By Jew exposer Joe Cortina



I thought that I would do a blog regarding the universal evil of the Jew in an objective light. Why? Because on occasion I am asked – Joe – do you really believe ALL Jews are evil? There are some good Jews – right? Well – Yes of course there are some ‘ good’ Jews – that is – some Jews that are truly Godly reverent – kind – generous – compassionate – truthful – honest and ethical. In retrospect – I realize that in the past – I have had a very few Jew friends – people that I had an intimate enough relationship with to assess their true character – as possessing those above mentioned attributes that are common to all truly decent and ‘good’ people. There are a LOT of evil gentiles too of course BUT I have NEVER heard ANY of these gentile scum brag that ‘God has rewarded their evil with special consideration no matter WHAT sins they commit’.


However – “GOOD” people do NOT murder children or other helpless human beings, Good people do not LIE – ESPECIALLY in matters that will cause untold misery death and destruction. Good people do not promote homosexual perversion – infanticide – pornography – white slavery – racism – blasphemy – mockery of our Lord Christ – indulge in usury – commit treason – rejoice in the suffering of their victims – support universally evil ideologies such as Marxism – profit at the expense of the misery of others – promote the destruction of Christian belief – commit genocide – commit MONUMENTAL hypocrisy – purposefully deceive others – engage in ‘selective’ censorship – LITERALLY worship money – torture helpless human beings – excel at miserliness and greed – exalt themselves above God – routinely break the Ten Commandments with NO remorse.


GOOD people do not PURPUSELY lead the innocent into lives of sin – commit murder for sport – enslave people – impoverish people – act with avarice, greed and dishonesty in all business matters – consider adultery a ‘sport’ and use power and influence solely for evil causes and the furtherance of their personal gain and exhibit an extraordinary affinity for arrogance and cruelty.


Just to clear the air on ‘who is a Jew?’ – frankly I could care less. If the evil scum in IsraHELL that murder helpless children for sport call themselves ‘Jews’ – or the porn kings in Holly-Jew-Wood want o be called Jews – SO BE IT! I have heard and read every scholarly dissertation on the ‘tribes’ ever written – Sephardim Jews – Diaspora Jews – Ashkenazi Jews – reformed Jews – Hasidic Jews – ENOUGH ALREADY! I could give a rat’s ass about how many names/aliases the devil wants to assume. As Gertrude Berg once said – “A rose is a rose is a rose”. The FACTS ARE that never in ALL of mankind’s recorded history has there ever been a more murderous lying evil bunch of people so easy to identify by virtue of THEIR UNIVERSALLY EVIL CONDUCT – PERIOD!


There isn’t ONE identifiable MAJOR catastrophic malady that has befallen my country in the past 100 years or more that cannot be traced to Jew duplicity -Jew lies – Jew greed – Jew immorality and the hatred of the Jew for our unquestionable Christian heritage. IF – the TRUTH of the evil conduct had been taught without fail in our public schools – we would NOT be the morally rotted corpse that we arguably are today – the Sodom of the Western World – and a ‘paradise’ for the demonic Zionist sons of Satan who occupy our land.


Without ANY doubt the vast majority of those termed ‘JEWS’ are ALL guilty of most if not ALL of these crimes against man and God. To confuse matters even more – there are Jews who consider themselves as ‘converts to Christianity’ yet are in reality the greatest enemies of Christian belief imaginable. They call themselves MESSIANIC JEWS. While a very few are truly converted – the proclivity of the Jew towards deception (incidentally – that IS the OFFICIAL motto of their military) makes it difficult to glean the true convert from the crypto-Jew whose purpose is to destroy Christian belief by treason from within – something that the Jew excels at.


I have encountered BOTH types of these repentant Jews – the treacherous one being the easiest to identify with a little skill. On the other hand it appears that there are some truly good people that are NOT deceivers and have actually tried to make amends. Life must be especially difficult for this select group – as they are scourged by their fellow Jews that are TRUE Jew scum and are distrusted by their ‘adopted’ fellow Christians. Some uninformed Christians will say with all honesty – that Islam has also rejected Christ and are like unto the Jews in that respect.


Here is where wisdom must prevail over ignorance. Any person who had done even a tacit study of Talmudic Judaism and Islam’s Quo-ran will discover a CHASOM of difference in the attitude towards the Prophets – Mary Mother of God and Christ Himself. This why I call Islam and Christianity – 2 religions – one god – and Judaism a gutter religion of the most vile filth evil – blasphemy imaginable.


For example – while the Quo-ran speaks of the Mother of God in the most reverent of aspects – the Talmud defines her as a WHORE! While the Quoran speaks of our Lord with highest respect and reverence as a prophet – the Jew Talmud calls our Lord a “BASTARD SON”. I invite you to read these passages for yourself. As a matter of fact – I present them in context direct from the sources as follows:


This is how the Islamics – Arabs – Moslems look upon Mary- the Mother of God


“Behold, the angels said; ‘O Mary, Allah hath chosen thee and purified thee and has chosen thee above the women of all nations. O Mary, Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a word from him. His name will be Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and in the hereafter, and of those nearest to Allah. ” –The Qur’an, Islam’s most holy book, Surah 3, Al Imran


AND – This is how the JEW (the ‘chosen ones’ – our ‘good ‘friends and alleys’) looks upon our Lord Jesus and His blessed mother.


“Jesus is a bastard son who perished in a pit of boiling excrement and His mother was a street whore”

Jewish Talmud


As the reader can plainly see – Jesus is but an object of hate and derision to the Jew while although not recognized as Son of God – in the Qur’an – He is spoken of with the same respect and reverence shown to Muhammad. The value of the family and how our fellow man is to be treated is clearly shown in the Qur’an and the distinct similarity to the values of it in the New Testament is more than coincidence. What I have observed here is that the values I was taught as a Christian are virtually no different from those of the Muslim. Of course on the other hand the Jew ‘Bible’ – the Talmud is a compendium of hate, lies, hypocrisy and Phariseeism. The laws of the Jew not only allow for horrific treatment for the gentile – but ACTUALLY COMMANDS this vile evil conduct. READ IT FOR YOURSELF – and if you sense that you most open the windows while doing so – that is the scent of sulfur and brimstone.


But I digress – so back to the subject at hand – are there ANY good Jews? Lets look at the Jews who say that they are now good guys and want to dedicate their lives to imitate the goodness compassion, wisdom, mercy and love of Christ.


Lets start with the positive. I have personally encountered an insignificant number of what appears to be – even under hard scrutiny – good Jews! Perhaps the most significant discovery was the group called ‘ Jews For Justice In the Middle-East’. Although I am not intimately familiar with them – they created a pamphlet titled ‘THE ORIGIN OF THE PALESTINE-ISRAEL CONFLICT’. I have read it thoroughly and it is as accurate as any pure information that I have discovered on my own- INCLUDING PERSONAL experiences in Palestine. The authors make NO excuses for the horrible crimes against helpless innocent civilians and condemn IsraHELL as severely as I have. I must conclude that these are in fact good Jews.


In my exhaustive searches of the internet regarding these matters I have discovered a handful LITERALLY – of Jews who have had some sort of moral epiphany and are fearlessly calling for REAL justice – NOT the hypocrite 2 faced pure 100% classic typical Jew lying bullshit we occasionally see disguised as honest efforts for peace in that region. One example of this extraordinarily small band is a man named Brother Nathaniel. I have read enough of his posts to believe that he is sincere. I wish him the blessings of God in his quest for justice against all odds. He has that trait of moral courage so foreign to the other 99.99%. There were one or two others but the names evade me.


These types of people have shown courage and have done more than talk the talk – as they now WALK THE WALK. By doing so – no doubt they have gained favor with our Lord – but as I stated before – at a PRICE. Believe me – I have more than just a notion of what they have endured – to speak truth – compassion and wisdom. Eons ago they would have been MURDERED by the Pharisees of the Sanhedrin – the same fate as our Lord. Unfortunately there are not enough of them to make any difference, and like myself. – We have no influential backing to grant us effective venue.


Now for the frauds – and possibly the greatest deceiver of all – Jew rabbi Zola Levitt – the ultimate deceptive Christian hating lying piece of garbage imaginable. His wife is the most disgusting female Jewess I have encountered in my entire life! He is supposed to now have found Jesus – BUT strangely the word Christian is not mentioned in his diatribes of deception. He terms himself a Messianic Jew. I warn you – take great caution lest you be fooled by these disguised wolves.


He has a newsletter that is filled to the brim with racist hatred and cartoons that demonize ANY person who criticises the filthy Jews and their dirty little racist stolen shit country of prostitutes, perverts white slavers, murderers, traitors, spies, Marxists and abortion mills – but of course mostly very subtly. (Incidentally – IsraHEll has one of the WORLD’S largest ratios of murdered unborn humans on earth!) You will NOT find THOSE kind of TRUTHS in his deceptive and cunning ‘news-letters)


Levitt is well financed and has powerful friends. Gee wiz – wonder how he can do that in IsraHELL when NO non Jew TRUE CHRISTIAN would have a chance in hell! Don’t suppose that the Godless Christ hating Israelis ‘tolerate’ his presence because they know that he is assisting them in their agenda to destroy the TRUE word of God? Don’t suppose that the good Rabbi is one of those Jew Wolves in a ‘Christian’ sheep’s clothing that Jesus Matthew and Paul warned us about – do you? If he was – he is certainly going to enjoy a long stay in hell – as he most certainly is as I write this. Zola is finally at home with his idol.


Levitt’s diatribes continue to extol the deeds of the evil ones and mock the deeds of love and mercy. Because Former President Carter wants the endless murders of helpless civilians in Palestine to stop – he is demonized in this ‘Christ oriented’ hate rag. He mocks the Universal Christian symbol – the cross and preaches that AmeriKan Christianity must be more “Judized” (read: ZIONIZED!) His magazine endorses atheist, abortion advocate Hillary Clinton for President because it would be “ best for IsraHELL”


Levitt’s Zionist rag openly admits that his fellow Jews are more comfortable in the Godless trash magnet for Communists abortionists homosexual perverts and welfare blacks – the AmeriKan Democrat Party. He demonizes Senator Obama because his middle name is Islamic and he might not allow IsraHELL to keep its stranglehold on my country. Killer McCain got high marks for his slavish loyalty to IsraHELL before his OWN AMERICA. Can we already see a little more than a smidgen of hypocrisy here? ALL humans of ANY Arab ethnicity are continually savaged slandered and demonized in the publication even though it IS the JEW that murders the helpless children of their neighbors on a DAILY basis for sport. Been there seen that! You must understand – the Jew has been a MASTER of demonizing his VICTIMS since they murdered Christ and before – when they murdered His Prophets. Bible class 101 kids.


There are more like Zola all over America now. They infiltrate our churches and later take them over. They call themselves Messianic Jews like Levitt – BUT NOT CHRISTIAN. It is an old tactic invented by the Jew in Soviet Union and perfected by Stalin’s Godless KGB. Need proof? Show me ONE of these so-called converts that are not loyal FIRST to IsraHELL. They are virtually ALL moles or crypto-Jews. Need more proof? Ever hear ANY TRUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN CHRISTIAN AMERICA – call itself “Christian/Zionist” before the Jew gained dominance over our country? Ever hear this irrational Islam phobic epidemic before the Jew captured the Republican Party? If you so much as read the classic adventure stories =A Thousand and One Nights as told by the legendary Persian Queen Scheherazade to your children today – a Zola Levitt Jew will report you to big brother as a terrorist.


