You sir – are a despicable war criminal mass murderer. You are the quintessential serial killer of civilians and a disgrace to your uniform – your country – and your God – if you ever had any honor to God. You have WITTINGLY and WILLINGLY been a MAJOR accessory to one of the biggest crimes of the past century! You may ‘believe’ in God – but then so does the Devil.


Your superior – Admiral Fallon, said it best when he exposed you for the brown-nosed sycophant you really are – when he identified you as: “an ass kissing little chicken shit” I unanimously second that accurate assessment. Real men despise people like you.


Just how many pieces of silver have the Jews paid you to be our Furher’s puppet, General? I hope the price was worth the countless thousands and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives you are responsible for snuffing out – ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN. You know of course – General – that a vast majority of those helpless innocent victims whose murders you so eagerly ordered were CHILDREN! You know – helpless loveable little kids – like my grandchildren. Do you ever tire of washing the blood off your hands?


You act like your Jewish masters –you talk like them – you murder innocent children like they do in Israel– you lie like them – so – what are you? I think you are at heart, a mirror-reflection of your masters – They, and we both know who we are talking about here, have a name for the goy that are their useful idiots like yourself – even IF you do hold a Doctorate degree – you are STILL their useful idiot – a shabbus goy!


You may have a chest full of medals sir – but not ONE OF THEM was for doing ANYTHING in defense of MY country against ANY mortal enemy of The United States of America. The ONLY truly mortal enemies this country has ever had AND STILL HAVE – are the COMMUNISTS – and their Zionist allies. You have never served my country ONE DAY in harm’s way against our TRUE MORTAL enemies sir – NOT ONE DAY!


Of course the Communists were the ‘creation of the Godless Zionists whom you serve. THAT IN ITSELF IS HIGH TREASON GENERAL! You have betrayed every informed wise and decent man woman and child in this nation. You are the best civilian murderer and destroyer of sovereign nations that the Jews can buy. You are either a traitor OR a complete imbecile. A traitor if you are aware of what the Jews have done to our freedoms and continue to fight for him OR – an imbecile if you are STILL SO IGNORANT as to not be aware of your treason.


I may not have achieved the power and recognition General – but at least I can hold my head up high – and with HONOR. Unlike you – I served MY country – with honor – NOT the filthy Godless criminal scum in ISRAHELL . Unlike you, sir: – I risked my life and voluntarily placed my self in harm’s way with HONOR. Unlike you -General baby butcher – MY conduct caused NO innocent death – no destruction of innocent civilians and no insane war against those who have not done us nor EVEN intended us no harm.


I was training infantry combat troops in preparation for war against a REAL enemy in 1962 General. I was only a lowly Lt. back then – but I did a man’s job to the best of my ability and there were REAL enemies then. The best that your treasonous Jewish friends could do back then was to side with ANY and ALL Communist causes and conflicts. That was before the Zionists had gained T-O-T-A-L control of our media – or government – our total finances – our education system – our military leadership – our Congress and finally our President – lock stock and barrel. You were learning how to tie your shoes and read and write then. A LOT of the men I trained died at the hands of those allied with the Jews while you were playing marbles and hide and seek. I PERSONALLY had a hand in the training – as instructor and company commander, of over a thousand men – and there was not one, count them– ONE Jew in that entire mass of young soldiers. Your precious Jewish friends were too busy taunting and spitting on them as they returned home from battling the Communists – those who even did make it back.


IF – you had an OUNCE of integrity or a grain of MORAL COURAGE – you would have stood up to that murdering lying blaspheming Zionist Jewish scum in the White House of SHAME and said: ‘ HELL NO – I WILL NOT DO THESE EVILS AGAINST MANKIND AND THE LAWS OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS DECENT. But – the morally spineless ass kisser that you are – you could not resist the power and the notoriety – and just DO THE RIGHT THING – could you?


I won’t bother with epitaphs of damnation because you have ALREADY damned yourself – and YOU WILL PAY General In this mortal life – or in a greater justice – YOU WILL PAY!


