As a former Special Operations commander from the sixties and having been substantially involved with the training of US Army combat troops during the Vietnam and Berlin Crisis era – I have a good feel for the nature of the American serviceman, – or at least I THOUGHT that I did. Apparently there has been a substantial change in the moral complexion of young men in this once great country.


There is now a disease – a malady so pervasively evil – among our youth, that it can only be described as demonic. This shameful phenomenon did NOT happen over night but was the result of decades of moral rot in our schools homes and everyday lives. I was once proud to be called an American and would have laid down my life to preserve those freedoms and ideals which were the wellspring of American tradition in the very best spirit of the memories of our Founding Fathers and their Christian based foundations for this brave new world in which I was raised.


All that has changed and we are now nothing more than a zoo of wild soulless mindless compassionless materialistic ignorant animals. We have evolved into a race of sadistic monsters capable of any crime and any horror in our new ‘improved’ world of Jew incited ‘relative morality – Godless to THE EXTREME!


I remember the occurrence of mindless brutality in Mei Lai Vietnam – and how America recoiled in horror at the savagery unleashed by Lt. Calley against helpless civilians. Even though we were in a war situation with a REAL ENEMY – as ANY COMMUNIST ANYWHERE is – we as American people still had the humanity and wisdom to separate deceptive political lexicon such as ‘casualties of war’ and ‘collateral damage’ from genuine war crimes. “Collateral damage” was the favorite mantra of the Jew high priestess of sadism and disgusting little dwarf troll Madeline Albright, as she, in typical cruel Jew fashion – trivialized the murder of countless innocent gentile children as meaningless. We did the right thing and I was proud that we did NOT hide behind that sick demented “ my country right or wrong” mentality.


By the way – ever wonder why the Jews were ALWAYS at the forefront of EVERY Vietnam anti-war rally and openly mocked and spit on veterans? The answer is simple and chilling. We were fighting a REAL ENEMY – COMMUNISM! The godless Jew INVENTED SUPPORTED AND LOVES COMMMUNISM and that is UNDENIABLE HISTORIC FACT! The VC were the Jew’s admired pals. This is ALSO why you never saw Jews in combat branch uniforms at that time in history. I trained these young men at that time – LOTS AND LOTS of them – and there were NO ‘self- chosen’ among the faces in those ranks – NONE! They were too busy demoralizing our soldiers and also seducing their wives daughters and sweethearts. Yea – Mr.- and I was witness to that too!


NONE of the Arab world have ever been our enemies – UNTIL the JEW created enemies out of them by supporting WAR against ALL ARAB PEOPLE – murdering their families and children and destroying their homes and dreams. THAT is why you see no demonstration nor hear no dissident voice from ANY high profile Jew against the horrible war crimes we are committing DAILY – ALL FOR THE JEW! OF COURSE THEY NOW HATE US. We join the filthy Jews in killing their sons and daughters. If I were an Arab father and watched MY beloved children ripped apart by US weapons ans US soldiers 24-7 for more years that the ENTIRE SECOND WORLD WAR – I would do everything in my power to avenge my family. And unless the man reading this blog is a spineless worm – you would feel the same way!


We are WRONG! WE have done MONSTROUS EVIL to innocent people and one way or another WE WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE.


The Godless Jew will ALWAYS side with their Marxist ‘brothers’ against ANY God-fearing people. DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

Any goodness that we had has been lost to the shrill madness that has exemplified the endless war crimes committed AND UNHEEDED by our now criminal government. What follows is but the tip of the iceberg of demonic madness in a military with a criminal mentality as evil as any in history. Read and learn then to see how low we have sunk as a nation of rapists killers and sadistic criminals!

Some four decades ago – over a hundred innocent civilians were murdered at Mei Lai – and yet it troubled the collective conscience of an entire nation. As of – July 2008 – our young killers have MURDERED over ONE MILLION innocent helpless unarmed civilians – MOSTLY CHILDREN – and it is discussed NOWHERE TODAY! Our EVIL AXIS of the US BRITIAN and ISRAHELL have created Over FIVE MILLION refugees. What happens when those who’ve grown up on Hollywood grown up on Hollywood

war movies and graphic video games are sent to the frontline?

“It’s the ultimate rush — you’re going into the fight with a good song

playing in the background,” states one soldier. This is a war fought by the first playstation generation. As Rolling Stones journalist Evan Wright explains:

“One thing about them is they kill {CORRECTION PLEASE: MURDER!} very well in Iraq.”