To add undeniable proof on the side of condemnation of the Jews as a whole – is a lifetime of observation from the ‘sidelines’ as I watched COUNTLESS instances where Jew were persecuting and subverting Christians (and I am NOT talking about the hate filled ilk of the likes of Jerry the Jew Fallwell or demonic filth like the boated fat pig Hagee and their imbecile robotic fat pasty pig eyed lemmings) or other such morons. [ Talk about DISGUSTING LOOKING OBESE PEOPLE!!]


When the Laws of God were being removed from Justice Moore’s courthouse by Jew ALCU lawyers – where were the good moral prominent Jews to defend this blasphemy?

When Christ hating Jew Senator Howard Metzenbaum stood on the floor of Congress and spewed forth his vitriolic statement of hatred of our Christian heritage “Do not let the forces of evil [Christians] take over to make this a Christian America.” where was the OUTRAGE from his fellow legislators against this obscenity.


When the Godless Jew community was threatening the family of Mel Gibson for their hatred of Christ in the Passion Of Christ where was the outrage from PROMINENT GOOD JEWS IN AMERICA?


When the abortion mills of the Jews are murdering innocent children by the MILLIONS – where was the outrage voiced from our Jewish Legislators – Actors – billionaires and other ‘chosen’ whose influence could make a difference?


When traditional Christian symbols of the adoration of Christ at Christmas time were being declared unlawful by Jew judges all over the nation – where were the rich influential ‘GOOD JEWS’? (Remember – these Jews control and own ALL OF OUR MEDIA!)


When IsraHELL was murdering innocent Palestinian children in cold blood – killing them just for sport- where was the anger from Jew billionaires like Paul Newman – Sumner Redstone – Michael Douglas – Harrison Ford – Bette Midler – Jerry Springer – Howard Stern – George Lucas and thousands more?


Where were the outraged ‘good moral take the moral high ground’ Jews When prayer was outlawed in our public schools by Jew lawyers.


When even the WORD CHRISTMAS was removed form all merchants stores because of ‘complaints’ by the chosen – where was the anger from the ‘GOOD JEWS”


When IsraHELL loyal Jew traitor Jonathon Pollard was exposed arrested and sentenced to prison for the most serious betrayal of our countries defenses in history – where was the outrage in the US and IsraHELL from the Jews. [Worthy to note; yes there WAS substantial ‘OUTRAGE’- all directed at the US – BUT not outrage at all in Israhell – where filthy Jew traitor Pollard is STILL considered a national HERO – a disgrace that I PERSONALLY had opportunity to witness in IsraHELL.


Where were the ‘Chosen’ When porn grade filth (The putrid “Girls Gone Wild” CDs) was placed on one of their Jew owned TV networks (SPIKE), not a whimper from these kings of porn.


In Israhell – the ‘UN-holy land of the Jew – where is the vocal outrage form these Jews THEMSLEVES at to the FACT that their precious IsraHELL boasts one of the highest rate of murder of the unborn child ON EARTH?


ALSO in IsraHELL – on which the Jew spends HUGE amounts of money to entice us Goy cattle to tour – where is the collective outrage by other ‘GOOD JEWS’ at the hypocrisy of bragging about a holy land where WHITE SLAVERY – TORTURE – PROSTITUTION – RACISM – and sanctuary for international criminals (BUT JEWS ONLY!) ABOUNDS!


When our sons and fathers and brothers were slaughtered in cold blood – MURDERED! – on the unarmed USS Liberty in international waters by the Jews – where were the fiery speeches by Jew Congressmen – Jew movie Moguls – Billionaire Jew bankers – Jew entertainers – Jew Mayors – Jew Governors – Jew media owners and other powerful American-Jews in protest of the INDESPUTABLE ACT OF WAR AGAINS AMERICA.


I could give you a HUNDRED more examples but the answers would all be the same – THERE WOULD BE NO MORAL OUTRAGE NO MATTER HOW HORRENDOUS THE CRIME.


ONCE again – logic dictates that there are SO FEW ‘GOOD JEWS’ ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH that their COLLECTIVE voices are NEVER EVER HEARD. AND – since it is a FACT and has been for a LONG TIME – that the Jews OWN ALL important means of ‘news’ communication in America – they control EVRYTHING WE SEE AND HEAR in this Jew occupied country – once known as the United States of America.


Christianity is a tough road to follow and the ‘gate’ is straight and narrow. A TRUE Christian (a rare commodity in today’s morally bankrupt America) is a good person. I can count the ones I know personally on both hands. It is the same with true Islamic faithful. The one who follow the TRUE teachings of the Quo’ran are good and decent people – an asset to ANY American community of ‘good and decent’ Christians – but there are those who have ALSO strayed FAR away from the teachings of THEIR faith and have senior priests (mullahs)- that are ‘false prophets. We in America have an ABUNDANCE of these blasphemous pigs – like Hagee, Parsley, Graham, Hinn, Osteen and other American scum who PURPOSFULLY PERVERT AND DESCRATE THE WORDS OF OUR LORD – AND – get VERY wealthy doing so.. .


A MAJOR problem today is ignorance on both sides. The ignorance I speak of here is the ignorance of the TRUE nature of a TRUE practicing Christian and conversely – the ignorance on the part of the average American as to what the TRUE practicing Islamic believes and live his life by. I can excise the ignorance on the part of the Arab world – seeing as all they ever learn about ‘AmeriKan Christianity’ is the putrid hatred – racism – hypocrisy and abysmally REALLY stupid people here that MOCK our Lord by even calling themselves Christian. They are in reality nothing more than an obscenity in the face of God. It is a MAJOR embarrassment to me as an American citizen.


An extenuating part of the problem is – that we – as American – HAVE NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER FOR OUR IGNORANCE – NONE. We are blessed with being the most abundantly materially wealth nation on the planet. Americans are one of the few creatures on earth that actually TAKE PRIDE IN THEIR IGNORANCE. We SHOULD be ashamed. The poorest soul you will ever meet in the US – has a TV and a radio of some sort. These are luxuries in most poor countries and ALL third world countries. Yet ANOTHER embarrassing fact is that the image that many poor Islamics have of Americans is 100% true even without ever having had first hand experience living or traveling here in the US. They perceive us as stupid – uneducated – arrogant – crude – compassionless – godless – immature – shallow – cruel – irresponsible – sinful – materialistic Christian hypocrites who are responsible for the murders of their children and destruction of their countries.


They are not completely accurate in their gut feel assessments of the majority of Americans. They got the Christian thing wrong. The 50 million moron Zio/fundamentalists they perceive from news media – INCLUDING their hero – our Zionist Jew lunatic- in – Chief war criminal ‘imperialist furher’ are Not Christians in any way shape or form. TRUE Islamics hate the EXACT same evil in this country that I despise. The worst murdering hateful racist ignorant hypocrite human garbage in America today – is the demonic Godless IsraHELL FIRST crowd. All this is the result of very cunning Jews and very stupid gullible goy.


The bottom line is – that – to answer my own question of ‘are there any good Jews in America – or IsraHELL – I must still give yes – BUT a QUALIFIED YES. I never met one in IsraHELL and I have not PERSONALLY met one in the US – at least not in the last 10-15 years. So – for all intents and purposes the chances of one encountering a TRULY GOOD JEW today would be like being struck by lightning – possible but not likely. But in all fairness – the likelihood of a Christian encountering another Christian – a REAL – walk the walk human being that strives daily to imitate the likeness and behavior of Christ might prove an almost equally difficult task


How many people do YOU know that do NOT abuse alcohol or drugs – do NOT commit adultery or promiscuity – are kind and considerate and generous to their fellow man – who do NOT lie –cheat – steal – use or hurt others. They who will defend the defenseless – feed the hungry – clothe the naked – help the elderly – console the grief stricken or those in despair – honor their parents – provide for their family and always strive to be a good role model. To be good husbands or wives – brothers or sisters – sustain them selves – be responsible for their own actions – value knowledge and wisdom – show courage and character – kindness and compassion – stand up for righteousness and Godliness and ALSO confront and expose evil deeds laws and conduct wherever and whenever they are encountered. (And if you are even tempted to say its none of your business – Scripture tells us it is not just OK – it is REQUIRED CHRISTIAN conduct of a ‘good man’) Serve their country if need be – keep their word – render help to their neighbor – to share one’s good fortune with the less fortunate and to always do what you know is right in your heart, rather than what is easy or popular – regardless of the consequences.


I used to know many people that pretty much filled that bill. One was my father – I wish I had known him better. Many of the kids I grew up with – well into my military days were not so unlike that. Then came the Jew rot – ‘The Beetles’ (and their twisted drug culture ilk that followed) – free love – relative values – ‘different rules’ and a growing Jew influence to ‘reinforce’ this seductive new way of living. Yes – the Jews directed managed promoted and profited from these attacks on human frailties. Today – any significant number of truly ‘GOOD’ people are becoming harder to find.


Forget about putting a Jew to that test – consider yourself fortunate if you even find a Gentile who does little more than just ‘talk the talk.’AND if you are so fortunate to befriend such a person – be he Jew or Gentile – treat him well and defend him – as he will be persecuted for his goodness by both the Jews and those that the Jews have already ‘assimilated’ as their shabus goy or useful idiots. That fact has been in the NT for millennia – but it took me most of my life to completely comprehend and finally accept.


The Lord Jesus Christ warned His followers, “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves (Matt. 7:15). The warning was important because Jesus later said to them: “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents, and innocent as doves” (Matt. 10:16). The apostle Paul, with a deeply troubled spirit and in tears, penned a similar warning: “I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock” (Acts 20:29). The impeccability of the source itself – not withstanding – it could not have been said better


Conclusion: For all intents and purposes – YES!

God save us from the demonic evil of the treacherous lying Zionist Jew.





  1. Personally, I have never known any Jewish people and at this point I don’t want to.

    In the last three years I’ve learned more about the Jews than I ever wanted to know. “They” are not God’s chosen, they just believe that they are. They share no genetic relation to the Hebrews of the Bible, yet, they have convinced the world that they are descended from the lost 10 tribes.

    This is their biggest scam convincing the world that their lineage dates back 3000 years, and that their birth rite commands that they are entitled to an entire country, where they murder the indigenous population with impunity.

    But that’s not enough to satisfy their lust for power, they also believe that it is their sacred right to enslave the entire world through economic debt where the masses basically work for them from cradle to grave.

    But, that’s not enough either for these monsters, they want and must have the gentile souls of the world to fulfill their diabolical hatred for every non-jew and to corrupt the antithesis of their malevolent nature, which is the gentle spirit of faithful Christians and Muslims, etc.

    Woe to those that are aware of these truths for they shall surely perish. By now, my name is on one of their lists of dissidents for sure. I have had quite a bit of time to ponder my fate when the Israeli flag finally replaces the stars and stripes, which will be ‘the’ signal that our beloved republic is now under Jewish Israeli law. I am resolute, I shall not conform and will never give up my unalienable rights as an American citizen. No one can take away what one is born with, not even this fascist, zionist sham of a government in our midst.

