As a former Special Operations Airborne Commander during the 60s – I was trained to know FIRST AND FOREMOST – just WHO my enemies were. At the time there was a book by a famous ancient Chinese warlord that was required reading at the US Special Warfare School at Ft Bragg NC. It is titled ‘The Art OF War’ by Sun Tzu. Knowing whom to fight was lesson #1


I learned my lessons well – and can tell you without ANY reservation – that the #1 mortal enemy of the United States Of America is the JEW – PERIOD!


The #1 country which is the base of operations for these traitors is the criminal State of IsraHELL – a nation of porn-peddlers, murderers – thieves – white slavers – racists – infant killers – terrorists – deceivers – cheats frauds – liars – Christ haters, and generally the most despicable pernicious scum on earth. I spent time there years ago and the people there (IF you can these creatures ‘people’) made me sick to my stomach!


This letter is to ALL Jews whether in IsraHELL or my beloved America. It is a notice that the decent citizens of this country will no longer tolerate your criminal conduct. Your filthy nature that is emblematic of you Jews has not changed in over two thousand years.


2 millennia ago – our Lord Jesus – whom your filthy smut filled Talmud mocked with the title of “ bastard” – and whose blessed mother – Mary- you slandered as “whore” – identified you as the scum that you were then and are now to this day – “ THE SONS OF THE DEVIL!”


You filthy pigs have turned my beloved country into a morally rotted corpse. EVERYTHING that is decent – wholesome – pure – clean and innocent, you feel compelled to destroy and turn into sordid filth. There is NOTHING to sacred for your bloody hands to soil.


You steal the innocence of our youth with drugs – sex – pornography – violence – blasphemy and general putrid fecal conduct. You have destroyed the sanctity and beauty of our Christian tradition by mockery lies and insult. You have substituted the God of our fathers with material garbage and the lust for money – ALWAYS more and more greed and money.


You defile the beauty of the female body of our mothers with your sordid preoccupation and voracious appetite for animistic sex and the incessant dehumanization of women by portraying them as playthings and mere objects of sexual gratification. I will never forget a Jew roommate in my college years whose typical Jew attitude was the boasting of having taken the virginity of a yet another his victim gentile ‘shiskas’ – as if it were a trophy to brag to all his Jew peers.


You Jews mock the Christian teachings of our most sacred book in every way imaginable – from teaching on your Jew owned TV that creation is a myth for gullible idiots – to GLORIFYING homosexual perversion – normalizing the murder of the innocent unborn child – to mockery of the holy sacrament of marriage – to in your face pornography and beyond!


There is not ONE moral outrage that has become commonplace in America that has not profited you Jews. You are peddlers of filth – death – misery and destruction. Only God and Satan know the number of innocent souls – sold for thirty pieces of silver – OR LESS – to mammon – the TRUE ‘god’ of you Jews.


You Jews have led us into TWO world wars – BUT- when the enemies were your ‘comrades in arms’ – the COMMUNISTS – in China – in Korea – in Vietnam – in Cuba – in Nicaragua – in El Salvador – you Jews were ALWAYS screaming your shrill mantras in support of our enemies like the good little Hebrew Marxists.


Your ranks have never been at a loss for traitors. There have been more Jews to commit treason against my country than ALL OTHER ETHNICITIES COMBINED In all of recorded history. A partial list includes Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg – Jonathon Pollard – Morton Sobel – Abe Hoffman – David Horowitz –Theodore Hall – Elizabeth Bently – Klaus Fuchs- David Greenglass – Ruth Greenglass – William Pearl – Harry Gold – Max Flitcher and virtually ALL of Bush’s dual citizenship ‘neo-cons’


There is no goodness in you – you have no souls – no compassion for ANY other human other than your fellow lying cheating filthy JEW! Your entire LIVES are nothing but a gigantic LIE!


You ruin innocent lives for the lust of the dollar. You Jew psychoquacks – despised by TRUE physicians prey upon young children to whom you ‘afflict’ with imaginary ‘diseases’. Then you poison them with deadly drugs which damage their bodies permanently – cause them to become addicts and in many cases become suicidal.


My own son was victim of such a Jew monster. When I pleaded with this parasite for my OWN son’s medical records – as one father to another – so as to possibly discover any REAL problems with his health – the fiend laughed in my face – told me to ‘f—k off’ and hung up the phone.


What I discovered about his TRUE nature later – came as no surprise. I discovered that BOTH he AND his wife were ALSO top ranking officers in the Jew white-collar anti-Christian terrorist group – the dreaded ADL! The ADL – described as ‘Gestapo apparatchiks’ headed by Jew scum Abe Foxman – were the ones who threatened the lives of Christian film producer Mel Gibson for his film classic of the Passion of Christ.


