After seeing so many successful entry level primers for a variety of topics of which, apparently a lot of people were poorly informed or did not have the mental acumen to comprehend – I decided to do ‘an idiot’s guide’ to useful idiots.The term of course – originated in circa 1914 Russia during and after the Communist revolution there. Contrary to what many may believe – the streets were NOT teeming with millions of dedicated Marxist /Leninists with The Communist manifesto in one pocket and a party card in the other.

The enablers were merely stooges and lackeys for the hard-core shakers and movers – mobs of ignorant brain dead street thugs – the “unwashed masses” who parroted the Communist lines of leaders – the ilk of Marx Lenin & Trotsky. Today the line is Zionist and the leaders are names like Bush and Wolfowitz – only the names have changed. The ‘idiots are STILL useful to the destruction of the nation and our freedoms.

These criminal mentality morons liked the idea of stealing from people who had worked all their lives all in the name of ‘workers’ slogans and catchy segregation terms like “proletariat” and “bourgeois” – to identify the ‘working class’ and the ‘propertied class’ ( as if all citizens that owned their homes did not have to work for it).

In other words – the commies were just too lazy to earn anything – so the Jew Communist leader convinced them that they were being badly treated and had a right to steal and murder to get anything they wanted. The demonic concept – invented financed – supported and nurtured by the Jews is STILL with us today in its many forms and ‘gentler’ names – like Socialism.

Both Socialists and Communists are lazy immoral scum – not willing to work for rewards based upon their efforts, education and skills. Essentially – a Socialist is a Communist that has stolen someone else’s money for his own – and a Communist is simply a Socialist – with a GUN!

Communism is a phenomenon in which class envy becomes deadly and condones theft violence terrorism and even mass murder to attain the goal. It must therefore of course by its very nature denounce ANY concept of God or Biblical laws. Only stupid people allow themselves to be enslaved as the Communists ultimately do. Nowhere in history have stupid people achieved civilized free lives for any length of time.

Petty meaningless shallow diversions have historically kept the masses from becoming interested in THEIR OWN futures. The ancient Roman ruling class managed to accomplish that without satellite TV. How? Simple! The coliseums were kept full of free entertainment with all manner of violence and excitement – gladiators –chariot races – Christians fed to the lions and other visual feasts guaranteed to satiate the empty brains of the Roman masses.

The might of Roman empire lasted longer than most – but finally succumbed to the same rot that has destroyed what was a strong moral respected USA – greed – violence – Godlessness – corruption – avarice – materialism – immorality – a mercenary army and of course an endless constant dumbing down of their people 24-7. You see – even ancient Rome had their USEFUL IDIOTS all to willing to prop up whatever Caesar mandated. No matter how evil cruel or criminal the Emperor’s demands – any moral thinking Roman patriot who objected was deemed ‘non patria semper fidelis’ was shamed and humiliated by the brainless useful idiot lemmings of the Emperor or perhaps imprisoned!. Sound familiar?

We here in the millennium AmeriKa are guilty of identical behavior – only in some cases slightly different circumstances. The common denominator however is still the same deadly sin –NEGLEDGENTLY WILLFUL CRIMINAL STUPIDITY – AKA – ‘useful idiots’!

I would like to list some of the major signs of this halfwit imbecile who is by and large responsible for the self- destruction of a nation once loved and respected my most all sovereign nations of man for our goodness – responsible nature – strength – kindness – generosity – compassion – frugality – reverence to God – respectfulness and our almost universal adherence to the ‘Golden Rule’. A people know as those who would defend the defenseless – help the helpless feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Today we are the exact opposite. We are responsible for the murder of more innocent helpless children than have been killed on the entire planet in the same length of time! We are guilty of the murders of as many adult civilian men women and elderly – actually a THOUSAND PERCENT MORE that the ones we murdered in Hiroshima. We have recently enacted legislation which is based upon greed – the repercussions of such – which will cost the lives of MILLIONS of third world innocent people by starvation – all for the love of the dollar. It would take a book to fill with the chronicles of TRUTH of the horrors the AmeriKan people have inflicted upon innocents through – the NEGLEDGENTLY WILLFUL CRIMINAL STUPIDITY of our useful idiots!

When you see any AmeriKan above the age of reason wearing a ‘backwards baseball hat’ – that is his statement that “I am handicapped – I was born with my brain in backwards I AM A USEFUL IDIOT”.

When you see TODAY – a sticker on an automobile that says: ” WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” – the owner of that car is saying – “I APPROVE OF THE JEW INCITED MEGA-MURDERS AND RAPES OF OUR TROOPS”. HE IS A USEFUL IDIOT.

When you see grown men (OR women) screaming like raving lunatics at a professional NFL game – you can 100% assured that he or she has NEVER DONE ANYTHING RESPONSIBLE for the future of our country that required even the SAME amount of money and or effort to be able to sit on the 50 yard line to watch the ‘gladiators in the coliseum’. HE IS A USEFUL IDIOT.

When you see a bumper sticker that says (or is that a DEMAND?) “GOD BLESS AMERIKA” – and it is related our occupation forces in Iraq or Afghanistan – FULL WELL KNOWING the misery death and destruction we have needlessly caused innocent men women and children – that person is NOT ONLY a USFUL IDIOT – but has committed blasphemy! Besides – WHY WOULD HE?