Come on ‘peachy’ – Are you so vain – or just stupid? Is it that hard to envision an analogous situation here in MY country where a powerful foreign force – say the Red Chinese who lets say – were at the time vastly superior to us in technology and weaponry – decided to ‘liberate’ us poor backward AmeriKan Yankee fools from our domestic political ‘capitalist’ oppressors.


Then they just invaded us on some idiotic lie pretext of their security ( death rays) – raped our women – tortured us – murdered hundreds of thousands – made homeless tens of millions – destroyed our most sacred national treasures – left out country in agony despair and ruin and had their lying propaganda media in China inundate their people with lies about how happy we corrupt capitalist fools were about being “liberated” – not “occupied”. OH and they had a catchy name for their mega-crime – “ OPERATION AMERIKAN FREEDOM” Sound familiar General? Shame on you sir- for promoting that filthy, cruel Zionist inspired lie.


Then of course there would be the Chinese PLA counterpart to you – say we call him General Wang – and this general keeps telling the Chinese press that the PLA must keep the USA in the agony of occupation for another ten YEARS and then ANOTHER TEN YEARS – meanwhile the Chinese govt. is stealing our natural resources and impoverishing out nation. Our freedom fighters would of course be called “TERRORISTS” (for trying to rid our country of the Communist invaders) Are your lies beginning to ‘show’ General ‘Betrayus’


The PLA would make friends through any means – money intimidation fear etc of local AmeriKan puppet country sellers who might be willing to betray their own country and side with the invaders. If any of these treasonous scum were harmed by REAL patriots (what you and your ilk call terrorists in Iraq) it would be depicted in China as more terrorist activity which would then of course justify the PLA leveling entire American neighborhoods or even Cities and killing every man woman and child (collateral damage of course – a popular Jewish term) – and then brag about their victory and make heroes of the PLA animals who committed these war crimes in the name of “liberation” . OH and I almost forgot – the PLA never found any ‘death ray’ weapons as the ‘Chairman’ of Red China had proclaimed. But of course with so many stupid uneducated masses of dumbed down morons in China – it really didn’t matter that the Chinese had murdered millions of innocent people and destroyed a Western culture based on lies and greed. After all the Chinese are Godless Communists and why should they give a rat’s ass about the mass suffering of less than human Americans. Am I making you uneasy General?


This is EXACTLY WHAT YOU and our young killers in uniform HAVE DONE IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN (places like Haditha and Fajula sound familiar – General ‘Betrayus’.

You do NOT fight for ME or MY family or ANY learned moral decent American I know. The ONLY people that are ‘protecting’ by your crimes are the stinking Israelis – and I spent enough time there to see what sadistic treasonous murdering criminal lying Godless immoral scum they REALLY ARE!


Ever hear of the USS Liberty massacre General? What’s the matter – I thought that we ‘fellow paratroopers’ had a little more guts than the average guy. Scared that if you ever criticized your cold-blooded murdering Jewish handlers you might damage your precious career? Oh – Excuse me – You are a 4* Gen officer and the men murdered by your ZIonist friends were only lowly Navy ‘swabs’. How thoughtless of me to even insinuate that you should be concerned with trivia.


I could write a book on the subject – but you get the idea General. IN TRUTH === you ARE nothing MORE THAN A WAR CRIMINAL – a destroyer of civilization – a rapist – a thief – a murderer. You SCUM! YOU FILTHY MURDERING SCUM. You and filth like you are responsible for the deaths of EVERY CHRISTIAN MURDERED BY THE JEWS IN THE MID-EAST AS WELL – and you KNOW IT!


YOU make the Japanese commanders who ordered the ‘death marches’ at Batan and Corregador look like childish pranksters by comparison to the crimes you have committed in the name of the Jews. I pray that the countless souls of the innocents you have had murdered haunt you for the rest of your miserable cowardly meaningless life. The human misery and suffering of innocent civilians by your hand have not gone unnoticed by God. You can bet on that Mr.!


You are not a ‘man’– you are a spineless sadistic ass-kissing worm – and I would be pleased to tell that TO YOUR FACE. IF – you WERE a REAL man – you would have long ago told that miserable stinking war criminal Bush and his cabal of treasonous Jewish/Zionist thugs to go to hell! May God save this country AND OUR HELPLESS VICTIMS from the like of you.


