Every American man woman and child had better take heed to what the Jew is doing to us. His evil is BOUNDLESS and his goal of the total destruction of America looms like an ominous suffocating cloud of poison over our land. Since the Jew has positioned one of his own in the ‘House of Shame’ – we have become nothing less than servants for the Jew.

This nasty sadistic creature is now OPENLY blaspheming our Lord in the cruelest ways imaginable and I SEE NOT ONE major mainstream Christian church or Christian leader taking a stand as ‘shepherd of his flock. – NOT ONE!’ Have we finally become a nation of spineless cowards. At least the Apostles were faced with real dangers had they not denied Christ and shown more courage. We won’t even write a letter or make a phone call. We don’t have to ‘draw our swords’ to defend our Christian faith any more —– YET!

Glaring examples of the shameless reckless arrogance of the Jew and his hatred of everything Christian may be seen virtually ANY DAY OF THE WEEK on TV. This current level of blasphemy is unparalled in US history and getting worse by the DAY! Why? – SIMPLE! We stupid foolish ‘goy’ will not so much as even lift a littler finger in protest of the most virulent assault on Christian tradition in 2000 YEARS!

We have become ‘backsliders’ all. We are no longer just not ‘defending the faith’ – we ARE ACTUALLY COMPLICIT as ACTIVE accessories in our own destruction! We fools cannot wait till the next shopping day so that we can spend dollars for the products sold by advertisers that FUND AND FUEL the virulent hatred of our core beliefs. WE OURSELVES MAKE IT HAPPEN – how sick is that?

How many of you out there who have witnessed these mega-blasphemies have even ONCE picked up the phone and told the offending advertiser of our outrage? In the name of GOD – folks – are you all so spineless and impotent that you have lost your will to take the SLIGHTEST stand against this IN YOUR FACE EVIL? Have not thought that your very presence in a ‘House Of God’ is mockery – an offense to our Lord – after exhibiting such brazen hypocrisy and cowardice?

If I witnessed and heard this lying Jew filth mostly by accident then I KNOW that MILLIONS of so-called Christians have witnessed it as well. The Jew owned History Channel (yes – the History Channel – the Discovery Channel – the Learning Channel – the National Geographic Channel – the Military Channel – the Science Channel – Disney Channel and DOZENS MORE are ALL JEW OWNED) has recently presented two of the most vulgar blasphemous hateful presentations imaginable – mocking Christ – His Blessed mother and the entire Christian faith. This Jew filth NOW goes on 24-7 – 4 weeks a month – 12 months a year and every presentation is more bold that the last – so one should be able to witness something similar almost any day of the week.

These Jew lies are of course presented as historic fact with lots of commentary by ‘religious experts’ – mostly Jews of course and oddly = many having a British accent. In one of these hate programs there was even an accordance by a Catholic priest from Loyola. One must wonder if the traditional ’30 pieces of silver’ was the standard payoff for him to betray our Lord to the Jew. But that should not be surprising – since the Jew has been responsible for the best government that money can buy in AmeriKa anyway. If the Jew can buy a President and 95% of the Congress – one ‘Christian’ priest is a no- brainer – right?

In one of these Jew smut diatribes called “SEX IN THE BIBLE” (complete with a parental warning by the way) – the filthy Jew twists scripture to glorify their insatiable lust for hot steamy sex. One of the experts was that disgusting little dwarf Jew troll Ruth Westheimer. This Jewess slut then proceeds to decree that The Bible is filled with erotic salacious passages that pleased God. Then some other Jew Bibles ‘expert’ gives her own Jew mentality of a passage from the Song of Songs (Songs of Solomon) in which a woman’s naval is described as something like a fountain of pearls. She proceeds to the profound Jew mentality conclusion that the passage actually was describing the woman’s vagina. Since most prominent Jew’s lives revolve around money power and sex – why should I be surprised.

How predictably Jewish. Perhaps this is why the Jew creators of this filth felt children should not see it – or perhaps – hopefully, phone calls from angry Christian parents. Only the Jew can take something beautiful and Blessed and turn it into something sordid, sensuous and lustful that must be hidden from the young. Can you imagine as a child decades before the Jew dominated our country – having to sit with your children in Christian Catechism classes in fear that the priest or pastor might be injecting a little ‘porn flavor’ into Bible study?

The presentation goes on to mock – if not subtly – the immaculate conception of the Mother of God. The Jew tells us that Mary was pregnant through sex with a bird (dove). The whole tone of her virgin birth is in a mocking sense. The Jews go onto explain that the Bible is full of the mention of virgin births finally leading into a dissertation of the fact that many of the ancient ‘gods’ – so NOW we see that they are speaking about mythological beings – Zeus etc. How demonically clever these Jews. The presentation smacked of something out of the typical Jew Comedy Central features – no hold barred – uncensored and as raunchy as the Jew can make it.

