I grew up in a country that had some problems but in general it was a wonderful place to live. We had a LOT More freedoms than we have now. We are respected by virtually all of the free world countries. Gas was less than a quarter a gallon for so long I can’t remember. Your mom and grandmas could watch ANY movie without fear of being grossed out and offended by the rancid sex violence and abysmally vile perversions our children and we are subjected to 24-7. Flying was fun then and there was no such thing as hijacking and ‘terrorists’. People respected each other and there was no racial violence or even harsh racial feeling at least where I lived.


Church was a place where reverence was practice and the peaceful lessons of the wishes of our Lord were the topic of sermons – be it in my Catholic church or any Protestant church that I has occasion to visit. We were taught to respect all other religions and ALL school children were taught our Christian heritage as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The streets were safe at night for your mother or sister to take a stroll without danger of being raped or robbed – or children being molested. EVERYBODY that had ANY kind of job could afford medical care and the ‘family ‘ Dr. would actually make ‘house calls’ in VERY modest neighborhoods – it was NOT the exception – IT WAS THE NORM. We were pretty much at peace with the world and ourselves. I was already in grade school when the ‘big’ War ended. We were ‘at peace with the world and ourselves.


Nobody on the phone asked if you needed to speak in any other language except English and the income tax was fair and affordable. The only people that hated us were the Communists and Christmas was not called a ‘holiday’ or even commercialized. It was GENUINELY a time of gathering, peace – good will, and celebration of the birth of our Lord in a joyous and TRADITIONAL TRUE Christian fashion. Neighbors ACTUALLY KNEW all their other neighbors. We had an FBI that actually PROTECTED our people from certain types of crime – and truth in advertising and the news was actually so reliable that we just took it for granted that we could trust ‘these people’ – unlike today where it seems that everybody from the President on down is a habitual liar!.


Any politician that was caught being corrupt or teacher that was exposed as a pervert was considered a public blight. There was actually tradition and honor – courtesy and consideration experienced in everyday life. Prayer in public schools had been there since colonial times and was there to stay obviously. There were virtually NO out of wedlock pregnancies – no drug problems – NO violence in schools PERIOD! I received both a parochial and public education – which at that time the public schools were top notch ( before the NEA took over). EVERYONE could afford to own a car – buy the gas and even pay insurance then . They were built to last a lifetime and if they needed repair – most fathers could ‘fix’ what was wrong without a degree in quantum physics and advanced electronics.


There was one other nice thing that we NEVER EVER had to deal with. It was the vitriolic racist hatred that came from our pastors – ostensibly men that had dedicated their lives to the teaching of the love and peace of the Father to us all – that pollutes our nation with lies, racist hatred and blasphemies which would have earned the perpetrator an ‘invitation’ to take A LONG PERMANENT VACATION some where else. We were a ‘GOOD’ people then. We were tolerant of most everything but EVIL – and mindless EVIL especially in our so-called ‘churches’ is what we are inundated with today like a suffocating blanket of poison gas that chokes out ALL reason – logic – knowledge – compassion and civility. Remember how it was in the USA before IsraHELL?


That is all gone now – an certainly forever – unfortunately. Then came the era of rot and corruption of the very soul of my country. Part of that evil were a group of monsters whose immoral ambitions knew no limits. Their goals? The total destruction of TRUE Christianity as it had been in America since we won our independence. Forget the Communists. They only did half the job abd all in secret. Today our OWN people have zealously undertaken to finish off Christ’s church for good!


One of those demonic agendas was to destroy the very soul of Christian belief by the merging of Godless Zionism into an amorphous thing which cannot exist in the light of truth logic and goodness. An oxymoron – an impossibility – a contradiction in truth – in other words – an abomination in the eyes of God! Something which could NEVER EVER be accomplished in the midst of a truly Christian people. A loathsome union of all that is good and all that is evil that could have ONLY Been accomplished in an atmosphere of abysmal ignorance amongst weak and feeble minded people of the weakest of character – fearful of truth – without a conscience or conviction – and dedicated to earthly pleasures. That is the breeding ground for the false prophet who materially enriches himself at the cost of human souls- and often resulting human misery.