2008 by Joe Cortina





  1. I am a survivor of the hand that rocks this worlds cradle ISRAEL!! I have seen with my own eyes how blood thirsty Israel
    treated me and my mates aboard the USS Liberty June 8 1967. They got great pleasure in murdering my mates and trying to murder the rest of us. Our Goverment knew we where under attack and did not lift a finger to help us then our now they are to afraid of offending their Israeli MASTERS. If Israel can get by with murdering Americans on the high seas
    than can get by with anything and they do and have. No one should be allowed to MURDER Americans and get by with it not even Israel. What we don”t give Israel they steal from us with their spies and a sub human flunky Pollard.
    If Americas finds out what ISRAEL did to the USS LIBERTY it will change history for the good of all men.
    Phil Tourney,
    Survivor three time President
    USS Liberty Veterans

  2. Skulz — yes, treason IS a capital offense and therefore your filthy friend Jonathon Pollard should have been executed long ago, thus proving the whole point of this Cortina letter.

    It is unlawful to obey an illegal command such as one to commit war crime, so no treason is committed by Cortina here. You, Skulz, have absolutely no idea of the difference between right and wrong.

  3. God bless you, Gentlemen, for speaking out against this TREACHERY committed by jews in OUR name, especially you Mr. Tourney whose story must be known far and wide before jew McCain and his trophy jew wife occupy OUR White House.

  4. Well said sir although it’s extremely unlikely the retarded little shit will ever read it,too busy chowing down on the flesh of murdered innocents with his repulsive zionist masters in the shitehouse.The time for a coup d’etat by the US military against these scum is NOW!I pray that uniformed men of honour like yourself will take it upon themselves to reject the orders for armageddon and rid us all of these depraved,cowardly murderers.Bless you.

  5. People speak about God as if such a creature existed. If such a creature existed, letters such as written by Joe Cortina would not have to be written. Think long and hard about this. –jws

  6. i worked for christian peacemakers in the occupied territories 5 years ago (hebron, nablus etc…) – and i witnessed and saw the bloodthirstiness of the israelis – as a catholic christian – i am finding it very hard to reach inside and find christian compassion for these people – i knew Rachel Corrie and when she was murdered in cold blood by that fucker in the d9 catterpillar (us supplied of course) – i couldnt understand how someone would murder someone like that in cold blood – that fucker drover over that 23 woman TWO times!!!- i was there when Brian Avery got shot point-blank by an israeli sniper in jenin refugee camp – his crime – he was trying to get children out of the way of incoming israeli tanks and apc’s – i read about the liberty incident and all the subsequent hateful activities of that damned mercenary state in the middle-east – and i pray to God that those people suffer and feel what it is like to be a victim of their own hellish-talmudic beleifs – FOR CHRIST’S SAKE WAKE UP YOU STUPID-DUMBED DOWN AMERICANS! – BEFORE THE WORLD IS FINISHED AND LIVES UNDER THE VISCIOUS AND HATEFUL YOKE OF THESE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY!!!

  7. such subhuman shabbes-goyim must be shot against the wall as the worst people’s enemies… (in America, Eorope, Australia, Russia, elsewhere)

  8. I am only 40 years old and I have researched the USS Liberty. I can not believe how many people do not know what really happened. The thought that our Government sat by and let it happen just really pisses me off. The only comfort I have is knowing that one day, these people will have to answere for what they have done. May GOD Bless You and Thank You for speaking thr truth.

  9. Joe Cortina and Phil Tourney have given with the utmost legitimacy the most thunderously righteous honest and damning indictment of the mass crimes committed by veritably the incarnate spawn of Satan.
    Gentlemen you most truly bear witness.

  10. Awesome article. I hope the masses soon wake up to what’s really going on. It’s so obvious but most people are too busy with day to day problems and struggles to do any real research! And it doesn’t take a lot of research to see through the lies.
    A year ago I wouldn’t have believed the 9-11 truthers, the USS Liberty incident, the inhumanity of the way the Palestianians are treated, Bush’s insanity, etc but I took it upon myself to find the truth and it’s pretty scary how the masses are led like sheep by the MSM.