  2. Lets not that forget that Jesus himself was NOT one of these viper Jews regardless of the propaganda of him being “King of the Jews”, by the way, the ONLY reference of him even being a “Jew” and everything else in the bible showing he WASN’T a Jew!

    It is clear on my site he wasn’t a Jew.

  3. I do not agree with your assertion at all. I think Jews are exactly the same level of scum as everyone else. There are your reptile Jews a small minority, but non the less in charge. There are your sheep Jews the vast majority as with every other group that you can name, who currently collaborate with the reptiles because they have been deceived by the reptiles. Then there are your Mustang stallion Jews, again few in number, who are desperately trying to work their way through the sheep to trample the reptiles. Will the world’s Stallions get through the sheep in time in sufficient numbers to be able to trample the reptiles before the reptiles kill us all? That is the question that has us all on the edge of our seats. Not the sheep though.
    They are oblivious to the extent of the problem. Some of these reptiles are Chamillions and can look like a sheep or a rock for awhile. Who is who?

  4. Amen.

    We were told in sayings (Hadith) of the prophet Mohammad that before the end of the world, good Muslims and good Christians will unite in the face of evil. Good news: they will prevail.

  5. thanks for the blog. Truer words were never spoken. The satanic jew is truly the scourge of the planet. It will end with nuclear WWIII in the Middle East. Hopefully, that will be the final solution to the jewish problem. I could never figure out how a group of people could invade prime Mediterranean coastal land in 1948 and say nobody owned it and it was theirs based upon the fact their forebears may have exercised some brief and transient degree of sovereignity thereon some 3000 years ago. They just stole the land and butchered and enslaved its occupants and they are killing them right now in Gaza as I type! As an adjuster, I have had first hand experience with this scum in the form of plaintiff attorneys ripping off innocent defendants with their fraudulent claims. They are total utter filth and I am sure they are the earthly incarnations of satanic demons from another world. One question; you rail against the abortion mills in ‘Israel’ and say they have the highest abortion rate in the world but since they would be presumably aborting mostly jewish filth, what’s not to like about that?

  6. Yes they are all rotten and evil to the core. Not one of them will work for the good of man. They are all in it together. They call everyboby else “goyim”. Their sayanims are always trying to great the next major terrorist event.
    They are responsible for 9/11
    (yes they were behind it)They assasinated JFK, They sank the Titanic, Lousitania and USS liberty and attempted to MURDER former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who was trying to bring medicine and food to the poor Palestinians.
    They own all the banks,media and control the “United States” government(ZOG). They are MURDERING women and children and NO ONE is doing anything. The United Nations(under Israel) is “helpless”. Let Iran or Cuba do it and see what happens. They promote histrical lies to garner endless sympathy for them alone. Other peoples problems are ignored and mocked in their Hollywierd movie propaganda. They are behind the current global financial “crisis”; they rig all world markets to suit their interests. Is Israel’s economy sufferring? No!(why not?) Why is it a crime to investigate the Holocaust in Europe? Will the jew Madoff(stole 50 billion) go to jail? Why is Obama’s cabinet 80 percent jew? Why is Israel allowed to commit GENOCIDE and not be sanctioned and punished? Where are the “good” jews to come and denounce Israel? Why do they come to forums and blogs(noe the ADL is policing YouTube) to cry “anti- semetic” and excuse zionist terrorist?

    All jews are SCUM! All of them!

    Help Stop The Jewish Crime Network

  7. Where do these jews get the time to be so evil and do so much other stuff. I don’t have time to see my kids !

  8. God bles you for creating this blog.I believe its time to do a coast to coast walk a group of us to expose the talmudic hate of whites and people of color and to do so peacefully and organized.Yes it will be safer as a group and would call a lot of attention to this threat to us all.I am serious if anyone will walk with me across america I willdo all I can to awaken our brothers and sisters.All we haveto do is have an authentic copy of the Talmud to reference the jews own words.If we can get a large group of us to call attention to this agenda against us and do it right I believe we as a group can be the catalyst to start a movement.An awakend America will rally.We have to take it to the streets and now not tommorow .Time is running out lets try peaceful methods while we still can.I am only one but together as one we are strong.Lets really DO something instead of just bitching about it.Please brothers let us unite and do this.Let us stand together to create a light on their plans.YOUR BROTHER RON LARSON

  9. i agree with most u say but there is good and bad everywhere the greatest crime in my mind is that people forget the jews are not a race its a religion i beleave a corrupt and evil religion but people need to b educated not brainwashed by american and jew lies

  10. Let us stop talking. YOU ARE THE SLAVES.











  11. EVERY WORD YOU HAVE SPOKEN IS THE TRUTH! THE JEWS WILL BRING THE WORLD TO AN END! BEHIND EVERY WAR CRIME, BEHIND EVERY MAJOR EVIL DOINGIN THIS WORLD TRUST ME YOU WILL FIND JEW ASSOCIATED! The mission of satan is to strip all mankind of any faith and beliefs…satan is a Fucking Jew!!!!! if you read the QURAN and the BIBLE it is clear to see that the major difference between the 2 religions is the believe of the muslims that jesus was a messenger of god and the believe of christians is he was the son of god, having said that if one reads the Torah it is evident that one who accepts it as the final word of good is simply DEATH, DUMB and BLIND!!!!!

  12. In two more years they will be owning America like they do Walt Disney. This will be the new Gomorah, with their gay asses.

  13. Talmudic Judaism is the true obstacle to world peace. The Torah and O.T. is full of instances showing/proving that the Talmudic Jews do not worship the true father of everything, but in fact worship the great deceiver Satan.

    another item of interest is that Jesus was NOT a Jew, he was born in Judea, of the family David but did not practice Talmudic Judaism(though it wasnt called that till later), Jesus did in fact oppose the Pharisees(precursor of the Rabbi)and spoke out against the and their demonic ways. This was the reason why the Pharisees petitioned the Romans to have Jesus put to death, not because he was a danger to Rome, but because he did not support or worship the Pharisees. In fact he specifically stated that Rome was due what was Rome’s(taxs)and God due what was God’s(the soul), this was in direct contradiction to the word of the Pharisees.

  14. And as a side note, the Templar Knights were not Christians when they returned to Europe, but converted to Judaism. They discovered the gluttony, lack of moral center and love of deception of Talmudic Judaism and imported the mechanism of the Rabbinical control, ie control of the money to Europe. And all of the supposed protestant religions was simply an engineered contamination of Christianity with Judaic principles, your worth to society is based on your money. When the truth was finally discovered the Satan worshipping templars were attacked on Friday, October 13, 1307. unfortunately many escaped to Britain and what would later become Switzerland.

    Never trust a Jew to speak the truth or to conduct themselves with morality.

    Understanding and recognizing the evil that is Judaism and refusal to accept their demonic ways, is the only path to the true Father, he sent his one and only Son into our midst to warn us of the evil. Heed his warning or suffer the consequences.

  15. The Jew is the most evil incarnation that ever walked this planet and should be treated as such.The main problem with the lemmings that inhabit this earth is that they have been indoctrinated by Jew sponsored schools,colleges,etc to accept what they say as the truth,hence the lies about WW2,amongst other things.

    The other thing to remember is that while the Jew holds the monopoly on the world’s media things can only degenerate at an increasingly rapid rate.The likes of Rupert Murdoch are actively planning the downfall of the white race and are blatantly printing and broadcasting jew lies and deceit.

    Unless we stop this cancer now we have nothing but destuction and the downfall of the human race to look forward to.

  16. God bless you for writing this blog, I hope the rest of my muslim & christian brothers and sisters realise the truth about the jews, the scum of the earth.
    It digusts me to my core how much power and money the jews have, they are controlling the world, causing wars, getting richer, and bringing all sorts of immorality to the world.

  17. Not all Jews are bad just a lot of them.
    Liars and thieves.
    Genetically Jews and Arabs are identical.
    Jews will step on your family to get what they want.
    I dont want them dead i just want them brought into line.
    Remember they think they are better then the rest of us they think they are the so called chosen race.
    They practise apartitde against the Palestinians they deny them basic rights, deny them food and water and land they deny them freedom.
    Israel is so hated by most Arab countries you would think they might make an effort to get on with their neighbours by making a few sacrifices.
    But Jews giving something to an arab for free and without conditions is impossible.
    Jews do not understand the meaning of giving.
    Israel will be destroyed one way or another because the Arabs will get weapons of mass destruction because they will invent and make their own one way or another Jews will pay the price.
    I remember a interview with a moderate Israeli journalist who told a story of a jewish checkpoint in Palestine.
    The Jewish soldiers stopped a very old man and his 8 year old grandson and their donkey. They made the old man get down on his hands and knees and made him kiss the donkeys bottom at gun point laughed and humiliated the old man in front of the grandson.
    the little boy and the old man both crying while the soldiers laughed and yelled insults.
    Jews think they are better than the rest of us? I dont think so.

  18. Filthy serpent race the jew, How many millions have died because of this scourge we call the jew and how many more will die.

  19. Incredible post! I agree with almost all of what you have said. The thing that most gets me is Jewish arrogance and the conditioned zionism in every jew I meet. I feel sorry for the low level jew scum that has constant scorn toward the goyim cattle (as if looking upon an animal). They do not realize that it was their own jew elders and middle managers that aided the goyim, as well as their OWN flock to denegrate into pigs and apes – we are all swimming in hell together but the jew still looks down upon us…

    It was ‘Jewishness’ (caveat: not neccesarily jews as a people, but the insane super-legalistic minded elite) that corrupted every monothesistic religion on earth. This includes the previously monothesitc religions of ‘the religion of the israelites’ (note: the prophetic religion, NOT talmudic judaism) as well as what is today called christianity and islam.

    At every step in the development of
    these true religions that sought to unshackle humanity from the ignorance of idol worship and the following of false authorities, the talmudic rabbi, using dissimulation and the propogation of false oral tradition, had helped guide these religions back into paganism. ‘Christianity’ as it stands today is mostly nonsense and idol worship.’Islam’, is a legalistic black hole where the talmudic style scholars rule, god given reason is forgotten and the non-stop praise of ignorance is mandated. The real religion is monotheism, bereft of the jewish insanity that holds rabbis, priests, or religious scholars as Lord. If you study history you will find the hand of the talmudic jew behind the corruption of religion (study the history of Islam before and following the death of Muhammed to see this in clear documented fashion).

    Those that claim to follow, not the law, but ‘the soul of the law’ have been complete tyrants who have duped humanity. These are the “brood of vipers” that Jesus accurately spoke of.




  22. For those of you who weren’t paying attention, one of the things that this blog is blaming the jews for is racism yet the whole thing is accusing the jews of being animals just because they’re jews. I grew up believing that no race is better than any other. it doesn’t matter if your christian muslim or jewish, if you do good things in your life than your a good person. If YOU are a good person then YOU wont hate people because of their relligion, you wont come up with random disasters to blame on the jews to make people hate them. (ONE: “They assasinated JFK, They sank the Titanic”… scroll up to see it) How would you explain THAT to your kids?

  23. Hey guys. I’m daniel, and I’m Jewish.

    I was curious why people hate Jews, so I did a google search, and now I’m here. I have a couple questions, if you guys don’t mind?