There are a number of these ‘false prophets’ today – whose sole agenda is not only ANYTHING but the teachings of our Lord – but diatribes of hate unparalled in American history. Their names are household ‘terms’ today – F.Graham – Hin – Osteen – Robertson – Falwell and many more – ALL false prophets whose conduct has damaged TRUE Christianity FAR beyond the wildest dreams of the Comintern. I have heard more hatred and outright blasphemies proliferated from these monsters in the past year or two than in my entire life! I will chose but one of many of these demonic scum – as they are all cut from the same pattern of evil death and destruction that flies in the face of God. Their goal was the total destruction of ALL that the teachings of Christ ever meant!


What is EVEN MORE ALARMIMG that the monsters themselves – is the fact that their ‘homily of hate’ was NOT delivered by Hitler – or Stalin – or Castro – or Mao – or Ho or even a grand imperial wizard of the KKK. This active hostility against the wishes of God is demonically done in the name of CHRIST in a supposed ‘holy place of worship’ disguised as the will of God! What these people do cannot be adequately described by alluding to a simple commission of a sin against the commandment of not to take the name of the Lord in vain – it is the ULTIMATE MOCKERY OF THE WILL OF GOD TO THE ‘ENTH’ DEGREE!


After listening to these slanderous diatribes of hate, lies and blasphemies until it was almost unbearable – I have decided that if there was one individual that exuded this evil in an even more pernicious manner than his monstrous colleagues – it has to be a creature from hell known as Rod Parsley.


And of even a more disgusting AND frightening nature is the somber fact that people who identify themselves as FOLLOWERS and WORSHIPERS of Christ are WILLING accessories to this monumental outrage. One can only imagine the kind of human being that would FANATICALLY support these demons as they mock our Lord in the cruelest manner imaginable! One can only deduct that any creature who corroborate with this kind of evil, are street thugs – whores – perverts hypocrites and the largest assemblage of modern day Pharisees on earth! To harsh? I mean – after all – just what would you call a ‘person’ who literally SCREAMS for the murder of millions of innocent men women and children? Nice folks?


There has even been an entirely new techno-word in our vocabulary created for these scum – Islamophobes. Christians have been living along side of Muslims for CENTURIES in Palestine! Every time that abysmal scum like Parsley and his detestable ilk enable American dollars to kill civilians there – they also murder fellow Christians who historically make up 10-20- percent of the integrated population.


For every TEN children the terrorist Jew IDF from IsraHELL murder in cold-blood – as I have witnessed – at least ONE of them is a Christian child! YET – In his blind demonic demented hatred – I have yet to hear Parley show the SLIGHTEST compassion for his ‘fellow Christians that were murdered with parsley’s approval AND- in the name of CHRIST – according to this demon.’ NOR will you EVER hear Satan’s ally – Parsley – read portions of the Quoran depicting not only the deep reverence for Christ and His Blessed mother – but traditional Islamic family values which VERY MUCH parallel those of TRADITIONAL Christian. A strange thing for a supposed Christian leader – who ALSO WORSHIPS the people whose most holy religious book – the TALMUD – CLEARLY identifies our Lord a s “BASTARD” and His blessed Mother as a “WHORE”. Surprised ? Doubtful? – than I encourage you to read these things from the documents themselves


One look at the fat bloated pasty faced idiots in Parsley’s ‘flock’ will give you an instant clue to the FACT that these are among the most IGNORANT human beings on planet earth. These Pavlov salivating ‘lemmings’ are so brain-dead stupid that they should be watered instead of fed. Next time you witness one of these demonic hate-fests sponsored by Parsley – take a GOOD LOOK at the FACES in the crowd. Blank stares of the same kind as you see on that dark country road when the pickup truck catches the deer in its headlights with that stunned look of Duhhhh – just before it get s run over! You hunters will know EXACTLY what I mean.


These people are not Christians in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. I will tell you what they ARE, though. They are accomplices to countless murders of innocent fellow human beings like the MILLION PLUS civilians that OUR country at the bidding AND ENABLEMENT of filth like these Zio-bot thugs have a lot of blood on their hands – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE ACOMPLICES TO MURDER!