  11. Thank God for the internet. Real truths like this article and the posted comments can never see the light of day but for this method of communication. It should be obvious that the people who have commented are very much the exception to the rule. They are INFORMED, and the veil of Zionist manure has been lifted from their eyes. Unfortunately the great mass of people have no such vision, nor do they want it. They can’t handle the truth. I’ve tried to win them over with literature on the USS Liberty crime – and they come back at me with “our government and media would NEVER do anything like that!” Ditto for 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the murder of JFK, and so much more. I am, of course, a “conspiracy nut” that they readily recognize because their Jewish masters have taught them so well, and Jewry’s pimps and prostitutes in DC and the media are actuallt TRUSTED by this herd of blind sheep. It is going to take a strong few. After all – there were only 77 men on the square at Lexington who stood up to the might of the British Empire and said “We have had enough! And we will not take it anymore.” Keep on fighting, friends. If we are going down, may it be with the blood of the enemy on our swords.

  12. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit that I have ever read. I spent 25 months in Korea (Sept 5th 1950 to Sept 25th 1952) and if anyone would have blasted our country like you, youwould be pushing daisies. Your a slime ball of the first order.

  13. This is likely one of the most interesting articles I have seen on WordPress in a long while. Agree or disagree, no one can argue that it isn’t brilliantly written. Nice job.

  14. “You have broken the backs of the hard working American middle class – stolen his dreams and hopes for his family with your endless greed usury taxation and created inflation ..”

    Mr. Cortina,

    Thank you for your comments concerning the U.S.S Liberty. I also appreciate the comments of your readers whom appear well educated and take the time to be well informed.
    There is definitely a tie-in with Israel within the construct of (western) world events both past and modern.
    I too wonder why.

    To blame the Jewish race is-in my opinion- misdirected, but understandable.

    The real culprit is where the money is to be found. Have you done research on the history of where “modern” money” is found?

    The answer might surprise you and your readers, as well as the relative modern age that the “real money” was concentrated.

    Although the concept was not new at the time-corrupting powers, whether they be government or fiefdoms- the reality of a superstate of official monetary power would ultimately rule the world given a chance.

    I humbly posit that chance was given in “modern times” back in the 18th century with Rothschild and his most charismatic family.

    The fact that Mr. Rothschild was a gold/banker in Germany and of Jewish persuasion does not go unnoticed. The fact that his sons capitalized on the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon also does not become hidden. If you care to look.

    Also the (minor) fact that the BANK OF LONDON as it is today was the first fractional reserve banking system in the modern world and has plenty of time to infiltrate other treasuries as it did in America in 1913 under President Wilson is not to be ignored.

    Joe, you also introduced a “spiritual” element to this equation- a very bright insight. However, I might comment on the spiritual aspect of Rothschild’s alliance with the Masons.

    Why would they do that?

    I have had financial dealings with Jews and Moslems, admittedly since I am from the U.S.- I have had dealings with mostly Jews but the overall aspect of civility (coincidentally) was with the Jews. BOTH have a “chip” on their shoulder, much the same way the Christian Fundamentalist do.

    I am not convinced that “Israel is the true enemy, although I admit that the powers that be within the Israel power structure (both in America and Israel) whom we might call Zionist might be.

    Whether Israel and the people are simply pawns to the slaughter ( as in 1939 Germany) for a reason we cannot fathom, or are misguided-and ought to be forgiven-as you and I- I cannot say.

    The ultimate question would become: ” Is it right for good men to stand by and do nothing while evil proliferates?”.

  15. Petraeus is of Dutch Jewish descent.He is merely carrying on the work of Eisenhower who was described in his Westpoint year book as a crazy Swedish Jew.

    Petraeus is overseeing the death and destruction in Iraq just as Eisenhower oversaw the death and destruction in Germany. During Ike’s watch 1,000,000 German pows died together with millions of German civilians.

