Some estimate that gas will be pushing $10 gal by next year. I saw well above $4 (diesel) fuel this week is a 2-horse town here in Florida. Sure – for about $30K you can buy a new 30 mi /gal car that is a little better quality more than one of those ridiculous looking s—t boxes Detroit is calling a ‘car’ today – but what have you done to your self?


You are NOW in debt for YEARS of car payments whereas your old ride was paid for and running perfect AND probably had more comfort and safety – albeit half the gas mileage – with the exception of minor maintenance – IT DID NOT COST A DIME TO OWN – excepting insurance. OH and of course your new cracker box will now be MORE bucks to insure.


Lets say gas stays at an average of $5/gal and you are a moderate driver (about 10K miles/year) – you should save about $1600 buck/yr. In five years you would put about $8 grand back in your pocket! Pretty smart move right? WRONG! DUMB MOVE! The car you bought and ARE STILL PAYING FOR is now worth about HALF what you paid for it. So for the privilege of getting ‘good mileage’ in your death trap – rattrap ‘compact’ – you have LOST a net 12 – 13 THOUSAND DOLLARS. OH- and don’t forget – a LOT of the payments are INTEREST and you WILL LOSE MOST OF IT. MEANWHILE you are STILL paying for a car that is work less every month! Insurance increases – principle and interest payments – capitol losses when you sell and of course the safety and comfy ride of your luxury old ‘gas hog’ are now gone. The jew bankers – finance services and State tax parasites will be the only winners.


Buying a new car to replace a dependable ride based ONLY on gas economy is AN ILLUSION! YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE! (Assuming that you are not in the very wealthy category where $ “ is not an consideration” OH – BTW – the reason that Picked a 5 year example is that is usually when the warranty runs out. Your new car will be SO high tech that you will not be able to perform virtually ANY repair maintenance on it your self.


When are you going to wake up! The jew controls EVERYTHING that YOU and YOUR CHILDREN learn in school – see on TV – or read in the news. The control of our economy has almost always had a jew name associated with it – like GREENSPAN. The Jew dictates our morals and pushed the ‘envelope’ higher year after year. The worship of our Lord – so intensely hated by the jew is now only a heartbeat away from being codified as a THE CRIME. American Christians are even as you read this – being punished with fines, humiliation and even prison.


I have PERSONALLY had CLEAR COMPREHENSIVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS violated by the jew on more than one occasion and no one will step forward to defend me. Who should I expect to defend me against these SERIOUS CRIMES? The jew judges? The Jew legislators? The jew financiers that fund these crimes? The Justice department of the USA? (No – it is now owned by the Jew) The President of my OWN country? – No – he is as much as jew as the one who have persecuted me. In my naivety – I had hoped that the leader of my Christian Catholic faith – the successor to Peter – the first ‘Papa’ (Father of the Church of Christ) would show some moral courage and take a stand as the OFFICIAL mortal defender of the faith.


He as talked a good talk – but refused to ‘walk the walk’. Where was his admonition of the horrors the jew has committed in Palestine. A sobering fact to be considered – 2 out of very ten civilians that our young killers murder anywhere in the Mid –East are brother Christians. In Lebanon where the US supplied and financed jew like to murder the helpless civilians – the percentage is MUCH higher.


The JEW – the lying vipers that murdered Christ are also sons of the devil – so identified by our Lord in the Gospel of John. A people so evil that they have historically caused more death, destruction, anguish and suffering to innocent people than ALL of the despotic tyrants diseases and natural disasters in history! The Jew ‘invented – financed – supported and nurtured the horrors of communism – in ALL of its horrific ‘isms’ – a FACT that has been historically documented with voluminous empirical evidence from the perpetrators as well as the victims. Wherever the jew goes – misery and devastation and horror will follow. He is the ultimate plague to mankind for all times.


If I do not get one other FACT straight with the reader it is this: The jew is the criminal and his crimes are legion. ANY suffering and persecution of innocent people on this earth have been AT THE HAND OF THE JEW – NOT The other way around. One does NOT ‘persecute a criminal’ – he PUNISHES THE CRIMINAL . This process is called JUSTICE. As close to REAL justice as the collective jew has ever come was in WWII Germany. He was NOT persecuted – he was PUNISHED for HIS CRIMINAL PERSECUTION of an entire nation. The filthy jew is a master of twisting facts and truths – as he has done since Biblical times. He is a liar of unimaginable proportions. The Jew inflicts as much pain on his victims as possible to fulfill his racist arrogant sadistic demonic nature. Perhaps every American school child should have been required to read Shakespeare’s masterpiece – The Merchant Of Venice. THERE – the reader will see revealed without the mask- the TRUE nature of the soulless black-hearted jew – for what HE REALLY IS


I have NO doubt whatsoever – that had we as a Christian people educated our young to protect them in this fashion – This country might be a paradise of moral strength and wisdom today.