The Judification/destruction of the AmeriKan conscience has now been complete! The Godless ruling elite in IsraHELL have finally achieved what the Soviets attempted but failed to do – the total moral destruction of the AmeriKan people through the destruction of our TRUE Christian heritage. NOW – look at the TRUE FACE of what the AmeriKan people have become with a little help from the Jew parasites that occupy AmeriKa today.


Remember – these horrors happen EVRY DAY in Iraq and Palestine. The only real difference in the crimes is that in Iraq we commit war crimes for the Jew against his enemies and in Palestime the Jew commits war crimes against his enemy using our AND BLESSINGS!



Los Angeles, Alta California – January 31, 2007 – (ACN) During the trial of Pfc. Lynndie England, now doing three years in a military prison for her part in the Abu Ghraib prison war crimes, she was asked if there were other things that happened at Abu Ghraib, things that were not photographed, she said, “Yes.” When asked if there were worse things that happened, she again said “Yes,” but would not elaborate.


While testifying before a Senate panel on May 7, 2004, the now discredited Donald Rumsfeld confirmed that certain videotapes and photographs of the horrific sexual tortures at Abu Ghraib have yet to be released. “If these are released to the public, obviously it’s going to make matters worse,” Rumsfeld admitted.


What do these not yet released videotapes and photographs show? The answer is now slowly but surely surfacing as people who know are beginning to talk. The truth about these videotapes and photographs in the Pentagon’s custody is more horrific than anything made public so far.


The videotapes and photographs that have not yet been made public depict, according to former Abu Ghraib prisoners, bestial US intelligence interrogators and military police personnel raping and sodomizing Iraqi children as young as 11 years old. Some of the new information became known this week when a former Abu Ghraib prison guard posted a video on YouTube.Com confessing to the repeated gang rape of a 15 year old Iraqi girl in custody. The video at was promptly removed after it was making the rounds on the Internet but a transcript survived. The following is a transcript of the most relevant sections:

Voice of the guard at Abu Ghraib and another person is heard


….girl, she was probably like 15 years old. Yeah, she was hot dude. The body on that girl, yeah, really tight. You know, hadn’t been touched yet. She was fucking prime. So….


One of the guys started pimping her out for 50 bucks a shot. I think at the end of the day he’d made like 500 bucks before she hung herself.


Yeah. (laugh)

She hung herself? How’s come she hung herself?

I don’t know. She wasn’t happy. (laugh)


In their culture, it’s really shunned upon if you get raped. I guess she would have been stoned to death by her people. It’s fucked up.

She was fucked anyway, I guess. In more ways than one.

(more laughing)


You didn’t get shit from the CO, did you?

No, not until those fucking pictures came out. After then the biggest rule was no fucking cameras.


End of Transcript

The information on the above videotape is collaborated by Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. He has maintained that the Pentagon has videotapes of boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison. “The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking,” Hersh said. Seymore Hersh first gained worldwide recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War.

More collaborative statements concerning the sexual torture of children at Abu Ghraib have been made by the surviving prisoners themselves. The following is an excerpt from a statement provided by Kasim Mehaddi Hilas, Detainee #151108, on January 18 2004:


“I saw [name deleted] fucking a kid, his age would be about 15 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [name deleted] who was wearing the military uniform putting his dick in the little kid’s ass. I couldn’t see the face of the kid because his face wasn’t in front of the door. And a female soldier was taking pictures. The sodomizer [name deleted], I think he is [deleted] because of his accent, and he was not skinny or short, and he acted like a homosexual (gay). And that was in cell #23 as best as I remember.”


The following is another testimony of sexual torture of Iraqi children from a statement provided by Thaar Salman Dawod, Detainee #150427, on January 17, 2004:


“I saw lots of people naked for a few days getting punished in the first days of Ramadan. They came with two boys naked and they were cuffed together face to face and Grainer was beating them and a group of guards were watching and taking pictures from top and bottom and there was three female soldiers laughing at the prisoners. The prisoners, two of them, were children. I don’t know their names.”


One of the most horrific incidents at Abu Ghraib is told by a 16 year old Iraqi girl in her own words. Nadia, in tears, narrated her story:


“I was visiting one of my relatives, and suddenly the American forces attacked the home and started to inspect it. They found some light weapons. So, they arrested all people in the home including me. I tried to explain to the interpreter, who was accompanying the American patrol, that I am just a visitor. However, my trials failed. I cried, begged them, and I lost consciousness from fear when they took me to Abu Ghraib prison.

Nadia continues “they put me alone in a dark and dirty prison cell. I expected that I will be released soon, especially when the investigation proved that I hadn’t committed a crime”


Nadia elaborated while tears poured down her cheek, a telling sign of just how much she has suffered.