(This one is for you guys only) – When you use the men’s room at a ‘family bar/restaurant’ like Friday’s and there is a ‘sports’ page ONLY – of the newspaper pasted up on the wall right in front of your urinal – the manager is not ONLY a useful idiot type – BUT he assumes that you are one TOO! One of the clues of a person that is REALLY stupid – is when he doesn’t understand when he has been seriously insulted ( such as in this example).

When you see ANY person going inside one of those Synagogues of Satan type Zionist Judeo-Christian’ Synagogues of Satan – he is the WORST TYPE OF USEFUL IDIOT – and mocker of our Lord. The ONLY person more evil and guiltier is the USEFUL IDIOT PASTOR.

In recent times – when you see ANY ACTIVE Democrat – you have found the largest nest of USEFUL IDIOT VIPERS in AmeriKa

In recent times- when you see ANY ACTIVE REPUBLICRAT – you have found the SECOND largest nest of USEFUL IDIOT VIPERS in AmeriKa.

IF you support or had supported in recent times any of the following demonic monsters and mockers of the teaching of Christ – to include but not a complete list – Falwell – Robertson – Hagee – Osteen – Graham (father or son) – Parsley – Bauer or ANY of their ilk – know that you are a USEFUL IDIOT and they are 3rd Dan ‘black belt’ USEFUL IDIOTS!

If you know of ANY American – Christian or not – who supports the demonic criminal evil State of IsraHELL – in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER – they are ‘tenured’ USEFUL IDIOTS.

IF you STILL – even with ALL of the MONUMENTAL VOLUMINOUS EMPIRICAL PROOF available – believe that self-admitted dedicated Marxist and Jew created/supported lackey – Martin Lucifer King Jr. was a ‘great man’ or even an honest truthful man – you have exceeded the qualifications for USEFUL IDIOT – and are now a USEFUL IMBECILE.

If you believe that it is OK for a dyed in the wool Communist ideologue to be in your school system – in your government or in our military – I have to give you the order of the USEFUL IDIOT with the equivalent of the military ‘with oak leaf cluster’ – and make you a full fledged ‘fellow traveler’.

If you knowingly purchase ANY products that sponsor ANY of those NOW Jew owned ‘educational’ channels – you know – the ones that teach your kids that we are descendents of apes and evolved from primordial ooze – or that our Lord was an illegitimate “bastard” and his Mother a “whore” or that Judas did not hang himself from remorse for his betrayal but that he so love our Lord that he in then current tradition he so “grieved” for the certain death of Christ that he took his life out of respect and love or that our Lord became frightened and deranged and confused when He discovered He was to die – then you are as much a UI as anyone. (The examples ARE ACTUAL episodes of some of the Jew produced blasphemy and there are countless examples as shocking or worse).

Folks – the examples would fill a book – but you by now get the idea. The enemy is our own ignorance. Lets face it. We are as a whole an ignorant people. Our Jew fuelled Educational system has now destroyed TWO COMPLETE GENERATIONS OF OUR FINEST YOUTH.

One need only look at ONE evening of TV programming AND their respective commercials. The ads are targeted at 10-12 year old IQs. Our families cannot see a single auto add without scruffy unshaven teens – screeching smoking tires – reckless driving. ONE out of 10 Jew inspired adds now is an in your face promo to spew into your family living room just how to make your penis longer AND THICKER – or promoting two unwed teens with herpes to screw each other’s brains out – forget decorum – forget civility. Now there is NOT JUST ONE but take your choice of homosexual filth for your kids to watch before bedtime.

Have an innocent 10-year-old daughter? Not to worry – the Jew has a LESBIAN show now just for her curious mind. That right folks – JEWS – J-E-W-S! JUST who in hell do you think creates all this unspeakable filth! Want your kids to hear what fun it is – and of course HOW VERY FUNNY it is to you stupid superstitious Christian goy (as the Jews call you) out there to be shown how a Jewess beds down God! Think I am making this up? Then you haven’t been watching PRIME TIME COMEDY CENTRAL (also Jew owned) and the Sarah Silverman Show –have you.

BUT YOUR KIDS HAVE ===== the Jew filth is endless

DO YOU KNOW WHY IT IS STILL THERE? Because so many of you useful idiots have either actively OR passively support it. And we still wonder why decent clean living honorable pious people around the globe hold us in contempt. WE ARE THE FILTH CAPITAL OF THE PLANET AND THE JEWS – PERIOD, CONTROL IT ALL.

SO when your lovely daughter show up at the door with some dread-locked Jamaican drug dealer or tells you she is pregnant and has aids – or had become a crack addict – AND YOU HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF ANY OF THE ABOVE CRIMES AGAINST THIS COUNTRY AND THE GOODNESS IT ONCE STOOD FOR – THEN YOU ARE AS GUILTY AS THE WORST OF THE USEFUL IDIOTS AND DESERVE EXACTLY THE HELL YOU HAVE HELPED TO CREATE.



“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

– Thomas Jefferson


  1. Doesn’t this quote by Jefferson remind us of the Jewish owned, and controlled Federal Reserve?

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

    The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik

    Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime

    Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of the revolution. Nobel laureate under fire for new book on the role of Jews in Soviet-era repression.

    He discovers that Jews were the ones who mass murdered 60 Million Christians.

    Joe, nails it with his useful idiots descriptions. General Betray Us is a useful idiot. I’d hate to face God on judgment day, and my biggest claim to fame, is that I was a useful idiot of the demonic Jews, who killed Jesus.

  2. If you see a guy who thinks he can change the world by talking shit on the internet, then you have a REAl: UseFul Idiot.

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