How much more must we see with our eyes? How much more must we hear with our ears?

What will it take before we defend our children our families and our Christian heritage? How much longer can we stay in denial of the UGLY TRUTH that surrounds us 24-7 like a suffocating cloud of poison gas that engulfs our every presence – in everything we do and see and experience in daily life.


The answer may be a frightening reality. Perhaps we have now become SO accustomed to the filth that permeates the sanctity of those issues that we ONCE HELD SO SACRED- that we would NEVER for ANY reason – FOR ANY MONETARY GAIN – for ANY sexual favor – for ANY comfort – for ANY position in life – would we ever under ANY circumstance SELL OUR COLLECTIVE SOULS so cheaply – so easily. So perhaps that is what has happened. WE HAVE LAREADY SOLD OUR COOLECTIVE SOULS TO THE SONS OF THE DEVIL – and have accepted his filthy lifestyle as our own.


Perhaps with the exception of Sen./Dr.Ron Paul – show me one famous influential American personality of modern day who has openly stood against evil without fear of retribution from the power of the Jew’s money. A man of ethics and principle who was NOT willing to compromise.


There is no propriety that we have not compromised – no privacy that we have deemed too sacrosanct to be despoiled – no sordid filthy act too rancid – no moral line to shocking to be crossed. Simply stated – the observant parent can now state with confidence that absolutely anything is permissible under the putrid Jew label of “permissiveness” or “ progressiveness” . ANYTHING GOES! Perhaps the best showcase/example of American moral rot and decadence is the phenomenon of Las Vegas or its more appropriate Jew adopted name of Sin City.


If any traveler or foreign visitor wishes to see the AmeriKan ‘state of the art’ Soddom/Gomorrah, he or she need go no further than this REAL LIFE Jew created playground of Satan. There is NOTHING ‘good’ or ‘wholesome’ or ‘educational’ about this place. It is frankly an embarrassment to me for a decent Godly foreigner with any sense of propriety to experience.


WHY? – simple! There is NOTHING there that ANY decent moral American could be proud to have a tourist – domestic or foreign – see and experience. The ESSENCE of the place is a gaudy phony ‘grandeur’ predicated upon GABMBLING – EROTIC SPECTACLE – DRUNKENESS – REVELRY – PROSTITUTION – SELF-INDULGENCE – GLUTTENY and an overall atmosphere for all conceivable debauchery known to man. The Jews that run Sin City – make no bones about its true nature either. This IS Jew ‘heaven’ and is tailor made for the near universally collectively filthy Jew psyche.


Years ago my then business partner was trying to convince me to go to Vegas with him. I rejected the idea telling him that I believed that I had a pretty accurate impression of the true nature of Vegas – and it was too phony and trashy for my tastes. He even bet me that if I still felt the same after going there he would pay for my expenses. I finally agreed – I went and it was EXACTLY what I had imagined – a Jew run phony spectacle for shallow people. The only salvaging factor was the experience of flying inside the nearby Grand Canyon – since we were both experienced pilots and he had done so before, and I had not.


There was a recent ‘Travel Channel’ special on TV called Vegas – Adults Only. A warning of the topic being “INAPROPRIATE” for ‘all parties’ (READ: DECENT PEOPLE) was my first red flag that it was going to be an all Jew erotic spectacle. I wasn’t disappointed – as the multiple narrators ALL had Jew names like Milner – Abowitz – Feldman – Stein – and Rothman – and of course there were the ever-present lisping Jew homosexual perverts. A coincidence? Not hardly. The Jew has found his calling in the City of Sin


The rest of the program is a spectacle of female flesh being packaged and marketed in every conceivable shape and form and manor with CAREFUL attention to every erotic aspect of the female body. What genius! The Jews run and own Las Vegas – and the Jew owns the –so-called mis-nomered travel Channel – so they can use it for the ultimate advertisement for their benefit. There is not an American who breathes, that is above the age of puberty who is not familiar with the sleazy essence of Las Vegas.


This ‘Jew special’ has ABSOUTELY NADA – ZERO – NOTHING to do with ‘travel’. It is ALL about soliciting more stupid Goy to Spend money in this Jew playground of Satan – PERIOD! You will see more tits and ass in this special than the average male sees in a lifetime. It is designed to excite and titillate the male prurient libido. The message is clear – come to our SIN CITY – experience eroticism in any form your envision from S&M and beyond. The consistent commentary of the Jew narrators reinforces all of this porn peddling. The only reservation I heard from ANY of these smut merchants were the lamentations of certain nudity restrictions.


THIS is the Jew at his best – or more accurately – his worst. The Jew brought America its current multi-billion dollar Pornography industry. The Jew brought America the World of homoerotic filth – and prostitution. Connect all those vices/sins with gambling – drugs – and alcohol and you are in Jew heaven. OH and of course lest we forget another ‘gift’ of the Jews that fits SO WELL in the noxious Vegas atmosphere – Satanic heavy metal rock. How many young lives – boys and girls – have been ruined forever by this deadly combination of Jew incited perversion. At least I can honestly say that I grew up in an America where parents would defend their children to the death if need be – from the scourge of the parasitic opportunistic Jew.


Vegas is nothing more than a much more lavish and more professionally choreographed presentation of the erotic trash in those Jew incited ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos so heavily advertised on one of the many Jew owned ‘sexertainment’ channels.


The Jew has historically brought down the moral standards of EVERY culture in recorded history – given the opportunity. Whenever I hear Jews squealing and whining about being ‘persecuted’ – I want to upchuck my lunch! They have CONSISTENTLY destroyed the moral fibre of EVERY nationality where these parasites have infested their host victims with their filthy presence – and they pretend to not understand why they are the most despised ethnicity on earth.


It is mind boggling to realize that there are STILL Americans so imbecilic and brain dead stupid so as to believe that some 50+ years ago – when the German Government punished these porn peddling scum for destroying the moral fibre of their youth ( EXACTLY as they have done to OUR OWN children here in America) – it was some kind of religious persecution. At least they tried to protect their own people from these pernicious scum. We won’t even defend the innocence of OUR OWN CHILDREN!


The FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY – President /General George Washington indicated in PLAIN ENGLISH that we SHOULD have rid ourselves of these vermin before they destroyed this land of ours. In his wisdom- he knew EVEN back then of what sorrows would eventually befall our Christian nation should we allow the “sons of the Devil: to flourish like the malignant disease they are and have been since Biblical times.


Every educational facility on earth should have had the wisdom to make reading of the Shakespeare classic – The Merchant OF Venice – REQUIRED READING – ESPECIALLY our Founding Fathers! Had this been done – perhaps we would still be a great nation of internationally respected moral citizens. If you have not done so – read it or see it – and THEN – you WILL understand the TRUE ETERNAL EVIL NATURE OF THE JEW!


Joe Cortina – Exposing the enemies of mankind with TRUTH



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