“The first day was so burdensome. The cell was malodorous, humid and dark, and this condition increased the fear inside me more and more. The laughs of the soldier outside the cell made me even more scared. I was afraid of what would happen to me. For the first time I felt that I was in a difficult gridlock and that I had entered an unknown world that I would not get out of.

In the middle of these different feelings, I heard a voice for an American soldier woman who was speaking in an Arabic language. She said to me: “I didn’t imagine that the weapons’ traders in Iraq are women.” When I started to explain to her the circumstances of the situation, she beat me cruelly. I cried and shouted “By Allah! I am oppressed, By Allah! I am oppressed”


The soldier showered me with insults in a way that I have never thought possible or that I would ever be subjected to under any circumstances. Then, she started to deride me saying that she was monitoring me all the day via the satellite, and that they can track their enemies even inside their own bedrooms by American technology.

Then she laughed and said: “I was watching you when you were making love with your husband.” I replied in a confused voice “But I am not married”.


She beat me for more than one an hour and she forced me to drink a glass of water, and I knew later that they put a drug in it. I regained my consciousness after two days to find myself naked. I knew immediately that I have lost something that all the laws in the earth will not be able to return it to me once again. I had been raped. A hysterical fit attacked me and I started to hit my head violently against the walls till more than five American soldiers head by that soldier women entered the cell and started to beat me, and they raped me alternately while they laughing and listening to a loud music.


Day by day the scenario of raping me was repeated. And every day they invent new ways that are crueler than the prior ways.”

She went on describing the horrible acts of the American criminals:


“After about one month, a Negro soldier entered my cell and threw me two pieces of American military clothes. He said in weak Arabic language to wear them. After he put a black bag on my head, he led me to a public toilet where there are pipes for cold and hot water and he asked me to bathe. He then closed the door and left.

I was so exhausted and feeling pain, and despite the tremendous number of the bruises in my body, I poured out some water on my body. Before I finish my bath, the Negro soldier came in. I frightened, and I hit him in the face with the water bowl. His reaction was so tough. He raped me cruelly and spit on my face, then he left and returned with two soldiers who returned me to the cell.


The treatment continued that way, to the extent that sometimes I was raped ten times in a day, the matter which affected my health negatively.”


Nadia continued in revealing the American horrible actions made against the Iraqi women, saying:


“After more than 4 months, a woman soldier woman came, and I concluded from her conversation with other soldiers that her name is Mary. She said to me “now you have a golden opportunity, since an officer who has a high position will visit us today, if you deal with him positively, you would be released, especially because we are sure you are innocent.”


I replied, “If you are sure of I am innocent, why you don’t release me?”

She screamed in nervousness, “The only way that guarantees your releasing is to be positive with them.”

She took me to the public toilets, and she supervised my bath while she was holding a thick stick, hitting me by it if I didn’t perform her orders. Then, she gave me makeup, and warned me not to cry and ruin my makeup. Then she took me to an empty small room where there was nothing but a cover on the floor, and after one an hour she came accompanied with four soldiers who was holding cameras. She took off her clothes and she harassed me as if she was a man. The soldiers were laughing and listening to a noisy music, and taking photographs to me in all poses, and they were emphasizing on my face. The woman asked me to smile otherwise she is going to kill me, and she took a gun from one of her colleagues and fired four bullets near my head, and swore that the fifth bullet will be fired in my head.


After that, the four soldiers raped me alternately the matter which made me lose my consciousness. When I regained the consciousness I found myself in the cell and the traces of their teeth, nails and cigarettes are in everywhere in my body.”


Nadia stopped narrating her tragedy to wipe her tears, then she continued: “After one day Mary came and told me that I was cooperative, and I will be released but after I watch the film that they have shot. I was in pain when I saw the film, and she (Mary) said: “you have been created for the sole purpose for us to enjoy”. At the moment I became very anger and I attacked her although I was afraid of her reaction, and I would kill her except for the interfering of the soldiers. When the soldiers released me she showered me with hitting, then they left me.

After this incident, nobody harassed me for more then one month; I spent that period in the praying and invocation to Allah, the All-Mighty who has all power, to help me.


Mary came with some soldiers who gave me the clothes that I was wearing when they arrested me and took me to an American car. Then they threw me on the highway road after giving me 10,000 Iraqi Dinars.

I went to a home that was near the place where I have been thrown out and since I know the reaction of my family, I preferred to visit one of my relatives to let them know what happened after my absence. I knew that my brother had held a consolation board for me for more than 4 months, and they considered me as a dead person.