    1. I’m 17. 2000 years ago, some people who have the same religion has me told the Romans to kill Jesus. How does that make me a bad person? I did not do anything. Surely having bad relatives does not make you a bad person, does it?

    2. In your post , you said Jews have caused every disaster for the last 100 years. Does this include hurricanes and earthquakes? If so, how am I so powerful? Also, could you give a list of the disasters and how exactly we caused them, I’m curious how we caused tectonic plates to shift.

    3. If Jews are so powerful/intelligent/rich, why are we inferior to you guys? (I’m not saying we are- in fact I think everyone is equal- see the u.s. Constituion for more details)

    4. Did the holocaust really happen? If so, if Jews are so awesome why did we let it. If not, what about the evidence?

    5. Didn’t Jesus say, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone? Are you without sin? If not, who are you to judge anyone else?

    6. Jews don’t believe in the devil (really, read the Torah, he isn’t mentioned once). How do we worship him?

    7. Jesus said to love your neighbor. Does this not apply to Jews?

    8. Is a Jewish baby evil? What about a kitten owned by Jews? A puppy? Is a Jewish flower evil?

    Thanks. Daniel

  24. Well, I think it can be said with reasonable certainty, that the stage was set over 3000 years ago when Moses and the Isrealites came out of Egypt and entered the land of Caanan and perpetrating atrocities against the inhabitants of that land, killing every thing that stood in their way, in the name of their god Jehovah for the pretended purpose of being their birthright and being his chosen people. Read Thomas Paine’s “The Age of Reason” to fully understand this debate, which has had ill-effects on that region of the world to this day.

  25. Im glad you put this up.
    I was Brought up in a Christian family where I simultaneously learnt that Jews were poor victims. Throughout my schooling I won prizes for being a good citizen, caring for my fellow students.

    A particular Jew was the first of many to follow, to impact my life in a negative way.
    My friend was offered a ride in a car, back to my flat. I saw the older men ame did not like what I saw, but did not want to leave her alone. so, i jumped in the car beside her. being new to the city, i accepted one mans offer to meet his artistic son. i wanted to meet such people. 5 months on, with a smile on his face, his son gave me an incurable std. the evil smiles of the father all made sense now. years on, with people shunning me over this disease, i dared to say who gave it to me. No apologies from his fellow Jews. hatred instead…

  26. … I had been best all round girl at one school and a very good athlete. told i would aspire to great things. and things were going great right up until this point. I want nothing more than for others to realise the people i’ve met are the exact opposite to what they are made out to be, in all forms of media.

    now here is where the story gets more interesting. and you don’t have to believe me. but i swear its true. 2005, i was out singing along the way into town, late one night. i continued training even though i felt ruined. as i walked and sang, a limousine came around the corner. to the man sitting inside it, who stared at me as his car moved at snail pace, i sent a couple letters too in 07. he was william. i got mail in 05 from my bank relating to national security, so someone was looking into who i am..

    for a letter sent to him, a short story would show up in the newspaper, about himself or something about his mother.

    in 07/08, i told a jewish woman i thought i knew about this strange night…

    i wrote maybe 3 letters a year to him, about life and thoughts on the world.
    In one i wrote i would be leaving england, returning in january 10 to sydney and auckland. the paper about 6 months after that letter wrote he had leaked to an australian female tourist he would be at those places at that same time.

    a couple weeks before i was due to fly out, a woman who’d thrown herself on me, claiming her brother is jewish but she isn’t asked me lots of questions about My travel plans, when and where.. i could tell she had something of an agenda.

    a couple hours after having 1 drink with her and meal, i lay in bed, thinking i had been poisoned. i was in agony. My lymph nodes were full of cancer. overnight. i suspect foul play (the first jewish woman i mentioned smiled wryly while telling me a heart attack could be inflicted with insulin).

    this happened one week before i was due to fly to sydney, where the young man had said he too would be.

    i didn’t stop in sydney & auckland. studies now put on hold, having

  27. to tackle this unwanted surprise.

    i headed north, somewhere small for treatment. william did come out to the antipodes.

    now, he is about to marry catherine m goldstein.. perhaps he only wanted to meet the woman who he had heard singing in an abandoned city street, a distant spencer-marshall relation, who’d written half a dozen letters about citizenship, justice, and travel.

    if id met him i would have asked him why marry a jewish middleton-goldstein?
    the british monarchy is finally jewish.

  28. tell me more about your story, Winifred – I want to have it published – and in order to publicly humiliate these joos – thnx

  29. The Jews now control the United States and have taken over the legal system, the courts, the federal government, and state and local governments. Obama has more Jews in his administration than any president in history. Rahm Emanuel, a tantrum-prone Jew, is now mayor of Chicago. More Jews have harmed and attacked me in my life than any other race. The Jews and the Arabs are the same race — the semitic race. That is why both Jews and Arabs are hated around the world. Both pretend to be superior to each other, but they both know they are the most vile scum ever to inhabit the planet. Every country the Jews invaded throughout recorded history has ejected them. The predatory Jew will cause World War III. They must be stopped in their quest for world domination.

  30. sometimes under bad circumstances people may do wrong-and those are forgiven, jews under the best circumstances always do wrong-jews do evil-by choice-because jews think evil is good and good is evil-they are not human-they are the children of satan-jews from all the best circumstances-the best social class with no traumatic events in their history-only privilege and wealth always choose to destroy other life-they think destruction is the jews greatest power-it is their only power-jews are incapable of love-of making life better-there is no good in any jew-they are the evil on this earth, even the rich jews steal-lie and are sex perverts of the worst kind-incest is common. Jews are incapable of honoring truth-they always lie. Everything that is evil is what jews glorify as good-on their propaganda machine they call entertainment-all TV and film comes from the depraved viewpoint of sociopaths. All jews are born sociopaths-they are genetically damaged beyond any redemption-incurably insane and so jews are the most dangerous menace to all life on earth. When they leave earth and it will be soon-earth will be restored as the kingdom of God-and there will be peace-harmony and love everywhere-pray that the jews will be removed from God’s earth from God’s holy land-and returned to Hell, the real jewish homeland the only place jews belong-back to their father made in their own image=satan

  31. I see there are threats on your life Mr. Joe Cortina. I hope that you are okay. YET you may be on the scam as well.
    But GOD knows.
    This guy Jon Phillips, seems to be a man of wealth, & could easily contract someone to hurt your types.
    The previous poster a so-called Winifred, could very well be an intentional “schizophrenic” detractor.

    The best news so far is from “Israeli” Prof. Shlomo Sand, who in 2009 has written a book called “The INVENTION of JEWISH People” ~ so that indeed they are Prozelytes, of Prozelytes & Jesus claimed that when he said “When you make a new Prozelyte, you turn him into a 2 times the son of hell as yourselves” ~ We also have Revelation 2:9 & Rev/ 3:9 about the FALSE JEWS, & Jesus knew them.
    Isaiah 63:8 defines them speaking over 700 in the future thus this prediction about the Lord Jesus Christ’s coming into the world
    “And they were CHILDREN who DO Not LIE & he was their Savior”
    Isaiah 9:6 – is about the birth of Christ “Unto us a CHILD is BORN, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, & he shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The MIGHTY GOD, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace”.
    The TRINITY is in Isaiah 6:3 ~ “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY”
    The Holy Priesthood, or the LEVITICAL lineage, is one descended from Son No.3 to patriarch JACOB, thus LEVI is for the TRINITY, as the Levitical Priests were the original Leaders in Israel, not the KINGS. Kings came later.
    So that also there are 3 parts to the Temple, 3 parts to the Tabernacle, 3 things that were encased in the Ark of the Covenant ~ For the TRINITY obviously ~
    When ELOHIM is speaking in the Garden of Eden, he/she say “Let US create man in OUR image…” thus ELOHIM is Plural for God’s.
    If you do not know about the thread of truth from the Scriptures, why should it be given to you “on a Silver charger” ~
    JESUS said “You shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free”. KNOWLEDGE of everything is FREEDOM.
    The HEBREWS vacated on several occasions, notably from 745 b.c. to 722 b.c. & again at the time of CHRIST’s stay upon our earth, as Christianized Hebrews. They went to Eastern Europe + became the SLAVS.
    This is predicted in the Bible in Isaiah 62:2 & Isaiah 65:15 where it is stated that the NAME of the HEBREWS will be CHANGED, Obviously to CHRISTIAN.
    Many other types of CODED MESSAGES in the Bible regarding the Exile of the Hebrews out of the land that was changing in populations & as New Demographics were moving in, including the Edomites, the Amorites, the Canaanites becoming absorbed, also the Egyptians. Please read EZEKIEL chapter 16 for the description of the FOREIGN STOCK that the Lord was trying to “adopt” in Israel.
    Not the same easy way, as the Original Hebrews had a more alkaline pH due to the Diet low or sparse in Meat + Flesh foods, which was the Diet of the Hebrews, from te times of Moses & Aaron.
    The Bible states that the Hebrews did INTRICATE Embroidery. Only the SLAVS can do Intricate Embroidery.
    These other “Newcomers” to the “faith” which has now passed on to the fulfillment of the Savior’s mission The LAMB of GOD, simply DO NOT HAVE the STRONG EYES, from all the Acidic Diets that they have pursued from Millenia.
    SLAVIC people are the least meat-eaters of all Europeans. We also have the World’s Greatest Inventor who is behind ALL our MODERN AGE tech’s.
    Anyone interested in more Coded Messages from the Bible, as to HOW the HEBREWS exited out of JERUSALEM + Israel, can contact me at ~ ~
    Micah 2:12 & 13, tells you about the Exile. Prophet OBADIAH speaks about JACOB becoming a Stranger, meaning NO Longer to be called HEBREWS. As I pointed out ISAIAH 62:2 & Isa. 65:15 is about the Name Change that the Lord will choose, notably CHRISTIAN(s).
    AMOS 9:11 & 12 is about the Tabernacle of DAVID inheriting in the Last Days “from EDOM + ALL the HEATHENS (GOYIM) who are called by My Name ~ meaning “Jews”. They are described as PAGANS or HEATHENS called by God’s Name.
    Prof. Shlomo SAND states that there was No Exile for the “Jews” ~ they simply up & moved to Rome, where apparently the richest among them caught wind of the SLAVS & enslaved up to 1.000 of our Unfortunates, per 1 Rich Edomite “Jewish” family. They were even then trafficking our Young Men, certainly to work on the Coliseums, & our Beautiful White Young Women (descended from the Original White Hebrews) for SEX Trafficking to the Roman Armies, same thing that is happening today in “Israel” & all around the Globe more or less, it’s 1/2 million of White Slavic Women in their Khazar-EDOMITE SEX Trafficking EVERY YEAR.
    Predicted in Zechariah 14:2 about up to 1/2 the original dwellers of original JERUSALEM, going into captivity.
    Also the LORD said in the Bible ~ “I WILL SPREAD YOU INTO CAPTIVITY” & the SLAVS are still in horrible captivity to the Edomites & to the Khazars.
    Our Babies have disappeared to the Millions, in the last 700 yrs. since the invasions by the Turks, who are their No.1 front-men. The BIBLE predicts it in ISAIAH 49th chapter, about the STOLEN CHILDREN.
    THEY have abducted MILLIONS of our PEOPLE, sold a lot of them & sealed their Fortunes. More than the Blacks (also trafficked by the same Edomite-Khazar “Jews”). They have thus now become LIGHT & WHITE thru in-breeding with our Stolen Young Women & GIrls & Stolen White Babies, since the Invading Turks fought on their side, from the 13th or 14th century a.d. PRIOR to that the VIKINGS used to raid our terrains & STEAL YOUNG HEALTHY COUPLES.
    Thus they recoved from a lot of diseases that were prevalent to the Western Europeans who were HEAVY MEAT & FISH OIL consumers. They sold our SLAVIC White beauties & young men (they only stole couples, or men & women) to all the British Isles, to Ireland, to Germany, etc. So that the prophecies of the Lord “I will spread you into captivity” came out true”. THEY FINANCED both World Wars, where up to 100 million White SLAVS have been exterminated by the German Armies or by their Khazar BOLSHEVIKS. Predicted in Ezekiel 38 & 39th chapters.
    One last Coded Message, in the Bible is this both found in Prophet ISAIAH 37:32 and in II KINGS 19:31 + speaks about the ESCAPE out of Mount Zion. So that ZION is no longer an Earthly Zion, but a Spiritual Zion, where his own descended Hebrews dwell, in Eastern Europe.
    So that the Idea of ZION is First + Foremost a Spiritual place which includes the Savior of the world.