The jew has in fact been hated for all throuout history – for GOOD REASON, He is hated for his CONDUCT – nothing more – nothing less. I dealt with all manor and ethnicities of people while in business, and although you will almost always find some bad apples in any group – ONLY one people stood out as being UNIVERSALLY – homogenously loathsome – the jews!


The jew says – “hey your stupid ‘goy’ (Yiddish for cattle – which is the REAL way that the pew perceives Gentiles) time for another endless war against one of OUR enemies – and we want your sons to bleed for the greater glory of IsraHELL. The jew has already committed an act of war – BY PURE DEFINITION – against the people of the United States – AND – has THREATENED TO USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS AGAINST OUR COUTRY IF WE DO NOT CONTINUE TO MURDER CIVILIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD AT THEIR COMMAND.


FACT: – did you know – that because of the jew wars we are involved with – that US veterans cannot get NEEDED care at VA facilities? FACT: did you know that the huge food price increases we are enduring were CREATED by jew legislation using junk science – AND that WE AMERICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE for the coming MASS STARVATION of MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF INOCENT PEOPLE WORLD WIDE IN POOR COUNTRIES?


Americans are obsessed with childish meaningless nonsense like NFL games (they are called ‘GAMES’ because they are diversions FOR CHILDREN) – yet we are now one of the most poorly educated nations on earth on matter of importance held dear to civilized nations since the dawn of true civilization. We are the most ‘dumbed down’ nation on earth thanks to the total control of our failed system by the jew. Can anyone tell me why a ‘ banana Republic’ like Costa Rica can maintain the highest literacy rate in THIS HEMISPHERE? This being a country with virtually no natural wealth – no army.


I will give you a clue. The ‘Ticos’ as they are called – UNLIKE our nation of jew incited greedy hypocrites – have NOT ‘thrown God out of their schools and country – and have NOT replaced their places of Christian worship with Synagogues of Satan – as WE HAVE! They have NOT flooded their entertainment with pornography, violence and the glorification of filthy jew conduct and perverse lifestyles – as we have. The Ticos have NOT sold their collective souls for 30 pieces of silver – as we have. Some 55 years ago when I first set foot in that tiny country – America was still loved as well as respected by non-communist countries. We were still – for the most part – at that time – not ‘under jew rule’.


I DEFY any American today – living an any fairly cosmopolitan area – to be able to find a place of worship that identifies itself as ‘CHRISTIAN’ that is NOT infected with the deadly 100% fatal disease called ZIONISM! I DEFY ANY decent man woman or child in this country to be able to walk into virtually most so-called Christian denominations ESPECIALLY THE BAPTISTS – and get a straight answer from the pastor or priest if confronted with the church’s stand against the horrendous war crimes we are responsible for especially in the Mid East. I’m talking about the cold-blooded murders of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of totally helpless innocent human beings – MOSTLY CHILDREN – HORRENDOUS WAR CRIMES – for which we ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE!


The American taxpayer has – AND FOR THE MOST PART – EAGERLY financed the cold-blooded murders of almost a HALF MILLION HELPLESS CHILDREN. WHY? – Because the jew (the devil) told us to do it.


Have you yet digested the essence of the disgusting loathsome demonic phenomenon that I have just described? DO YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND that for a DECENT AMERICAN CHRISTIAN to be able to find a house of God that is NOT infected with the blasphemies of the Jew and a place where the lessons of Christ are taught as they were when I was a child in this country – is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE – especially IF it has any sizeable membership and perhaps –signs of ‘prosperity’. I have PERSONALLY advertised in the paper – inquired on the Internet – and made several trips IN PERSON – all to no avail.


I have YET to find ONE SINGLE pastor in ANY ‘prosperous’ (a place identifiable as a ‘CHURCH’) who would look me straight in the eye when asked of their morals beliefs and teachings – and say – “ Joe we teach the Laws of God here – we encourage people to follow the Straight Gate of the Bible – we do not support homosexual perversion – blasphemies – infanticide and MOST Especially the evil of mass murder and war crimes against the helpless and defenseless – AND OF COURSE – as CHRISTIANS we encourage our flock” About the most courageous statement that these spineless worms can cough up is something like “ we are not concerned with politics here” – to which I have unhesitatingly responded – “ neither am I – what I have asked of you concerns ONLY matters of morals – good and evil” I have even been refused phone calls apparently for fear of having to deal with their own cowardice and Phariseeism.


I have found NOT ONE!! NOT ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING – that supposedly had dedicated their lives to follow the will and lessons of Christ that would converse with honesty wisdom and humility. IF you are a decent person reading this and understand that which concerns me as a Christian and American – you already know that truth of this sickness in our midst.