I understand the knife of shame is waiting for me. So, I went to Baghdad where I found a good family who lodged me, and I worked with this family as a maid and governess for their children.

Nadia wonders in pain, regret and bitterness:


“Who will quench my thirst? Who will return my virginity? What is the offense of my family and kin? I have inside me a baby, and I don’t know who his father is.”


End of Nadia’s story


There is no doubt that the US has committed war crimes in Iraq of unspeakable horror. The fact is that what occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison have not been isolated incidents. Similar cases have occurred throughout Iraq. One of many cases occurred in Mahmudiya in March of 2006 when a 14 year old girl was gang raped after her parents and her 5 year old sister were massacred by drunk US occupation soldiers. The soldiers entered the young girl’s home and forced her father Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, her mother Qassim Hamza and her sister Hadeel Qassim Hamza to an adjoining room. One soldier shot her parents and sister in the head and then all proceeded to repeatedly rape her. After raping her, the US soldiers poured kerosene on her and burned her to death. These rape and killings are among the most heinous in a series of cases by the US occupiers that have tarnished the American military.


Who should pay for these war crimes? Has there been justice in the Abu Ghraib torture crimes? Two of the worse Abu Ghraib torturers received mere 10 and 3 year sentences but one was only a sergeant and the other a private first class. How about the higher ups? Have they been responsible for these war crimes as well? How about Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and yes even George Bush? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!!!!!!!





One of our subscribers has located the above referenced disturbing new video that was deleted from We are informed that the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division is presently investigating the allegations made in the video.


These people are NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN OUR ENEMIES – PERIOD! This is all about oil – politics – deceit – treachery – greed – ignorance – hypocrisy and HIGH TREASON.


REMEMBER – NONE of these innocent civilians have EVER done ANY American ANY harm. They worship THE SAME GOD we do. They have a moral code very similar to our ONCE Christian family values foundation. The only difference is that THEY STILL CLING TO THEIR VALUES. We have long since sold OUR collective souls to the Godless materialistic secular sex-crazed filthy Jew for 30 pieces of silver – OR LESS! The Jew owns AmeriKa today – LOCK STOCK and BARREL!


Not satisfied with controlling ALL of our news media – ALL of our entertainment – ALL of our educational system – most all of our legal system – ALL of our financial system – ALL of our formerly Christian churches – virtually ALL of our Congress – our President – our military – BUT NOW they want ALL of the souls of our children including those young men AND WOMEN in uniform – as so painfully illustrated in the above documented disgraceful outrages.


What part of WAR CRIMINALS IN THE WHITE HOUSE DONT YOU UNDERSTAND FOLKS? How much longer will you turn your heads – to drink your cold beer and watch meaningless children’s games as this evil carnage continues all because the Jew says to do it? Look at your self in the mirror and see what monsters you have become!

Joe Cortina


18 thoughts on “Abu Ghraib – A Gift From the “Sons of The Devil”

  1. There is no doubt that America has become jew polluted to the core. However, I disagree with you that Americans were more moral in the past. The Mei Lei incident was only made public because the jew wanted to use it to demoralise the American army and people and help the communists. Communist massacres were downplayed by the kike media.
    During the war against Germany in the 1940s and especially after the German surrender the Americans behaved disgracefully towards the defeated Axis soldiers and civilians. Nuremberg was a jew travesty which most Americans, Patton being an honourable exception, went along with. The American government has been a criminal organisation since at least the First World War and its evil power has never been curtailed by the American people. The victims of American agression are unlikely to distinguish between the kike demons and their allies and the ordinary American people. America will be destroyed, whether internally or by external forces remains to be seen, but the whole world will rejoice. Unfortunately, unless the jew parasite is destroyed too the horror will go on.

  2. this malady was brought home to you thru computer games to train your kids into worse than demonic receoient vessels.

  3. A damning indictment of us all Joe, makes one wonder what more these people could get away with in the name of “freedom”.No doubt these harrowing tales of the victims could be repeated to perpetuity and still nothing would stop the horror. If I recall, wasn’t Lt Calley released within months? As stated in your excellent piece, the authorities just hate getting caught which is why cameras were banned and a token gesture of “justice” meted out to one or two perpetrators. Hopefully, what goes\around, comes around for the evil b*******’s.

  4. Lt Calley released within months no actually days. more than 500 innocent vietnamese were killed. Lt Calley only served a few days of home confinement before Nixon pardoned him.

    He is now an insurance agent in north carolina or possibly retired. The USAN character has not much changed from Vitnam to Iraq.