Hate-meister Parsley whips them up into a frenzy of hate so they SCREAM for the blood of people who have NEVER done ANY harm to ANY of them. I CERTAINLY would not allow that kind of street scum to influence my children or ANYONE that I loved. I have lived among them (Arab people) for a period and have found them as a whole, to be MORE respectful of my religious convictions that MOST people on earth!


I could list PAGES of documented hate committed by Parsley – but if any reader who still has a conscience and REALLY BELIEVE WHAT CHRIST TAUGHT US –(NOT TO MURDER MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE BECAUSE SOME SCUM TELLS YOU TO DO SO)- then all you have to do is to WATCH and LISTEN to one of Parsley’s hate diatribes. Now keep THIS IN MIND – this evil piece of human garbage is telling his flock /audience that they should MURDER MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE – because HE doesn’t like them and wants them ALL to die. Realize that his ultimate blasphemy is that his lies tell his brainless ‘sheeple’ that these unspeakable horrors – WILL PLEASE JESUS! Can you possibly immagine anything more rancidly blasphemous?


I can conjure up images of Danner – Manson and a laundry list of serial killers – BUT NOBODY can hold a candle to the raw monstrous evil of the sick twisted hateful racist demonic murderous mind of Rod Parsley – a filthy little bully who has never had the guts to serve his country in harm’s way and apparently learned NOTHING from his miserable wasted life but racist hate. I hope you read this = you miserable cowardly little man. And just in case you think I am disrespectful to my elders – you weren’t even potty trained when I was then in the service of my country – risking my life to protect scum like you against a REAL enemy – but then after all, you might have gotten your little hands dirty and maybe it would have interfered with your agenda of the destruction TRUE Christendom in my beloved country. You have already reserved a place for your self in the after life. So look forward to your eternity with your father in hell where you belong – you unrepentant lying blasphemous child murdering scum.


By the way, little man – I will debate you in a fair public venue anytime. It is the least I can do for the memories of all those murdered little children – widows and the bottomless sea of misery you have caused to the most defenseless and helpless of God’s creations. When I am through exposing you without your Zionist mascara – decent informed educated Christian people in this country will be drowning you in spit if you as much as show your face in public outside of your hate-filled Zionist Synagogue of Satan. I don’t have your big money connections and political backing but I DO HAVE THE TRUTH. Why not pick up the glove you lying spineless little worm.


Joe Cortina



  1. I cannot even listen to most of those who are preaching on the TV channels. Most of them are driven by greed and have no clue what Jesus is like. But there is one that we enjoy listening to very much. His name is Joeseph Prince, and he is a pastor in Singapore. If you have a chance–listen to him. He is preaching truth more than any other I have heard. A real minister of grace. If you can get the Daystar channel, he is on there.

  2. So much anger, So much hate. Any true Holy Ghost filled Christian Couldn’t say such words. The last time I checked God is love. If you feel that a man of God is in error. The best thing you can do is pray for the individual. Not bring accusation to his character. As the Bible clearly states “Who can bring a charge to God’s elect. It is God who justifies. I will pray that God shows you more mercy than you showed to Rod Parsley. Whether or not he is what you say he is, let God be the judge. You will both have to give an account in the end anyway. God Bless

  3. What are you saying? You are calling a man of God (who may in this istance be in error) garbage and evil and on and on and you know that if a brother is in error the bible says “Those of you that are MEEK” (which is certainly not you in this instance) go and correct him. I think you need to pick a more suitable venue to table your (worthy sounding) issues with Parsley. Don’t you agree?

  4. Maybe you should read the Bible and understand what you are doing when you speak against Men of God.such as the Jews– 1 Chronicles 16:22 saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm”

  5. That is not everything I said….why can’t you post it all? Are you seeing the error of your ways…has God begun dealing with you about your pesecution of a man of God? Are you scared of what is happening in your spiritman that you cannot post everything I said?