The insinuation here is of course that the virgin birth was also a myth as well. Remember – in their holiest of books – the Talmud – the Jew calls the Mother of our Lord a “ WHORE” and Jesus a “BASTARD”. Are you now beginning to understand the intense hatred of the Jew for our love of Christ? NOW – coupled with the fact that the Jew has finally been victorious in controlling virtually ALL that we AND our children see and hear on the ‘Jew tube’ – he now has the vehicle with which to destroy and discredit Christ and ALL that He stands for – ESPECIALLY for the younger eye and ear – our Christian children glued to a 100% Jew influenced TV presentation. It would be like having Diane Fienstein hosting a series on Second Amendment education.

Not satisfied with the above blasphemies – the Jew narrators continue with their diatribe of lies and perversions of Scripture. They claim that Jesus had a traceable lineage of ancestors. They specify five women by name – who were ALL either whores or adulteresses – (folks, I can’t just make up this trash). There are more sexual indiscretion innuendoes. From there it goes into attacks on the character of our Lord that would make the most adulterous figures of modern times look like saints.

In another Jew controlled ‘History Channel’ presentation called ‘Pontius Pilate – the Man who Killed Christ’ – the Jews are predictably 100% exonerated form the murder of our Lord. If it were not so serious and blasphemous in nature – it might be laughable to any well-educated person – so see the extent of the lies and perverted allegations presented as ‘facts’. The Jews of course are the hands down masters of lies and deceit. Did you know that the motto of their military even BRAGS of this classic Jew trait? I have witnessed many an American Green Beret Paratrooper with a tattoo of our creed – “ DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR” – but I never saw that one on a JEW paratrooper when I was in Israel and I saw a LOT of IDF where I was.

In their diatribe of hatred, the Jews take EVERYTHING that EVERY Christian man woman and child that I have EVER Known for my ENTIRE LIFE – about the betrayal, trial, and final crucifixion of Christ and turn it UPSIDE DOWN! In ensuing abusive criticism, the Jew narrator STATES AS FACT that Jesus was a threat to the Roman Empire and that is why he was killed (no mention that the Jew hierarchy had ALL conspired to have him killed).

He goes on to say as FACT that that Jesus was a blasphemer and His blasphemy could “UNDERSTANDABLY” not be tolerated by the Jew priests of the Sanhedrin (convened to convict Christ of blasphemy). The program continues with pushing the lies PRESENTED AS FACTS – that Pilate was “CONSTANTLY PUSHING THE JEWS AND LITERALLY FORCING THEM TO KILL CHRIST” – that The head high priest Caiphas was heralded as a ‘victim’ figure instead of someone who screamed for the death of Christ. The Jew narrator goes on to say that “poor Caiphas was just doing his job”. How typically Jewish – blame the victim of the Jew crime as the criminal.

It is worthy to note here that the Jew has perennially and classically ALWAYS twisted the truth in that his innocent victim is ALWAYS the guilty criminal – and that the ‘poor Jew’ – the REAL criminal was the poor victim. The Jew is the ONLY ethnicity on earth to have ever traditionally shrouded himself in this most vile and sinister of lies.

Even though Scripture CLEARLY states that Pilate CLEARLY STATED that he did NOT find Christ guilty and declared himself innocent of His blood – ALL OF THE JEWS LITERALLY SCREAMED FOR THE MURDER OF JESUS. Not just ‘some of them’ – not just ‘the priests’ – not just ‘the head high priest Caiphas’ – but also ALL OF THE JEWS. READ IT FOR YOUR SELF – (Math 27:25). That was what was called the Jew blood libel – and even 2000 years later – the lying Jew is STILL trying to blame it on ANYBODY but themselves. Pilate did NOT cause the death of Jesus. The Romans did not cause the death of Jesus. THE JEWS – “ALL THE JEWS” CAUSE HIS DEATH.

You – the hypocrites in the ‘Synagogues of Satan’ have been the authors of your own – AND of your children’s spiritual destruction. Are you blind! Are you deaf! Are ‘thirty pieces of silver’ really worth the betrayal of your families and your country? Can all of the parties and beer and meaningless frivolities of irresponsible life, be worth what evil that you allow daily to rot the entire fabric of what our forefathers sacrificed their all for? Have you no longer any honor or courage? Have social ‘appearances’ comfort and materialism replaced integrity?

Sadly – my sons will live to see the black day when the Jew finally is powerful enough to have the courts declare that the New Testament of the Bible is declared “HATE LITERATURE”. The Jew already OWNS the President. The Jew already OWNS the Supreme Court. The Jew already OWNS the Congress – the Jew already OWNS the publishers of the Bible AND the Jew now knows that he owns the souls of most of Americans – by proxy or by default – as this document has shown beyond ANY doubt. It is only a matter of time. These increasing Jew perversions of Christian Scripture on TV are just the beginning. They are ‘tests’ by the Jew – just to see how far he can go before one of says “STOP!”

Even Solomon in his Scriptural wisdom of Proverbs warns us of EXACTLY the type of evil that the Jew has used to destroy this once Godly nation. The analogies are legion and are applicable to what an evil nation that we have ALLOWED ourselves WILLINGLY top become. Are you listening – oh treasonous war criminal shabbus goy Jew Bush – as you do the Devil’s work?