    But as the US judge at Nuremburg stated and I paraphrase “The greatest war crime is the waging of an aggressive war. All other war crimes are subsumed under the original war crime”.

    US leaders and their complicit chosen media has never been challenged by the US people who close their eyes and look elsewhere.

    In Vietnal which cost US 50K killed some 500K wounded along with some $500 billion dollars. Yet no one investigated

    – No one asked who was to blame
    – No one was blamed
    – No one accepted blame
    – No one resigned for vietnam war
    – No one was fired
    – No Congressional commission was established to investigate why
    – No general public commission was established to investigate why

    Now the same usgov war criminal regime has US in another long war of brazen aggression.

    The public is so cowed it is unable to even question why. All the so called rights seem to be unusable to ask why?

    The great tripartite separations of powers has no weight. The so called check and balance of the constitution seem to no longer exist.


  5. The names of these individuals must be made public so that they and their superiors can be tried for war crimes. Remember, if we are ever under martial law these types will do the same thing here and it may be your father, mother, sister or brother that receives such treatment.

  6. Joes story is excellent. I wrote a piece several years back–prior to the Abu Ghraib disclosures– called “Spirit of Smokesylvania” (which appeared in Media Monitors, link available on my website in which I decried the push to mold our military to the terroristic dictates of the Zionist “sons of the devil” (Smokesylvanians in my story). This is nothing but the old “Red Terror” repackaged in red, white and blue by the same diabolic murderous people.

  7. Thank You, Joe Cortina, for exposing once again what
    “good,honest,hard-working and patriotic Americans” are
    capable of, and the ones that cover for them.What these
    sub-humans have done to the men, women and children of Iraq,
    and others around the world, they have done with my tax dollars.
    Making me an accomplice. I hope the folks who are so rightfully
    and terribly enraged, now that they are aware of what manner of
    crimes US forces are guilty, and Our Fearless Leaders have
    encouraged and sought to hide, realise they all financed these
    crimes, and are complicit. Yes, KARMA will exact Atonement of
    ALL the guilty, all will Reap the pain and horror and death
    they have Sewn.I guess that means the existence,already,of
    another war,somwewhere in the future,although I don’t like
    to say that.But perhaps the American peoples’ KARMA is NOW.
    WE can run, but cannot hide from the Seven Deadly Sins that
    collectively we have committed, again and again.
    Sound apocalyptic? Look around at America today, compared to
    just 7 1/2 years ago.May God help us, what will it be like
    a year from now?

  8. Greetings John,
    thanks for your excellent
    document which I have just read from Truth Seeker. I would like to link to it from my website.

    Tonight I have just made a video on False Jews. I hope to post it tomorrow.The Related document of the same name is already on the website. Also the Fate of Jerusalem And Israel, and effectively the English speaking peoples, my next video. We are completly naive if we believe that we will not reap what we have sown. In fact it is worse. It is a biblical fact that we will reap twice as much as we have sown. The people we are torturing, killing and stealing from have more moral integrity that we have. I believe that the chickens will all come home to roost in the near future. The reality is that instead of a blessing we are a massive curse on the earth and anything that we touch is destroyed.These false Jews are supported by Churchianity, which will also get its just reward.
    It is really helpful for people like yourself who have the experience to speak out, in spite of the risks. I have never been in the military, but there is a certain risk in what I do, but that is my calling, and I am happy
    to do it.I do not belong to any group,
    and my site is completely free, all my own work.
    Kind Regards p.j.

  9. Thank you for haveing the balls and decency to speak out againt your own people and what they are/have become.

    If the above articles incidents are not bad enough, what makes it far far worse is the soldiers who have commited such vile acts return home and are free to live thier life as if they done nothing wrong. But the victims must live thier whole life in shame, humiliation, being mentally and physically scarred because of the atcs the soldiers commited. Not to mention there is no way to know how many of the soldiers returning home, have commited sex crimes in the US because they see it as normal, addiction etc.

    All us god fearing people know they will be served thier punishment in this life or the next, I have no doubt they will suffer infinate fold worse than thier victim at the hands of Allah, but that does not excuse the public from being so ignorant and willing to let it go without any outrage, questioning and protesting to prevent this from being acceptable.

    Eventually someone will end up paying for the actions of your soldiers and government, those who suffer as a direct result will most likely be the American people, stop living in a bubble and open your eyes to the comeing catastrophy your country is being setup to take, one day someone somewhere may crack from what your country has done and take it out on further innocent people in the form of your citizens. What will happen if a country snaps and takes it upon them self to wipe you off the planet to prevent what you have done carrying on? Russia, China maybe even Iran may take it upon them self in the interest of the world to stop you dead in your tracks. How many will die as a result of what is happening now if that ever comes to be?