  6. In response to Rev. Richard Stroud and every other religious fanatic that has posted. First off, who is to say that he is a man of the same God as you so desperately believe in? We as humans all need something to believe in (or as you call it “faith”) to feel as though we have a purpose in this unexplained thing called life. Why waste your time debating who is a man of “God” and who needs to read the bible more and open your eyes to the fact that if our creator was anything like the “God” you portray him to be, we would not be having this conversation over a belief in a rhetorical, divine entity that loves you, but has no problem burning you for the rest of your life if you do not do as he says (reference: George Carlin has some good ideas on “God”, check him out on “Simon says”. As for Joe Cortina: Get over your fascinations with the past and “the way things used to be”. Those days are gone and there is no safety in this universe that can be guaranteed by “God”, the government or your own mother. Word to the wise: “If you meet a man who claims to know the truth, run from him; if you meet a man who claims to seek the truth, run to him”. Every church and it’s leader claims to be the right way to go and only followers of his belief will surely go to heaven. Hypothetically, what if you pick the wrong one? What then? Why not see it as a personal walk, one not defined by the men of old time who claimed to know have known the divine and predicted your demise and controlled your future. This life is short and if there are so many religions/beliefs based on the same theory that there is something bigger than us that created us, that we chose to call, “God” then there must be more than one religion, more than one belief and to believe in one, without room to believe that there is more to life than 10 commandments is a life cut short by inflictions of self created wounds conjured by a mental restriction that life is made up of only one book without the mystery of it all. We all want to know the truth so bad we made up our own and now we are blind. 10% of our brain is only in use because we chose to close the other 90% to protect ourselves from reality and created a matrix of our own. “Rev.” Richard Stroud: according to your belief your statement, ““Those of you that are MEEK” (which is certainly not you in this instance) go and correct him” is considered casting the first stone as if you had not sinned yourself. Judgment is overrated and you should remind yourself, though you may have a pre-conceived notion about a man, you do not know what goes on behind the closed doors of a man’s mind, his intentions or his nature. Take that into careful consideration when defending another human based on a single belief that stands up against 300 other types of beliefs. Why is yours so special? Because you have a book? Think more, it’s healthy.

  7. My prayer is that God will save your soul. The Bible says that if a man says he loves God and hates his brother he is a liar. Drowning people in spit is not Christ-like in any way. You sir will have to stand before the judgment seat of christ – do you realy think you are ready?

    –note from me, JC–While we are quoting the bible, here a few more for us to consider–

    “You know how I lived the whole time I was with you, from the first day I came into the province of Asia. 19 I served the Lord with great humility and with tears and in the midst of severe testing by the plots of the Jews.” acts 20/19

    “You suffered from your fellow citizens the same things those churches suffered from the same Jews who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and also drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to everyone in their effort to keep us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. In this way they always heap up their sins to the limit. The wrath of God has come upon them at last.”
    1 Thessalonians, 2.15

    So here we have none other than St Paul himself, dabbling in ‘anti-Semitic’ conspiracy theories concerning ‘the plotsof the Jews” and saying they are a nation of damned people. I guess you should be praying for his soul as well, huh?

    The problem (and it is a REAL problem, believe me) with ‘Christians” like you is that in your lukewarmness (which Jesus said he would vomit out of his mouth) you are selective in your beliefs. You will be as meek as doves but refuse to be as wise as serpents as well and in so doing you hand the Jews–again, whom Paul said were enemies of both God and man–the world on a silver platter, and by so doing, bcome the worshippers of teh beast talked about in the book of revelations, so congratulations on your own condemnation.

  8. Their is a fine line. I am so tired of people saying to pray for these people. If you know something is wrong you need to state it and let people be aware and let them do their homework and come to their own conclusions.Shame on anyone that chooses to not use their God given brain to check warnings out.

  9. Rod Parsley is a criminal. The only thing he knows how to do is prey and not pray. Any person or organization that takes money in the name of God for their own benefit should be horse whipped. My poor mother in law has Alzheimer’s, and is convinced that she needs to “sew a seed” for a miracle. The only miracle I could hope for concerning Mr. Parsley would be a 20 year sentence in a jail somewhere.

  10. Altho Joe uses very harsh language,I have to agree with his basic message….Most of these teleevangelists are money-hungry hucksters and Zionist shills.