And as a final thought – in regards to the prices of gas – those figures are yet another ‘gift’ of the jew in his ceaseless quest to destroy every last vestige of American resourcefulness and independence that makes us unique on the planet. The jew will NOT be satisfied until he has accomplished two goals of his father. The total destruction of any and all Christian faith in this country and TOTAL domination over every aspect of American life so that we become a host country to the little parasite of IsraHell.


The jew wants ALL AmeriKans to look and act like the jew filth on Comedy Central. He will eventually make evil out to be good – lies to be truth – blasphemy to be wholesome entertainment – homosexual perversion to be the accepted lifestyle – Wholesome American heroes to be vilified and abysmally filthy sordid filthy scum to be the idols of our youth. Sex – beauty – insolence – strength – shock – power – wealth and cunning will replace wisdom – propriety – modesty – respect – piety – honesty – character and truthfulness. Cold-blooded Marxist terrorists will replace traditional heroes like the Founding Fathers. Divorce will become status for males – lesbianism will be the cool thing for women.


Profane language will suppress poetry and wisdom. Fidelity will be a subject of mockery while promiscuity and adultery will merit top status. Military and law enforcement will be taught that patriotism is to blindly follow orders regardless of the nature while true patriots that try to make bad things right will become subjects of hatred. Acts of kindness and compassion (other than to the jew of course) will be mocked as weaknesses. Corruption will be admired if it involves huge numbers of dollars and one gets away with it. Honesty and character with be derided as weakness.


Praying in public will be codified as a hate crime as will displaying a Bible or wearing of prayer beads. Speaking the name Of Jesus or public prayer will be considered a hate crime as well. Our nation’s motto recently relegated to near obscurity on the edge of the coin instead of on the face – will eventually just be discarded. Criticism of sinful acts of perversion will be codified as hate crimes punishable by fine and prison. ANY act of disapproval of the murder of the unborn will become a punishable crime. Raising a family in ANY manner not acceptable to the Jew State will be punished by law – including separation of families.


Defending the faith – as taught in the Bible will be considered a hate crime even if pedophilia is involved. Christian characters of the Bible will be vilified as whores, bastards, blasphemers or worse – on jew controlled TV such as the jew History Channel or the ‘jew’ Geographic. Privacy will be a thing of the past and the jew will insure that ALL citizens have chips, phone bugs and or home surveillance. More and more taxes will be demanded to our already bled dry public for special jew interests. Sensitivity training for the Holocaust industry will be compulsory school training (the jew holocaust of course – NOT The REAL Christian holocaust where 0ver 20,000,000 Christians were INDEPUTABLY MURDERED BY THE JEWS


Oh and of course – eventually – in the VERY near future – the Holy Bible must have the entire NT censured as HATE literature. There has been much discussion of that already AND the jew owns most of the printing/publishing houses that currently produce Bibles


We have all seen a synopsis similar to this on various topics where the author – trying to prove his point – says something at the end – like: “See how many of these events you can find that have already come to pass” Well I have an even more sobering approach. I challenge you to see how many of these horrors that have NOT ALREADY HAPPENED or are in progress of happening. I will give you a clue. It WILL be MORE that you can find – seeing as I deal with these matters on a daily basis. God help us if we do not save ourselves.


AND – I have STILL not convinced you that the jew is the most filthy animal on the planet – I have one more request. I promise – this will put any decent person over the edge. Rent or borrow a CD copy of the UNCENSURED version( just the way our children saw it on TV) of the Roast of William Shattner as seen on the jew channel – Comedy Central. You remember Capt Kirk – don’t you? The hero of millions of Christian American kids like yours. Promise that you will watch and LISTEN to EVERY FILTHY WORD. The only member of the ‘Enterprise crew’ that did not attend was Leonard Nimoy. I do not know why – but I would like to think that at least this one jew had enough integrity and propriety to purposefully stay away from what he knew would be an embarrassing jew filth fest with typical in your face jew sleaze.


I advise to NOT include any minors or women members of the family in this viewing. When you see it – you will understand. I am a former 60s Green Beret Para and have been around my share of salty locker room language – but in ALL of my years I have never witnessed and heard such abysmally filth rancid scum coming from the mouths of supposed human beings. THIS then is the REAL FACE OF THE JEW THAT WANTS TO OWN YOUR COUNTRY and have YOUR sons die for his lust for power..


2008 by Joe Cortina




  1. Thanks !
    You are a brave man, you write things that EVERY decent human being on this earth should read and think about.
    I just hope and pray that more people wake up to what is going on.
    I will continue to look forward for your postings.
    God bless you.

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