Kind of like Jeff Foxworthy’s ‘you might be a redneck if’ – but different.

If you remember your history – you may recall that the term Lenin used during the Russian revolution for the mob mentality goon morons in the street that were easily enticed into preaching the Jew invented Marxist/Leninist party line – was “polezyne idioty”. Literally – ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’.

MOST of the ‘useful idiots’ however – were outside of the USSR. Stalin also used the term to describe sympathizers in Western countries that parroted the Communist line of the USSR. This was usually a non-communist who wittingly OR unwittingly advanced the Communist agenda.

A typical example of the classic moron/idiot/imbecile was Newsman Walter Durante of the New York Times. Durante was supposed to investigate the created famine of the 30s in the Ukraine that starved millions of innocent Christians to death. He exonerated Stalin by his lies and stupidity and helped to murder innocent people as surely as if he were a card carrying Soviet Cheka terrorist agent. He had a LOT of innocent blood on his hands.

The USA was embarrassingly – the worst offender on the planet. Jayne Fonda and Walter Winchell and Edward R Morrow were examples. The Jew dominated and Jew created ACLU was a classic example of useful idiots – but being Jews I suspect that their intentions were more wittingly than unwittingly.

During the Marxist Sandinista ‘Revolution’ in Nicaragua and the neighboring brand of Marxists in El-Salvador (the FMLN terrorists) – the level of useful idiots in America grew exponentially. The lexicon for the Latin ilk of useful idiots is “tontos utiles”. The entire American Democrat Party was virtually a conglomerate of useful idiots at the time. Disgracefully – even the then Speaker of the House Thomas (Tip) O-Neil was the most active and vociferous cheerleader for the Marxist agendas in Central America.

Just as a reminder – O’Neil’s loathsome useful idiot conduct was pure unadulterated TREASON! I clearly remember his every shocking perfidious act as disgusting and loathsome!

One of the most putrid elements of this treason was the fact that at the time, countless pseudo religious organizations sprang up not only in the Latin American countries battling the Communists – but in the US as well. The AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) – Maryknolls – CISPES (Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador) IPS (Institute for Policy Studies) – Witness for Peace – US Council of Churches – and the United Church Of Christ were examples of just how sick and twisted these useful idiots had become. Of course Jews by and large influenced them – which is consistent with the universal Jew support for all matters Marxist.

Perhaps the most prominent supporter of Soviet Marxism at the time – was Martin King. He typified the classic useful idiot to a fault. King probably did more damage to the fabric of the Constitution – traditional Christian doctrine and Americanism in general than the combined efforts of the Commintern – CPUSA – the Vietnam and Korean wars and the essentially Communist dominated Democrat Party combined. Quite simply – MLK’s disgraceful treasonous conduct has damaged racial relations in this country – probably beyond repair ( MUCH to the delight of the Jew – who ‘created’ King in the first place of course)

One of the essential human flaws that allow the useful idiot to even exist – be he Cuban – Russian – Chinese – or American – is that he be an imbecile- a mindless witless dolt. DUHH! – That is WHY they are UNIVERSALLY termed “Useful IDIOTS” For THAT reason – the American Negro was the logical target to be even further dumbed down. Lets face the truth. TRUE Negro intellectuals such as Thomas Sowell and Alan Keyes are RARE exceptions indeed.

Truth be spoken – in essence – we have become an entire nation of useful idiots in the purest sense – although the agenda is no longer committed exclusively to the unwitting support of just Marxist ideals.

Today there is an entirely NEW BREED of useful idiots with a new lexicon to identify them. We have now evolved form useful idiots for the cause of Marxism to useful idiots for the furtherance of the cause of ZIONISM!

We are now ‘shabbus goy’ – useful idiots. That is essentially the Hebrew term for what Lenin coined even before the 1914 revolution. The stakes are now higher but the qualifications are essentially unchanged. Our new masters to be – the collective Jew – still want people that cannot think for themselves – people who are easily appeased – naive – poorly educated – whose simple minds can be distracted from important matters by meaningless spectacle and shallow entertainment. There is nothing new here.

The ancient Romans did the same thing – same methods to keep the minds off the matters of the Roman Senate by spectacles of violence – grandeur and sensory satisfaction. The ancient Roman useful idiots had their diversions in the Coliseum. We modern AmeriKans have ours in the Stadiums of the NFL – NBL and the WWF – same meaningless mindless childish immature nonsense to keep simple minds distracted – just different terms.

But before I submit the dozen or so ‘symptoms’ of AmeriKan ‘useful idiotness’ – I would like to address one more area that has evolved dangerously close to perfection only in the past few decades.