  10. I couldn’t agree more with Joe. I Told my wife recently that when the forces of the World unite against Amerika, all of these men and women will one day be put on trial as War Criminals. People will be shocked to their core when their sons and daughters are executed for their thousands and thousands of War Crimes. Anyone who supports what is going on is a War Criminal.
    Recently there was an article on the Juvenile Prisons in Iraq. They are killing and torturing young people also.
    A few weeks ago Sixty minutes did a special on the Christians in Iraq. Before Baby Bush invaded there were over a million Christians. There was a half million Catholics in Baghdad. The reporter explained that they have all but disappeared. The Anti-Christ Bush has decimated a million Christians. Many have been killed. Many have disappeared. But the bottom line is the Churches are empty.
    The Jewish New World Order has taken over Anheuser Busch, the largest Brewrey in the World. The two top stockholders turned out to be Jews. They forced the Catholic Busch family to surrender their property. This devilish schemeing will continue until they control everything on earth. The Bible clearly shows that the Jewish Anti-Christ will control everything.
    Abu Ghraib according to Seymore Hersch was emtirely run by Israeli’s. He told this to Tim Russert several years ago. I made a tape of this show and sent it to several Congressman. I never received a reply from any of them.
    I also informed them that Iraqi women were being raped. They were forced to sodomize Israeli’s and Americans. No one seemed to care about any of this.
    Today supporting the Troops stands for supporting War Crimes, Torture, Rape, Stealing, Murder, and on and on.
    I spent three tours in Vietnam. I have a clear consicence. Like Joe pointed out, if any of this stuff took place, and it was found out, the whole world eventually would know about it. The difference between what’s taking place in Iraq and Vietnam, is like Night and Day. The men I was stationed with were for the most part, men with a conscience. Many of them were Catholics who were raised in the Old Catholic Religion. The Protestants were good also. God hadn’t totally been taken out of the public schools.
    I’ll back up Joe also on one of his previous comments – I never once ran into anyone who was Jewish. They must of used their influence to dodge Vietnam. I was among soldiers who had the highest I.Q.s in the Military. There were no Jews.
    A St. Louis policeman once explained to me how a City Manager, who is Jewish, dodged Vietnam. He pretended that he was a Christian. He was appointed to be a chaffeur for a Prostestant Chaplain. He claimed he was a consientious objector. This man never went to Church in his life because he was Jewish, used the Christian Religion to get out of going to Vietnam. Masons also had an advantage of avoiding the draft. Two of my former friends used their Masonic Father’s in avoiding the draft. My oldest cousin Al had a P.h.d. in History. He was drafted. His M.O.S. was teaching the Vietnamese language. His father was a high ranking St. Louis Mason. Guess where the Army sent him for his tour of duty? Germany. Yea, a lot of Vietnamese must live in Germany! The only two in my family who went to Vietnam was my brother Bob, who was an M.P., and sent to the LongBinh Prison. And of course me, who spent three tours there. I was at Long Binh,Nha Trang twice, and Pleiku. I spent three years in Nam. But almost everyone I know or went to school with, seemed to dodge going in.
    Last Sunday, they reported 9 killed, and 15 wounded in Afghanistan. They said that they are shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. They said that McCain would have to bring back the Draft because they need bodies. My advice is Screw the Jews and their Evil Wars, and start thinking now of getting your loved ones out of this country to a safe haven. Canada is once again taking people who want refuge. Those who participate in these Jewish Slaughter’s will one day be put on trial as a War Criminal. You will also lose your life. From now on out THINK, THINK, THINK, don’t be STUPID!


  12. @brian boru: Sure, Zionists are destroying America, but computer games aren’t to blame. Indoctrination is, however.
    I’ve played some violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Driver, and Medal of Honor, and I didn’t turn out to be a crook. I actually am now a more moral person, not because of the games, but because of choices I made.

