After being harassed, bullied and insulted a dozen or more times by McCain campaign telemarketing calls – I finally decided enough was enough and I had endured enough of his insults to my values – Christian upbringing and TRUE life-long patriotic record of loyalty to America – not to mention an invasion of the privacy of my home. I went on the net – surfed his sites and phoned his Jew handlers with a scorching smoking reprimand of their sleazy conduct and violation of my privacy.

Particularly nauseating was the fact that some punk Jew incited IsraHELL loyal scumbag (Pete Hesda sp?) – opened his McCain tirade of hate and warmongering with a promise that if his Jew loyal boss was elected – that we would continue the murders of countless hundreds of thousands more innocent civilians – as he ADMITTED HAVING Done himself – all in the name of the JEW! He was shrilly screaming for more and more and more killing without end! What SCUM! The brazen nerve of these Jew lackeys

Keep in mind that we have ALREADY MURDERED OVER A MILLION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND CIVILIAN MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN – mostly families – NO DIFFERENT THAN MY FAMILY OR YOURS – that have never done any harm to me OR my family – all in the name of the Jew and his Zionist/Marxist criminal state of IsraHELL!

We are SUPPOSED to be ‘good people’. Good people do NOT murder innocent civilian men women and children. WE MURDERED THOSE PEOPLE – BY DEFINITION. BY Malice and forethought we took innocent human lives – and what is REALLY sick – is that OUR so-called soldiers – young thugs – cold-blooded murderers report actually ENJOYING THE “THRILL”!

I found one particularly interesting site for the Washington Post, which had a controversial article regarding McCain’s use of vulgar language in a Senate hearing. The issue of his profanity did not get my attention near as much as the ensuing commentary. It was one of the longest ‘comment’ sections I have ever read – perhaps dozens of pages long – a hundred times larger than the article itself! People obviously felt motivated to respond to McCain’s duplicity.

The commentary was obviously weighted on the negative side – with the bile laden invectives focused chiefly on McCain’s association with other Jew and ‘Shabbus Goy’ (Jew clones) legislators that were doing everything in their power to insure that violent gang mentality drug infested Marxist Mexican ‘La Raza’ trash would continue to weaken our economy at the expense of the American family. Virtually ALL prominent Jew voices are of course in favor of open borders – more crime and rugs – more gang wars – more civil disruption and strife and more burdens for the American people – to be exploited of course. It’s a ‘Jew thing’

McCain was called every name in the book – from traitor (BUT ONLY because of his support of open borders with Mexico) – to Liberal to ‘Manchurian Candidate’ – the latter referring to his communist ‘indoctrination’ while a POW during the Vietnam War. There was even one reference to the fact that being a FORMER war hero did not give him a free pass to sell his country out – with the historic reference to Gen. Benedict Arnold.

If you have noticed the brown ring around his nose lately – it is because McCain has been kissing Jew ass at every opportunity. Joe the Jew traitor LIEberman has been pressing the flesh with his fellow Heebs to ensure that their Jew Clone lackey – McCain’s war chest was loaded with sheckles so as to insure the continued treason to America with a steady flow of $ to Tel Aviv- AND – a steady flow of AMERICAN blood on the deserts of the Mid-East to insure the well-being of the Jew. McCain is of course also a known ardent passionate ISRAHELL ‘FIRSTER’ and OPENLY supports more young American men to die for the people who murdered Christ.

Unbelievable – not a drop of ‘special chosen’ Jew blood has been spilled in Iraq or Afghanistan – just Christian American blood. Same thing when the enemies were the buddies of the Jew – the communists. I still have photos of the companies of combat troops I trained during the Viet Nam/Berlin Crisis era – hundreds and hundreds of them – and guess what? There was not one Jew in the lot! REMEMBER – JEWS = COMMUNISTS JEWS Financed nurtured and ‘INVENTED’ COMMUNISN! Jews LOVE the communists! I still remember that ALL of the scumbag demonstrators that spit on my troops were JEWS! And guess what – they were the darlings of the Jew dominated media. How come we never saw THOSE TRUTHS in our schools!

I was in an old issue of People Magazine during the period when Oliver North – as well as myself were trying to help defeat the Jew supported Christian hating Marxists in El Salvador and Nicaragua. BUT –guess who was on the cover as the hero of the magazine? You got it! – A STINKING JEW TRAITOR – Abe the drug dealer Jew Hoffman. You older vets remember this greasy scumbag Jew? He was one of the leaders of the Jew mobs that were cursing my Green Berets for fighting their beloved communist comrades in the Far East. Hoffman was a complete piece of treasonous human crap – in every way imaginable – but of course the Jew writers and Jew editors made him into an urban legend – an “idealist” – and apparent role model for Jews.