  32. you need to spread the knowledge if everyone knew the truth and we rose against them then we could overpower them they are cowards they hide behind their nose which will one day be crushed

  33. Jon Phillips, a self described Jew, is making death threats (hello law enforcement) against the writer of this blog.

    He is quite obviously a rather violent, vulgar, unstable, low-life, bloody-minded, duplicitous, and rabid cur.

    A true credit to his race.

  34. I agree. 95% of the jews that I met (or that came from Israel) were evil, money hoarding, arrogant, cunning, sly people. I will never support anything Israel and that is a fact.

  35. It seems like they are like parasites in the sense that they can only feed off non Jews. They can’t feed off each other. They never fully integrate into the countries they live in. They are like a cult where they are Jews first no matter what country they live in. It is what has made them so unpopular with so many different countries.

  36. As your concern is actually about a people in rebellion and revolt against Torah and God, concerning difference between these that keep covenant and not, and these in rebellion revolting against God and Torah, may I suggest you identify these same in rebellion as they are called today, being “Zionist” and not “Jew.”

  37. i don’t have a problem with your ideas but: 1)please run spell check, it makes the rest of us look bad. 2) Gertrude Berg was a jew so you probably don’t want to use her quote. Just saying.

  38. Actually the Bible is very specific about the sinfull Jews. It says they would become a by-word among the nations. Till this day anytime you say the wourd Jew you don’t think good thoughts.

    (Deu 28:37) And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all the peoples whither Jehovah shall lead thee.

    (2Ch 7:20) then will I pluck them up by the roots out of my land which I have given them; and this house, which I have hallowed to my name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it a proverb and a byword among all peoples.

    (Psa 44:14) Thou makest us a byword among the nations, a shaking of the head among the peoples.

    (Joe 2:17) Let the priests, the ministers of Jehovah, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare, O Jehovah, thy people, and give not thine inheritance to reproach, that they should be a byword of the nations. Wherefore should they say among the peoples, Where is their God?

    Joe Rizoli
    See also holocaust links for other frauds and hoaxes perpetrated by these by-word people.

  39. Psychosis starts with ideation, and transitions into delusion. Some of the posters here are fully psychotic, others are on the way, and some are so unaware that they can’t even read this. I’m here to warn you before you become lost in your own minds: there is a constant that we can refer back to so that we never get lost, and do not succumb to madness. It is called reason. The statement that a Jew is evil is a value judgement: it cannot be measured or quantified. Implicit in the statement “Jews are evil” is the true meaning: “I hate Jews”. When we follow the light of reason, which stops us from falling into the abyss, we must seek to make explicit all that is implicit. It is more meaningful and coherent to say “I hate Jews” than to say “Jews are evil”. When we do this we begin to see that most of what is written here is fear and insecurity masquerading as cognitively meaningful statements. I dare say most of the people this is aimed at will have literally no idea what most of these words mean, but if that is the case I encourage you to exercise the attribute of humility that Christ held so dear. If you can’t understand this comment, why do you think that might be? I encourage you all to keep an open mind, and to look back at the bible, and the works of Christ who’s grace this blog has besmirched, and ask yourself “what would Jesus do”. The Christ i have found hung bloody and beaten, nailed to the cross, and said “forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”. This is tolerance. This is grace. This is my king. Most of the posters here have never discovered, or have lost their humbleness. You have been distracted by hate. What happened to turning the other cheek? What happened to doing unto others what you would have done unto yourself. Even as I write I am constantly conflicted as to whether my tone is too harsh, or my attitude too judgemental, but I implore you to look back at Christ, and use your reason that god Imbued you with, because some of you are lost.

  40. That is absolutely true. Saying Jews are evil, we are really just being ignorant. We need to stop being scared and bring these monstrosities to light. It can happen

  41. How can anyone add to that?
    Jesus himself said of the Jews:
    (KJV) Matthew 23:38
    “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.”

    This basically from Jesus own mouth tells of the future of the Jews. The NT shows dramatically how the Jews tried to hinder Christians, the book of the Acts of the Apostles speaks of their murderous traits . Nothing has changed in two thousand years,


  42. Know Jews & goyim by their works. I’ve had enough experience with evil people to know with certainty that the spark of good will not surface to create personal transformation from evil to good.

    Unrepentant liars, killers, thieves and even deceivers who would have you remain silent in the face of evil……ARE evil.

    Let’s call the good people, “good people”. Let’s identify those who use evil as their winning formula as “evil people”.

    Satan is deceiving–even to deceove us to spare his evil spawn from criticism and being labeled, ‘evil’.

  43. In response to Jacob’s typically Jewy contortions of debate.

    The statement
    “Jews are evil” is the true meaning, it is positively true that is what we mean.
    The statement “I hate jewes” is what you’re trying to extract from that. This is not true. Not always.
    Of course there is the logic that follows that once the realisation of juwes being evil sinks into the previously tricked Goyim, it can often lead to a natural response of revulsion and hatred, this is normal but not the only form of response.

    Many of us pity you, yes we’re sickened by your acts, your bestial behaviours, your inbuilt desire to destroy all that is good.

    Do not mistake opposition for hate and vengeance, remember if it were not for our beautiful souls and good natured hearts of the ‘Goyim’ you’d have been slaughtered not just in WWII, but in all your wicked passages of history were you destroy all that is good and holy.
    This is why Hitler never did so, he wanted you removed from civilised society, justifiably so as you are evil incarnate.
    Had he wished to kill you all, being German, they’d have done so, without any errors nor compromise.

    However once the world fully realises the depth and scope of your inherent evil, the evil you wreak, the deception of the world over throughout history, I fear they won’t be as forgiving as the great Fuhrer was and will seek to snuff of the seed of Satan entirely, which is ultimately what juwes are, the Anti-Christ.

    Remember the reasons for your chastisement throughout the centuries was not through some irrational illogical hatred and fear of the juwes, it was born from the very realisation of what evil you people are.

    Amazing to imagine that still after 109 times being expelled from our lands, juwes still today blame the victims for what were the crimes of their stain on humanity.

    Don;t get me wrong that is not to say many of us do not hate you, for hate is what you have bred into the minds of the Goy with your twisted corruption of Western civilisation, you project your own evil desires into the minds of the gullible Goyim, you make them hate your enemies and have them fight your wars.

    Once they realise it was you all along, the juden swine, I cannot say for certain ho their poisoned minds may react to the utter disgust that they’ve been led astray by satan’s children.
    I fear hate will be an understatement of what your programmed army of slave Goys will feel, once they realise the truth about the juwes.

    I personally don;t hate juwes, I pity them and am deeply sickened by them, I’ll reserve the hate for the army that will turn against you and repay the price that your deeds justly deserve.

    Understand this, this time, there will be no hiding place for juwes once the worldwide revelations come around again, unlike any other time, we have documented evidence of the past 100 years, of your perversions and corruptions through your domination of media and control of governments, legal financial and academic institutes.
    Once the spells are broken the truth will flood the world over, your lies of the holocaust, your lies of every evil act conducted the past century will diminish when held against the lies of the past all the way back to when you had Jesus killed and even before that.

    You try and ascribe our rejection of your evil as irrational hate, the truth is, even the sickest jew mind knows deep down all revulsion to semitic behaviour is the only natural response a human being can have.

    The truth is the greatest enemy to the jew, this is why is dedicates itself to the control of the mediums that information flows, this is why you’re struggling with the free and open internet doing all you can to stop it…the truth will set us free.

    Just as it has 109 times in the last 2000 years, the truth will out!

  44. [Previous typos corrected!]

    In response to Jacob’s typically Jewy contortions of debate.

    The statement
    “Jews are evil” is the true meaning, it is positively true that is what we mean.
    The statement “I hate jewes” is what you’re trying to extract from that. This is not true. Well at least not always.
    Of course there is the logic that follows that once the realisation of juwes being evil sinks into the minds of the deceived Goyim, it can often lead to a natural response of revulsion and hatred, this is normal but not the only form of response.

    Many of us pity you, yes we’re sickened by your acts, your bestial behaviours, your inbuilt desire to destroy all that is good.

    Do not mistake opposition to evil for hate and vengeance, remember if it were not for our beautiful souls and the good natured hearts of the ‘Goyim’ you’d have been slaughtered not just in WWII, but in all your wicked passages of history where you destroy all that is good and holy.
    This is why Hitler never did so, he wanted you removed from civilised society, justifiably so as you are indeed evil incarnate.
    Had he wished to kill you all, being German, they’d have done so, without any errors nor compromise.

    However, once the world fully realises the depth and scope of your inherent evil, the evil you wreak, the deception of the world over throughout history, I fear they won’t be as forgiving as the great Fuhrer was and will seek to snuff out the seed of Satan entirely, which is ultimately what juwes are, the Anti-Christ.

    Remember the reasons for your chastisement throughout the centuries was not through some irrational illogical hatred and fear of the juwes, it was born from the very realisation of what evil you people are.

    Amazing to imagine that still after the 109 times of you being expelled from our lands, juwes still today blame the victims for what were the crimes of their own stains on humanity.

    Don’t get me wrong that is not to say that many of us do not hate you, for hate is what you have bred into the minds of the Goy with your twisted corruption of Western civilisation, you project your own evil desires into the minds of the gullible Goyim, you make them hate your enemies and have them fight your wars.

    Once they realise it was you all along, the juden swine, I cannot say for certain how their corrupted and poisoned minds may react to the utter disgust that they’ve been led astray by Satan’s children.
    I fear “hate” will be an understatement of what your programmed army of slave Goys will feel, once they realise the truth about the juwes.

    I personally don’t hate juwes, I pity them of course and am deeply sickened by them, I’ll reserve the hate from the armies that will turn against you and repay the price that your deeds justly deserve.