  11. God will be glorified in pretense and truth. Yes, there are televangelist out there that are charloteens. Tell us something we don’t know. It is the ones that are slipping under the radar that we should pray for discerment over.. Hey buddy. Turn the T.V. off. According to Revelations, millions will be duped by a false Jesus. Talk about a sting.
    Anyway, I know Joel Olsteen and allbeit that he is really sugarcoated, his message is uplifting and encouraging. He starts every sermon stating that the Holy Bible is the only truth and way to know God and his will. He prays. I think he is not a racist or a false prophet. I think his pitch is directed to encourage broken hearted and financially challenged and depreseed Christains to expect to be blessed by a supernatural God. That is Joel Olsteens ministry. So and whats your beef? Did you pray for prosperity and get a big “no” from ouf Father. Knock some more!. When your motives are right God will bless you.Maybe not with money. Maybe he will bless you with a big finger. Like a really big one. Great for pointing at people. Well thats a horse of a diferent color. Pastors are making alot of money these days. God will deal with them not you. God blesses whom he choses. I hope he choses you. Its all un merrited, what makes them different?. Satan is the accuser. Who’s side are you on? Your personality type reflected in these letters makes me think you could be cutting holes in pillow cases your self if your not careful. HIDE THE SCISSOPRS AND THE CIGARETTE LIGHTERS! It is not funny , I know. Can you sing? because i have a great stage name for you. We will get some real white Keltic looking girls and a big four whell truck for a back drop. You could sing in the bed of that four wheelin bad boy!Here goes: “Ladies and gentlemen Praise the Lord all the way from Hatinmore Kentucky here he is Ronnie Righteouss and the Fire and Brimstone Singers. Lord have mercy! Drum role!

  12. Man of GOD my ass. What makes a person a man of GOD? Someone who goes to church everyday? A man who knows what the bible says? I say someone who practices what the bible says. Not someone who tells who to not like someone because of their skin tone or their wealth standing. I saw him on tv today talking about these people on wealfare that he’s paying taxes for. Umm…lets get the facts straight first. Their is no welfare anymore. Their is just foodstamps and medicaid. And with foodstamps who have to have a job to get it and have to work a certain number of hours at the job to get it. So more than likely a single or married couple with no children would get foodstamps. And medicaid is for just children. Or pregnant women. And then there is WIC. And that is awful. You republicans know not what you do. There is now a loop hole in the system that will cause babies to die. Abortion is wrong but not anafelectic shock? My daughter is very allergic to milk protein. Different than lactose intollerant. The loop hole is… is that a baby cannot get allimentum formula unless the baby has an allergy test to prove the baby has an allegy. Sounds fine except an allergist does not perform allergy tests on babies till they are 8 months. Thankfully my baby was 6 months and after crying in a consultaion with him he agreed to do the test and I got the formula. But how many other babies wont be so lucky. I mean you people are so against abortion but once the baby is born it should be left to die beacuse it wasn’t born rich. Really? I think everyone needs to sit and think WWJD? A poor woman with a crying hungry baby and we should just walk past and say get a job lady. Really? If that is GODly I want none of that.

  13. Sheena…abortion is wrong as is lying, stealing, cheating, disregarding one’s neighbor’s plight etc. What is happening is not a political war but a spiritual war. If you are angry..and it seems that you are…fight the true opponent..which is Satan who reigns in the hearts of men. Let go of the political slams and focus simply on doing good. You were blessed that your baby received care and now pray for those other babies in similar situations. Use your discernment as guided by biblical teachings and do not condemn “Republicans” or “Democrats” but realize we are all children of one God…all trying to find Him in this painful world. Jesus Christ taught us to love Him by loving our brothers and sisters. Do not fight hate with more hate…simply love and fight intensely with an attitude towards building a heavenly kingdom for God. I know you can make a difference if you allow your sense of injustice to propel you in a positive direction! Amen to you.

  14. Attention “Concernedforyoursoul”…The Jews are NOT prophets and they are NOT anoited…They reject Jesus Christ and are no longer His chisen…stop twisting Scripture around to fit the Zionist agenda!

  15. I have read about ALL the televangelists on the web, and you can bet that every one of them has bad reports.
    Some of these reports go back 30 years, and I get the feeling that some of these preachers have repented for any wrong they did.
    I guess whoever digs into the past must have a hard time looking at all that sin, what with them being so perfect.
    But try as I might to find the good in a person, and some of them now preach excellent messages, there are 2 preachers get me to turn the tv off.
    Benny Hinn is one. How people can’t see him for the fraud he is I just don’t understand.
    The second is no less than Rod Parsley. Everey time I have seen him he has quickly got onto planting your seed, or in real talk, giveing your money.
    If I want to hear someone begging for money I can go to the city (mind you, they won’t be wearing fancy suits and expensive watches).
    I’m not perfect because I still sin, but I don’t charge people to tell them the Word of God, and I don’t use the Word of God as a guise to solicit money.