    @Ed of St. Lou: Yep. I definitely admire those who protested against the Vietnam war. I hope I don’t get drafted………

  13. Brian Boru, The difference between Vietnam and these conflicts today – are like night and day. Unless one reads books or watches historical dvds on communism the generation of today will never understand what the baby boomers who were called on to serve went through. The baby boomers were raised with high intensity Patriotism. The T.V.and movies were not yet 90% controlled by the Jewish Mafia. Back in the 50’s almost half of the movie producers were Christians. We grew up with the notion that I want to serve in the Military as my father did. My dad had six uncles, and five brothers who served in World War Two. I was raised hearing their war stories. President Roosevelt gave my Grandmother ( My dads mother ) a pin with 12 stars on it. This was one proud family.
    In 1966 I was having the time of my life. I had just graduated from Southwest High School in St.Louis. That 1966 Summer was the most fun I ever had on all my days on earth.
    In the fall I was taking Business courses in a Junior College in St. Louis ( Forest Park Community College). There was one big problem. The Draft was looming over many of us who were 18 years of age. Two of my best friends came home from college one weekend. The three of us got together and decided that we had to make a move or we would be drafted and have no say in the matter. My one friends brother was stationed in Germany. He suggested to his brother that we all join and take our chances as far as Vietnam. We joined and had to do very well on the I.Q.Test to get in what were trying for. Miracuously all three of us scored very high on our tests. We had to go through training before we were officially made a member of this elite special forces group. We were all accepted into the Army Security Agency. We had Top Secret Crypto Clearances. There were ASA who also were Green Berets. A friend of mine in St Louis was both Green Beret and ASA.
    The three of us were told we were going to Heidleberg Germany after our ASA training. When we got our orders Bob and I was for Saigon. Steves was for Fort Devons Mass. Bob’s parents, and my parents were in a state of shock. We instead of going to Germany were going to Vietnam. We enlisted for four years and they are sending two of us straight to Vietnam and we’re both 19 years old.
    Like I said I was raised by a Patriotic Father and I was influenced by my Patriotic Uncles to serve my Country.
    Unfortuneately I had several physical set backs when I was in eighth grade. I blew out my right knee playing baseball. I broke my nose and had a hard time breathing playing rugby. I got frost bite playing football in the snow. All three of these injuries came back to haunt me. I couldn’t play high school sports because of these injuries. I never once thought of telling a draft board that I was not fit to serve. But the truth is I was 4-F if ever anyone was 4F. I really suffered in basic training. Running those miles with a bumb knee, I had a hard time breathing because of my broken nose, and it was 60 below zero windchill temperature at FT. Leonardwood Mo in the Winter of 1966/67.
    My point here is that most of the people I knew found a way not to go into the Military. My cousin Rich claimed he was a consientious objector on religious principles. Rich was a Catholic who stopped going to church after grade school. Most of my friends like Cheney got deferrments because of school, or having children, etc.
    But this was very difficult for those of us who served. It wasn’t easy leaving the good life and going in the Military, and for many of us going straight to Vietnam.
    As Joe has pointed out we were fighting a real enemy called Communism. A Study of History as I recommended above will prove that the Jews created Communism. Solzhenitzyn recently wrote a book where he discovers that the Jews were behind Communism in Russia. He points out that these Jewish Devils murdered 66 million Christians. Professor Rummel in his book ” Death by Government” claims there may have been over 400 million murdered by these forces in the 20th Century. If the US hadn’t made some type of a stand in Korea, and Vietnam we will neve realize how many more would have perished.
    The reason we got involved in Vietnam is that people like Doctor Tom Dooley met with Kennedy and showed him the atrocities that were taking place in Vietnam. I have all of Dooley’s books and they are an eye opener. Millions of Vietnamese were Catholic. Dooley describes how the Communists would take a Catholic school teacher and nail them to a school room wall. The teacher had nails in their hands, feet, and head. This was to mock Jesus Christ on the Cross. Children would have a long narrow stick pushed through their ears. It was horrible. I’m sure Kennedy was weeping when Dooley described these atrocities. Millions like Joe and I were sent to stop this Talmudic Bullshit.
    Those for most part who protested were Jews. They wanted us out of Vietnam so that Jewish Communism would advance. The Ameican Jews were against the Vietnam conflict but for the present conflicts. This is so obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.
    The Vietnam protestor’s were for most part Hippies, manipulated college students who were cowards and ignorant, and disgruntled Vietnam vets. As Joe says we had a real enemy. But today is the time that people should rise up and protest these Jewish Wars. I repeat Communism was Jewish and the world wide Jews were against anyone fighting them. But today the people are fighting against the Jews enemies the Muslims. The Jews worldwide are big time for using Amerikans and others to fight their wars for them. Iran is another Jewish war that they daily pound the drums for others to fight. Vietnam protestors also would spit on soldiers who fought Jewish Communism. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. This was our test we sent.
    Today coming to the aid of their country is not fighting wars for Israel, but exposing the Jewish role of 9/11 and their role in getting Amerika to fight their wars for them.
    We need to round up all of the Jewish suspects like we did with the Japanese in World War 2. Chris Bollyn’s writings have supplied the names of these suspects. Only when we expose the real culprits of 9/11 will we be able to put Humpty Dumpty( The former American Republic guided by God and the Constitution )back together again.