    Understand this, this time, there will be no hiding place for juwes once the worldwide revelations come around again, unlike any other time, we have documented evidence of the past 100 years, of your perversions and corruptions through your domination of media and control of governments, our legal, financial and academic institutes.
    Once the spells are broken the truth will flood the world over, your lies of the holocaust, your lies of every evil act conducted the past century will diminish when held against the lies of the past, all the way back to when you had Jesus killed and yet even before that.

    You try and ascribe our rejection of your evil as irrational hate, the truth is, even the sickest jew mind knows deep down all revulsion to semitic behaviour is the only natural response a human being can have.

    The truth is the greatest enemy to the jew, this is why is dedicates itself to the control of the mediums that information flows, this is why you’re struggling with the free and open internet doing all you can to stop it…alas for you, the truth will set us free.

    Just as it has 109 times in the last 2000 years, remember as always eventually… the truth will out!

  45. I think a lot of your feelings are your feelings but I believe mostly all of what you say as truth. I should say all. Jews were cursed as well as their progeny cursed by God in the bible. The sad part is that what Hilter stopped them from doing in Germnay the came to do in America and guess what, they’re back in Germany completing their mission. All I can say is never trust them. They are murderous, Lying, and untrustworthy. They created this movie that caused people all over to start protesting. The antil Islamic movie….Instead of the government going after the writers they go after the protesters that killed the ambassodor. I say go after both. I also think they had a lot to do with 9/11. as well as the bull dozing in Israel of the Palestinian homes. I wonder how Osama Bin Laden went from being a Bush family financial backer to a Terrorist?

  46. The truth will out, you got the point, I am being severely prosecuted by these demons – yes, the jews are demonic, I saw something like a light coming out of them. They are the scum of the earth, they know it and will do everything to cover it. But it may be too late for them, they are frightened now, that the truth about their unimaginable evil will come out. When it comes that far, it is only one way – rid the earth of them. Otherwise they will come back and seek to destroy us again – their hatred against the so called “goyim” is above all imagination. I am very sorry to write this, but since I have experienced it personally, it is the only way to cure Earth of this cancer.

  47. They were once the chosen people of God. They aren’t anymore. WE Christians ARE the chosen people of God NOW…They worship their father, satan. I pray for the day these snakes are run back into the sea. Praise God.

  48. I am a Jew, and I do not worship the devil, I respect other religions, unlike this blogger. Jesus was a Jew, Christianity came from Judiasm, my father is Catholic, so stop hating. Love is all the world needs. We are all God’s children, but some of you, the truly evil people, are going to hell. God does not judge us on religion, just if our motives are noble.

  49. Jews are not “filthy serpents” and “killers”. Hitler was a killer. 6 million people, many of them innocent children, were killed in the holocaust. If you are okay with that, then you are the filthy serpent, and I pray that god has mercy on your soul.

  50. Joe Rizoli stated above: “Show me ONE Jew that would go out on a limb to defend Ernst Zundel.”

    Well…here I am.
    Although to be fair I do NOT consider myself to be a Jew as I converted to Christanity many years ago and after engaging in my due dilligence in researching the sick and twisted history of the Jews I can say without reservation that ANYBODY who simply keeps an objective and open mind combined with even a cursory study of Jewish history MUST ABSOLUTELY COME TO THE CONCLUSION that even by the broadest standards the ability to lable oneself as a “human being” comes into question when dealing with this evil, demonic and twisted race of so-called “people”.
    And to Avilla, let me set the record straight …there WAS NO HOLOCAUST OF 6 MILLION JEWS !!!!!
    It’s been scientifically PROVEN that there was not a single Jew who was sent to the “gas chambers” because there were NO GAS CHAMBERS (except a very small one that was use to delouse vermin and lice which was spreading Typhoid all throughout the POW and labor camps. The vast majority of deaths were caused by disease NOT EXTERMINATION !!!)
    Our Lord Christ admonished us to be “on guard”, as it were, to these children of THEIR father, the Devil when He spoke to the Jews saying “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies and you are his children.” John 8:44
    And we should pay no less heed to this dire prediction “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2:9
    And, by the way, I am not the only person of Kazarian orgins (false demonic Jews) who know and understand these truths. God is opening the eyes of many other former “jews” as well and delivering them out of the insane, evil bondage of their birth and demonic indoctrinated upbringing into the loving arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God !!!

  51. There are many kind, considerate Jewish people in the world.

    Jesus is Jewish.

    Moses is Jewish.

    Noah is Jewish.

    Abraham is Jewish.

    Jewish people are good.

    Christians are good.

    Muslims and members of the Palestine Liberation organization are the corrupt/evil people on the Earth.

  52. Quoxite, 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, they were murdered by the Natzi abominations.

    Look at these images and hopefully you will realize the truth.

  53. God wants us to love everyone.

    That includes the Jews.

    Jesus is a Jew.
    If you discriminate and hate Jews, then you are discriminating against all of the prophets in the old test enemy, and Jesus himself.

  54. The messenger on February 17, 2013 at 12:00 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    God wants us to love everyone.

    That includes the Jews.

    Jesus is a Jew.
    If you discriminate and hate Jews, then you are discriminating against all of the prophets in the Old Testament, and Jesus himself.

  55. @ messenger…you have absolutely NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what you’re talking about except to say that the ideas and concepts which you bring to the table are a simple parroting of what you have learned in your educational areans and in Sunday school. To even attempt to “educate” you on the subject would be like a rocket scientist attempting to explain advanced propulsion theorm to a 1st grader. Do yourself a favor and START to do OBJECTIVE, IN-DEPTH, SCHOLASTIC , BIBLICAL, AND MULTI SOURCED REAEARCH ON THE TOPIC FOR ABOUT 20 YEARS THEN COME BACK TO ME AND TELL ME IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY.

    A renowned astronomy teacher once sat down with a little 6 year old boy.
    “I know all about stars too” the young lad said to the astronomer.
    “Really…and what is it that you know?” he asked the child.
    The boy then recited “Twinkle, Twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are…”
    The man smiled warmly at the youth and went on his way.
    Remarkably, twenty years later the renowned astronomer ran into the now grown and college educated young man once more.
    “How nice to see you again” he said. Why, I remember talking with you when you were only 6 years old.” the elderly professor reminisced.
    “I remember it too. I think I’ve learned a little bit more about stars since then.” the young man said as they both chuckled lightly.
    “I can imagine.” the astronomer quipped with a smile.
    The old professor then continued on. “It’s hard to believe that our own star is composed of a 75% to 25% ratio of hydrogen and helium which burns as fuel billions of times a day in the form of nuclear fission.”
    The young man stared dumbfounded at the old man.
    Seeing his confusion the teacher asked “This is very basic elementary astrophysics. I thought you said that you had learned about heavenly elements.”
    “I did !!!” insisted the young man “Twinkle, Twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are…” only this time instead of simply reciting it he sang it to music.

  56. How do you know what god wants this is the problem with you people you think you know what god wants every one loving everyone will only equal all of us in chains surving these Jews like slaves or dead so thanks for the hippie love but there’s no fixing the problem with the Jews with out conflict. They have just pulled the wool over your eyes the Zionist Jews have been running this world for hundreds of years it’s time we take it back from these dirty snakes

  57. Watch one third of the holocaust on you tube open your eyes to the real world not this pretend Jew world you live in

  58. U are a liar nothing u say is true Im Jewish

    We are the most caring ppl in the world

    We never kill inocent ppl unlike the cristians

    Let me see

    I remember
    Something called the Spanish inqwisition
    Hmmm what els
    The crusaids

    The holocost

    Fuck u
    Hope u cristian and muslim basturds burn in hell

  59. Hey all humans are the same in some ways,and “Good” and “Evil” it’s relative not anyone,see “Good” what you see and “Evil”,these are relative! 🙂

  60. “This group of humans is apparently so special, so great, so awesome, so incredible, so protected and possibly so powerful that a strange situation has arisen in the Western World. We non-Jewish humans can write about most any other group of humans, but we cannot write about this group called “Jews” without a creating a firestorm. There are exceptions. We can write about “Jews” if we adopt a slavish, worshipful tone that emphasizes how wonderful, special, perfect and totally awesome this group is.”
    — Robert Lindsay, Racial Holy Wars, Real and Phantom

  61. @chaim First you give tolerance as you would respect from a Jew. Second Christianity (especially Catholic church) is run by Jews and have always been. Third Holocaust is made up and has given Israel quite a lot of money. PS Christopher Columbus had a hook nose and just happen to find America at the same year as the Jews got expelled from Spain.

  62. How did you find out about our plan? I have scoured all corners of the internet and never had such fortune as to come across such intellectual bunch of scholars and wisemen. I would like to congratulate you on your findings, and I simply hope that you do not spread this message. I offer to make you honorary jews as a reward for your intellect.

  63. This goes out to all of you non-Jew, Real Biblical Israelites out there !!!

    Learn who these serpents & scorpions are, or you’ll not be able to overcome these enemies of all mankind !!!

    Luk_10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

    Serpents/Vipers = The Jews

    (LITV) Serpents! Offspring of vipers! How shall you escape the judgment of Hell? ~ Mat_23:33

    (Murdock) Ye serpents, ye race of vipers: how can ye escape the condemnation of hell? ~ Mat_23:33

    Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    (John 8:44 points back to Genesis 3:14,15) !!!

    Scorpions = The Jews’ Proselytes

    Mat_23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one PROSELYTE, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    (And for all of you know-nothings out there, if Yahshua(Jesus) was a Jew, He just called Himself a serpent, viper and child of the Devil, now don’t you think that is a bit strange???) !!!!!
    (Hint: Yahshua (Jesus) was NOT a Jew) !!!!!

  64. “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

    Many ask why I condemn ALL Jews. In truth, it is a minority of Jews to whom I really object: the Jewish Supremacists/Talmudic Rabbis. Through silence, the rest of the Jews let the Talmudic Rabbis get away with their brand of Supremacism [The genociding of non-jews, especially White Caucasian Christians]; they allow the transgressors to fall back into their ranks and hide behind the hurled Lie/Epithet of “anti-Semite.” [Jews are not even Semites so that term is null & void of any meaning what so ever as it is being hissed/spewed out by the serpent Jews] !!! Those Jews who act as “sayanim/spies” or stand silently by and wait without turning in the evil-doers, “also serve”, as they say, so the Jewish bystanders properly ARE CHARGED WITH THE VERY SAME CRIMES as their supremacist Rabbis. THAT is why I rail against and expose ALL Jews [non-Israelites] !!!

    “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

  65. It seems to me the uneducated “scum” bags on this site who seem to have a gang mentality of hate against a common unknown enemy of other humans. The very message of this site is against Christs teaching. Your ideals are against Christ. It seems you have all been twisted into hate. Hate is the true evil. You are all letting yourselves fall into that trap of perpatrating evil on your own. Let others do evil, let yourself do good. Good is not judging others, or telling others what to do. No matter how much you “think” you are correct.

