ – featured 20 time a night – 7 day a week.

But back to the collapse of our economy and our plunge into the abyss of darkness and- OH By The Way it is worthy to note that the Jew – being a perennial parasite always flourishes during periods of general public suffering and despair. This demonic characteristic was painfully proven in the aftermath of the Civil War Between the States as Jew carpetbaggers opportunized the decimated civilians who had already lost virtually everything they had. Like packs of ravenous wolves and sharks in feeding frenzies they bought everything left at pennies on the dollar and ruined the lives of countless families caught up in the war. The Jew did this in Germany during the great depressions following WW1 and the struggling Weimer Republic – AND they WILL do the SAME to this country – if their plan works – and it is right on schedule!

Keep up deficit spending – Exporting our service needs – continued erosion of our already failed medical system and convince the people that ONLY the Government (Big Brother) can save them from harm – IF – of course we ‘sheeple’ are willing to sacrifice only a ‘FEW’ of our God Granted Constitutionally mandated freedoms for a ‘bit’ of SECURITY! There WILL be marauding gangs in the streets – Thugs mugging you in parking lots – punks stealing gas from your cars and levels of crime unimaginable to most peace loving citizens. Looting burning raping forced home entries will become common as people become more desperate. There will be demonstrations for our sons to come home from foreign places that they DO NOT BELONG – but it will be too late by then and the ‘enemy will be at the gates’.

Oh and it is worthy to mention that the ‘ENEMY” at the gates will NOT Be Arabs – they will be our own young killers – raping stealing and marauding THEIR OWN neighbors as PROVEN in COUNTLESS warnings of people like myself and many others – but silenced like so many voices in the wilderness by the Jew dominated news media. The returning veterans will have no jobs to go to and worse yet – an ALREADY FAILED VA system waiting for them. I know – I tried the VA system and found it so incompetent that I opted to spend MY OWN MONEY on drugs and services. Since it is that bad NOW – can you imagine how it will be when the system totally collapses. As a father and a Christian and a Veteran I tried and tried to warn our young men in uniform NOT to follow these illegal orders to murder innocent people – but no one would listen. NOW they WILL pay the price for their folly – along with everyone else.

Most people who invested their life savings will have already lost most if not all of what they struggled their entire lives to put away for their children and their old age. A loaf of bread may cost 100 dollars and you might be KILLED for it! Gas stations will ALL be out of gas – grocery stores looted and you will have to share guard shifts with your family to protect your home from thieves. Going out for any necessity after dark will be a risky situation. Forget about a designated ‘driver’ – you will need a designated ARMED person. Forget about the police – as they will be trying to protect their own families. First to disappear will be fresh meats produce and the like – then canned goods. There will be bread and soup lines as people struggle to help the hopeless and sick. Need emergency medical care? Just want to see your doctor? FORGET IT! Hospitals will be overcrowded and impossible to get into. Think I exaggerate? Just ask a living person who experienced the ‘great depression’ here.

What will happen next? Simple – just scan back to the beginning of this paper and READ the warning of A. Hamilton. Being the predictable sheeple that we have shown ourselves to be thus far – we will then be ‘advised’ by the ‘then seated President’ (it won’t matter who he is – as he will be the pawn of the Jews anyway)– that the “ government is here to protect you – BUT (AND HERE IS THE DEADLY TREASONOUS CAVEAT THAT WE WERE WARNED OF) You must allow us [meaning the Jews and Jew sycophants like Bush] to SUSPEND certain freedoms you now have under our Constitution. Incidentally this deadly sinister concept is ages old and has been executed thorough out history all over the world even from ancient times – always with the same results – enslavement of the people – checkmate – GAME OVER!

After some seemingly innocuous new ‘laws’ that will always victimize minorities and those who resist the Govt. will of course been tagged as “traitors” and “ ENEMIES OF THE STATE” (BEGINNING TO SOUND FAMILIAR?) You ‘sheeple’ ain’t seen nothing yet! Then will come the mandated by law wiretaps – ALL LEGAL OF COURSE! About then there will be emergency legislation for confiscation of ALL firearms – but – OF COURSE FOR THE COMMON GOOD! This will be the watershed portion of the plan – for NOW our entire nation is helpless an unarmed. Every single American who helped an ANY way to enable this monstrous plot will have been PERSONALLY responsible for the death of the entire nation – the ULTIMATE TEASON! Are you listening Pelosi?