That phenomenon my friends – is the rapid degeneration of the worship of our Lord Christ form traditional homilies of meaningful truths and strict adherence to His teachings – to perversions of the Word of God – he messages of Scripture and a departure from timeless tradition that can only be termed as degenerate blasphemies of a scale unparraled in the history of American Christianity!

The collective effects of being a dumbed down society are perhaps the most corrosive when applied to the practice of a Christian lifestyle. ‘Dumbing down’ being the process of purposefully strangling the traditional necessary elements of time honored formal education, including the teaching of moral absolutes at an early age. This insidious process has been going on for perhaps as long as the past 5-6 decades.

I CLEARLY remember my schooling in the 40s 50s and 60s – a period in which I experienced the learning process in America in 2 grade schools – one JR high School – 2 high schools and 4 universities – both secular and parochial. I had a pretty long yardstick to judge by – and I can affirm with conviction that during that period – at least most of it – the system worked and I as well as all my peers received a decent comprehensive thorough education.

It is no magic – just common sense. We had QUALIFIED teachers who ALL had to toe the mark using the same qualifications. We also had discipline in these places of learning. Disruptive hoodlums were treated for what they were – hoodlums – scum – garbage – period! There was no nonsense such as ‘race norming’ or any other racist psychobabble like ‘leveling the playing field’ –or ‘affirmative action’. You got EXACTLY what you earned – and it ALL worked without ANY problems – that is until the Jews began to gain control of the system through degenerate unions and the leftist Godless NEA.

Well – now we are in a country where our educational standards are so low that we can’t even compete with some third world ‘banana’ Republics! Costa Rica is a sterling example of what a country can do with little funding IF they do NOT allows the Jews to ruin their country and dumb them down to a level of drooling idiots speaking rap Ebonics and other ‘hip-hop’ guttural illiteracy.

So now that we understand what has happened to our children and why and who is to blame – we can understand better the disgusting degeneration of our once traditional Christian heritage. You must also understand that the endless hatred of the Godless Jew for Christianity and his current control over our entire government, news and entertainment media now facilitate his goal of the complete destruction of Christianity as we knew it.

Before our very eyes – almost ALL of our mainstream Christian denominational churches have perverted themselves into the classic Synagogues of Satan of Scriptural infamy. There are virtually no more REAL Protestant Christian denominations left in America today. Most are preaching the most vile blasphemies of Christian-Zionism and the rest are promoting the false evil lies declaring that Jesus WANTS ALL OF US TO BE “ FILTHY RICH”.

Examples of demonic hate-meisters that shrilly scream for the blood of millions of innocent Civilian men women and children to be murdered in the name of the Prince Of Peace are Benny Hinn – Franklin Graham – Jerry Falwell – Rod Parsley – Pat Robertson – John Hagee – and Gary Bauer. The most prominent example of the arrogant millionaire opportunistic scum who mock our Lord’s word with their materialism are the ilk of Joel Osteen. Either way – the messages are either hate or greed – both ripe fertile ground for Satan to breed – and certainly the MORTAL antithesis of the messages of our Lord.

NONE of this filth and rot of the once true Church could be possible without the dominance of the dumbed down useful idiot/shabbus goy with his imbecilic atrophied bran sitting in the pews.

Are you beginning to get the ‘ big’ picture – to connect the dots – so as to understand how these unthinkable horrors have come about right under our noses? There is a certain order of events that had to happen before the Jew attained complete control of the Christian Churches. Seems an impossible task on the surface – doesn’t it? The remote possibility of the Jew – the race that reviled and crucified our Lord. The most factually secular Godless race of people on earth – people whose lifestyles have for millennia been the opposite of decency, wholesomeness, truth, charity, compassion, honesty, generosity – who ACTUALLY convinced us cattle to worship the most evil pernicious race on earth and in doing so – to abandon ALL the teachings of our Lord and to mock Him in the most cruel ways imaginable – a people who work tirelessly to transform a Christian America into a morally rotted corpse!

First they had to capture our educational system – to weaken it and ultimately destroy it. Then they introduced the quackery and psychobabble of psychiatry into grade school level so as to keep as many of our children drugged out 24-7 as possible. This was done with lies of non-existent “illnesses” such as ‘ADD’ and a hundred other Jew created ‘disorders’ that necessitated debilitating psychotropic drugs.

Once they controlled the minds of the children with drugs – the next step was to remove any religious teaching so our children would no longer question matters of life and death such as the immorality of infanticide or sanctity of human life in general. By now ALL good little Zionists know that we evolved from a primordial ooze and apes were our great grandfathers – to EXACTLY quote a recent Jew controlled Science Channel presentation on the origins of life.