You know what the ADL does –don’t you? They work tirelessly to remove ANY sign of Christian worship – the Cross – the Nativity scene – removal of the Ten Commandments from Justice Moore’s courthouse. Filth like that.


If any Christian parent reading this would like to strike a small blow for justice – phone this hate filled child destroying monster and tell him what you feel about his sadistic cruel ruining the life of an innocent child – so as to afford his Chevis Regal – country clubs and matching BMWs. His name is Dr. Jonathan Lauter. This child life destroying super liberal Jew Berkeley graduate’s phone number in Atlanta is 770-3962929


I pray for the day when the criminal State of IsraHELL is turned into a molten green radioactive glowing glob of ‘glass’ visible for the moon! And I GUARANTEE you that there will be such a rejoicing on the entire earth – as has never before been seen. The ultimate justice upon the ultimate evil!


IF – there are indeed ANY TRULY decent and Godly Jews left in America – then you had better be VERY vocal about how you feel about the vast majority of Jew scum here AND elsewhere. I will tell you why. Simply this. There is NO doubt in my mind whatsoever – that there will be a backlash against you Jews for the decades of unspeakable filth – crimes and blasphemies committed against the American people.


You have broken the backs of the hard working American middle class – stolen his dreams and hopes for his family with your endless greed usury taxation and created inflation ever since the Civil War till this very day – poised like the vultures you are – ready to profit from the misery of your fellow man. You are remorseless, heartless human scum feeding on the life blood of the defenseless and helpless – destroyers of goodness.


It will be retribution in justice, which will make the matters in WWII Germany look like a garden party. You Jews will be hunted down in the streets as the mega-criminals you are! There are tens of thousands –HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of us who are dedicated to freeing our country from the grasp of you parasites – and will work as tirelessly for freedom as you have worked to enslave us in your world of sordid filth!


THIS TIME – there will be no sports programs – no brothels – no entertainment – JUST JUSTICE! I may not live to see my America free from you demonic parasites of death – you “den of vipers” – you “sons of the devil” – but our children and their children will avenge every filthy crime that you have committed – every outrage against decency – every sinister lie – every blasphemy against our Lord – every moment of misery.


There will NOT be a rock large enough to hide beneath. There will not be enough ‘ Jew sheckles’ to buy your way out of the gallows. The ominous words of the Father of my country will ring LOUD AND CLEAR. “It is much to be lamented that each State, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the GREATEST ENEMIES WE HAVE TO THE HAPPINESS OF AMERICA” [from the maxims of George Washington]


The redress and retribution by those who could no longer tolerate your filth and poison will send a message to all nations to free them selves as well. The universal victory over the “children of Satan” will ring in a new era of peace prosperity, freedom and goodness – IF we are vigilant enough to ALL become keepers of the gate. YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED. Heed it well – as your time will come – SOONER than you may think.


2008 by Joe Cortina


9 thoughts on “AN OPEN LETTER TO THE JEW

  1. gosh joe, you’ve forgotten a few places to turn into green glob – wall street; london; and switerland banks.

    isn’t this where the evil really resides besides israel? we need to start rounding these evil bas_turds up and having them evil creatures stand trial!

    america, wake-up!! i will not call you ameri-K-ca because, it’s not the peoples fault why? becuse these evil bas_turds have traitorest pilots that drop shit on us plus t.v. that brainwashes us. But America is waking up thanks to God our Father!

  2. I’m still coming here to read these posts. Not quite done yet.
    I read them carefully. Joe Cortina I am deeply sorry for what was done to your son by a doctor. I had a son, a beautiful little boy who died the very day he was “examined” by a White doctor. He was my heart. The doctor was an Air Force captain. I have lived my life in sorrow and pain for this evil that was done to my son. I still remember the captain’s name. I understand your pain about your son. I pray God will heal him and deliver him. I was only twenty when this was done to me and my precious darling. I was too dumb to do anything about it. I also lost my mind for a while trying to deal with it. I forgave him to God by faith as an act of obedience to God. But this doctor made my life one of pain and sadness. I pray you will have justice. If not here still God avenges innocent blood. I am still angry about it after all these years, but God has given me grace to get through life somehow.
    God bless you Joe Cortina. Vaya con Dios.