  14. @Ed of St. Lou: I’ve seen evidence that the Vietnam war was started by a Zionist Jew named Henry Kissinger.
    If Tom Dooley isn’t saying that, then I would consider him VERY suspicious.
    I’ve got a couple of articles here:
    {This one is mainly about Fuji Bank’s possible knowledge of 9/11, but it does
    mention the Vietnam War at the end.}
    Both articles mention the ‘Desperate Wives’ videos by Kay Griggs.

    I must also mention that the Zionists used Communism mainly as a diversion.
    If Communism had been the real enemy, it would have been destroyed long ago.

    But sadly for us, it was really Zionism, and we fell for its trap hook, line, and sinker.

    And finally, about the Constitution, why should we be guided by organized religion anymore?
    The Zionist Talmudic Jews destroyed and transformed that centuries ago. We’d be under the same control, but far worse. Not only would our freedoms still be gone, but we would be forced to fight religious wars, and there would be mandatory church attendance laws. Do we want to live in a society like that?

    If anything, we need to be guided by basic moral values espoused by people like Jesus Christ{especially Jesus}, Buddha, etc., which organized religion simply does not have.

    Religion is a wonderful thing{I am Christian myself}, but once it becomes organized, it can be manipulated by anyone in power. That’s why I believe in REAL Christianity, and not this bullshit that comes out of the KJV and NIV Bibles used by so many pseudo-Christians and deceived Christians worldwide.

    We need to get the Zionists{not just Jews, but Gentiles as well} AND their helpers, and even people who believe similar to them, out of our country. Otherwise, we will be screwed over and over again.

  15. @Author: Please look at my 6:29 pm posting, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to do some research.
    Communism, as crooked that philosophy was, was NEVER our real enemy. It was created solely to terrorize and opiate the people while turning them away from our real enemies, the Zionists, of which they are merely a branch. Even if Communism was destroyed, the Zionists would still be just fine.

    Not to mention Zionists control everybody, pretty much.
    The Communists, modern feminism{from the 1970s onward}, neo-Nazis, organized religion, the patriot movement, the 9/11 movement, the LGBT associations, the ACLU, the U.S. government, and of course, the Christian Right, to name a few.

    We either have to liberate or eliminate ALL of these institutions to be free.

  16. Steven, try and tell 58,000 plus families that Communism was never our real enemy. Communism was never a branch of Zionism. Communism began around roughly in 1847/48 period of history. Modern Zionism didn’t form until the late 1800’s. Communists like Lenin and Stalin both opposed the Zionists. Our real enemy are powerful Jews in various forms. THE Jews who murdered Jesus were not Communist or Zionist. They were Religious Jews who differed on their view of what or who the Messiah was. Later on in Jewish History they used books like the Talmud and practiced Mysticism like the Kabbalah. Through out history be they Religious Jews, Talmudic Jews, Mystic Jews, Communist Jews, Capitalist Jews, Zionist Jews, Lubavitcher Jews, – they all have one thing in common – to war on Non-Jews. The Lubavitcher’s are every bit as dangerous to Non-Jews as the Zionists are. The Lubavitcher’s claim to hate the Zionists. They advise Bush, Putin, and the leaders throughout the world – on world affairs. They have gotten legislation signed into law called the Noahide Laws. These Noahide laws will eventually elininate all Non-Jews. They hate Christians. But according to the Noahide Laws all non Lubavitcher’s are committing the sin of false worship. Anyone who isn’t a worshipping Lubavitcher Jew will have his head cut off. This is all predicted in the New Testament. But the bottom line is it isn’t Zionists who are running everything. It is wicked Jews who will never conform to a Non-Jewish society. They will make war upon mankind until they get their way. The Bible says that one day the Jewish Antichrist will control the entire World. And Jews will be our rulers. People who don’t understand what is truly going on will contribute to our downfall. It’s not the Zionist’s! It’s Jews of every persuasion. Wayne Madson just wrote an article that’s posted on RENSE on the Russian and Jewish Mafia. Read it! The Russian Mafia are not Zionists. They have their own agenda. All of these groups have an agenda. But the main agenda is to Rule the World by the Jewish Antichrist. Wake Up! Stop being STUPID! Before it’s toooooooooooo late!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Man, I read your text with pain in the heart, but proud to know that there are still honest americans that did not sell their souls to zionists and the criminal living in the White House and others. My cheers for you!!!!!

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