  16. General David ‘Betrayus’ is nothing but a ass licker and fellow war criminal alongside the Bush/Cheney regime and we agree on that.

    I do question your over the top anti-Jewish rants in this post and blog. American, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim – All have their own parts to play and will need to face their sins in the end.

  17. thank you very much for speaking the truth joe. only one mistake i see about these so-called jews. i would call them what they really are. folks, start identifing them as follows please

    canaanites (jews).

    as i understand it, jews that are true jews are fleeing israel. matter-of-fact, these canaanite (jews) have to pay these jews to stay in israel. i can’t wait to take these cowards out. they think were afraid of their nuclear weapons, they’ve got another thing coming, these bas_turds evil bas_turds!

  18. My grandfather was a first generation German
    American. Six of his sons fought in W.W.2.
    Six of his wifes German brother’s fought in
    W.W.2. There were 12 of my German relatives
    who fought Hitler, and their german relatives
    in world war 2. Think about this, right or
    wrong, my German relatives were great
    Patriot’s in that they were willing to fight
    their own relatives for a great cause. And
    believe me the vast majority of the American
    fighting machine was German Americans, kicking
    the crap out of their German relatives. We
    know that the Israeli’s were behind the
    attack of the U.S.S. Liberty, behind the
    9/11 attacks, they got us into Afghanistan,
    and Iraq. The Israeli’s are at present trying
    to get us to attack Iran, and Syria. They are
    a super Jewish Mafia, that runs the mafia in
    the U.S.A., and just about every evil we can
    point to is coming from the command of this
    mafia. They are enacting legislation where
    we will not even be able to speak out against
    them. This legislation makes anyone who
    stands up against them felons.
    What we need is a movement of Patriotic
    Jewish Americans who will take a stand, and
    help us defeat this mafia, like my German
    relatives did against Hiter, and their German
    At the present thousands of ordinary Jews
    are working with, and helping this mafia.
    We see it on the message boards, where they
    stifle any criticism of Israel. If a group
    of Patriotic American Jews would wake up, and
    take a stand against their own, like my
    relatives did, then eventually we would beat
    this mafia, and restore some type of sanity
    in the world.

  19. Am glad atleast some of us had the courage to stand up against the crimes being committed under flowery names and how the faces of freedom fighters sbeen depicted as terrorist and their own faces depicted as helpers. it is high time that we put a step to insanity to the deaths of innocent muslims christians or jews may it be any at the end of the day it is but humanity that suffers greatly. this insanity should be stopped and this barbirism which is only a mere agenda to accomplish their financial and economical requirements be damned.

  20. You can say whatever you like, Bozo, but it doesn’t make it true. Get over it. He’s broken no laws, so stop with the lies and smear! Grow up, you liberal birdbrain. LOL

    Join your country and stop being a traitor!

  21. Great appearance on The Piper Report.

    Take a look at this hearing…

    Sad that these men, or so called at least, dont know about the constitution they are supposed to protect.

    Well, thank you for your appearance it was a great broadcast to listen to.

  22. All this being true,, we are at the cusp of the final struggle to liberate the world from this yoke of bondage.
    What transpires in the next year or so will be the endgame of the whole scenario.
    Our only hope is to keep the information flowing to those of us who are so deeply programmed as to work unwittingly for this great evil mostly in ignorance of what you have revealed.
    My hope for the outcome is bouyed by the knowledge that only a few are in control of this monstrous treason to humanity.
    The sure way of taking on these mega-corruptors of the free worlds goverments
    is the exposure and elimination of the heads of this poisonous organisation,and the redistribution of the worlds wealth .
    For all the underfed, underpaid,outcast peoples of the planet this grisly spectre
    must be stopped in its tracks!
    Since the turn of the century alone well over an hundred millions of peoples have died by their bloody and meciless hands.
    I both honour and commend your service to humanity,and your courage to publish this history.
    May God Bless those who fight for human freedom and dignity everywhere!

  23. Israeli tank fire kills 6 Palestinian civilians including 4 children.

    Of course, The palestinians are allowed democracy only as long as they elect who Israel wants elected[

    [quote]Since Israeli and the Palestinian officials met in the US-sponsored Annapolis gathering to revive the so-called peace talks in November, at least 385 Palestinians have been killed. [/quote]

    See link by clicking at my alias.