  3. I think it can be positively stated that the stage was set over 3000 years ago when the wretch, Moses, and his fraud brother, Aaron, led the Hebrew scum out of Egypt and entered the Land of Caanan, where they inflicted unspeakable atrocities against the inhabitants of that land, killing everyone that stood in their way, sparing neither age nor infant, under the guise that the promised land was theirs from a pretended birthright from a rascal named Abraham, and backed by a maniac god named Jehovah, who called these pieces of shit his chosen people. LOL

  4. Does anyone realize that not all Jews are among this evil group?; a real authentic Jew who loves God would neve condone pornography, drug peddling, genocide, thievery, etc.; this is all Satan’s work; Jesus said in the book of Revelation to mark those who say they are Jews but are really ” a synagoge of Satan” ; these were our Savior’s words. Talmadic/ Zionist Jews are the physical seed of Satan just as niggers are. Imagine a world without these lower then the lowest piece of pig crap scum, it would be Heaven on earth. You can feel good about the fact they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with Satan and his Demons; when these bas turds get to Hell they are going to WISH they were back in the concentration camps(so called) or better yet in Nazi Germany: I wish Germany would have won the war; there would be no Talmadic Jews, niggers, muslims, or any muds left in the world; Hitler would have exterminated them all. The only thing we can hope for is for a worldwide disaster to kill off these beasts just like God had to do with the ungodly line of cain.

  5. Here’s an article on that scumbag Jonathan Lauter.


    By C.J. Sullivan

    April 8, 2008 | 8:26am

    A Manhattan shrink practiced a perverse version of couple’s therapy, a bombshell lawsuit charges – messing with the husband’s head while trying to just plain mess around with the wife.

    Beverly and Madison Wilhelm, of Georgia, say psychiatrist Jonathan Lauter nearly destroyed their marriage by preying on Beverly’s emotional confusion and seducing her.

    When Mrs. Wilhelm confessed to her doctor that she had developed feelings for him – a psychological phenomenon known as “erotic transference” – Lauter, rather than dispel these notions or refer her to another psychiatrist, chose to employ a “talking cure” that involves phone sex, the suit alleges.

    “I would love to make love to you,” Lauter replied, according to the lawsuit. “I have always been attracted to you. I saw doors opening when you told me how you felt.”

    With Mr. Wilhelm, meanwhile, Lauter is accused of playing up the psychological damage done by the infidelity of a previous wife.

    Lauter could not be reached for comment at his Upper West Side home, or at the clinic at the Stony Lodge Hospital in Ossining, Westchester County, where he treats adolescent substance abusers.

    The Lauters moved to New York from Georgia in 2006, because of his wife’s job as an attorney for the Anti-Defamation League, sources said. The move had nothing to do with the case.

    Lauter admitted to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Wilhelm confessed her feelings to him, but insisted that he himself had done nothing wrong.

    “I have no idea what this is all about,” he said.

    Even though Lauter never actually managed to get Beverly Wilhelm into the sack, he continued his unethical behavior even months after he left Georgia, said the couple’s attorney, William Quinn.

    “He can truthfully say, ‘We never had sex.’ And to some people that might seem like ‘no harm, no foul,’ but this clearly goes against all standards of practice,” Quinn said.

    Lauter’s behavior seems to have been somewhat premeditated.

    The couple initially brought their 4-year-old son to Lauter because he was having great difficulty adjusting to the birth of a sibling. Lauter determined that there was nothing clinically wrong with the boy, but suggested taking on the parents as patients, both as individuals and as a couple, according to the lawsuit.

    The couple wasted countless hours and thousands of dollars on therapy that was not only worthless, but destructive, Quinn said.

    Cellphone records show Lauter continued to obsessively call Beverly Wilhelm long after he and his wife moved to New York, and as a result she started drinking heavily.

    Despite Lauter’s best efforts, he could not convince Wilhelm to come up to New York to consummate the twisted affair.

    Instead he had to settle for progressively more graphic phone conversations, the suit charges.

    “As the sexualized nature of the telephone calls became more overt, the defendant on a number of occasions specifically told the plaintiff that he wanted to make love to her, or ‘f- – -’ her,” the suit says.

    Wilhelm, who remained conflicted about her feelings throughout, even tried changing her cellphone number to end their contact. But the calls continued.

    Nearly “suicidal,” she finally broke the news to her husband after drinking the better part of a bottle of wine, Quinn said.

    “Rather than strengthen her marriage, and increasing her self-esteem, the defendant caused the plaintiff to feel unworthy, depressed, isolated, and at times suicidal,” the lawsuit states.

    Quinn would not say what monetary award the couple is seeking.

    Reached at their Alpharetta home, the couple declined to comment.

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