  16. As I read many of the posts that are concerned about speaking against a man of God.
    PerhapsI am worng, but Rod Parsley and man of God are two names that should never be in the same sentence.
    How often did Jesus ask for money?
    How often does Rod Parsley ask for money?
    You do the maths and the answer, if they are equal, would be Man of God.
    But they are not equal are they?

  17. Tom you are so right. i dont understand if this man ver preaches about the word of GOD because I have never heard him. He preaches about money and he does not feel it anylonger.

  18. this is to Tom, it is biblical to give and it would come back to you good measure pressed down, running over, also kno that it is also biblical that those who sow in tears would definately reap in joy. moreover, you are not forced or under durex to give. The boy with bread and fishes gave it up for the lord and it was multiplied, the widow who gave her last coin, even God gave up his son for us. giving is born out of free will no matter what anyone says,if any one wants to exercise his faith through giving, let it be because if its unto God, then God would reward no matter what you think a man of God does with the money.

  19. Im confused as to what religion to chose when i strongly believe what difference does it make when he or she is one creator do u agree?

  20. I agree with much of what you have said. “Christian” zionists are a blight on our country along with all their millenial zealots. However, I believe that the gates of hell will never prevail against the local church. Paul tells us that it will continue with end.

    “Age without end, amen, amen” Eph. 3:21

  21. God is God all by his self we don’t buy miracles God said give and it shall be given back to you what ever you need we give to the ministry not to man but to God giving back to the Lord what he has given to you don’t get it twisted Rod Parsley is truly a anointed man of God he has produced much fruit in my life and I am getting ready to sow a seed into his ministry unto the Lord to help support the gospel I pray that the truth will set you free I’ll pray for your salvation

  22. Finally!!!!, someone else out there has “Discerned the real truth,” about Rod Parsley, & is not under his “ANTI-CRIST” hypnosis & spell, joining the religious pharisee cult, of weak minded idots, who won’t read proverbs, psalms, Kings, 1st/2nd Samuel, & the letters of Paul the Apostle, to see the false prophet, & greedy, covetous, proud, jealous, envious, judge-mental, fault-finding, mean-spirited, racist, shallow, phony, Jacob lying, U.S birth-right stealing, extortionist, bribe-taking, sell-out Judas-Kissing, Oxy-moron, vain, people-pleasing, enemy/abomination of God, tale-bearing, gossiping, critical, harsh, sharp, pressing, demanding, self-righteous, abusing the gifts of the spirit, selfish-agendas, sneaky, creepy, stalking, manipulative, controlling Hitler, ponzi-scheming, using poor, defenseless, 3rd world children, as a ploy for money 2 support his demented, insane, cruel, world-wide, extravaggant-greedy lifestyle, 2 the revelation of the Anti-Christ, being his False-Prophet, & Fore-runner, 2 the ones coming w/thin 20 yrs or less, preaching, faithing, tithing others, but denying the power thereof himself, republican butt-kissing, even though they have eluded themselves, from his association, come election pressure, & publically deny, & diss him, save the clowning/jestures, he relentlessly sweats himself, like a Pig for, 2 gain their approval/acceptance, leaving the campaign trail, rejected once-again, till the next fiscal years, while he then sweats like a pig again, 2 pretend 2 now, be back in faithful grace again, w/ the oxy-moron christians, he disses/leaves behind, at the lavish dinner parties/balls etc. of the who’s who, 2 go a -whoring after Baalim/World, being an enemy of God, till he needs God again ,2 validate the mis-use of the gifts again, 2 keep them,(nieve Christians) believing in his phony doctrines of Devils again, so they don’t discern the two-faced, world/celebrity/powerful folks, of the world, butt-kissing, & performing, at the expense og God/Church, 2 which they were really meant 2 edify, that in his wicked heart, he truly covets…

  23. Anti-Zionist does not mean Anti-Semitic nor does Semitic denote Jewish descent but rather Arab as well.

    Zionism insist ‘Israel’ is a Geographical location on a map- While the ‘promised land’ is a location, Israel is not.