  24. The Strange Suicide Of Col. Ted Westhusing

    “Col. Westhusing was use to spit and polish decorum of West Point. He arrives Iraq, and is put in charge of Israelis, and common street thugs, who considered him an annoying clown. He was even assigned a bodyguard relations were so bad.
    The USIS contractors would tell him to “Mind your own f****g business, and keep your mouth shut”. He went to Gen Petreaus and was told the same thing, until he threatened to go public. ”

    Click my alias for full article…

    Why in the world did they hire Israeli mercenaries to operate in Iraq, paid for by US tax payers!?

  25. great letter mr cortina,pity the prick will never read it.the jew,what a despicable race of people,one would think if 6 million of your people were supposedly exterminated in ww2 that you would be all about peace you certianly would’nt steal someone else’s land and freedoms and exterminate them.not the jew they lie about everything 6 million my arse.used to have a jewish friend who got a kick out of stealing arabs hashish with his jewish mates in israel.i live in australia and travelled much with this jew,seen the true colors so to speak..they are by nature gutless and honestly believe they are the chosen people,i don’t they are weak and you see it everywhere with them.

  26. It’s obvious that the Israeli’s took out Col Ted Westhusing. They also plan on taking out the rest of us. The Bible says that the Jewish AntiChrist will murder 3/4 of mankind. They may use the Noahide Laws for this very purpose. These laws were signed into law by George Bush Sr. Once they get something signed into law, they will wait for the right time and place, to execute these laws.The Noahide states that if anyone worships the Christian God, or any other God, they will cut off your head. Read below.

    Following is a summary of the Seven Noachide Laws (actually there are only six laws, number 7 mandating the establishment of courts to enforce the other six) from the Institute of Judaic-Christian Researcher, Jan. 1992: The Talmud, Sanh. 56a-59b; Yad Melakhim 8:10, 9, 10; Jewish Encyclopedia; Encyclopedia Judaica:

    1) Thou shalt not engage in idol worship. (According to the Talmud, all Christian churches are places of idolatry; all non-Jews are idolaters. Wearing a cross, having a picture rendering an artist’s likeness of Jesus, speaking the name of Jesus, or anything that smacks of Christianity would be a crime, punishable by death.)

    2) Thou shalt not blaspheme God. (Muslims and Christians are considered blasphemers and idolaters, to be put to death. Atheists are okay for now. It seems Jehovah would prefer we believe in no god, rather than ‘whore after other gods’)

    3) Thou shalt not shed innocent blood of any human nor fetus nor ailing person who has a limited time to live. (According to the Talmud, this law does not apply to Jews shedding of gentile blood, because ‘only Jews are human’. Non-Jews are as beasts.)

    4) Thou shalt not engage in bestial, incestuous, adulterous or homosexual relations nor commit the act of rape. (This does not apply to Jews, except with another Jew. It is permissible for the Jew to have sex with a boy Jew under 9 years and 1 day old, though, because he is not considered to be a man until that age; or a girl Jew baby under 3 years of age, because her hyman will grow back.)

    5) Thou shalt not steal. (Does not apply to Jews. . . except, they may not steal from another Jew.)

    6) Thou shalt not be cruel to animals. (Cruelty to animals was earlier defined as ‘eating of flesh torn from a live animal’. However, one of the sixty-six sub-laws allows for burnt offerings — again!)

    7) Thou shalt establish laws and courts of law to administer [enforce] these laws, including the death penalty. (The death sentence is the only punishment and that is ‘death by decapitation’).

    Regarding Law number seven, read this from the Lubavitcher’s “Noah’s Covenant” website dealing with the Noahide Laws.

    “G-d intends for us to live in harmony with each other and with the rest of His creation. In order to ensure that all our efforts are channeled in a positive, constructive direction, He established a set of laws by which we are to live our lives. Unfortunately, there are those that selfishly choose to rebel against G-d and work toward destructive ends.
    “Without having a means to enforce the Laws, we would be unable to maintain social order and provide for the good of humanity. Therefore, the existence of courts of justice is necessary to enforce G-d’s commandments. . .