  66. I won’t murder children or other helpless human beings. I won’t lie in matters that will cause untold misery, death and destruction. I will not promote infanticide, pornography, “white slavery”, racism, rejoice in the suffering of my victims, profit at the expense of the misery of others, commit genocide, commit hypocrisy, purposefully deceive, worship currency, torture helpless human beings, engage in censorship, excel at miserliness and greed, commit murder for sport, enslave people, impoverish people, act with advice, beef and dishonesty in business matters, consider adultery a sport, influence solely for personal gain, and exhibit an extraordinary affinity for cruelty. These things I can share with blogger Joe Cortina. The other things I cannot share for lack of logic in them or care and understanding of the human condition in them as premises, and my own affinities, are the opposition to “homosexual perversion” which needs little explaining apart from it not being a perversion but an exclusion to a group that practices non-reproduction of the species which could be a touchy subject in a society suffering the opposite of overpopulation, no blasphemy or mockery of their Christ for I do not mock out of habit but I will if I do find merit in it as they mock other viewpoints thorough either lack of understanding or plain insensitivity and opposition, indulge in usury for this is like modern banking, taxing and interest rate, commit treason for this is like saying you will never tell a lie which is a lie in itself, support universally evil ideologies such as Marxism because the reason for not supporting is not only ambiguously stupid it is illogical because it is included or “implied” explicitly in the statement of not supporting it which instead of Christian-opposed it is culturally American-opposed, oppose the destruction of Christian belief because I am ambivalent towards its destruction implying the loss of the regards I share with Cortina that promote maximum happiness and the least suffering and cruelty, engage in ‘selective’ censorship because it’s implying something rather vague from the conservative American Christian standpoint, excel at miserliness because I do not know what it means, not exalt themselves above God because I would not exalt myself above or below or beside him for to exalt myself above him I must proclaim myself a deity with greater supernatural powers and must about him of possessing such also but of myself even more and I do not suspect of either, not routinely break the Ten Commandments with no remorse because it implies that I would not murder because it is a commandment and not because it is detrimental to me and the person I am killing or “it is wrong”, not purposely lead the innocent into lives of sin because it implies sin is the same as immorality to me, use power and influence solely for evil causes because of ambiguity of language and vague implications commonly held from the American Christian standpoint, and exhibit an extraordinary affinity for cruelty, because from the American Christian standpoint opposing Christianity in any way is arrogance, except of you’re a Jew. I understand that at least westerners had an enlightenment period that makes them different and these statements betray that intellectual capacity and cunning that made them efficient, and more morally rect as they did not take their texts literally rather they gave everything a thorough re evaluation as they lived and experienced. Not that I’m a fan of dismissing statistics and expert advice through my experience. They possessed unequal work affinity and diversity. Not very strong stances on slavery, though. White slavery is the most mock worthy of the statements, in America’s case. I know of one case of white slavery in the 1800’s and its not American. If there is something of the Jew I won’t like, it’s the establishment of the Israeli state when Palestine was already there and vomiting human rights violations without policing to this day. Not all Jews support this. I hope further experiences with Jews are more positive. Jews are as varied and separated in mode of belief as Christians are. Cheers.

  67. I have known a handful of earnestly honest and caring Jews, yet in all truth, have always doubted their absolute sincerity because of their historically inherent lack of trustworthy intentions. Bottom line is that they are naturally deceptive, self-obsessed, and cannot be assimilated into any decent human endeavor.

  68. are u fucking serious right now!?!?! Jews never commited any murders and where just persectued their whole lives. Jews are the smartest, brightest people on this earth. They made the most accomplishments starting with Einstein who was Jewish. Jews are required to donate a large sum of money to charities every year. Jews did no harm to anyone and you have no evidence to prove that they did. Maybe you should learn something about the jews rather than make assumtions about them. I cant believe these comments im reading people really have lost their comman sense.

  69. The jews who are evil are not even related to others who also call themselves Jews and are even being used by them evil Illuminati Jews. But none are the true Israelites of the OT. They looked Egyptian. In the bible these evil Jews are known as Magog and it would maybe give some relief to know they will be dealt with most severely by God and they even know this. They have proudly and arrogantly said they have the power to take the world down with them and before Israel goes under showing they are not Israel and are even using the God’s chosen dealo as a front ,kind of like how the Mafia works. Strange thing is they are the Mafia also. They are indeed bent on destruction of everything and anything that is good. They are also the ones who founded the Catholic church and are behind all these stupid TV preachers and gay marriage and much more. Tracing them back to the ancient times it seems they have been be3hind everything that is horribly evil. Even in times past more recently they were the ones who funded and ran the Bolshivist revolution and communist Russia killing more than 100 million and also backed Hitler which setup the Jews who are not evil to run to Israel after they founded it in 1948. Hitler never did gas any Jews but did lock them upo so as to scare them to move to Israel otherwise they would never have left and Israel would have failed. This country is nothing more than a base in the middle east to conduct thier killing off of the Muslims whom they lie about saying they are terrorist and that the Quran says to kill Un believers which it does not. They are masters of deceptiuon and only God can save us now as they are like a cancer which has grown so out of control and so huge that no amount of anything can kill it or contain it. They are what the biuble calls the seed of satan or as they say themselves, the sons of Cain. So it says then in the prophecy that after many years after they invaded Israel in 1948 that this judgement would come upon them and funny thing is God even brought them to invade Israel so he could judge them. That is where we are today, may God help us soon.

  70. I agree with your premise 100 percent. I was raised in Cleveland Ohio and was put into a Jew public education system and had to run home every night to mom and dad because I was chased home by the Jewish majority at that school that hated Christians then as they do now. That was in the 50’s. Now I have read why they hate us and it sickens me to death. I have an intense hate for anything Jew in America today. Everything that is anti Christ is Jew work on destroying the Christian faith of this country. For voicing my opinion I have lost my adult children and my grand children who are all atheists now and even my wife left. So I live the life of a hermit and every day I see America being corrupted by the Jew media, press, entertainment industry and that infernal lie the Holocaust Hoax that is put in my face daily. In short, I hate Jews with all my heart.

  71. I am reading the book now by author Frank L. Briton called Behind Communism and in this book it tells how Jews in 1900 took over power in Russia and brought the curse of Communism to that country and began murdering the aristocracy and changing peaceful Russia into a war nation just like what is happening in America today! It is so bloody plain but it will fall on deaf ears in America which is almost a Russian satellite country now. Jews are Communists and that is what they are doing to our country. Obama is a Communist!



    1.The Jews have emasculated you by destroying your pride in America’s Christian history. Without a commonly held memory a nation ceases to exist as a cohesive unit.

    The Jews have labeled America’s Christian Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers” while at the same time suppressing the fact that Jews financed and participated in the Black slave trade.

    2.The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag, (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

    3.The Jews have driven your Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

    4.The Jews have torn your borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority. The Jacob Javitzes and the Lautenbergs have designed legislation that will genocide you. They have done all this while simultaneously supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

    5.The Jews have pushed, created and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “chosen people” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, pedophilia, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list for these society-corrupting Jews.
    6.The Jews have brought homosexuality out of the closet and into your faces through numerous “rights” legislations. Sodomy is shown in their Jewish controlled media and movies as normal, healthy, enjoyable and something to celebrate openly in as brazen a fashion as possible. Six year old children in your Public Schools are shown videos promoting anal sex between males. The Jews have founded, funded and fronted every homosexual advocacy group in America.

    7.The Jews have brainwashed American children in other areas besides sexual depravity. With their control of the Public Educational System and Collegiate level academia, they have filled the minds of the young with Marxism, Deconstructionism, relativism, anti-White hatred, and lies about “diversity” and non-judgmentalism. These sundry isms are the pernicious lies that have jettisoned the positive isms that once bloomed in your society: absolutism, patriotism, altruism, individualism, nationalism, etc.

    9. The Jews have subverted your government. With Zionist control of the media, both print and television, the two major political parties have been steered away from the interests of the European-American majority, rendering YOU incapable of self-preservation. The war in Iraq, the 9/11 attacks and a possible clash with Iran in the near future, are all results of the Zionist subjugation of the most powerful nation on earth, and the prioritizing of Israel’s concerns over those of the United States.

    10. The Jews have brought radical feminism to American women and girls. Thanks to the steady diet of anti-male, anti-marriage and anti-family books, lectures and college courses from the likes of the Gloria Steinems, the Betty Friedans, and the Susan Sontags, many women now see the prospect of marriage and child-rearing as an impediment to their liberation.

    11. The Jews have made abortion into a sacrament. Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is run from top to bottom by Jews. Unregulated abortion on demand is touted in the Jewish controlled Media as a positive social good for the United States. With a large percentage of abortion doctors being Jewish, the Jews have definitely made a killing out of killing.

    12. The Jews have sold you Americans the packaged lies of egalitarianism. All are equal in intelligence, morality, accomplishments — except of course, for one group. The Jewish “race” as their own leaders refer to their people, is covertly declared as being uniquely moral and wise. The Jews truly believe their God-given right to rule over you. To criticize their pernicious power is the most egregious societal taboo resulting in being blackballed as being, “Anti-Semitic!”

    13. Everything on this list can be easily verified. Jews, mostly Zionists, have spearheaded every movement that now threatens your destruction. Jews have extended their tentacles into all facets of your country squeezing every vestige of wholesome life out of America.

    14 Along with Jewish expansionism comes the debauching of all peoples, all heritages, and all traditions, except for their Judaism and Hanukah Menorahs now erected during your Christmas on the White House Lawn. But no Nativity Scenes will the Jews allow! They are hypocrites! The Jews cry out “separation of church & state” don’t they? Except when it comes to their wretched Anti Christ menorahs!


    15. The real question is What can you do to stop the Jews?

    Will you fear and quake before the buzzword of “anti-Semite” or will you stand and battle for the survival of Christian civilization? It’s up to all of you to wage war against the Jews, especially you Christians, for America will either be a Christian America or a Jewish America. There is no in between!

  73. Of all the billions of people on earth and all the billions of antisemetics like you;there are only 15million Jewish people! According to you we Jews are evil and malevolent and outsmart all of you antisemitics.Face it; you are stupid you are the dinosaurs of the evolutionary world! Give up now and le rt the smart Jewish people rule.! Stop complaining move over and let our God run

  74. I am better than the vast majority on the planet because, the invisible man, that no one has ever seen or heard from, said so in a book we, the Jews created.
    Everyone else is here to serve me and, if their torture or death serves to make me happy then, it G-d’s will.
    The whole world and everything in it belongs to us, G-d’s chosen people, so get used to it scum.
    Any so called crime against the animal Goyim is not a crime if a Jew commits it.
    We the Jews are allow to have sex with ,and marry children aged three and under.
    Jesus was just a man and his mother was a whore!
    Lilith a succubus (vampire) is the mother of the Jews and our G-d is Lucifer.

    These are just a few of the things taught to all Jews from the time they can communicate.
    No doubt This doesn’t wash well with the rest of humanity.
    Jews are not a race.
    They come in all colors and nationalities.
    It is a taught, learned and accepted behavior, like all the other religions.
    All nonsensical thinking needs to end, but it never will because human being are all just stupid animals,
    Jews just happen to be the worst of the bunch, after all who out doesn’t want to be the best, chosen, most special?
    I’m surprised we’re not all Jews!

    With that in mind, please explain how not all Jews are bad?
    Isn’t a good Jew only one who abides by all of the above, which in turn only makes them good Jews to other scum Jews?

    There is no such thing as a good Jew to reasonably civilized human beings!