Need more proof? Ever see even ONE Hollywood Jew produced/ directed blockbuster where the communists were shown as evil bad guys? The Germans were ALL monsters – ALWAYS portrayed as evil – even their children their wives their grandmothers Drs. – anybody German – even their pets – all NAZIS – ANYTHING made or that lived in Germany was reviled in ALL of the Jew produced films. Even today on the Jew owned History and Military and Biography channels – you will never see any Marxist portrayed as murdering animals – ONLY THE GERMANS. The world’s greatest mass war criminal Stalin is STILL referred to as “Uncle Joe”. The “red” army are ALWAYS portrayed as heroes fighting for the “motherland” – never the rabid animalistic rapists and civilian murderers that they historically were. The Jews LOVED these commie killers –and till do!

If any reader STILL dies not get the picture of WHY we are in such deep do-do – on the verge of another horrific depression – a looming WORLD WAR – joblessness – out of control triple digit inflation – a soon to be, third world medical care system – a failed educational system – the now total destruction of our Christian heritage – unchallenged public blasphemy – unparalleled violence and seething graphic sex on prime time – creation of a dysfunctional society of morons and imbeciles in need of sharing a brain to perform BASIC functions – an aura of governmental distrust never before witnessed in our history – thousands of young American men now rotting graves – and HUNDREDS OF TIME THAT MANY with broken bodies AND BROKEN minds – all for the Jew

Or how about – rising teen suicide rates – unprecedented GREED of OUR OWN PEOPLE – out of control corruption in ALL levels of government – a hatred and distrust of the US by foreign nations also unparallel in history – the near total destruction BY OUR OWN PRESIDENT of Constitutionally guaranteed rights an freedoms – and the inescapable conclusion by those of us left with the ability to reason rationally – that we – as a people – and as a nation – have been transformed into a morally rotted corpse of our former goodness – THEN folks – READ all of the commentary.– and you will gain wisdom. You will (SHOULD – IF YOU ARE NOT SHARING A BRAIN) discover the REASON why all of these bad things have happened to us.

The – REASON – is plain and simple STUPIDITY! HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of comments – presumably from men and women of all walks of life – concerned enough to take the time to voice their displeasures and observations – ostensibly citizens with some sort of maturity, representing mainstream America. IF – the gist of these comments – and the shallow concerns of our most literate masses do not disturb you – the YOU – who read it – ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

With some small exceptions like a comment regarding the fact showing the duplicity of our chief of our Furher’s Gestapo style Homeland Security – in that he (Jew Chertoff) “holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP” and his loyalties are to ‘mother IsraHELL’ – there is little wisdom and even less moral courage.

With all of the harsh personal attacks on McCain – not ONE person has hit the target – NOT ONE. The MAIN reason that McCain should be shunned like Satan himself –is that this *Shabbus Goy Jew shill, McCain – or better described as McCainSTEIN – has committed high treason against this country and decent American people – blasphemy – mockery of God and Christians worldwide!.

*(During the Communist revolution Lenin called the Soviet morons “useful idiots”. In Castro’s Cuba they were called “tontos utiles” also useful idiots – and now the Zionist Jews call them Shabbus Goy – “stupid cattle”- same thing – same purpose – different name – e.g., George Bush – the CLASSIC shabbus goy)

That duplicitous bastard took the same oath that I and millions more took, so many years ago. An oath sworn on the Holy Bible and to the name of God Almighty! You – Senator – have mocked God and betrayed my country for a STOLEN criminal nation of racists – child murderers – abortionists – thieves – rapists – war criminals – prostitutes – white slavers – pornographers – despoilers – liars and Christ killers!

I have kept MY OATH Senator! You have betrayed this country to its most formidable enemy. A foe so vile that the Father of my country once warned good people of the dangers of these vermin – but you will never read this wisdom in our Jew controlled public schools. That DEADLY MORTAL enemy which has been responsible for ALL of the above moral – civil – and fiscal maladies – is THE JEW.

Do not concern yourself about McCain having become the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ from brainwashing while in the ‘Hanoi Hilton’. The MUCH more sinister and MUCH more probable conclusion is that he was brain washed by the ‘father’ of ALL Socialist ‘isms’ – the Zionist Jew. McCain’s mentors are followers of the Talmud and have taught him well in their doctrines of hatred of true American heritage. Hence – ‘The Talmudian Candidate’

The ‘motto’ of the American Special Forces Airborne was ‘death before dishonor’ – a universally noble and honorable code. That was MY code. The ‘code’ of the Jew military betrays their true nature as liars and frauds – ‘ by deceit we wage war’ That was obviously YOUR code Senator. I have kept my code and you have ‘kept yours’. I challenge you to public debate anywhere any time. I have an ally on MY side that you cannot defeat – VERITAS!


“America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”

Alexis DeTocqueville – famous statesman, historian and social philosopher 1805-1859

2008 by Joe Cortina

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