“Whoso rewardeth EVIL for GOOD, evil shall NOT depart from his house” (17;13) “Righteousness exalteth a nation – but SIN is a reproach to ANY people” (14;34) “ An ungodly man diggeth up evil, and in his lips there is a burning fire” (16;27) Perhaps no more fitting warning to our war mongering Jew puppet than this: “He (Bush) that saith unto the wicked ( IsraHELL/Jews), thou art RIGHTEOUS; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him – but those who rebuke him (Bush) shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them” ( 24:24-25)

We (the military of the US WITH the approval of fools/enablers) have now murdered over ONE MILLION TOTALLY INNOCENT CIVILIANS – MOSTLY CHILDREN, at the will of the Jew dupe, Bush – and for the greater glory of the “sons of the Devil” – the Jew! That is NOT an opinion – THAT IS A FACT. THAT IS THE UGLY TRUTH OF WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE WE HAVE BECOME!

There is NO longer wisdom that emanates from this house of shame treasonously subservient to the Zionist criminals of IsraHELL! You foolish people – you were offered the gift of wisdom and understanding in the body of one of your more Godly sons – our only hope to return to the favor of God and restore our collective souls as a nation – as we once were – respected and loved – not feared and despised, but like the fools you are – you rejected wisdom for evil.

Once again – the wisdom of Solomon reminds us of our endless folly as fools. “ Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength; nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his WORDS ARE NOT HEARD” “ The words of wise men are heard in quite more than the cry of HIM THAT RULLETH AMONG FOOLS!” “ Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but ONE SINNER DESTROYETH MUCH GOOD” (9;15-17)

Are you “sinning fools” – Rice, Cheney, Bush- listening? How much more will you destroy in the name of the Jew? How many more INNOCENT millions must die and suffer for your sinful foolish evil? How much more ENDLESS DAILY mockery of our Lord by the Jew must we endure on our obsession with self-destruction? How much longer will the voices of wisdom be silent in this sick nation? How many more churches must be perverted into Zionist ‘Synagogues of Satan’ before we awake from this deadly stupor. When will we throw off the chains of the demonic Godless Jew and reclaim OUR nation and our former blessings as a nation of GOOD PEOPLE – as we were when I was a child.

©2008 by JOE CORTINA

4 thoughts on “THE JEW – A HEARTLESS LYING DEMONIC MONSTER and Collector of ‘Unguarded’ Christian Souls

  1. John chapter 8 verse 44 is quite clear Joe. They are of their father the devil, & He is of His Father, God. He comes from above, they come from below. They are responsible for ALL righteous deaths from Abel! to Zacarias.

    Jesus Himself said this. It’s in Matthew & it’s in John. So, either the jews are the sons of the devil or Jesus lies.

    Jesus does not lie. The devil is the father of the lie & the jew is the offspring of it (as you illustrated). Cain was a jew. He killed his brother who was adamic. Why does the bible not itemize cain’s family tree? Because they are not of God.

    I heard of this site, sir, on Michael Piper’s show with you. If people ever realize that the jew isn’t white, a lot of animosity towards us will rest upon the rightful doorstep – the race mixing asiatic jew.

  2. And note how the History channel has a weekly “hate whitey” day where they have non-stop Hitler documentaries, NeoNazi exposes, etc. but ZERO about Russian Jew Gangsters nor do they cover the Jew Bolshevik revolution that killed many millions of white Christian gentiles by Red Jews.

    You might like my blog: http://incogman.wordpress.com/

  3. I like reading Joe’s blogs. It seems he does all my venting for me. But Bill the commenter is wrong about the Bible. John 8:56 Jesus told the same Jews he called “of their father the devil”… “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day..” so the Jews are still the descendants of Abraham as are the Arabs.
    I believe the Jews do what they do is because they are jealous of the gentiles for all God has blessed them.
    God told the Jews in the Old Testament that he would make them jealous with a people who were not his people.
    Obviously it is America.

  4. Many will think to put down jews is reprehensible and so
    was my view,that is until several eye opening events in
    court proceedings overseen by jewish judges. Both instances, one a local court and another a state superior
    court,were mind numbing.
    The local magistrate ordered a baliff to take charge of
    video evidence I presented and then destroy it in sight
    of all in attendance. My attorney,also a jew, looking
    stunned glanced at me and asked what I had done!
    How is that for complicity? An even worse example took
    place in state superior court when a local magistrate
    who. also a jew, told me “You have no rights at all.”The
    superior judge,another jew,agreed. This mess has since
    then been only partially made straight or given a full
    remedy of the law.
    I cannot help but think those dubbed rabbinical scholars
    teach this sort of mephetic drivel within the temple ,
    beginning at pre adolesent ages so as to steep young
    minds early with deceptive practices.When the court
    of heaven convenes,they will have neither defense or
    advocate who is Christ.

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