  75. How can we get the truth out? When will it come out? Thank God for places like this. I just wish to God we could penetrate the Jew Media and tell the masses what needs to be told. Great Job!!!

  76. I don’t think it’s fair to generalise any group of people based on labels or colour

    Every human is unique, we all have our own life experiences, understanding and perception. Hopefully there’s some sense there to know what’s right and wrong without looking it up right? Some people are insincere and others are truly sincere. Holy books guide us, but some people misuse and misinterpret.. General idea is to be a good person and make the world a better place right? Remembering God, ten commandments etc

    I don’t think it’s fair to generalize all Jews. In the UK I’ve come many very nice British Jews, not all pro-Israel either. We shouldn’t confuse zionism with Judaism. There’s 15k Jews in Iran, many thousands in Morocco. Under Muslim rule we all lived peacefully. God knows best. Jesus was forgiving as was Muhammad saw. Mercy is a great characteristic and compassion to, difficult but better. Let’s rise above.


  77. I’m 17. 2000 years ago, some people who have the same religion has me told the Romans to kill Jesus. How does that make me a bad person? I did not do anything. Surely having bad relatives does not make you a bad person, does it?
    By looking at what your people did to Jesus and even Islamic Prophet, we remember that you can actually kill anyone who goes against you. It still continues.
    In your post , you said Jews have caused every disaster for the last 100 years. Does this include hurricanes and earthquakes? If so, how am I so powerful? Also, could you give a list of the disasters and how exactly we caused them, I’m curious how we caused tectonic plates to shift.
    Actually, if we think about HAARP then we see jews are very much responsible for certain natural disasters.
    If Jews are so powerful/intelligent/rich, why are we inferior to you guys? (I’m not saying we are- in fact I think everyone is equal- see the u.s. Constituion for more details)
    Umm, you chose that for yourselves. Stooping low is equal to being inferior. Now stooping low is associated with deception. Your people are expert of it.
    Did the holocaust really happen? If so, if Jews are so awesome why did we let it. If not, what about the evidence?
    Holocaust didn’t happen. 6million death of jews idea came in newspaper during WW1 first. When no one bought it they relaunched it during after WW2. Use the google to know about it. By the way, you kill one another also just to move an agenda forward.
    Didn’t Jesus say, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone? Are you without sin? If not, who are you to judge anyone else?
    It seems you agree that whatever you are doing is a sin. We are very much aware of your excuse. In the past, we did hear from Jews “Why are you blaming me of killing? Everyone does it”. By the way, we don’t claim to be without sin. But yeah, we don’t exactly go around stealing lands, smugglering kidneys, experimenting unethically on humans, killing people with biological weapons, making someone debt slave, attacking someone else’s country and then blaming it on an innocent group just for evil gains.
    Jews don’t believe in the devil (really, read the Torah, he isn’t mentioned once). How do we worship him?
    Your people don’t even read Torah. They read Talmud. If you don’t believe in devil, why do you offer status blood during yamkapur?
    7. Jesus said to love your neighbor. Does this not apply to Jews?
    Why don’t you love your neighbor called Palestine?
    Is a Jewish baby evil? What about a kitten owned by Jews? A puppy? Is a Jewish flower evil?
    You will make sure to make the baby evil. Your rest of the questions are simply a way to divert attention. You did things like this even with Prophet Mosses. Isn’t it strange how habit doesn’t go away easily?

  78. Jews are evil ,but some do good inventor of the polio vaccination Dr.Salt >as Gentiles we have to control our future not the because will lead us to hell .

  79. cradle robbers that murder what never belonged to them to begin with….move to france to live in peace,move to tennesse to live in peace,and watch sick clinging jew trash your life…shalom,brother puke sadist….

  80. Iwent to work in The Sinai at the border with Egypt and Israel with the international peace organization. Leaving from the UK I did not know any Israelis or Arabs. I was a blank sheet of paper. My work involved some travel around Sinai and to Cairo and occasional trips to Israel on business. I had a diplomatic passport.and I could not be stopped, interrogated or arrested by anybody. Within a few months it was clear to me that while the Egyptians and local Bedouin were invariably accommodating and friendly the Israelis were nasty, confrontational and arrogant beyond belief. It was possible to spend recreational time in either country and I was lucky to visit Jerusalem and all the holy sites in Israel plus of course the pyramids but when it came to home leave after my first exit through Tel Aviv with a travel time of one hour to the airport I instead elected for the remaining 10 years of employment (about 30 exits) to instead take the six hour journey across the Sinai to fly from Cairo. The Jews are a nasty, hateful set of bastards in my opinion (remember I was a blank sheet) and I only met one business person who was friendly towards me. On the contrary I made dozens of Egyptian. Palestinian and Bedouin friends, several of whom insisted taking me to the Cairo airport at the end of my contract and they cried as I departed. Israel is SHIT. You would have thought through their sufferings they might have learned something but they have not. Final thought. It amuses me to think that although they have wone their wars thus far, they have only to lose once and that will be the end of them.

  81. Yes they Love torturing women and little animals to death and Joo women are testosterone fuelled beasts so full of anger and hatred of the more attractive goy women and children it drives them to insanity which is naturally inbred in them anyway, more insanity if that is possible for them. Please open up the mental asylums there are dangerous homicidal joos that want to torture and kill innocent people for entertainment. The number of Targeted Individuals worldwide being tortured to death in their homes by them is huge. Also they are obsessed with gassing people.

  82. I just want to say something on what you said TV and radio of some sort are Luxuries in most poor countries and all third world countries. We can’t deny that there is lots of horrific situation is going on specially in the called third world countries. Mostly because of the political and ridiculous social system. Otherwise and the same times there is also lots of Luxuries much, much more than TV and radio of some sorts, and there are lots of people who don’t know what to do with the amount of money and wealth they have, which I found very stupid. And if they distribute the wealth fairly, would be enough to cover the basic needs to all those who has none, while they still can have to lead a Luxuries like themselves. However everything is not that easy as we can judge without having the experience by being in the same position. And it is the condition would be solved in a matter of time and by time, as lots of naivety is going on there by most and as life is a process and transition, as we saw from human history.
    Always I want to say something on this topic but I didn’t, so I would like to say some by using this opportunity.
    Why other parts of the world, especially, the developed nation have a very bad image about the called third world is, all they show on the media is only about the suffering and the poverty for their own political agenda. As I said we can’t deny that there is lots of suffering and calamity is going there, but the same times there is also lots of good in many senses. And most the suffering and the problem that is going on in the third world countries were created by man in different aspects. Especially immediately since after the second world war I guess, while others building up their own countries.
    For example, when people ask me where I came from and tell them, all they know about my country is hanger and poverty, no more, for that was all what was shown on the media again and again and again in the last decades. That is the History of what has happened in the last, thirty, thirty-five years and that was a result of indirect and systematic man made war which lasted and happened almost for forty years and there was a drought mostly in the area where the war was going on, I believe it was as a result of the chemical of the weapons that were fired in the area for many years affecting the ground and the air. In addition revolution and strange diseases, a result of a sins of all kinds that was learned behaviors influenced from outside as a result of being made a needy.
    Otherwise, there were times in history and around mid twentieth century my country helped other countries, I don’t need to mention which once. And no matter what, we don’t reach to the point eating each others flesh (In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth) They said if we eat everything that is eaten in other parts of the world, there wouldn’t be at all shortage of food. The problem is what we eat is very few things, as a sheep eat just sort of grasses, particularly in North parts of my country.
    We can witness, it was ten, fifteen years ago the nation of some countries were going to vacation and sprinkle their money on other countries, but today most of those countries are not the same anymore as they used to be at least in this centuries, for the reason of hidden cold wars, and some of those countries are almost living in the hand out of food by the red cross, because their countries are torn apart by war and their peoples are running everywhere to seek asylum, that is what war do.
    But I am confident in one thing, that nothing is happening without the knowledge of the Creator. And why He would allowed it? is He partial? No! Does He make a mistakes? Not at all, as far as I believe know Him in this! Could be maybe just because of the sins of a particular nation or individuals? I don’t think so, but I believe because of life is interwoven, everything affects everything.
    But I am confident again the answer is in His word, should one study it earnestly.
    I don’t claim, I know His word completely and understood everything already, for it is too Great and is not just like any fiction that you read it once or twice and you always know what it contains. But the word of the True God is always new no matter how many times you read a particular passage from it and is a life time study. But always I would find an answer in it to my questions, and you don’t understand it without the help of the Holy Spirit.
    I remember when I was a child, young people were dying in my country, because of war, as a result of what was happening in the revolution process and generally as a result of the condition of the time.
    My grandmother cried every day, saying that when she was a child, if a young person died, it will be a shock, they will put sort of sack clothing and sit on ashes crying and praying to God asking for forgiveness, believing there must be a hidden sin for the cause of the young person’s death. And sleep on the ground at least for a year.
    They said, people don’t die then, at least without reaching ninety if not hundred and beyond. Even though they don’t have then, all the technology and convenience which we have today in some ways, but the air by itself was a food and very healthy they said. The food was very organic and natural, you just go out with your basket or Jonniya and collect anything you want without working hard for it or going that far, they said. They were massage with a pure natural honey let alone not to have to eat, that is the history of my grand parent.

    I would say generally Africa was a paradise by nature till a recent centuries. I believe that is why the called third world countries became poorer in the last few decades, because nature was not so cruel to them in the past and in all aspects, so they don’t have to think hard and work hard. That was the first purpose of the Creator for mankind anyway, till man brought a curse upon himself and have to toil as long as he lives in flesh.
    All those who went throughout the world to colonize, if nature was not so cruel to them and if they have everything where they were, which they are having, let us say roughly about the last hundred years, they don’t need to go nowhere and don’t need to think so hard to figure out what is what, which is good for all of us in some way anyway, and the end of the day in this life Niets voor Niks, since Adam ate the forbidden fruit.
    I could say more on this but, I am using my time so that is very enough.

  83. Just ca n’t judge a religion or ideology by the actions of it’s followers.I’m an Anglo/Celt Muslim and probably wouldnt still be Muslim if I let Arab bebaviour get to me.Judge the ideology for what it is.Usury is hated by God.It is illegal for Muslims and Christians to enslave any other human being with it,but the Jews have developed the law of the stranger so they can inflict any non-Jew with this vile practise and have made it seem as normal as drinking water through their filthy banking and insurance institutions.I think this is one factor of many that speaks for itself.I am so happy there are still people discussing these issues,because it shows there is stll free thought.It is not game over yet,Zionist pigs! Fore-runners of the Dajjal (anti-Christ).You will NEVER win!

  84. I really Can’t understand why my Comment was deleted when all i said that they are the Worst people that i have ever worked for.

  85. ive read the old and new testament from cover to cover over 30 times, ive been blessed with the discovery that in the book of John he identifies the spirit of anti-christ being prevalent in his day, this could only be the jewish hierarchy since islam and catholicism did not exist, in the book of revelation Jesus calls this religious-political system the whore that sits upon many waters and tells his people to come out of her and rightly so because the talmudic jew calls mary a whore and Jesus her illegitimate son, of course do not make the mistake of hitler, many times in scripture the Lord says vengeance is mine saith the Lord i will repay, but we must expose them as was the Lord Jesus example

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