Our children were then indoctrinated 24-7 with the Orwellian mind rot of cultural diversity – inter-race marriage – race norming – affirmative action – sensitivity training to make us accept homosexual perversion as healthy and normal and on and on it goes – ALL integral parts of the Jew agenda of mind control of our children.

These same children grow into young adults – attend churches with homosexual ‘messengers of God” and hate lectures teaching them to KILL KILL KILL in the sacred name of the chosen people of God. Young men who under the influence of a normal wholesome environment would be remiss to do harm to a helpless animal – will now torture – rape – beat – maim and kill innocent children in foreign lands – people who have done them no harm – all in the name of the Jew! As a matter of fact. These Jew trained – now godless young men have murdered OVER A MILLION AND A THIRD INOCENT HUMAN BEINGS – and for the first time in American military history – many have confessed that they found new thrills in their killing and rape sprees.

What is NOT so prominently broadcast is the fact that a good number of these young ruthless ‘Christian/Zionist’ killers are having bad dreams – mental problems and difficulty coping with what most of we decent people would call a normal life. Apparently there were consciences that finally surfaced to face the realities of their Jew induced shallow sick twisted minds.


Here is some ‘IF’ guidelines – indicators – and litmus tests. I think it is safe to say that if you answer ‘YES’ to more than half of these signposts – that you are an INTEGRAL part of the problem that will ultimately destroy what goodness is left in this sick country. Some is based on lack of morality but ultimately most is based upon just plain ignorance and stupidity.

(1) Do you attend a church where the pastor supports the foreign policies of war criminal George Bush?

(2) Do you actively belong to the Democrat Party?

(3) Do you actively belong to AND CURRENTLY SUPPORT the GOP?

(4) Do you ‘religiously’ attend NFL GAMES – tailgate parties – NFL parties in your home etc?

(5) Do you have a current ‘support our troops’ sticker on your car?

(6) Did you vote for anyone other than Dr Paul in the primaries?

(7) Do you or did you unquestionably support the agendas of Pat Robertson – Benny Hinn – the Grahams (father or son) – Rod Parsley – John Hagee – Jerry Falwell – Gary Bauer – or Joel Osteen?

(8) Do you support and admire the conduct of ML KING?

(9) Do you support the State Of IsraHELL in ANY WAY?

(10) Do you support the Jew holocaust industry ( lies and whining)?

(11) Do you support IsraHELL’s attack on the USS Liberty?

(12) Do you allow your children to watch the Jew History Channel – Science Chan – Learning Chan – Military Chan – Biography Chan?

(13) Do you or your children wear ‘backwards baseball hats (for brain in backwards)?

(14) Do you use or order ANY Anheuser Busch products?

(15) Do you in ANY WAY support US occupation troops?

(16) Do you support or participate in the Eisner Disney industry?

(17) Do you watch or allow your children to watch Comedy Central?

(18) Do you support prison for holocaust revisionist historians?

(19) Do you support ANY revision of our Second Amendment?

(20) Do you believe that Pres Bush – Cheney and advisors should be exonerated for their crimes? (murder of over 1,000,000 civilians)

(21) Do you believe that the Arab people are to blame for gas prices?

(22) Do you believe that Christ has mandated that we worship the modern stolen criminal racist State of IsraHELL?

(23) Do you believe that you can serve the laws of Jesus and serve the will of the Jew at the same time?

(24) Do you support the trashing of the Bill of Rights by Pres Bush?

(25) Do you approve of the hypocrisy in those “God Bless America” bumper stickers today?

(26) Do you support the mass infanticide and horrors of partial birth abortion that is legal in America today?

NO loyal AMERICAN that answers YES to even ONE of those points – can in conscience call him or herself a responsible – mature – moral – educated – informed person who also follows the teachings of Christ as best he or she can.

For those of you who claim ignorance and TRULY wish to do the moral and right thing as a better human being – CAN do so by learning the truth. – Seeking the truth – serving the truth – defending the truth – speaking the truth – sharing the truth and living it everyday of your life.


There is an ABUNDANCE of good reliable information on what is true and what is leftist Jew crap for ANYONE who REALLY cares about the TRUTH. You will NOT find the answers in the Jew controlled media – printed or video.

Start with an older non-bastardized – none ‘Scofield-ized’ Bible. Read a book on the values, sayings – maxims and thoughts of the Founding Fathers. The best I have read is ‘America’s God and Country’. The Internet is a good place but beware of minefields. Get references from someone of trusted virtue intelligence and wisdom.



If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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