Then there will arrests in the middle of the night – but OF COURSE FOR THE COMMON GOOD! Target groups will THEN include – but not be limited to – TRUE Christians and REAL patriots – anti-war groups. Charges of hate crimes can now be leveled at ANY group or religion or individual who dares to criticize IsraHELL for the endless wars that have devastated not only other cultures but also our own economy. Neighbors will disappear overnight and never ever be heard from or of again. No American will then have ANY rights and torture will be the terror of the day. Remember – not a shot has been fired yet. You gave up ALL of your freedoms VOLUNTARILY – and it was ALL DONE in writing with YOUR CONCENT. You will by then have condemned your friends and families to prison torture or death – depending upon the mood of the thugs in charge. Halliburton will supply your new prisons and Blackwater will supply the sadists.

We are now at the point of no return and ANY hope has been SELF- EXTINGUISHED! Scenarios like I have outlined already exist in secret vaults in our Government. The ‘exercises’ for these horrible scenarios are ALREADY on file and have ALREADY been rehearsed in this country under innocuous sounding names but ALL aimed at quashing ANY patriotic insurrections against our rogue government for suspending our Constitution. Jews will of course be in ALL of the key positions. The only ray of hope is that history has taught us that when this type of treason is committed against an entire nation by a cabal of criminals – like War- criminal George Bush and his so-called neo-con Jew advisors and other opportunistic country sellers – like 99% of our criminal spineless Congress – there will be a substantial faction of Constitutionally loyal military to fight with and for the freedom loving citizenry.

Now come the piece-de’ resistance – the coup-de gras! THERE WILL BE MARTIAL LAW! Remember those Marines at the Twenty Nine Palms Naval base who would murder civilians on demand. Remember the young killers in our military who have raped and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent children in Iraq – Remember that WE TURNED OUR COLLECTIVE HEADS and told the world that we didn’t LITERALY give a rat’s ass how many innocent civilians were murdered – because after all – they were only “RAGHEADS” and “SAND NIGGERS”? NOW Satan will have his way with us. Martial law means that ANY civilian INCLUDING YOUR 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER can be shot dead in front of her own parents at the discretion of the marauding soldiers IN YOUR HOMES! Why not? OUR MILITARY have ALRADY murdered DOZENS of helpless AMERICAN children at Waco — OHHH! – did we forget Waco! Do you know how many of those cold-blooded killers were arrested for those unconscionable serial murders? NONE! Do you know how many of those cold-blooded murderers were indicted or prosecuted for these heinous crimes against helpless children? NONE! Do you know how many of these PRE-MEDIATED killers of God’s most helpless creations were PUNISHED for one of the most sinister mass homicides ever committed on American soil? NONE!

NOW – we either fight – or die! Good against evil. There can no longer be ANY concessions.

If you think for ONE NANO-SECOND that I am exaggerating about the FACTUAL PROVEN WILLINGNESS of US Marines to murder our OWN civilian citizens in cold blood – I suggest you (before the internet is destroyed – for security reasons OF COURSE) check our a website called ’29 Palms’. What truth you find there about the nature of the NEW IMPROVED AmeriKan Soldier will instill the fear of God in your heart. Our OWN neighbors – Marines in uniform were found to be WILLING to murder their OWN NEIGHBORS if ordered to by other military authorities! This is NOT a joke or an ‘urban legend’. THIS IS A FACT. – AND – ilk of their Godless sick twisted mindset have ALREADY murdered enormous numbers of helpless innocent terrified human being in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What I have told you people may be only months away – if that long

Why should ANY American today be surprised? Once again – I have struggled as best I could to warn and advise people here of the cruel and brutal nature of our young people in uniform today. Whether it was the now decades of traumatizing our youth with Jew created and funded violent high tech ‘arcade games’ of killing or decades of ‘normalizing’ violence against babies with the murder of MILLIONS of unborn HUMAN BEINGS a year – or the endless murders of HELPLESS CIVILIANS in Iraq and Afghanistan – MOSTLY INNOCENT CHILDREN – for a period longer that the entire World War II –or the murders of innocent children at Waco Texas – or a combination of these – we have NOW created a generation of rapists and murderers without souls or consciences.