    In historical reality ‘Israel’ never existed, if were looking on a map, it has always been Palestine.

    The English word: Nation was taken the from Greek word ‘Natio’ which actually denotes literal ‘Blood relation’ i.e.; literal ‘Family’.

    Israel is a People not a Country. Israel is a Tree of Life not a Piece of Earthly Real Estate… Israel is a Family not a Geographical Location.

  24. To all those who are affected by Rod Parsley and other ‘preachers’, please turn to the infallible Scripture.
    1 John 4: 1…’Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.’ Test by referring to the word of God-anything which is not in line throw it away.
    Those who are in Christ remember this? Matthew 25: 31-33 “But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left. We all know what happens to the goats don’t we? Look to Jesus and walk with Him-for He is Dependable and Everlasting. Never look to he is only temporal – never lasting.

  25. this man is a bold face liar. he is obtaining money by false pretenses and being investigated by the attorney general. first of all he get most of his money by lying to people saying tax dollars are paying for abortions what a lie/ the HYDE AMMENDMENT PREVENTED THAT YEARS AGO. so do buy into his bullshit. ask him how he can fight a law that already prevents tax payer funded abortions. call the attorney general just like thousands already have ane have this FALSE PROFIT put in jail where he belongs.

  26. Parsley ,Murdoch, Koontz, Hinn and the rest of these Charletans have one Motto. “There’s a Sucker Born every Minute “……..P. T. Barnum

  27. I can tell by the Spirit that Rod Parsley is a fake. I mean, I typed it into Google to see how obvious it is to the rest of the Spirit filled believers out there…. BUT, I’m not sure what, if any, consolation that is to the writer of this above piece…. Because you are even more evil, wicked and full of hate then the ppl you just complained about. And you are a liar. I mean, no matter how hard you tried to hide it and sound pleasant, your true spirit betrays you; I could literally hear you spitting and convulsing on yourself. YOU sir, did not grow up in that America you tried to recount, but you are one of those same hateful ppl you tried to describe. The similarities betwixt you both is the mechanism that binds you in enmity. And I want to thank the Son of God, who died but has risen from death in victory, for all eternity, to whom every knee shall bow, even those that cursed him & deny that he is ONE with the Father – Jesus Christ; who because of his sacrifice, I received the Holy Ghost who teaches me in all things and am able to be lead away from dark spirits like yours, pretending to be light – whether they are fake Christians or lying muslims who deny that Jesus is Gods Holy Lamb & our savior.

    -So, who really cares how wicked Rod Parsley is when you think about it? When deep down, you know you are just as diseased with hate. We can see you.

  28. Something is really “off” with Rod Parsley. I used to watch him back in the day when he actually preached sermons, but now when I watch him I have to change the channel. I have never read anywhere, or heard him say that he supports murdering people though…? I may not know exactly what’s going on, but I don’t understand WHY TBN still has him on the air. I should think SOMEONE in charge of the shows could discern that he has lost touch with God and is not acting according to the Spirit, but out of flesh. Yes, I understand he can pick through the Bible and find scriptures to back him up….but come on church….can’t you feel it? Can’t you feel that something is really really wrong here? I know I can, and it makes me sad to see him misleading the church into thinking you can buy a miracle.

    To the person who posted this original message. Thank you for bringing this subject up so it could be brought into the light. However, “Israhell”? Really? I have to agree that in attempting to point out someone else’s issues with hate and racism, you sure did do a good job in pointing fingers back at yourself. I will now restate the previous commenter’s last sentence. We can see you.

  29. Parsley appears to be a high level Mason, like Kenneth Copeland, Billy Graham, the deceased Oral Roberts, the deceased Paul Crouch, Pat Robertson ,Creflo Dollar, and possibly Benny Hinn. The Masons are a zionist organization and believe the English people to be the lost tribe of Judah. Their little cult is called British-Israel or Anglo-Zionism. Most all of the Southern Baptist pastors are Masons. Rod is a sinful money grubber and loves to abuse the sheep.

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