    “While we are currently unable to establish such courts to enforce the Seven Laws, we can meanwhile accomplish this mitzvah by teaching others of the Laws. Only when people have this knowledge can they act to fulfill their role in G-d’s plan for creation.”

    Don’t be fooled by the “while we are currently unable to establish such courts. . .” statement, and be clear that it will be Talmudic judges deciding our fate. As we’ve already discovered, today’s ‘courts of justice’, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have all but dropped the Constitution in favor of Talmudic law. You will recall the fact that law schools have established special departments to teach aspiring lawyers the nuances of Talmudic law.

  27. Col. Ted S. Westhusing Sir, please forgive us for being F***ing chicken shits for not going after these bricks. Please forgive us for not having any HONOR Sir, as you did! This is a disgrace! How could anyone do such a thing to such a FINE MAN! How could the american people just sit back and allow this disgrace. This is the first I’ve read about this terrible thing. That media has got alot to pay for! My Lord please help this country! I understand now why Fallon called that jew betrayus a chicken shit.Couldn’t even stand-up to them evil bricks!

  28. Thats why we need our 2nd amendment so badly.There may be a time when facist nazis are in our streets trying to take over Our media and govt.Then what could un armed American ppl do?Makes you wonder why a law that has been with country since its birth should ever come up for ruling.I would question the reasons behind trying to ban guns.Other words we are watching!
    All American ppl cant be bought like most in our congress and senate,we are the ones that will say hell no.When you have gone to far,I dont know who is foking this country up so bad(I have a few ideas)but they are doing a good job at it.And the cowards do it in secret.Power hungry @ssholes!

  29. Hello, I’m proud to see that the truth about the satanic murderous state of israel is being told. I went to a school with a majority of jews and observed their nature unknowingly. It wasn’t until I was older that I understood my educational experience. Christianity is despised by the jewish creature and is why Christmas is under attack each year. I’ve come to see the jew as it is written in the New Testament “of their father the devil”. The Rothschilds and the jewish cabal control America and are the founders of the israel of today, this explains the unconditonal support for the bellicose state. Our country must physically remove the fetters that have enslaved us since December 22, 1913 or we will be murdered by the same marxist creatures that killed over 30 million Christians in the Soviet Union. The wolves are guarding the hen house under the guise of Homeland security. No American gulags. May God Bless all of you and help us reclaim our beloved republic. E

  30. Edward:

    Really it has been going on at least since the civil war during which the original 13th amendment was removed which made it illegal for american citizens to hold royal titles anywhere or have dual citizenship…

  31. Dear Joe,
    I’ve just read your piece about the Zionists. Thought you might like a book that tells what you decry in fiction. It’s about a Prime Minister who lies in a coma, immobile to all, but able to hear and think. He must live out in his silent tomb the life he has inflicted on others. Retribution time for those you decry. It’s at, “The Chronicles of Nefaria.” I also have a new work due out any dday now titled, “The Rape of Palestine.” You’d find a voice there that has a like compassion for the Palestinian plight. My best to you, Sir.

  32. Outrage of the survivors of Liberty is fully justified. Consider also, however, that one of the Israeli pilots, ordered to attack Liberty, refused to obey the order and was dismissed. It is possible that the ordinary Israeli people are victims, just us the American people are. It is very likely that the attack on the Liberty was an operation similar to the Sept. 11, 2001 attack (where jews also figure prominently), and was conceived by elements in the US government. The crew of the Liberty was to be sacrificed, just as 2,000 innocent were sacrificed at the WTC, and 1,000 were sacrificed at Pearl Harbour.

    There is a conspiracy of the world masters, many of them jews, who are transferring the blame for their horrendous crimes to the jews at large, thus taking attention away from themselves. After all, it was Rotschild who financed Hitler, and probably encouraged him to persecute jews, in order to confuse us. Few people know that Hitler was not a genious economist, and that the German economy prospered after 1933 because of massive infusion of capital, based on the gold confiscated from the American people.

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