IF and WHEN these young killers are asked to NOW murder their own neighbors – WE HAVE PROOF POSITIVE THAT THEY WILL DO SO WITH NO HESITATION. Again – nothing new – the Soviets did it – the Red Chinese did it – the Khmer Rouge did it – Cuba’s Castro did it – to mention only a few in recent history who had no respect for human life. I have told NO LIE! I have stated nothing out of context! I have spoken what I believe from a lifetime of experiences to be the undeniable consequences of our own folly and a simple matter of history repeating itself. The coming Presidential campaign is the most ludicrous nonsense I have experienced as an American in my entire life. The ONLY winner will be IsraHell – because the candidates from BOTH parties have sworn their loyalties AND PUBLIC allegiance to IsraHELL – – NOT to the Constitution of the United States – or are you ignorant of that FACT as well?

With either candidate, we will end up with traitors to this country and ALL that it stands for. Their legacy will be continued endless killing and endless wars endless inflation – joblessness hopelessness and of course GODLESNESS. WE have self inflicted these grievous wounds against our OWN selves. The cruelest aspect of all is that we will have – NOT for want of ANY material thing – nor for ANY ‘act of God’ but because of our OWN greed and stupidity – guaranteed a future of bleak misery. They WILL be angry and WILL want answers as to “ WHAT HAPPENED”. I too – have children and grandchildren – BUT – at least I am making an effort to try to avert this coming calamity.

Whether you adhere to the economic or the moral aspects of the problem – the ugly fact is that Jewish interests have promoted BOTH domestically and in IsraHELL. When I say that our nation will collapse economically – I mean that literally. This does not mean however that there will not be a paradise here for the superrich and a hell for the rest of the disenfranchised ‘sheeple’. The NUMEROUS criminals like George Bush who have ‘engineered’ this treason will probably live out their lives in opulent comfort – but will hopefully keep their ‘appointment with the hangman’ if justice prevails. Even IF we are so devastated that it affects ALL economic levels – the Jew will simply do as he has done for thousands of years when he has sucked all the lifeblood out of his host nation – he will seek another hapless victim foolish enough to take him in and then eventually destroy that nation as well.

He – (the Jew) will then secure that nation’s finance through banking – secure the entertainment and news media – destroy any semblance of Christian tradition – corrupt the youth – secure high positions in government and judiciary – control the military and send them to war for the glory of IsraHELL – bleed the economy dry and only when there remains nothing more than rotted corpse of what the nation once was – he will repeat the scenario over and over until he has achieved his goal of world Zionist supremacy. WE KNOW – that is his goal – and he may yet achieve it. Only YOU the ‘grass roots’ American – can save what is left – and only IF you get off your collective asses and simply DO THE RIGHT THING – LEARN THE TRUTH – and SHOW SOME MORAL COURAGE TO ACT – will we recover what we once had.

It may yet NOT be inevitable – but UNLESS we – as a nation wake up to the UGLY BRUTAL FACT that we HAVE ‘met’ the enemy – AND that the ‘enemy are us’ as so stated by the 50s cartoon character –‘Pogo the Opossum’. For those of you that did not understand the previous ‘reference’ – it is already too late for you. The rest of you mature enough to remember it’s meaning – OR young and idealistic enough to even TRY – our nation’s fate is in your hands. The ‘barbarians’ ARE at OUR gates. The call is yours. Answer it NOW – before it is too late.

Joe Cortina


  1. Not only is the federal reserve a problem as a central bank ran by private interests/banks. But the whole idea of fractional reserve banking which allows banks to create credit at the cost of the people and profit from it.

    I think that Ron Paul was very much correct, when he addressed the issue of competing currencies, how can you have a free market without a free market for transaction services?

  2. Unborn children should have the right to keep and bear arms – and legs and ears and eyes etc.! Clara

  3. Dear Mr. Cortina,

    Intriguing work to say the least.
    I have read a few of your posts which in several points refer to the sad intellectual state of the average American (voter or not) and also to the declining standard of those things we learn by; media of every stripe including magazines, videos, etc.. Some of your observations are very close to my own which is nice for one who sometimes feels alone… I have been trying to write to those whose work I respect in order to send my support, make new and worthy friends, and to keep updated/share info.
    I am not sitting by but reaching out.

    All the best to you Sir!
    I would appreciate a word back.

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